All Annabelle Movies By Their Release Order

The Annabelle movie series has to be one of the scariest and most disturbing movies in the Conjuring universe. The demonic doll has had a huge influence in its universe and is sought by the Warrens to be the most malevolent cursed artifact they have come across. Annabelle is shown to be a normal play doll until a terrifying demonic entity uses it as a medium to commit its evil deeds.

Unlike other movies in the Conjuring Universe, the Annabelle movies have had their fair share of recognition and popularity after the huge hit of The Conjuring. According to Lorraine Warren, the doll itself is not harmful. The demonic entity seeks a mortal body and uses the doll to do so.

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The evil influence of the demon attracts other supernatural entities. Similar to The Conjuring franchise the Annabelle franchise is also based on a real possessed Raggedy Ann doll of the 70s. The initial owner of the doll, Donna, had been experiencing paranormal activities after she allowed what was thought to be the spirit of a girl child to possess the doll.

There have been many instances where the real Annabelle doll has been caught moving on camera yet skeptical rumors persist. The movies focus on depicting the various ways the doll might have had a demonic influence and the consequences to own the possessed doll.

All Annabelle movies: Release Order

  • Annabelle (2014)
  • Annabelle Creation (2017)
  • Annabelle Comes Home (2019)
All Annabelle Movies

All 3 Annabelle Movies By Their Release Order

  1. Annabelle

    Director: John R. Leonetti

    Writer: Gary Dauberman

    Stars: Ward Horton, Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard

    Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

     Annabelle (2014) on IMDb

    John and Mia Form expect their firstborn child. John as a present for Mia gifts her a rare vintage porcelain doll. Mia places the doll with other dolls in their daughter’s nursery. That night, the couple wakes up to noises coming from their neighbor’s house. The Higgins is heard getting murdered in a house invasion. Mia tries calling the police but the couple is attacked by the murderers.

    The police arrive on time and shoot the male murderer killing him while the female murderer commits suicide by slitting her throat in the nursery with the porcelain doll in her hand. According to the news reports, the female murderer named Annabelle was the daughter of the Higgins accompanied by her unidentified boyfriend were members of an occult group. The following few days, paranormal activities occur around the Form’s residence.

    Mia gives birth to her healthy daughter Leah. They move to a rented apartment in Pasadena. Bad things start happening to Mia and her daughter when she finds the porcelain doll in a storage box that John got rid of after the attack. Mia experiences paranormal activities and one night Mia is haunted by an evil figure in the dark. Mia believes that the supernatural entity is the spirit of Annabelle that latched onto the doll before she committed suicide.

    Mia disturbed by the recent events contacts Detective Clarkin to gather information on Annabelle. The occult group that Annabelle was a part of intended to summon supernatural beings. Mia learns from Evelyn, her fellow tenant, that the occult practiced devil worship and Annabelle summoned a demon inside the doll who followed the family into their rented apartment to claim a soul. Back at home, Mia and Leah are attacked by the demonic entity while manipulating the doll.

    Mia and John seek the help of Father Perez. He informs that sometimes such supernatural entities make use of inanimate objects to accomplish their goals and claim souls for a purpose. Failing to exorcise the demon from the doll, Father Perez decides to take the doll to the Warrens for investigation. He is attacked by the demon in Annabelle’s guise snatching the doll from him. John visits Father Perez, who was hospitalized after the attack. John learns from Father Perez the true intentions of the demon and that is to take Mia’s soul.

    That night, Evelyn meets Mia and the demon in Father Perez’s appearance abducts Leah. The demon demands Mia’s soul in exchange for her daughter. Mia agrees to jump out of the window with the doll but is stopped by John and Evelyn on time. Evelyn decides to take Mia’s place to redeem herself for causing a car accident that resulted in her daughter’s death.

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    The Form’s reunited and Leah is back in her crib. The demon and the doll disappeared. Six months later, a mother buys the doll as a gift for her daughter, Debbie’s birthday.

  2. Annabelle: Creation

    Director: David F. Sandberg

    Writer: Gary Dauberman

    Stars: Anthony LaPaglia, Samara Lee, Miranda Otto

    Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

     Annabelle: Creation (2017) on IMDb

    In the year 1943, a doll maker named Samuel Mullins is busy crafting a limited edition porcelain doll. His 7-year-old daughter Annabelle, a pet named Bee, slips a note inside his workshop that reads “Find Me”. Samuel entertains her hide and seek game. He enters the house and finds another note- “closer”. He notices his daughter hiding behind a curtain. He writes “Found you” on the back of the note and leaves it.

    He sneaks away and Bee comes out from hiding only to be caught by her father and her mother. They both start tickling her showing a perfectly happy family. One day, while returning from church one of the tires punctures and Samuel has to stop the car by the side of the road. Samuel tries to pull out the tire and in the process the screw roles off in the middle of the road. Bee goes to pick up the screw, she gets hit by an oncoming car.

    12 years after the loss of their child, the Mullins open their home to a group of orphan girls guided by sister Charollette. Two of the orphan girls, Jance, and her best friend, Linda, promise each other to get adopted by the same parents otherwise nothing else. They arrive at the house and are greeted by Mr. Mullins only. He tells them that his wife Esther ended up bedridden after an accident. He shows them a stairlift and how it works.

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    He allows Jance, who is crippled by suffering from polio, to use the stairlift. She gets a bedroom on the second floor and encounters Bee’s room. Mr. Mullins cautions Janice nobody is allowed to enter the room which is locked. One night, Janice wakes up to a noise and finds a note that reads “find me” which leads her to Bee’s room. Now unlocked, Janice asks for forgiveness from God before entering the room. Inside a dollhouse, Janice finds the key to the closet in the room.

    On opening it, she discovers a doll. The next day, Janice confessed to sister Charollette about her entering the room and finding a doll in the closet. Later that day, Janice walks up in front of Mrs. Mullins and overhears her talking to sister Charollette about Bee. That night, paranormal activities start occurring in the house. The gramophone in Bee’s room starts playing by itself. Janice goes inside the room to investigate but sees Linda standing.

    Both are surprised at seeing each other, Linda leaves the room first. Janice notices someone by the window that looks like Annabelle before leaving. She asks Bee if she needs something to which Bee, revealed to be a demon, turns around and replies” Your soul”. Janice tries to escape in the stairlift which stops halfway and Janice is lifted and thrown to the floor. Janice is rendered completely incapable of walking because of the injuries from the fall. The girls go out but Janice is handicapped in the wheelchair.

    Suddenly, her wheelchair violently shakes and the barn door slowly opens. The demon in the guise of sister Charollette pushes Janice, in her wheelchair, inside the barn. Janice crawls under the barn floor to save herself but ends up getting possessed by the demon Bee. Linda notices changes in Janice’s behavior which worries her. Linda confesses to Mr. Mullins that Janice sneaked into Bee’s room. Mr. Mullin later confronts Janice holding a crucifix.

    Sister Charlotte and the other girls hear Mr. Mullins cry from outside. Sister Charollette runs inside only to find Mr. Mullins dead. That night, Linda sneaks in and takes the malevolent doll while Janice sleeps. She takes the doll to a well and plans to get rid of it. Sister Charollette shows up and tells Linda to go back inside the house. Linda throws the doll inside the well but decides to double-check and leans into the well. She gets grabbed by two hands trying to pull her inside. Sister Charollette manages to pull Linda back and shuts the well. Both run back to the house.

    Linda goes to inform Janice about the doll only to find it lying beside the possessed girl. After telling the other girls to find Janice, Charlotte takes the doll to Mrs. Mullins who tells her to keep the thing away. Mrs. Mullins tells her that after their daughter’s death, she prayed to any powerful entity to let them see their daughter again. At first, there were signs of the presence and sounds coming from Bee’s room. The entity asked them whether they could enter the doll so that Bee could stay forever. They started seeing glimpses of their daughter. Soon, Mrs. Mullins figured out that something was off about the supernatural presence. She confronted it with a cross. Agitated the entity revealed itself to be a demon and ripped Esther’s eye out.

    Mr. Mullins contacted the church and with their help, he was able to confine the doll in the closet with pages from the bible all around it. The silence made the Mullins believe that the evil was confined and to serve their penance they decided to open their house to the orphans. Unfortunately, the demon found its way about to claim the soul because of their act of redemption. The girls find Janice having a tea party with the doll.

    Charlotte runs towards the girls when she hears a scream. Nancy shows Charlotte her slashed arm that Janice inflicted on her. Charlotte orders Carol to get help while the others follow her to Mrs. Mullins’s room. They discover Mr. Mullins’s bisected body crucified on the wall. They try to leave but Janice stops them. Charlotte tries to perform an exorcism with her rosary but gets thrown into a wall mirror. Linda stumbles and gets dragged along the floor. The other girls tell Kate to get help. Janice offers Kate the knife to do the deed. Linda escapes and Kate runs off.

    All the girls run towards the truck but it does not start. Janice enters the room where Linda is hiding and the latter manages to escape in a goods lift. The remaining girls run towards the barn. Carol enters first but gets locked inside leaving others shut outside. Carol sees a scarecrow transform into a moving demonic creature while she manages to pull out only the handle of an ax. The demon, one by one, unscrews the bulbs. Carol tries to save the last bulb by re-screwing it before it falls. The demon smashes the bulb with its hand.

    Carol falls off the ladder and barely manages to lock herself in the workshop inside the barn. Terrified of the entity banging on the door, the other girls manage to find her and they escape. Inside the house, Linda escapes and reaches the basement of the house. She finds the body of a deceased girl which reveals itself to be Janice. Linda slides into the lift and tries to go back up. Through the space between the lift and the walls, Linda sees Janice trying to get to the lift.

    The demon pulls the elevator through the space but Linda hits its hand releasing the lift. Without any choice, Linda climbs up the remaining height and finds Janice stabbing her doll’s face. Linda runs and hides inside the closet in Bee’s room. Janice eventually finds her. Sister Charlotte having regained her consciousness confronts Janice with the demonic doll in her hands. Janice tries to stab Charlotte but stabs the doll instead.

    Charlotte pushes Janice with the doll into the closet and shuts the door tipping it with a glass drawer. Enraged, the demon throws everything across the room. Charlotte and Linda escape and reunite with the other girls. All the bulbs in the house start exploding. The police arrive at the site.

    The sheriff only finds the doll and sees a big hole inside the closest which possibly was an escape route for Janice. The priest blesses the house and declares it ridden of all evil. When asked he says that the doll was a medium for the demon to access the living world. The sheriff takes the doll after none of the girls accept the doll. The priest, sister Charlotte and the girls leave. Janice is seen playing with a doll in an orphanage and introduces herself as Annabelle to the Higgins.

  3. Annabelle Comes Home

    Director: Gary Dauberman

    Writers: Gary Dauberman, James Wan

    Stars: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Mckenna Grace

    Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

     Annabelle Comes Home (2019) on IMDb

    Ed and Lorraine Warren, a demonologist couple retrieve a pretentious possessed doll, Annabelle, from nurses Debbie and Camilla who revealed that the doll often performed violent activity in their house. Ed and Lorraine have a few words about the inhuman spirits and their nature before leaving with the doll. They encounter a police car on their way in the middle of the night. An officer walks up to them telling them to take a different route because an accident has taken place.

    Ed misses the turn and the couple ends up in the middle of nowhere after their car breaks down. While Ed tries to figure out a way, Lorraine notices a graveyard on her right. A spirit speaks to her she likes the doll. Lorraine senses something off and tries to see the spirit. She notices multiple spirits staring at her. One of them pushes Ed into the middle of the road.

    He narrowly escapes a truck. With Father Gordon in the presence, the doll is blessed before being put inside a sacred glass box. The Warrens hire Mary Ellen to babysit Judy Warren, their daughter, while they are gone to investigate another case. Judy notices the spirit of a priest following her at school. Mary’s friend Danielle visits the Warren uninvited. She secretly gets access to the artifact room’s keys and enters it to speak to her dead father.

    She examines the room and makes an attempt to talk to her father but leaves the house abruptly with Annabelle’s glass box door open. The terror and paranormal activities begin that night. Annabelle releases other supernatural spirits like the Ferryman, Black Shuck, and the Bride. Mary Ellen’s love interest Bob Palmeri arrives outside the Warrens’ house and serenades her. He is later attacked by the Black Shuck ghost and hides in the backyard of the house.

    Mary Ellen is haunted by the Ferryman while Judy encounters Annabelle in her bedroom. Danielle comes back to the house to return the artifact room keys but gets locked inside it instead. She is tormented inside the artifact room filled with cursed objects by various supernatural activities. Danielle finds a bracelet inside a box. She places a photo inside the bracelet and wears it to see her father once again but she only finds a damned version of her father’s soul blaming her for his death.

    She discovers a cursed television that shows the near future. Danielle sees herself approaching a telephone and as soon as she picks it up, the real Danielle is shocked by a bloody and screaming form of herself on the tv. Just like what she saw on the tv, a telephone rings behind her. She goes to pick it up but gets interrupted by Judy and Mary. Judy runs to get Mary’s asthma inhaler and gets attacked by the Black Shuck.

    Bob shows up and swings an ax against the ghostly hound. Danielle, who went after Judy, was confronted by the Bride and got possessed in the process. Mary and Judy manage to retrieve the doll from the Ferryman’s lair with the help of the ghost of the priest. Danielle attacks Judy but recovers after Judy plays a record of her father exorcising a possession by the Bride. They manage to find the glass box’s key in the cursed Feely Meely box not before being traumatized by hands coming out of it.

    Judy tries to lock the doll but gets attacked by the demon of the doll. He tries to suck her soul out. Mary runs in and tries to close the door of the glass box but gets repelled by the demon’s powers. Judy breaks a crucifix from a cursed artifact making the demon release her. Mary tries while Judy holds the demon back but things get worse when the Bride shows up. Danielle arrives in the nick of time, successfully assisting Mary in closing the box, containing the malevolent entity.

    The trio reunites with Bob, who survived the werewolf’s attacks. The next morning the trio confesses their experience with the terror they faced the previous night. Lorraine hands over the photo left in the cursed bracelet to Danielle. Lorraine consoles Danielle while she breaks down into tears. Both rejoin the whole group celebrating Judy’s birthday with her school friends.


Annabelle’s franchise deals with a lot of plots and storylines that are connected to the Conjuring Universe. Every single movie in this franchise is well-made and a lot of effort has been put into them bringing out the horror that the victims had faced because of the doll. The trilogy can easily be regarded as one of the best jumpscare horror movie franchises in the industry. Regardless of an off-putting plot in the last installment, it is still credited by many as an opportunity for many more movies in The Conjuring Universe.

All Annabelle Movies Box Office Collection

  • Annabelle (2014) – $257.6 million
  • Annabelle: Creation (2017) – $306.5 million
  • Annabelle Comes Home (2019) – $231.3 million

All Annabelle According To Highest To Lowest IMDb Ranking

  • Annabelle: Creation (2017) – 6.5 with 129K
  • Annabelle Comes Home (2019) –5.9 with 72K
  • Annabelle (2014) – 5.4 with 155K


How Many Annabelle Movies Are There?

The Annabelle franchise has three movies to date. The premiere of the franchise was in 2014 as ‘Annabelle’. It is a spinoff/prequel to the first Conjuring movie. The second Annabelle movie was released in 2017 which was surprisingly better than its prequel and is credited with the most positive reviews among the three. The latest and final installment of the franchise Annabelle Comes Home was released in 2019 which is loosely based on Ed and Lorraine’s daughter, Judy’s experiences with Annabelle.

Are The Annabelle Movies Connected?

Yes. Annabelle Creation, which was the second installment of the franchise, is a prequel to both the first part and the Conjuring franchise. The storyline finally reveals the connection between Annabelle and the Conjuring franchise. The fictional origin story of the doll links the timeline as well as the plot of all the movies in The Conjuring Universe.

In What Order Should I Watch Annabelle Movies?

The events occurring particularly in the Annabelle franchise do not line up with the release order. The setting of Annabelle Creations 1955. Fast forward to 1967, the events of Annabelle take place. Last but not least, the events of Annabelle Comes Home take place between 1971 and 1972.

What is the Annabelle Demons name?

Malthus is, the main demon in Annabelle is an evil entity who seeks out and terrorises its owners. This powerful malevolence is the main antagonist of several films set in The Conjuring Universe – notably Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home.

Did Annabelle 4 come out?

Although the future of Annabelle 4 is uncertain, fans of the spin-off need not worry that Annabelle Comes Home is the end of the series. Despite there currently being no announced release date for the next installment and the film not being officially renewed yet, based on past evidence, it seems likely that statements from the studio about this movie coming out sooner or later have some basis in reality.

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