All Pitch Perfect Movies in Order

Launching the careers of many famous stars like Anna Kendrick, the Pitch Perfect movies were a heavily successful trilogy. With an ensemble cast of over 10 characters with enjoyable chemistry and sharp and quippy humor, the Pitch Perfect movies have amazing comedy and a gripping storyline.

In the movies, we follow the story of Beca Mitchell, an introverted student who sings beautifully. Beca slowly starts realizing her potential as a singer when she joins the Barden Bellas music group. Trying to get her group to the top, Beca learns about her peers and their lives and slowly opens up to them. After successfully winning the Nationals, Beca sets her sights higher and decides to win an international competition. Separating after graduation, the Bellas take one last tour to give their group a proper send-off.

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The Pitch Perfect trilogy is an amusing watch with many excellent musical performances. With the Pitch Perfect spin-off show being renewed for a second season, there couldn’t be a better time to get into this franchise.

All Pitch Perfect Movies in Order

Pitch Perfect Movies in Release Order

  1. Pitch Perfect

    Streaming On: Netflix

    Director: Jason Moore

    Writers: Mickey Rapkin, Kay Cannon

    Cast: Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, Elizabeth Banks, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Michael Viruet, John Michael Higgins

    Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance

    Pitch Perfect (2012) on IMDb

    Adapted from the book ‘Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory’ by Mickey Rapkin, Pitch Perfect is a fun, music-filled movie. In it, we follow Beca as she joins the Bellas and tries to get them their first ICCA National Championship.

    During the 2011 singing competition finals, junior member Aubrey of the Barden Bellas vomits during her solo, costing the group the whole tournament. Four months later, Beca, an aspiring DJ, refuses to join the Barden Bellas but is persuaded by Chloe, the group’s co-leader.

    During the 2012 regionals, Aubrey, the group’s other co-leader, convinces them to perform the same medley that previously made them famous. This works out well for them, and they advance to the semi-finals.

    When the Bellas try to break up a fight after the competition, Beca breaks a window with a trophy. She is arrested and bailed out by Jesse, a previous acquaintance and her love interest, which causes a rift in their relationship.

    In the semi-finals, the Bellas perform the same medley but are met with no cheer, so Beca improvises and performs a different set to energize the crowd. Aubrey scolds Beca for her recklessness, so Beca ends up quitting.

    The Bellas rank 3rd and are eliminated until it is revealed that the other group’s leader is a high schooler, and the group is disqualified. This moves the Bellas to the finals.

    Over spring break, Beca makes up with Jesse. Beca returns to Bella’s rehearsal and has a heart-to-heart with them, and ends up rejoining the group. The Bellas perform a new modern piece at the finals, winning them the competition. Six months later, new auditions for the Bellas started.

    With fun character chemistry, Pitch Perfect establishes its fun story and loveable characters. With a group of so many characters, the humor used throughout is entertaining while the story unfolding keeps the viewer engaged.

  2. Pitch Perfect 2

    Streaming On: Freevee

    Director: Elizabeth Banks

    Writers: Kay Cannon, Mickey Rapkin

    Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Katey Sagal, Anna Camp, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, Ben Platt, Ester Dean, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Chrissie Fit, Birgitte Hjort, Flula Borg

    Genres: Music, Comedy

    Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) on IMDb

    Continuing the misadventure of the Bellas, Pitch Perfect 2 puts our protagonists in a world championship. In the movie, we follow the Bellas as they are suspended from the nationals after an embarrassing, so Beca sets eyes on the World Championships.

    In 2015, the Bellas, led by Beca and Chloe, became three-year consecutive champions of the ICCA National Championship. After an incident, the Bellas are suspended from competing in the ICCA.

    Beca makes a deal where they will be reinstated if they win the World A Cappella World Championship. Wanting to follow in her mom’s footsteps, Emily Junk wants to join the Bellas. The Bellas come to know they have been replaced as favorites by a German group DSM, while Beca has secretly started an internship at a studio.

    As suspension means that the Bellas can hold auditions, Beca performs at the sorority houses to impress the students. Many join the group of their own accord, keeping the rules intact. The Bellas later face off against DSM in a riff-off at a car show. The Bellas lose when Beca fumbles and breaks a rule.

    To find themselves, the Bellas retreat with former Bella Aubrey. There, Beca’s internship is revealed. Due to a heated argument with Chloe, Beca storms off but gets stuck in a bear trap that they set up. Beca apologizes for her behavior and is saved by the group. The group decides to part ways after graduation and makes up.

    Beca teams up with Emily to impress her producer at the internship. The Bellas perform Beca’s original song, ‘Flashlight,’ and win the championship. As the seniors leave college, they appoint Emily as the new leader.

    Following in the footsteps of the previous movies, Pitch Perfect 2 captures the first movie well and adds a fun and relaxing coming-of-age movie that tackles topics like moving on with exceptional grace.

  3. Pitch Perfect 3

    Streaming On: fuboTV, DIRECTV

    Director: Trish Sie

    Writers: Mickey Rapkin, Kay Cannon, Mike White

    Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, John Lithgow, DJ Khaled, Hana Mae, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Matt Lanter Chrissie Fit, Ruby Rose

    Genres: Music, Comedy

    Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) on IMDb

    The final movie in the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Pitch Perfect 3, wraps up the story of the Bellas with a bowtie. In it, we follow the Bellas as they get tired of their dull daily life and decide to go on one final tour to give their group a final sendoff.

    Two years later, the former Bellas have graduated, and all hate the jobs that they are working. When Emily invites them to an event, they are disappointed when they don’t get to sing. At the bar, Aubrey convinces the group to join the USO tour, hoping her father sees her perform.

    Landing in Spain, the group is greeted by two associate soldiers, Chicago and Zeke. The group also meets an annoying competitor, Evermoist. Amy learns that her estranged Crime Lord father is trying to get her back into his life, so Amy agrees.

    Beca gains the respect of DJ Khaled’s producer, Theo’s respect for her ability and skills. Fergus accidentally reveals he is making up with Amy, only to gain access to her offshore account with $180 Million. Amy instantly leaves. DJ Khaled asks Bella to open Solo for him, but Bella refuses.

    To change Amy’s mind, Fergus kidnaps the Bellas, except for Amy and Beca. Beca successfully distracts Fergus while Amy detonates explosives. The military saves the Bellas while Fergus is arrested. Amy reveals DJ Khaled’s proposition to the group, and they push her to accept it. Beca arranges DJ Khaled’s performance and adds the Bellas’ last performance.

    The movie ends by showing each of Bella’s new life after their last performance.

    Wrapping up the trilogy, Pitch Perfect 3, adds a nice twist to the story, giving the movie a different and fresh feel. The “one last ride” theme throughout the movie makes it feel like a well-put-together conclusion.

  4. Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin

    Streaming On: Peacock

    Directors: Todd Strauss-Schulson, Richie Keen, Maureen Bharoocha

    Writer: Numerous Writers

    Cast: Adam DeVine, Sarah Hyland, Jameela Jamil, Lera Abova, Flula Borg, Katharina Thalbach

    Genre: Comedy

    Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (2022) on IMDb

    Announced in September 2021, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin is a six-episode long Spin-off series that continues the story of Bumper Allen as he tries to navigate his life as a musician through the busy streets of Berlin.

    The show has been renewed for a second season by Peacock in January of 2023.


So these were the Pitch Perfect Movie in the correct watch order. Released when comedy movies were consistently declining, Pitch Perfect movies completely overturned the audience’s expectations and was a massive success at the box office.

With a well-balanced mix of comedy, a healthy sprinkle of friendship, and smooth musical performances, the Pitch Perfect trilogy is one of the best feel-good movies to put on when you want a good laugh. With a new season for the spin-off show coming out sometime soon, there has never been a better time to watch the movies.

Pitch Perfect Movies According To IMDb Ratings

  • Pitch Perfect (2012) – 7.1 By 327K Votes
  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) – 6.4 By 169K Votes
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) – 5.8 By 71K Votes

Pitch Perfect Movies According To Box Office Collection

  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) – $287.5 Million
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) – $185.4 Million
  • Pitch Perfect (2012) – $115.4 Million


What order do the Pitch Perfect movies go in?

Release Order. The Pitch Perfect movies follow a linear storytelling order so the best watch order for the movies is the Release order which goes as follows – Pitch Perfect 1 (2012), Pitch Perfect 2 (2017), Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)

Was Pitch Perfect 3 the last movie?

Yes. Pitch Perfect 3 is the last movie in the Pitch Perfect trilogy. The story of some characters is continued in the TV show series ‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin’.

Is Pitch Perfect 2 inappropriate for Kids?

Yes. Pitch Perfect 2 is rated PG-13 by the MPAA due to harsh language and sexual innuendos. The movie is filled to the brim with crass language and crude behavior implemented for humor purposes.

Who is the Indian guy in Pitch Perfect?

Utkarsh Ambudkar. Utkarsh Ambudkar is an Indian actor and singer who has made many appearances in movies like “Pitch Perfect” and the TV series “The Mindy Project”.

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