All 10 Fast And Furious Movies List By Their Release Year With IMDB Rating And Box Office Collection

The Fast and The Furious franchise upholds the best car chases, grand theft autos, and strategic heists in the movie industry. The action-based movies are all about street racing, heists, hot pursuits, spies, and most importantly family. The franchise gained popularity in the first movie itself. Dating back to 2001 when The Fast and The Furious was released, it was meant to be a high-octane summer popcorn flix. Soon after its release in the theatres, the movie became a huge hit and exploded into a multibillion-dollar franchise.

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In What Order Should I Watch The Fast And Furious Movies?

There are mainly two ways to watch the movie, the timeline order, and the release order. The timeline order moves according to the sequential events that occur in the saga whereas the release order is according to the release of the movies in the theatres.

Timeline Order To Watch The Fast And Furious Movies

  • The Fast and The Furious (2001)
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious(2003)
  • Fast and Furious(2009)
  • Fast 5(2011)
  • Fast and Furious 6(2013)
  • The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift(2006)
  • Furious 7(2015)
  • The Fate of the Furious(2017)
  • F9(2021)
  • Fast X(2023)

Release Order To Watch The Fast And Furious Movies

  • The Fast and The Furious (2001)
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious(2003)
  • The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift(2006)
  • Fast and Furious(2009)
  • Fast 5(2011)
  • Fast and Furious 6(2013)
  • Furious 7(2015)
  • The Fate of the Furious(2017)
  • F9(2021)
  • Fast X(2023)

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Fast And Furious movies

All Fast And Furious Movies List By Their Release Year

  1. The Fast and The Furious

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV

    Director: Rob Cohen

    Writers: Ken Li(magazine article “Racer X”), Gary Scott Thompson(screen story), Erik Bergquist(screenplay)

    Stars: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Rick Yune, Chad Lindberg, Johnny Strong, Ted Levine

    Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

     The Fast and the Furious (2001) on IMDb

    The movie starts with a truck heist. The following day, Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), an LAPD officer is tasked to investigate and find out the people behind the heist. The officer goes undercover to ‘Toretto’s market’ where he falls for Mia (Michelle Rodriguez), sister of a famous street racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). Brian in hopes of getting a lead on the heist crew brings his modified car and races with Dominic, and two others. Dominic wins the race and Brian, who bet his cars, drives away with Dominic after the LAPD arrives. They bond well on the term that Brian still owes Dom a “10 seconds car”.

    Brian continues his investigation after he gets suspicious of Johnny Trans, Dominic’s rival. Trans along with his partner Lance Nguyen are arrested but they are proven innocent. Brian confronts his suspicion that Dominic is the true mastermind. The movie comes to an end with Brian and Dominic’s drag racing a quarter-mile. The race ends in a draw but Dom crashes his car in a truck. Brian hands over his car keys to Dom as a payment of his “10 seconds car” debt. Dom leaves with the car as Brian walks away.

  2. 2 Fast 2 Furious

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV

    Director: John Singleton

    Writers: Gary Scott Thompson(characters), Michael Brandt(story), Derek Haas(story)

    Stars: Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Eva Mendes, Cole Hauser, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, James Remar.

    Genres: Short, Action, Sport

     2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) on IMDb

    After Brian helps Dominic escape, he is convicted of prosecution. He escapes LA and settles down in Miami. Now an illegal street racer, Brian is arrested by the MPD in the middle of a race. His former boss FBI agent Bilkins offers to clear his charges if he manages to bring down a wanted drug lord Verone. Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Brian’s childhood friend, reluctantly agrees to partner up with Brian to go undercover and clear his criminal records as well. With the help of Monica Fuentes, Brian and Roman infiltrate into Verone’s organization. Brian informs U.S. Custom Agent Markham that Verone plans to launder his money before escaping in his private jet. On the day of the money laundering, Brian and Roman along with Enrique and Roberto, Verone’s underlings, accompany the undercovers to transport Verone’s money.

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    The police proceed to arrest the drivers of the cars Brian and Roman were riding. This leads to a high-speed chase. After a planned scramble and switching cars, they escape the chase. Roman gets rid of Roberto. It is revealed that Verone was all along aware of Monica’s undercover and decoyed his plan of escaping in his private jet. With Monica as a hostage, Verone prepares to escape in his yacht while Brian deals with Enrique. Roman comes and assists Brian to get rid of Enrique. Verone tries to escape but Brian and Roman fly off in a car from a ramp and crash on the yacht. Verone is apprehended, and Brian and Roman are set free. With a cut from Verone’s cash both of them decide to open a garage in Miami.

  3. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies & TV

    Director: Justin Lin

    Writer: Chris Morgan

    Stars: Lucas Black, Bow Wow, Nathalie Kelley, Sung Kang, Brian Tee

    Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

     The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) on IMDb

    Sean Boswell (Lucas Black), a student at Oro valley high school, races with Clay to impress Cindy, Clay’s girlfriend. Both of them end up crashing their cars. Sean was sent to Tokyo, Japan as a punishment and to avoid juvenile detention. He befriends Twinkie (Bow Wow) who introduces him to the world of drift racing. Drift King Takashi challenges Sean to a race for talking to Neela his girlfriend. Banned from racing, Sean accepts the challenge. Sean loses to Takashi due to his unfamiliarity with drifting. He ends up damaging the borrowed car and tries to repay the owner by working for him. Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang), the owner of the damaged car, agrees to teach Sean drifting so that he can beat Takashi.

    Sean beats Morimoto, Takashi’s right-hand man in a drift race and gains respect. Takashi’s uncle Kamata, leader of Yakuza, blames him for allowing Han to steal from them. Takashi with Morimoto, try to confront Han about the theft. Han, Sean, and Neela (now living with Sean) escape the site in their cars. Takashi and Morimoto chase them in a high-speed drift pursuit. Han gets t-boned by a car and dies in the chase. Sean’s car crashes. To settle the score Sean challenges Takashi to a drift race. Both of them race to the bottom of a hill. Takashi takes the lead but Sean catches up. Takashi loses his cool and in an attempt to corner Sean, he ends up driving off the cliff but survives the fall. As previously agreed, Takashi had to leave Tokyo humiliated and defeated.

  4. Fast & Furious

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Apple TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV

    Director: Justin Lin

    Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson(characters)

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, John Ortiz, Gal Gadot, Laz Alonso

    Genres: Action, Short, Drama

     Fast & Furious (2009) on IMDb

    Dominic and his crew consisting of Tego, Leto, Rico, Cara, Han Lue, and Letty (Dom’s girlfriend) are hijacking a fuel tanker with highly modified cars. Dom disbands the crew after suspecting the police were on their trail. He leaves Letty behind and settles down in Panama City. Later, he gets a call from his sister and comes to know that Letty was killed in a car accident. He heads back to Los Angeles where he attends her funeral.

    He investigates the accident site and his deductions lead him to David Park who played a role in her planned accident. Brian, now an FBI agent, with his new case of tracking down the Mexican drug lord, Arturo Braga gets the same lead on him, David Park. Dom gets to David first and hangs him upside down. Brian saves David and he becomes Brian’s new informant. Dom and Brian take part in a race where the winner would be a part of the team that will be trafficking Braga’s drugs. Dom wins the race and Brian takes the spot of another team member by arresting him.

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    After getting one step close to Braga, Dom finds out about Braga’s personal henchman Fenix, the one who killed Letty. After creating a diversion, Dom and Brian drive away with Braga’s drugs and hides them in LA. Both of them drive back to Dom’s house where they reunite with Mia. Brian proposes to lure in Braga by making the higher-ups strike a deal with him. Heroin in exchange for money. The one who shows up as Braga is a decoy and the real Braga is- Campos who was introduced as Braga’s right-hand man.

    Failing to capture Braga, Dom and Brian plan to apprehend him in Mexico, where he fled after retrieving his heroine. They capture Braga in a church and are chased down by his underlings. Both of them drive through a tunnel to make it into the U.S. In the process, Dom gets his revenge on Fenix for killing Letty. In the end, the police arrest Braga. Brian tells Dom to escape but he does not. Eventually, Dom gets sentenced to 25 years of life in prison.

  5. Fast Five

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV ,YouTube

    Director: Justin Lin

    Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson(characters)

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Sung Kang, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Gal Gadot, with Dwayne Johnson, and Matt Schulze

    Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime

     Fast Five (2011) on IMDb

    While being transported to Lompoc Prison, Dom is rescued by Brian and Mia. The three of them escape to Rio de Janeiro. Vince a close friend of the trio awaits them. They, along with a few other people participate in a car heist on a train. Dom realizes that the leader of the collab team, Zizi was interested only in one car. Dom makes Mia steal the car and leave the train. There is a shootout between Zizi’s men and two DEA officers.

    Dom and Brian are captured by Zizi and are brought to a crime lord Hernan Reyes. Reyes was the owner of the confiscated cars and tells the duo to find the location of the intended car. They take the opportunity and escape. Dom, Brian, and Mia get framed as murderers of the DEA officers and the U.S. government assigns a DSS team led by Luke Hobbs and assisted by local Rio officer Elena Neves to arrest the trio. Vince is later caught stealing a computer chip from the car Mia drove off with during the heist. He made a deal all by himself with Reyes for a lump sum.

    It is revealed that the chip contained all the records of the Reyes criminal empire and locations to USD 100 million. Hobbs arrives at Dom’s safehouse and witnesses Reyes’s men, who were tasked to retrieve the chip. The trio escape after a car chase. Mia reveals that she is pregnant and Dom decides to steal the 100 mils from Reyes for their better future. They organize a team from their former crew members and friends to execute the heist. They attack one of the locations where Reyes kept a fraction of his money. This made Reyes get all of his money to a safer but a single place- the evidence vault of a police station.

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    This made the execution of the heist much easier. Hobbs eventually arrests Dom, Brian, Mia, and Vince. On their way to the airport, they are attacked by Reyes’s men. Vince and Hobbs’s team members die in the shootout. To get revenge Hobbs agrees to help with the heist. They break through the vault and drag the huge safe with modified cars across the city. The police working for Reyes chase them. Reyes gets badly injured when he tries to catch the duo. Hobbs arrives and executes Reyes.

    Hobbs does not allow Dom and Brian to walk away freely. Instead, they are given a 24-hour head start and they can’t take the contents of the vault. After they leave for the run, Hobbs opens the safe and finds nothing inside it. The safe was a replica of the real one and it had been exchanged during the car chase. In the end, it is revealed that the identity of Letty, Dominic’s girlfriend, who was presumed to be dead comes up in one of Hobbs’s case files.

  6. Fast & Furious 6

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV

    Director: Justin Lin

    Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson(characters)

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Luke Evans, Gina Carano, John Ortiz

    Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

     Fast & Furious 6 (2013) on IMDb

    After their previous heist, all the members of the heist crew are doing well. DSS agents Luke Hobbs and Riley Hicks investigate a case on Owen Shaw. Seeking help Hobbs convinces Dom by showing him a recent photo of Letty. Dom agrees and in return asks Hobbs to drop all the charges so that they can return to LA. Letty, now working for Shaw lost most of her memories because of amnesia thanks to the accident.

    Shaw plans to create a device that disables any kind of power and sell it to the highest bidder. Dominic comes to know that Shaw is related to the drug lord, Arturo Braga. Brian enters the jail back in LA as an inmate where Braga is captive. Braga tells Brian that Shaw helped him to build the cartel and about Letty being alive but losing her memories. Shaw tries to steal a chip to build the deadly device but is intervened by Dom’s crew.

    Hobbs apprehends Shaw and his group but two of his other henchmen had already kidnapped Mia Toretto. Riley also reveals that he was a covert for Shaw. Hobbs has no choice but to release Shaw. Shaw and his group try to escape in a huge plane but are soon chased down by Dom and his team. They chain the plane, pinning it down with cars. They board the plane. Brian takes Mia and leaves the aircraft. Gisele dies while trying to save Hans from one of Shaw’s henchmen.

    Letty kills Riley and gets off the plane with Hobbs. Dom yet on the plane pursues Shaw and the computer chip. Shaw is thrown off the plane when it crashes. Dom jumps off the exploding plane in a car. All of them reunite. Dom gets back to his family home in Los Angeles.

  7. Furious 7

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video

    Director: James Wan

    Writers: Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson(characters)

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jordana Brewster, Djimon Hounsou, with Kurt Russell, and Jason Statham

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

     Furious 7 (2015) on IMDb

    After defeating Owen Shaw, Dom, Brian, and others are back in the U.S. leading a normal and happy life. Meanwhile, Deckard, Shaw’s older brother infiltrates the hospital where Owen was admitted. Before breaking into the DSS office in LA, Deckard extracted profiles of Dom and his crew. Deckard manages to escape by detonating a bomb which leaves Luke Hobbs severely injured. Mia tells Dom that she is pregnant.

    Dom travels to Tokyo to retrieve Han’s body after Tokyo Drift. Dom confronts Deckard in a tunnel. Deckard flees the scene after a covert ops team led by a man aliased Mr. Nobody shows up and fires at him. Mr. Nobody proposes to help Dom and stop Deckard in exchange for retrieving a computer program called God’s Eye, that can track down any person.

    Mr. Nobody also asks Dom to save the creator of the program, Ramsey from a Nigerian terrorist group led by Mose Jakande. Dom and his team with their modified cars manage to save and bring back Ramsey from Jakande. Next, they go to Abu Dhabi and steal the flash drive that had God’s Eye in it. With the help of God’s Eye, Dom and Brian track down Deckard but are interrupted by Jakande.

    After an epic chase and fight scene, Deckard and Jakande are beaten. Deckard is taken into custody. He is locked away in a high-security prison. The rest of the team relaxes on a beach. As promised, Brian becomes a family man after his second child. Others sit on the beach acknowledging Brian’s retirement, admiring the new happy family.

  8. The Fate of the Furious

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Hulu, YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video

    Director: F. Gary Gray

    Writers: Gary Scott Thompson(based on characters created by), Chris Morgan

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Scott Eastwood, Nathalie Emmanuel, Elsa Pataky, with Kurt Russell, and Charlize Theron

    Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime

     The Fate of the Furious (2017) on IMDb

    After their previous mission, Dom and his wife Letty are on a honeymoon in Havana. Dom’s cousin gets in trouble with a loan shark Raldo. Dom settles his cousin’s debt by winning a car race against Raldo. The next day Cipher shows up and shows Dom explicit media.

    Shortly after, Luke Hobbs contacts Dom and his team to help him retrieve an EMP device. During their getaway, Dom goes rogue and steals the EMP device from Hobbs. Because of this, Hobbs gets locked up in the same security prison as Deckard Shaw. After escaping the prison, Hobbs and Shaw are recruited by Mr. Nobody to capture Cipher, a cyberterrorist. Dom and Cipher attack Mr. Nobody’s base and steal the God’s Eye.

    When Dom retaliates for going against his will to help Cipher, she shows him Elena Neves, Dom’s former partner with their son that Dom was unaware of. Cipher orders Dom to bring the nuclear football to New York. For a brief moment, with the help of Raldo, Dom manages to sneak out of Ciphers view and asks for help from the Shaw brothers’ mother, Magdalene.

    Dom’s team members try to stop him and Dom eventually faces Letty. His sentiment towards Letty angers Cipher and she orders Rhodes, her henchman to shoot Elena. She threatens Dom to shoot their son as well if he defies her again. Dom infiltrates a Russian military base with his EMP modified car to disable a nuclear submarine’s security allowing Cipher to hijack it and trigger a worldwide nuclear war.

    Dom’s team again intercepts in an attempt to disable the submarine’s nuclear weapon. In the meantime, the Shaw brothers infiltrate Cipher’s plane and rescue Dom’s son. Dom gets back on his team. After a thrilling chase, Cipher launches a homing missile. Dom manages to lure and deviate the missile to explode the nuclear submarine. Deckard confronts defeated Cipher but she jumps off from the plane with a parachute and escapes.

  9. F9

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu

    Director: Justin Lin

    Writers: Daniel Casey(screenplay by), Justin Lin(screenplay by), Alfredo Botello(story by)

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, John Cena, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, with Helen Mirren, with Kurt Russell, and Charlize Theron

    Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller

     F9: The Fast Saga (2021) on IMDb

    Dom has two siblings, Mia and Jakob. Jack Toretto, their father was a racer but he died in a car crash during one of his races. Dom beats Kenny Linder nearly to death for using underhand tactics which led to his father’s death. Dom gets arrested and sent to prison. There Dom deduces that Kenny was not the cause for the car’s failure but it was his brother Jakob who worked on their father’s car the day before the race.

    Upon release, Dom gets back and challenges Jakob for a car duel. Dom wins and Jakob has to leave everything behind. At present, Dom has retired and focuses on his son Brian (Elena’s son). Shortly, his team reports to him that the plane that was transporting Cipher under the supervision of Mr. Nobody was attacked and Cipher was abducted while the plane crashed in Montequinto, Central America. Dom agrees to help after knowing that Jakob was involved.

    While interrogating the crash site, Dom and his team find out about Project Aries, a device that can hack into any computer-operated system. The team is captured by Jakob’s private army but they escape to their safe house with the help of Michael Stasiak. Mia comes to assist and Dom reluctantly allows her on the team. Dom learns the whereabouts of Jakob from his father’s mechanic, Buddy.

    Dom travels to London where he meets Magdalene Shaw, who gives Jacob’s exact location. Jakob is also after Project Aries and plans to steal the other half of the device with an electromagnet. Ramsey commandeers the truck that has the electromagnet whereas Dom intercepts Jakob. The brothers fight throughout the city. Otto, Jakob’s partner in crime and financier attempts to save Jakob but Ramsey uses the electromagnet to capture Jakob. Subsequently, Hans who was presumed to be dead returns.

    He was assigned to protect Elle. Her DNA is the key to initiating Project Aries. Jakob was one of Mr. Nobody’s men but went rogue. To protect Elle, Han had to fake his death. Otto attacks their safe house and frees Jakob. Before departing, Jakob reveals the truth about their father’s death. On his father’s instructions, Jakob made those alterations so that their father could escape his endless debt.

    Otto and Jakob kidnap Elle as well as take away the other half of the device. Otto forces Elle to activate the device inside a truck. Dom and his crew arrive to stop the upload. Otto betrays Jakob and throws him off the truck. Dom saves Jakob. Using a rocket car, Tej and Roman, two of Dom’s friends and team members, enter Earth’s orbit and destroy the satellite. Cipher, now working for Otto, in an attempt to kill Dom, unintentionally kills Otto with a drone. She manages to escape again. The team celebrates their success back at Dom’s house.

  10. Fast X

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from – YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video

    Director: Louis Leterrier

    Writers: Dan Mazeau, Justin Lin, Zach Dean

    Stars: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, John Cena, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Jason Statham, Sung Kang, Helen Mirren, Brie Larson, Jason Momoa, Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges

    Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery

    Fast X (2023) on IMDb

    Continuing the legacy, Fast X is a fast-paced action movie that ramps the action up to 11. In it, we follow Dom as he tries to save his family and crew from the grips of a don who is out to get revenge on Dom.

    When an injured Cipher returns from a mission that Dom sent his team on, Dom realizes that his former enemy Dante Reyes is using his family and crew to target Dom. When Dom and Letty come to know that the mission they sent their crew out on never existed, they realize that Dante set this up.

    After a chase in Rome, Letty is arrested for the damage caused due to the chase. Believing Dom’s innocence, Mr Nobody’s daughter Tess, informs Dom that Dante is in Rio. In Rio, Dom confronts Dante and accepts a race against him. 

    Dante rigs the race by putting the life of Dom’s friends on the line and ends up winning the race. Letty teams up with Cipher in order to escape prison, while the rest of the crew gets Shaw on board to help Dom.

    Dante successfully steals the Gods Eye, using which he locates Dom’s son Little B. Dante successfully kidnaps Little B but is interrupted by Jakob who sacrifices himself, allowing Dom to take Little B back and escape.

    Trying to crush Dom using two drone-operated trailers, but Dom drives off the edge down the slope of a dam and lands in the water. There he is recused by Letty Cipher and Gisele, who was previously presumed dead.

    In the final credit scene, Dante calls Luke Hobbs and announces that Hobbs is his next target.

    As the 10th installment in the franchise, Fast X does not fail to amaze its audience with its large-scale action-packed chase sequences and definitely lives up to the fast and furious legacy. The story feels super thrilling as we get to see the consequences of Dom’s past actions catch up to him.


The “Fast and Furious” movie franchise is a highly successful and popular series known for its thrilling action sequences, diverse cast, and emphasis on fast cars and adrenaline-fueled stunts. Since its inception in 2001, the franchise has evolved and expanded, captivating audiences worldwide with its high-octane entertainment.

All Fast & Furious Movies According To Highest To Lowest IMDb Ranking

  • Fast Five (2011) – 7.3 with 384k
  • Furious 7 (2015) – 7.1 with 393k
  • Furious 6 (2013) – 7.0 with 397k
  • The Fast and the Furious (2001) – 6.8 with 389k
  • The Fate of the Furious (2017) – 6.6 with 235k
  • Fast & Furious (2009) – 6.5 with 290k
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) – 6.0 with 275k
  • Fast X (2023) – 6.0 with 62k
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) – 5.9 with 277k
  • F9 (2021) – 5.2 with 134k

All Fast & Furious Movies Box Office Collection

  • The Fast and the Furious (2001) – $207.3 million
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) – $236.4 million
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) – $158.9 million
  • Fast & Furious (2009) – $360.4 million
  • Fast Five (2011) – $626.1 million
  • Furious 6 (2013) – $788.7 million
  • Furious 7 (2015) – $1.516 billion
  • The Fate of the Furious (2017) – $1.236 billion
  • F9 (2021) – $726.2 million
  • Fast X (2023) – $687.8 Million


How Many Fast And Furious Movies Are There?

The Fast Saga is a high-octane series of films with its debut in 2001. There are chronological short films and a spin-off of the film series. If we consider only those films that are directly connected to the main storyline then there are 9 installments of the movie with the 10th film in making.

Are Fast And Furious Movies Connected?

While most of the parts are connected, one exception is the third installment of the franchise, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. After the movie’s release, it seemed as if the franchise drifted from the previous storyline, and to some extent, it was true. After the movie hit the theatres, Han Lue, the lead character, became a fan favorite. Universal thought of bringing back the character by setting the events of Tokyo Drift between the 6th and 7th parts. This makes the timeline of the Fast saga confusing.

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