All About Death Parade Season 2: Release Date, Trailer Cast & Plot

Death Parade is an anime tv show created by Madhouse and written and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. The series is based on the short film Death Billiards, which was made by Madhouse for the Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013 and released in March 2013. The series aired in Japan between January and March 2015. It is distributed by Funimation in North America and Anime Limited in the United Kingdom, which was unfortunately canceled. Madman Entertainment acquired the series for digital distribution rights in Australia and New Zealand.

Assume you find yourself in a strange bar. When you come, you are required to play a game against every other person. You are allowed to leave if you win. If you lose, you will be expelled into the emptiness.

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“So, you walk into a strange bar and find yourself in the middle of a game against every other person in the room. If you win, you can leave. If you lose, you’ll be expelled into the emptiness. You find yourself in a strange bar, and in the middle of a game against every other person in the room. If you win, you can leave. If you lose, you’ll be expelled into the emptiness.”In fact, winning isn’t even necessary. Rather, each game is supposed to break its players—to bring out the darkest aspects of their minds. The bartender then reviews the players and chooses their ultimate destiny.

Death Parade Season 2

What Is The Story Of The Death Parade?

Decim, the bartender and Keeper of Quindecim, and his black-haired apprentice are central to the series. Quindecim facilitates the collection of the spirits of those who died at the same moment. Decim terrifies the recently deceased into participating in a “life-threatening game,” so he may judge them and determine whether their souls will go to the void or be reincarnated.

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Decim meets his “guests” all at once. They could have perished together or separately. The memories of his guests have been erased, and they have been programmed to return during their Death Game. Decim will pass determination on their spirits based on their performance during the game.

Story Of The Death Parade

What Is The Possible Plot Of ‘Death Parade’ Season 2?

Let us return to the events of season one to provide some background. Death Parade reveals us to the complicated world of the hereafter, where those who die are transferred to one of several mystery clubs. The bars were operated by bartenders who also served as Arbiters. They force the dead to participate in Death Games to ascertain whether they will be reborn or sent to the void. Decim, a bartender and Arbiter of Quindecim, is essential to the plot. Decim began to experience human feelings after meeting a meddling black-haired woman named Chiyuki. Decim opted to resurrect Chiyuki after a set of circumstances. The two finally parted ways, with Chiyuki beginning a new life and Decim remaining in the bar, willing to welcome new souls.

While plot details for Season 2 are unknown, Madhouse can always go into Decim’s history to build out his image. It will also be impressive to see how Decim’s perspective as a Judge and jury member evolves as a result of his emotional experience with Chiyuki.

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There’s also the potential of returning Chiyuki to the afterlife once her freshly incarnated life is through.

Plot Of Death Parade Season 2

What Happened To Mayu In Death Parade?

Ginti forces Mayu and Harada to play Twister. While there aren’t many complaints at first, anxiety quickly builds as Ginti makes the colored spots the player’s touch cause extreme weather variations. Ginti eventually takes the floor from Mayu and Harada. The two begin to fear when they are forced to stay on small ledges high above what appear to be deadly spikes on the ground. According to Ginti, the game would conclude when only one person remains on the dangling platform.

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Mayu makes a sacrifice and starts to allow her to fall. Harada, who was going to force her off, pulls her arm. Mayu collapses to the ground due to Harada’s inability to support her weight. The spikes were eventually proven to be completely harmless. As she falls, she remembers slipping on a bar of soap and falling on her head, where she either bled to death or died from an intense injury.

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In Episode 11, Mayu has to decide whether to sacrifice someone she has never met in exchange for Harada’s soul, which has been flung into the void. Ginti claims that if she does not pick, Harada’s body will degenerate into a puppet over time. Finally, she brings Harada’s dying body into the elevator, where she declares that she decided to live her life for Harada and hated Ginti. Harada briefly awakens as they are flung into the emptiness before their souls abandon their bodies for good.

What Happened To Mayu In Death Parade

What Is The Death Parade Season 2 Release Date?

The problem is that no recent progress has been made on Death Parade season 2, and the launch date remains unknown. On the positive side, Madhouse did not announce the discontinuation of the renowned anime series so that fans may keep their hopes up. Others expected Death Parade to be a major blockbuster because Madhouse is well-known for producing large anime hits like Death Note, One Punch Man, and Hunter x Hunter.

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Madhouse announced an additional season of Death Parade in 2016 due to the show’s success. Season 2 is still in the works, and there have been numerous speculations about why it has not yet been released. For one aspect, Madhouse may face a content shortage in season 2. Contrary to other anime series based primarily on literature and manga, Death Parade is based only on a short film by Tachikawa. Since no true primary source is readily available, they must build an entirely new plotline to match the finish of season 1.

Release Date Death Parade2


Is there any trailer for death parade season 2?

No, till now, there’s no trailer available for death parade season 2

Where to Watch the Death Parade Series?

There are tons of platforms to watch the death parade. If you can pay for the subscription then watch it on Amazon Prime or Netflix or else if you want to watch it for free then watch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Is Death Parade Worth Watching?

Yes, Death Parade is worth watching as it has a simple story with advanced animation quality.

Is Death Billiards before Death Parade?

Since Death Billiards is a pilot episode, it needs to be suitable to stream this before Death Parade.

Can I Stream Death Parade On Netflix?

Yes, You can stream Death Parade on Netflix.


Death Parade is an epic fantasy anime in many aspects. We meet two new people almost every episode and watch them as they are forced to play a game by manipulating them into believing their lives are in danger, primarily because the memory of their particular deaths has been purposely removed.

As a result, Death Parade seems like a sequence of in-depth character studies. Often the people who pass through the bar are as innocent as they appear—and, in the end, they are just decent people. Others are discovered to be the worst aspects of humanity in both life and death. However, most people appear to be a mix of good and poor traits. A person may be harsh and abusive at work, but at home, he or she is completely dedicated to his or her family.

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Death Parade highlights the fact that no one is genuinely holy. We all have some evil within us, whether it be ambition and egotism or something far more horrible. And, as the individuals’ memories gradually return while they play the games, we are shown a quick recap of their lives; we have seen how their personalities and beliefs evolved as the trials of life shaped them into something less benign, and sometimes outright evil. As a result, the games frequently end in emotionally charged revelations of brutal bloodshed.

Death Parade is a detailed examination of human nature and morals. It creates a fanciful universe full of games but lacking any sort of fun, which is beautifully drawn and set in a unique atmosphere. Best of all, it forces the audience to be the ultimate judge, deciding whether these complicated characters—whether arbiters or humans are salvageable or are probably more suited to a never-ending vacuum.

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