Black Clover Season 5: Everything You Need to Know

Black Clover, the famous Japanese manga series illustrated by Yuki Tabata shut its anime book on March 30, 2021. Though news of a movie release feeds your excitement to some extent, it will be all the more exciting to watch season 5. A world of magic and havoc encircles this anime series and the audience has become true Black Clover fans since it was showcased in 2015. 

With a pause in the continuation of the Shounen series, majorly due to a showcase of 170 episodes with little source material left. However, a total of 60 chapters have been penned down by Tabata, we are wishing to know when we get to watch Black Clover: Season 5. Hopes are high to watch Black Clover and its amazing action sequences. This long delay in the announcement of a new season has a good reason behind it which we will later discuss in this blog post.

Black Clover

Black Clover Season 5: Release Date

As of now no official release date has been confirmed for the series, but to keep their fans occupied, the movie Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King has been confirmed by studio Pierrot and is set to be released on June 16, 2023. 

The first movie in the black clover franchise will not be canon but, as the author of the series, Yuki Tabata is confirmed to be overseeing the production of the movie, the story of the movie will fit into the narrative of the original works.

What Is Black Clover Season 5 About?

The central plot point of Black Clover has two orphans Asta and Yuno from the Clover Kingdom where everyone has amazing magic tricks obtained from wizardly Grimoire books. Asta fails miserably to use magic and Yuno was blessed for becoming the next wizard king. The last season 4 aired from December 8, 2020, to  30 March 2021 showcasing only 16 episodes.

The first four seasons have adapted the series till the liberation and befriending of Asta’s inner demon Liebe. After this event, we are left on a cliffhanger of Asta heading into the Spade kingdom to fight the demons there and retrieve Yami, The leader of The Black Bulls, and Princess Loropechika.

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In season 5 we will see the fight between the Clover Kingdom and Spade Kingdom escalate further. To protect the barrier between the underworld and the real world, Clover kingdom will declare an all-out war on the Spade kingdom and send its best fighter to prevent the barrier from breaking.

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However, Black Clover season 5 will largely depend on the upcoming Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie. It will adapt several chapters originating in the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, showing black bulls and Magic Knights trying their power to put an end to the possible onset of the age of devils by the dangerous Dark Triad.

Black Clover Season 5 Trailer

No official trailer has been revealed for the 5th season of Black Clover. On the other hand, two trailers for the new and upcoming Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King have been released on Youtube.

Where Will Black Clover Season 5 Be Aired?

Black Clover Season 5 will be simulcast on Crunchyroll. With Netflix also acquiring the streaming rights to Black Clover we can also expect the episodes to be simulcast there too. Depending on your region, The first four seasons are already available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

Black Cover Story

In a world of magic, we follow Asta who has no magical output. At the start of the story, we are introduced to Asta and Yuno, two childhood friends who grew up in an orphanage. Growing up Asta’s only dream was to become the WIzard king, the leader of the magic knight of a kingdom.

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After a certain age, all the kids in the kingdom receive a Grimoire, a book that reflects the quality and strength of the magic possessed by a person. Yuno, Asta’s childhood rival receives a four-clover grimoire which is considered to be only by wizard kings but Asta gets no Grimoire. When faced with some evil criminals, and on the verge of defeat Asta is able to manifest a Black colored Grimoire with a Big rustic Sword.

Black Cover Story

In the first season, we follow Asta as he manifests his Grimoire, his training for the entrance exams for the Clover Kingdom’s magic knights, his journey in the exam, and his acceptance into the Black Bulls and his first few missions with them.

In the following seasons, we see Asta going on harder and riskier missions with the black bulls and even defeating even stronger enemies.

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In season 4 we are introduced to the Dark Triads and the Spade Kingdom, the dark triad is an evil group that, uses fear to subjugate its kingdom and use it to conquer others. One of their objectives is to complete the Tree of Quilpoth, a magic channel that would let devils from the underworld freely travel into the real world. To complete this channel they need the magic of William Vangence and Yami Sukehiro both of whom they are successfully able to kidnap from the Clover Kingdom.

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With two of their strongest captains gone, Clover Kingdom will launch an all-out attack on the spade kingdom to stop them from completing the channel and recover their beloved captains.

Why the Delay in Release?

Black Clover season 5 is possibly delayed due to the lack of content available at present in the manga series. Yūki Tabata, the writer, and illustrator of the show need time to add on and complete the Black Clover manga before the fifth season of the high-fantasy anime series can be decided to be made.


With the current state of the Black Colver manga, as it enters its final arc, fans are becoming more and more hopeful for the announcement of the anime. With no clear date in sight, the fans are predicting that the anime will start serializing in mid to late 2024.

Till the time we get the anime to enjoy, the fans will have to be happy with the upcoming Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie that releases on the 16th of June 2023.


Will there be season 5 of Black Clover?

As of now, Season 5 of the Black Clover anime has not been confirmed by the studio but a movie for the same will be released on 16 June 2023

Is Black Clover coming back in 2023?

Yes, Black Clover is coming back in 2023 with the release of the new movie Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King,  but it will not be canon in the story’s timeline.

When will Black Clover episode 171 release?

As of now, no date has been confirmed for the release of Black Clover Episode 171, but fans speculate it will release early to mid-2024.

How old is Asta at the end?

At the start of the final arc in the Black Clover manga, Asta is stated to be 18. At the start of the series, it is shown that Asta is a 15-year-old.

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