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Justo Enrique Jay lived as a massive component of Willy and Sal’s narcotics organization from the commencement as he stood as a personal confidant and was fully accountable for sufficiently managing lots and lots that arrived. Justo introduced which kingpins were required to supervise operational processes in stockpile houses or facilitate the correct stream of money and products. He, too, had fled Cuba as a kid in the 1950s, growing up poor in Little Havana. As a result, they initially did not appreciate choosing the wrong way out by carrying cocaine to improve their standard of living, which required cash.

Justo was so important that Willy and Sal would have to relocate him to Carolina to perform their work here, and it only directly contributed to his arrest in 1988. In  1988, he was the Western District of North Carolina criminally charged him with a separate continuing criminal drug cartel (CCE) possession. which was accompanied on March 9 by one count of a plan to obtain narcotics for trafficking and 14 extra adds up of simple possession to cope and allocate cocaine. Justo might have agreed to cooperate with the authorities in return for a lesser charge, but he refused and just came to trial.

Who is Justo Jay?

Following a court hearing, Justo Enrique Jay has been found charged and convicted of everything prosecutions and punished to life imprisonment even without the opportunity of parole also on the CCE count and 115 years on the residual charges, to be charged and prosecuted. He lodged a plea as quickly as possible, but the Fourth Appeals Court only overruled his conspiracy punishment.

As a result, regardless of his lifetime in prison, Justo decided to release from federal prison in 2007 after serving some 19 years. Justo Jay, a representative of Falcon and Magluta’s functionality, was scheduled to be released after serving two decades behind bars on drug-related crimes. His son, Jon Jay, usually plays for the Chicago White Sox in Major League Baseball.

Cocaine Cowboy Justo Jay

Justo Jay Age Wikipedia: Is He Related To Cocaine Cowboys?

True, Justo Jay is connected to the Cocaine Cowboys, but he was also not noted on Wikipedia because he was a felon and a lawbreaker. He is presently over the age of 60. Even so, his accurate birthday or age still has not been disclosed. We calculated his age predicated on his son’s age and his time in jail. Justo was implicated in a large drug procedure run by Willie Falcon as well as Sal Magluta Ran, both multi-millionaires and drug lords in Miami.

Justo, an integral feature of their procedure, will almost actually appear in Netflix’s cocaine cowboys. Justo was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988 after spending most of the time trying to deal with and possessing drugs. He is out, clean, and drug-free and is participating in required volunteer activities as part of his pardon.

What Is Justo Jay’s Net Worth?

While Justo Jay’s exact total wealth is unknown, it is assumed to be in the millions prior to his conviction for his offences. His son who is also known as U.S. Forefather John Jay and his charitable donations to The Founding Documents has indeed been dubbed “The Federalist,” “The Founding Father,” and “The Supreme Court” at different times. Near the start of the 2016 – 17 season, NBC 7 San Diego lead sports writer Derek Torgerson popularised “The Federalist,” which rapidly gained popularity among the Padres fan base.

Back in 2011, began referring to him as The Federalist. Even during the 2017 season, Jay chose “305-J” as his code name for the Cubs’ Players Weekend. Jay sponsored a charity batsmen occasion at Lucky Strikes Lanes in Miami Beach, Florida, on January 28, 2011. The occasion, dubbed Jon Jay’s Celebrity Bowling Contest, raised approximately $25,000 for Chapman Partnership, which works with homeless shelters throughout Miami. Justo Jay’s son Networth may be around $25 million.

Where is Just to Jay Now?

In 2003, Willie Falcon entered a guilty plea to bribery charges and was sentenced to years’ imprisonment. At the period of 62, he was released in June 2017. Falcon, an u.s. citizen of the United States who was brought into the world in Cuba, was forced to flee to the Dominican Republic and announced his departure at the proposal of his litigators, who noted that he worried about his daily existence in Cuba. According to the Netflix show, he fled the Dominican Republic shortly after, having followed a national uproar over his involvement there, but has not been seen for. Today is his 66th birthday.

Who Is Justo E Jay’s Wife?

Maria Marta Jay, Justo Jay’s wife, is his wife. They have a son called Jon Jay, who is an American professional baseball outfielder who tends to play in Major League Baseball. He was born in 1985. Jay, who excelled at baseball in ninth grade, was a representative national title team in 2003. He earned a baseball full scholarship from Miami and managed to play for the Miami Hurricanes.

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Jay had a total 387 strike rate (BA) with 31 multiplies (2B), four threefold, seven home runs, and 108 runs scored in 120 total games throughout his three years at UM.  In 2005, he started playing collegiate summer baseball for the Cape Cod Baseball League’s Brewster Whitecaps.   He was chosen by the Cardinals in the 2nd session (74th broadly speaking) of the 2006 MLB draught. 

Justo Net Worth

It is a general estimate of Justo’s net worth. The assessment spans the decades 2019, 2020, and 2021. See the table underneath to find how much Justo earns annually. See the table underneath to find out how and where Justo earns per year. Juan is among the wealthiest politicians and one of the most famous. According to Wiki page, Financial Times, and Business Industry expert, Juan B. Justo’s personal wealth is around $1.5 million.


Justo Jay was also featured in the web series Cocaine Cowboys: The kings of Miami. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami is a 6 episode documentary series set in 2021 that follows the highs and lows of Miami drug cartels Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon. The two were ultimately charged in one of the largest and fastest-growing cases in the US historical past, suspected of trying to smuggle 75 pounds of drugs into the united states illegally.

Billy Corben, who directed 3 Cocaine Cowboys films heretofore directs the sequence. The short film has a 100% satisfaction rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on the 5 feedback, with an average grade of 7.4/10. The sequence was praised by Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times, who called it “fantastic and utterly unwatchable.”

In an evaluation for, Brian Tallerico praised Corben’s direction. He said that he “let the individuals talking the talk about their experiences, and he receives pretty good ones from across all edges of such an unbelievable story, such as felons, officials, but even a couple of local jury members.”

Alessa Dominguez of Buzzfeed News criticized the display for glossing so over immense damage wreaked by drug lords like Magluta and Falcon, trying to write that the exhibition “serves to highlight the glory and abundance of the Miami drug business, often losing track of the broader picture and also the men who died the repercussions.”

Billy Corben, the director of Cocaine Cowboys, stated: “Willy is on the go. I believe I know how he is, but I can’t check it ,so I dare not say, but then he was published from incarceration a few decades ago while he never becomes a US resident and was ultimately kicked out of the country.”

Corben also revealed the accusation’s purpose for Willy’s deportation to the Dominican Republic rather than Cuba. “His lawyer instructed it because of the segment of the cash that Willy and Sal had decided to make in the drug business. They had contributed very graciously to charitable organizations, houses of worship, and organizations. Some of which were pro-government organizations and some of the paramilitaries who had tried to enter the beach and topple or try to kill Fidel Castro over the decades,” he said.

“Mostly because of their participation with those organizations, his lawyers asserted that he must not be kicked out of the country to Cuba for his security, so they forced him to fly to the Dominican Republic, which people in the DR were upset when news spread out that he’d been.” He was also asked to leave.”

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