All 8 Leprechaun Movies in Order

Leprechaun is a 90s Horror Comedy franchise that has a total of 8 movies in its lineup. With The first movie being released in 1993 and the latest movie in 2018, the Leprechaun series has spanned over 23 years and some even say that there might be a sequel in the making. Syfy, a basic American cable channel, marathons streams all the Leprechaun movies as a celebration of St Patricks Day. The only connection between the two is the gold coins.

However, the movies and series are not connected which can often confuse you regarding the order in which you should watch them. The first part of this movie franchise has Warwick Davis that plays Leprechaun. Following the second and third parts can be watched as separate standalone movies and the only common connection here is Davis.

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He appeared in the fourth installment movie but this time, Leprechaun moved to space set-up in the year 2096. The other parts of the movie franchise, follow-up  Leprechaun in the Hood and Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood based around a more modern action and horror sequence with Warwick Davis playing the titular character of Leprechaun. 2014, Leprechaun: Origins marks the entry of Dylan Postl, who replaced Davis to play Leprechaun, many of you WWE lovers know him by his wrestling ring name, Hornswoggle.

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2018 Leprechaun Returns is a direct sequel to 1993’s original. However, if it still appears all Greek to you, let me help you clear it for you as I have included the correct chronological order to watch All Leprechaun movies that will you understand their loose connection with other, along with the standalone additions to the entire Leprechaun franchise.

All Leprechaun movie

Release Order of Leprechaun Movies

  • Leprechaun – January 8, 1993
  • Leprechaun 2 – April 8, 1994
  • Leprechaun 3 – June 27, 1995
  • Leprechaun 4: In Space – February 1997
  • Leprechaun in the Hood – March 28, 2000
  • Leprechaun: Back 2 the Hood – December 30, 2003
  • Leprechaun: Origins – August 22, 2014
  • Leprechaun Returns – December 11, 2018

If watched according to the release order, some of the movies will fall out of place in the Leprechaun timeline, which can cause some confusion. The Chronological order mentioned below is the suggested watch order for the Leprechaun series.

All 8 Leprechaun Movies in Chronological Order

  1. Leprechaun

    Streaming On: The Roku Channel

    Director: Mark Jones

    Writer: Mark Jones

    Stars: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt

    Genres: Horror, Comedy

    Leprechaun (1993) on IMDb

    On his trip to native Ireland, Dan O`Grady stole a pot of gold from a scary-looking Leprechaun that he interrogated. After returning, he discovers that the leprechaun had followed him home and murdered his wife. In an attempt to save his own life, O’Grady traps the Leprechaun in a box by suppressing him using a four-leaf clover but suffers a stroke while burying it. Ten years later, J.D. Redding and his daughter Tory, rent the O’Grady farmhouse for the summer and try to restore it with the help of three contract workers.

    While helping out in the basement, Ozzie, one of the workers brushes the clover off the box and set the Leprechaun free. With a burning passion to find his lost pot of gold, the Leprechaun will kill anyone that stands in his way. As the first in the franchise, this movie strikes the perfect balance between horror and comedy.

  2. Leprechaun Returns

    Streaming On: Can be rented on Apple TV, Redbox,

    Director: Steven Konstanski

    Writer: Suzanne Keilly

    Stars: Liden Porco, Mark Holton, Taylor Spreitler

    Genres: Comedy, Horror, Fantasy

    Leprechaun Returns (2018) on IMDb

    This is the 1993 film’s direct sequel and takes place 25 years after the events of the original. We follow, Lila Jenkins, Tory Redding’s daughter as she goes to the O’Grady farmhouse to help clean it up with her sorority sisters. While unloading her luggage, Ozzie her driver drops her phone near a well. As Ozzie picks up her phone, she is sprayed with water from the well and the Leprechaun shoots out of the well right through Ozzie’s torso.

    Lila meets up with her sisters, Katie, Rose, and Meridith who also invited a group of dudes to help with the cleaning. As the night closes, the Leprechaun discovers that his powers had weakened due to the loss of his gold and the only way to fix this is, by killing.

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    With more than enough reason to start killing and a missing pot of gold, the leprechaun decides to go on a killing spree. Considered a decent sequel to the original movie, you will like the movie for its creative killing not just the similar neck-snapping killing spree including a decent storyline. Linden Porco does justice to the Leprechaun character and is a thumbs-up for a true Leprechaun fan,

  3. Leprechaun 2

    Streaming On: Tubi, Freevee

    Director: Rodman Flender

    Writer: Turi Meyer, Al Septien

    Stars: Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Sandy Baron

    Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Comedy

    Leprechaun 2 (1994) on IMDb

    1000 years ago, an evil leprechaun decides that if the girl he wants to marry sneezes thrice without someone saying “God Bless you”, they will be pronounced married.

    Bridget Callum is stood up by Cody, her boyfriend because he has to take care of his uncle who is too drunk to drive. When Cody shows up to apologize for his mistake with a bouquet, Bridget forgives her. At the same time, the Leprechaun tries to make Bridget sneeze, and to stop Cody from saying “God Bless you” he strangles him with a telephone wire.

    Following this encounter, the Leprechaun successfully kidnaps Bridget and flees. Angered, Cody decides to take the help of his perpetually drunk uncle and come up with the solution of going after the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold. This fantasy comedy horror is cliche but with some good fun elements to it. You can watch it for Leprechaun and some humor, but being a stand-alone movie, Leprechaun 2 has no connection with the previous movies.

  4. Leprechaun 3: In Vegas

    Streaming On: Roku, Freevee

    Director: Bryan Trechard-Smith

    Writer: David DuBos

    Stars: Warwick Davis, John Gatins, Lee Armstrong

    Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Comedy

    Leprechaun 3 (1995) on IMDb

    One night, a mysterious figure sells Leprechaun Figurines to a Vegas pawnshop owner. On inspecting the figure, the shopkeeper takes a medal worn by it despite being warned not to do so. This causes the figure to come alive and instantly kill the shopkeeper. While running away from the shop Lubdan, the Leprechaun drops a wish-fulfilling coin which is picked up by Scott who came to the shop to pawn off his watch after a losing streak in a casino. With the coin, Scott wishes for a winning streak, and it comes true.

    The coin is then stolen by others and used constantly for personal gain, which sets Lubdan off in a furious rage and he decides to kill anyone who uses the coin. Rated the highest in the whole franchise In Vegas performed very well with the critics and was enjoyed by the masses too. With an interesting plot, a really fun setting, and eye-watering gore, the movie contained everything that a good leprechaun movie needs.

  5. Leprechaun In the Hood

    Streaming On: Freevee, Vudu

    Director: Rob Spera

    Writer: Dough Hall, Jon Huffman

    Stars: Warwick Davis, Ice-T, Anthony Montgomery

    Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Comedy

    Leprechaun 5: In the Hood (2000) on IMDb

    In Los Angeles, Mack Daddy and Slug find a room full of gold with a statue of a Leprechaun with a medallion around its neck. As Mack steals a golden flute, Slug takes off the medallion, freeing the Leprechaun, instantly killing him. Before leaving with the flute, Mack Daddy is barely able to trap the Leprechaun with the medallion. 20 years later, 3 aspiring rappers Postmaster P, Stray Bullet, and Butch convince Mack Daddy, now a successful record producer, to pick them up.

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    Postmaster refuses to make his music more aggressive on Mack’s suggestion, which causes Mack to drop them. Fueled by anger, the three of them break into Mack’s office but get caught by him during it. In the heat of the moment, Postmaster shoots Mack and topples a Leprechaun statue, removing its medallion.

    Now free, and with his gold stuff in the wrong hands, Lubdan set off to kill anyone and everyone in his path to his gold. The movie’s new setting helps make the humor of the movie land a bit better but isn’t enough to fill the hole left by the inconsistent storyline and even worse visuals.

  6. Leprechaun 6: Back To Tha Hood

    Streaming On: Can be rented from: Apple TV, Redbox, YouTube

    Director: Rob Spera

    Writer: Dough Hall, Jon Huffman

    Stars: Warwick Davis, Tangi Miller, Laz Alonso

    Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Comedy

    Leprechaun 6: Back 2 Tha Hood (2003) on IMDb

    Esmeralda, a Clairvoyant warns two friends Emily Woodrow and Lisa Duncan that they will soon attain great health, but it must be denied as it would come at a huge price and would release a great evil upon this world. Later, at a barbecue party at an abandoned youth center site, with her other friends and exes, Emily falls through a hole in the building and finds a huge load of gold, which was hidden there by a priest who gave his life trying to fight the evil that came with it.

    On discovery, the group decides to split the gold equally to everyone causing the Leprechaun to wake up once again to regain his lost gold. With this many sequels for the franchise, many were starting to consider the Leprechaun movies to be quite boring and this movie only drive the case further. The only saving grace for the movie was its humor and comedy but all of the rest of the movie’s characteristics only work on dragging it down.

  7. Leprechaun: Origins

    Streaming On: Freevee, The Roku Channel

    Director: Zach Lipovsky

    Writer: Haris Wilkinson

    Stars: Dylan Postl, Gary Chalk, Brendon Fletcher

    Genres: Supernatural, Horror

    Leprechaun: Origins (2014) on IMDb

    The movie opens with a couple, Francois and Catherine, being pursued by an unknown entity. The figure eventually grabs Francois and carries him away. Right as Catherine is about to reach a monolith, the figure drags her away too. Sometime in the future, 4 friends Sophie, Ben, Jeni, and David come to the countryside of Ireland on vacation. The villagers treat them well, and when they meet Hamish, he informs them about the village’s past. It once served as a hub for gold mining in a nearby cavern, but as the gold became scarce, the population began to decline.

    The group takes Hamish up on his offer for sleeping at his for the night, as they planned to hitchhike to the abandoned cavern. While investigating a ruckus, the group discovers they have been locked inside the room, and a small figure climbs out of the vent and tears Jeni’s gold earring right off her ear. Scared to death, the group starts running for their lives and finds shelter in the village hall where they discover a Leprechaun is hunting them. Produced by WWE studios, the movie perform very poorly. With boring and tenacious story writing, the element of comedy completely missing, and a mediocre premise, Leprechaun: Origins was considered the lowest point of the series.

  8. Leprechaun 4: In Space

    Streaming On: Freevee

    Director: Bryan Trechard-Smith

    Writer: Denis Pratt

    Stars: Warwick Davis, Rebekah Carlton, Brent Jasmer

    Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Comedy

    Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996) on IMDb

    Emerging on an alien planet, the Leprechaun Lubdan abducts a member of the Worlds Royalty, Princess Zarina. As both of them plan to kill each other for personal gain after their marriage (Peerage for Lubdan and Gold for Zarina), their marriage is interrupted by space marines who are sent to save Zarina from Lubdan.

    On arrival, the Marines instantly kill Lubdan and start making fun of him. During this time, Lubdans spirit is able to possess the body of a marine and get on board the ship. With even the doctor helping Zaring having evil plans for her, Lubdan starts going on a rampage. With a weird setting, an even worse story, and the worst concept of all of Leprechaun movies, this movie was unanimously disliked by the critics and considered a ‘brainless flick’.


With a total of 8 films, the Leprechaun franchise has something for everyone. Gore, humor, adventure, horror, or a small guy who loves his gold, the Leprechaun series has got you covered. 

Still considered a good High flick or a good St Partick Days movie, Leprechaun holds a small place in many people’s hearts and nightmares. With the talks of a sequel and the studio saying that they are “Actively seeking out pitches for the next Leprechaun movie”, Good news might just be on the horizon for all the Leprechaun fans. However, with no latest developments on the same, time will only tell when Leprechaun returns for his gold.

All Leprechaun Movies By Their IMDB Ratings

  • Leprechaun 3: In Vegas – 5
  • Leprechaun Returns – 5
  • Leprechaun – 4.8
  • Leprechaun 2 – 4.6
  • Leprechaun 6: Back to da Hood – 3.9
  • Leprechaun in the Hood – 3.7
  • Leprechaun Space – 3.5 
  • Leprechaun Origins – 3.2


Is It A Different Leprechaun In Each Movie?

Contrary to popular belief, the Leprechaun in each of the movies is a different one. The exception to this rule is the 1993, 2014, and 2018 movies which form a trilogy.

Is Leprechaun 2 A Sequel?

Leprechaun 2 is not a direct sequel to the first movie, that would be Leprechaun Returns which was released in 2018.

How Many Leprechaun Movies Are There?

There are a total of 8 movies in the Leprechaun series, Of these 8, 3 are connected while the rest can be considered Stand-alone movies.

What Is The Latest Leprechaun Movie?

Leprechaun Returns (2018) is the latest addition to the Leprechaun Franchise. It follows the story of the same Leprechaun that was running rampant in the 1993 movie.

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