All Friday Movies By Their Release Year

One of the top stoner buddy comedies, Friday, starring Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, premiered in theaters in 1995. The movies follow the antics of Craig Jones, who gets into a variety of sticky situations on Fridays with his unemployed friends and family.

From trying to make ends meet to robbing a gang of Jokers, the Friday movies are always entertaining and full of jokes that everyone would appreciate.

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So if you are looking to get a good laugh, trying to get into the series, or rewatching it for good they are, this article will guide you on how to watch the trilogy.

all friday movies

All Friday movies in order

  1. Friday

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    Director: F. Gary Gray

    Writers: Ice Cube, DJ Pooh

    Stars: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Tiny Lister Jr., Regina King, Anna Maria Horsford, Bernie Mac, John Witherspoon

    Genre: Buddy Comedy

    Friday (1995) on IMDb

    Friday is an American comedy film and is the directorial debut of F. Gary. It is written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh. On a Friday, Craig Jones (Ice Cube) gets fired from his recent job for stealing cardboard boxes. He spends the day with his best friend Smokey(Chris Tucker), a small-time drug peddler. The pair ends up smoking a pack of brokered Marijuana, which Smokey was tasked with selling by a big-time supplier Big-Worm. 

    When Big Worm asks Smokey for the money, he involves Craig too, with the pair ending up receiving an ultimatum of collecting $200 before 10:00 PM that night, or both of them will be killed. Craig asks a number of people including Debbie, his sister, for money but is refused by all of them due to a lack of trust. Smokey sells some drugs to retrieve a part of the money. 

    Deebo, the neighborhood bully forces the duo to rob a house and then takes the stolen money for himself. Smokey tries to steal the money back while Deebo is asleep, but fails as he is interrupted by Ezal, a local petty thief. Failing to return their money, Craig and Smokey return home and are forced to evade Big Worms men who start a shootout. 

    After a fight, Deebo punches Debbie, knocking her to the ground. This enrages Craig and he jumps Deebo with his fists, emerging victorious. Smokey takes the stolen money back from Deebo and pays Big Worm back and tells him that he is done with selling drugs.

    To put it simply, the movie Friday delivers on all fronts, and the highly skilled comedian, Chris Tucker makes it all worth watching it. With his expert timing and a series of uproarious scenarios, such as shootouts, sexual pastors, and drug addicts, the film paints an authentic picture of the urban experience.

  2. Next Friday

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    Director: Steve Carr

    Writer: Ice Cube

    Stars: Ice Cube, Mike Epps. John Witherspoon, Tamala Jones, Tommy Lister Jr., Justin Pierce, Kym Whitely, Clifton Powell, Amy Hill

    Genre: Stoner Comedy

    Next Friday (2000) on IMDb

    Next Friday is the first movie made under CableVision (Ice Cube’s company) and is directed by Steve Carr. It follows when Willie learns that Deebo has escaped prison to get revenge on Craig. Afraid for his son’s life,  Craig’s father (John Witherspoon) decides to send him to Rancho Cucamonga to live with his uncle Elroy and cousin Day-Day. A notice arrives informing them that their house is being put up for repossession. Later that day Craig visits Day-Day’s workplace, a record store. A scuffle between Craig and the store owner Pinky takes place when she mistakes Craig for a robber.

    Day-day and his coworker Roach, are fired for their incompetence. The trio tries to put their heads together to save the house and come up with a plan of robbing their neighbors, “The Jokers” a trio of gang members. Craig noticed that they always keep a pump with them,  and deduces that the pump is full of money.

    They initiate the plan by drugging Chico, a bull terrier to keep it from barking. Craig sneaks into the house and steals money from the pump and escapes out of a different window. Panicking after seeing The Joker close the window Craig went in through. Day-Day and Roach knock on their door as a distraction but are taken hostage when they find out that money has been stolen from the pump.

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    Overall, Next Friday involves a series of twists and turns with Craig and Day-Day trying to avoid Debo in all ways but eventually face him upfront. Craig figures out that no matter wherever he may live, trouble now has become his best friend and will follow him wherever he lives, whether it’s Los Angeles or Rancho Cucamonga.

  3. Friday After Next

    Streaming On: Can be Rented from Google Play, Vudu, iTunes

    Director: Marcus Raboy

    Writer: Ice Cube

    Stars: Ice Cube, Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, Don “D.C.” Curry, Anna Maria Horsford, Clifton Powell, Terry Crews, Katt Williams, Rickey Smiley

    Genres: Romance, Dance

    Friday After Next (2002) on IMDb

    The third installment of the Friday movie got released in 2002.  Ice Cube was the writer, and Marcus Raboy directed it. You can witness Mike Epps playing a double role in it.

    A burglar dressed as Santa breaks into Craig and Day Day’s apartment on Christmas Eve morning and steals their gifts and rent money and escapes. The same day, their landlady threatens Craig and Day Day, telling them that if they don’t pay, they’ll be kicked out and that she’ll send her son to get them. The duo starts working as security guards at a Shopping center. The power starts getting to Day-Day’s head and he hassles with some Carolers.

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    The duo and Elroy are then again robbed by the same person from that morning, and he still escapes successfully. The duo then meets Donna and Mike who owns a fledgling shop and when some drug addicts try to shoplift from the store, the duo saves the day and in return invites them to their Christmas Party. At the party, many of Craigs and Day-Day’s friends show up.

    Due to Damon and Ms. Pearly, a lot of Chaos erupts and after the party, the duo confronts the thief that has been constantly troubling them. The duo beat him up and leave him on the roof, for the police. In the end, Day Day hooks up with two of his boss’s girls and Craig ends up with Donna.

  4. Last Friday (TBA)

    Although the Friday franchise’s next installment is said to have been in the works and were a greenlit as of April 2017, the specifics of the film’s plot, cast, and other information remain unknown.

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    On October 1, 2022, in an episode of Drink Champs, Ice Cube, the writer of the first three Friday movies, revealed that Warner Bros., the distribution rights owner for the franchise, had rejected the two scripts that Ice Cube wrote due to creative differences. Chris Tucker stated that he might not return to the film. No further updates have been provided in this regard.


With three movies released over a span of 7 years, the Friday franchise has given its audience bucketloads of laughter. Friday is a comedy franchise that chronicles various incidents that occur in Craig’s (played by Ice Cube) life on Friday and was written by DJ Pooh and Ice Cube, one of the most influential rappers of all time. The movies are super entertaining and can be rewatched many times because of their humor and mood-lifting feel.

All Friday Movies According To Highest To Lowest IMDb Ranking

  • Friday After Next (2002) – 5.8k by 29k Votes
  • Next Friday (2000) – 6.1 by 42k Votes
  • Friday (1995) – 7.2 by 118k Votes

All Friday Movies According To Box Office Collection

  • Next Friday (2000) – $59.8 Million
  • Friday After Next (2002) – $33.5 Million
  • Friday (1995) – $27.4 Million


In What Order Do The Friday Movies Go In?

The following is the chronological order of the Friday Movies: Friday (1995), Next Friday (2000), Friday After Next (2002), Last Friday (TBA).

Does Friday have a part 2?

Yes. The Friday movie franchise has a total of 3 movies with a fourth movie that was confirmed in 2017. The second part of the movie franchise is called “Next Friday” which was released in the year 2000.

How Many Friday Movies Are There?

3 Movies. There are a total of 3 movies out, as of writing this article. A fourth movie was announced to be greenlit in 2017 but due to a lot of problems have been delayed from its 2020 release, and as of now has no announced release date.

Is the first Sunday a part of Friday?

No. Ice Cube’s “First Sunday” is not related to the Friday franchise. First Sunday is a dramedy about two small-time thieves who decide to rob a church. The story is completely different from the Friday series and no characters from the two franchises overlap.

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