All 6 Tinker Bell Movies In Order: Watch Tinker Bell By Their Release Order

Tinker Bell is a direct-to-video animated film series produced by Walt Disney Studios. It is a part of the Disney Fairies franchise. Tinkerbell is a fictional character and has been more popularly associated with Peter Pan. She is a pixie fairy accompanying Peter Pan in his adventures throughout Neverland.

The cute but sassy, feisty, and stubborn tinker fairy gained immense recognition and popularity after her premiere in the 1953’s Peter Pan. Since then she has been recognized as an independent character with a well-deserved franchise dedicated to her. Dislike towards humans out of jealousy but useful and talented on several occasions are a few of her many notable character traits.

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The development of the character started way before she could be implemented in Peter Pan. She is one of Marc Davis’s original creations. He decided to convey her emotions through expressions and gestures instead of verbal communication similar to many other Disney characters.

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This is evident in the reason behind her large silence, sometimes speaking a fairy language uncomprehensive to humans. At present, Tinkerbell stands as one of Disney’s trademarks.

In What Order Should I Watch Tinker Bell Movies?

The release order of all six movies is in sync with the chronological order of the Tinkerbell storyline. Here are the six Tinker Bell movies in their release order:

  • Tinker Bell (2008)
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)
  • Secret of the Wings (2012)
  • The Pirate Fairy (2014)
  • Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014)
All Tinker Bell Movies

All 6 Tinker Bell Movies In Order: Watch Tinker Bell By Their Release Order

  1. Tinker Bell (2008)

    Writers: Jeffrey M. Howard(screenplay), Bradley Raymond(story), J.M. Barrie(characters)

    Director: Bradley Raymond

    Stars: Mae Whitman, Kristin Chenoweth, Raven-Symoné

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

     Tinker Bell (2008) on IMDb

    Tinker Bell takes birth after the first laugh of a baby. The winds guide her to Pixi Hollow where Queen Clairon heartily welcomes her. She learns about her kind, tinker fairies, and how they are skilled in fixing things. Bobbe and Clank, two other tinker fairies, show Tinker Bell around Pixi Hollow.

    They take her to her house after showing their craftsmanship and skills. Later the trio is encountered and hit by sprinting thistles. Tinker Bell also meets many other types of fairies and learns about fairies who visit the mainland to bring seasons. Tinker Bell is thrilled and cannot wait to go to the mainland.

    After meeting the fairies, Tinker Bell notices Vidia, a fast-flying fairy who instantly dislikes Tinker for her exceptional crafty talent. Vidia challenges Tinker Bell and she even manages to display several inventions but messes up in front of the Minister of Spring. Later, Tinker Bell learns from Queen Clarion that only nature-talent fairies can visit the mainland.

    Tinker talks to Miss Fary, the tinker fairy overseer, who inspires her to switch her talent. Now, Tinker with her newfound motivation tries several nature-related skills but utterly fails at them. Bobbe and Clank try to cover up for her when she asks about her. Upon her return, Tinker Bell tries to explain, but Miss Fary tells her that she already predicted the outcome.

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    On the beach, Tinker finds parts of a music box and manages to put them together correctly. Other fairies witness this and praise Tinker for her talent. They console her for not being able to go to the mainland but Tinker still wants to go to the mainland. She asks one of her garden fairy friends, Rosetta to teach her garden magic but Rosetta refuses.

    In a desperate attempt, Tinker Bell seeks Vidia to teach her fast-flying magic. Vidia with her not-so-good intentions tells Tinker Bell that capturing the sprinting thistles would prove her worthiness as a garden fairy. When Vidia notices Tinker Bell making progress, she frees the captured thistles.

    The thistles run loose and destroy all the preparations for spring. Disheartened, Tinker decides to leave. After talking to Terence, a dust-keeper fairy, Tinker realizes her worth and role as a tinker fairy. With her exceptional tinker talent, Tinker Bell manages to help other fairies get back on schedule and bring spring on time.

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    Vidia is punished for her misdeeds. Queen Clairon allows Tinker to join the nature-talent fairies when they bring spring to the mainland which she declines. Fairy Mary arrives with the music box tinker put together on the beach and gives her the task to return it to its original owner, Wendy Darling.

  2. Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure (2009)

    Writers: Evan Spiliotopoulos, Klay Hall

    Director: Klay Hall

    Stars: Mae Whitman, Jesse McCartney, Jane Horrocks

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

     Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009) on IMDb

    The nature-talent fairies are preparing to bring autumn to the mainland. Meanwhile, in Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell is working on a new invention to help Terence, who secretly likes her. Tinker is called for by Queen Caliron, Fairy Mary, and Minister of Autumn. They entrust Tink to make a ceremonial scepter to hold a mystical moonstone. The moonstone is used every eight years when the blue harvest moon appears.

    The light from the moon passes through the stone creating blue pixie dust and the dust is used to rekindle the pixie dust tree. Tinker asks Terence to assist her in making the scepter. Tinker gets irritated with Terence’s overenthusiastic efforts in helping her. Tinker asks Terence to bring something sharp for the scepter and Terence brings a compass.

    Without understanding Terence’s idea of using the arrow in the compass, Tinker gets infuriated. She bumps the compass causing it to roll and destroy her newly made scepter. Tink blames and scolds Terence for the accident. Terence leaves and in a feat of rage Tinker accidentally smashes the moonstone with the compass. Later, Tinker learns of a magical wish-granting mirror and according to a legend, the mirror fulfilled two of three wishes before getting lost.

    Tinker decides to use the third and final wish to repair the moonstone. Tink leaves Pixie Hollow in a balloon to seek the mirror. On her way, a green firefly, Blaze crash lands into Tinker’s balloon while trying to escape a hungry bat. Tinker reluctantly allows Blaze to be her adventure partner. They reach the stone arch which is said to lead the way to the mirror.

    Tinker leaves the balloon in Blaze’s care to get a close look at the arch. Unfortunately, the balloon gets unanchored and flies off. Both of them chase the balloon only to get knocked down by the strong winds. After regaining her consciousness, Tinker along with Blaze is guided to the actual stone arch by some friendly insects.

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    They evade two dumb trolls before reaching the shipwreck where the mirror is. Tink finally gets her hands on the mirror but Blaze’s buzzing sound annoys her. Tink unwittingly uses the last wish to silence the buzzing. She blames Blaze for distracting her but immediately realizes that her temper got her in trouble in the first place and she starts crying.

    She wishes to make up with Terence when he finds her. Terence had been following Tinkl after she left for the magical mirror. They escape the shipwreck after briefly being chased down by rats. On their way to Pixie Hollow, Tink finishes making the scepter with the mirror, pieces of the original scepter, and the arrow from the compass.

    They land in the middle of the revelry. To everyone’s horror, Tinker reveals the improvised scepter with the pieces of the moonstone embedded in them. The light from the moon gets refracted by the mirror into the individual moonstone pieces producing a huge amount of blue pixie dust. Tinker and Terence join the rest of the fairies to take the blue pixie dust to the pixie dust tree.

  3. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

    Writers: Bob Destri Hilgenberg, Rob Muir, Joe Ansolabehere

    Director: Bradley Raymond

    Stars: Mae Whitman, Lauren Mote, Michael Sheen

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

     Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010) on IMDb

    Tinker Bell and her fairy friends go to a summer fairy camp on the mainland. Out of curiosity, Tinker followed by Vidia visits the neighboring human residence. Dr. Griffith, the owner of the house, and his daughter Lizzy arrive. Lizzy leaves a hand-made fairy house that fascinates Tinker. Vidia constantly warns and in the process jams the door shut.

    Lizzy returns and Vidia desperately tries to free Tink but it’s too late for her. Lizzy, to her surprise, discovers Tinker. Lizzy captivates her and takes the fairy to show it to her father. Seeing her father busy and the pinned butterflies related to his research, Lizzy decides to keep Tinker a secret. Lizzy talks to Tinker about her fascination with fairies.

    Tink decides to tell her about fairies whereas Lizzy records all the information in a journal given to her by her father. The rain stops and both say their goodbyes. Before leaving Tinker witnesses Lizzy trying to show her father her research but he is too busy fixing a leaking ceiling.

    Seeing Lizzy disappointed, Tinker fixes the ceiling at night so that Dr. Griffith could spend more time with his daughter. After that, Tinker sees a captive butterfly and releases it not knowing that the doctor had to show it to a museum committee. Vidia asks Tinker’s friends to help rescue her. The group of fairies build a boat and set sail to the house. On their way, they fall off a waterfall forcing them to continue on foot.

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    Vidia apologizes for not being able to save Tinker but the others forgive. The next morning, Lizzy is happy to see Tinker and the fairy tells Lizzy that the ceiling was fixed. Lizzy runs down to show her journal to her father. Instead, he blames her for the missing butterfly. She returns to her room and to cheer her up, Tinker teaches Lizzy to fly with the help of pixie dust.

    The commotion brings the doctor upstairs. The father demands an explanation and Lizzy sobs while confessing about Tink. He refuses to believe which makes Tink angry. She reveals herself to the father and angrily scolds him. At that moment, the rescue group reaches the house. While the rest of them deal with Lizzy’s cat, Vidia flies upstairs to search for Tink.

    The doctor proceeds to capture Tink and Vidia, noticing it, pushes Tink out of the way, getting caught instead. The doctor ignoring his daughter’s pleas drives off with Vidia to show her to the museum committee. Lizzy with the help of Tink and other fairies flies off to stop her father.

    Tink flies ahead and messes with Dr. Griffith’s car for Lizzy to catch up to him. Lizzy continues to plead and her father finally gives in and apologizes to his daughter. Lizzy and the fairies show the doctor how to fly and all of them, flying, return to the house. Lizzy and her father enjoy a picnic with the fairies, reading Lizzy’s journal.

  4. Secret of the Wings (2012)

    Directors: Bobs Gannaway, Peggy Holmes

    Writers: Bobs Gannaway, Peggy Holmes, Ryan Rowe

    Stars: Mae Whitman, Lucy Hale, Timothy Dalton

    Genres: Animation, Family, Fantasy

     Secret of the Wings (2012) on IMDb

    The fairies of Pixie Hollow are preparing for the upcoming winter season. Tinker Bell helps her friend Fawn migrate the animals to the Winter Woods for hibernation. Fawn warns Tink that her wings might get damaged if exposed to the winter because she is a fairy from the warm seasons. Tink ignores Fawn’s warning, crosses over and her wings start to sparkle.

    Fawn pulls her back before Tink can fully understand the situation. Tink tries to find out more about sparkling wings but learns nothing about them. Another fairy tells her about the author of the book she was looking into, the Keeper, who lives in the Winter Woods. Tink tucks her wings in a coat and sneaks in a shipment of snowflake baskets.

    The owl that was transporting the baskets crash lands in Winter Woods, and the book that TInk was carrying falls out of her bag. The book is found by Lord Milori, who has the book delivered to the Keeper. Tink secretly follows to the library and notices the Keeper, Dewey. A winter fairy rushes into the room with the same sparkly wings.

    Both notice each other and soon learn that they were born from the same baby’s first laugh making them sisters. Tinker Bell and her sister, Periwinkle spend the together with Periwinkle shows around Winter Woods and introduce her sister to her friends. At Peri’s home, Tink tries to build a fire that melts the snow floor to crumble beneath them. Tink almost falls because of wings tucked in her coat but is saved by Dewey in time.

    Tink understands that staying in Winter Woods and being with her sister would be quite dangerous for her. Both sisters pretend to say goodbye at the border and promise to reunite again. The next day with the help of an ice-powered snowmaker Tink manages to help her sister cross over. Tink introduces Peri to her friends and shows her around the warmer side of Pixie Hollow.

    A while later, the snowmaker starts running out of ice, and Peri’s wings begin to wilt. Tink and her friends rush Peri to the border where they are confronted by Lord Milori, who takes Peri back into the woods and throws the snowmaker into the stream under the bridge where it gets stuck by a rock. Tink and Peri tearfully bid farewell to each other.

    Tink and Peri hear from their respective monarchs that there were two fairies, one of the warm season and the other in the winter season. They both fell in love and one of them decided to cross over. Unfortunately, the fairy had to lose a wing and Queen Clariion had to impose the rule for fairies not to cross over. An alerting emergency calls for the Queen and TInk to fly back to the border.

    They find the snowmaker that had been collecting ice from the stream and continuously making snow causing a gigantic blizzard. Tink and her friends manage to free the snowmaker but the freeze begins to spread to Pixie Hollow and eventually reaches the pixie dust tree. Tink decides to seek her sister’s help and as she approaches Peri and her friends, Tink’s wings freeze and she crash lands.

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    Peri’s friend explains how the frost keeps the warm air inside like a blanket. They return to Pixie Hollow to cover the pixie dust tree with frost. Initially, it seems impossible for three fairies to complete it in time but Lord Milori arrives with reinforcements and all of them together cover as much of the warm season as possible.

    Lord Milori warns all the warm-season fairies to take shelter and gives the Queen his cloak revealing one of his broken wings. The frost passes by in time and the pixie dust tree is safe. The fairies celebrate but Tink reveals one of her wings broke when she crash-landed. The sisters say their goodbyes and both their wings touch each other.

    In a flash, Tinker’s broken wing heals and Queen Clarion and Lord MIlori reveal themselves as the lovers of the story while they kiss each other. Sometime later, the fairies can coss over by having their wings frosted.

  5. The Pirate Fairy (2014)

    Director: Peggy Holmes

    Writers: Jeffrey M. Howard, Kate Kondell, John Lasseter

    Stars: Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

     The Pirate Fairy (2014) on IMDb

    Zarina, a fairy at Pixie Hollow, fascinated by the magic of the pixie dust, secretly experiments with it. She secretly tries to make different variants of the blue pixie dust but one of the variants, pink pixie dust, gets out of control and causes an accident in Pixie Hollow. Her superior, Fairy Gary, restricts Zarina from continuing with her experiments. Filled with grief, Zarina leaves Pixie Hollow with her experiments.

    A year later, the fairies of Pixie Hollow celebrate the Four Seasons Festival with the fairies of other seasons. During a show, Tink and her friends see Zarina flying around the audience, summoning poppies with her pink pixie dust and making them fall asleep. Tink and her friends manage to take cover. They find out that Zarina returned to Pixie Hollow to steal blue pixie dust which is used to create the normal yellow pixie dust from the pixie dust tree.

    They follow Zarina to the coast. At present, Zarina is the captain of a pirate crew with young James Hook apparently as a cabin boy. The fairies manage to get hold of the blue pixie dust for a moment but Zarina steals it back after throwing multi-colored pixie dust which switches the fairies’ talents. They struggle with their switched talents while searching for Zarian and her pirate ship.

    They also encounter a baby crocodile on their way who takes a liking to one of TInk’s friends. They sneak inside the ship and overhear Hook saying how the pirate crew drifted off. They fortuitously met Zarina who became the pirate captain promising the crew to make the ship fly which would help them escape without getting caught.

    The ship reaches an island for the pirate’s camp, Skull Rock. They try to retrieve the blue pixie dust with discretion but one of the fairies loses control over her talent revealing their location. Tink tries to convince Zarina to return to Pixie Hollow but she refuses. With the fairies captured, the pirates are successful in making normal pixie dust from the pixie dust tree that Zarina had grown. Hook requests Zarina to use some of the pixie dust on him.

    He wholeheartedly flies around the island before double-crossing Zarina and revealing himself to be the real captain. The fairies manage to escape from their prison with the help of the baby crocodile. They try to retrieve the blue pixie dust but Hook holds Zarian hostage and threatens to throw her into the sea.

    Tinker gives up and Hook sprinkles the pixie dust all over the ship making it fly. He throws Zarina overboard. The fairies return and defeat the pirates with their switched talents. Zarina tries to retrieve the blue pixie dust while being chased by Hook. She gets a bit of the blue pixie dust and throws it on Hook causing a reaction.

    Hook violently starts flying aimlessly. All the fairies escape. Hook swears revenge while being attacked by the baby crocodile. Zarina tries to hand over the blue pixie dust before leaving. Instead, Tink offers her to return to Pixie Hollow with them. Zarina promises to not experiment with the pixie dust but Tink conveniences her to showcase her talent.

    She reverses and switches back the fairies’ talents. With their respective talent back to them, the fairies put on a great show for the audience unknown to the previous incidents.

  6. Tinker Bell and Legend of the NeverBeast (2014)

    Director: Steve Loter

    Writers: Steve Loter, Tom Rogers, Bob Schooley

    Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Mae Whitman, Rosario Dawson

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy

     Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014) on IMDb

    Fawn is reprimanded by Queen Clairon for hiding a baby hawk. Fawn returns the baby hawk to its rightful home and on his way he hears strange uproars. Upon investigation, Fawn finds a huge, unusual creature in an underground cave. Fawn tries to help the creature and learns that the creature is not harmful and is moving rocks for some building purpose.

    She stays for a while and names the beast Gruff. She helps Gruff build the stone structures around Pixie Hollow without knowing their actual purpose. Meanwhile, a scout fairy, Nyx investigates and researches in the library. From torn pages from a confidential animal book, Nyx learns about Gruff and how the creature awakens once every millennium and transforms into a dangerous beast endangering the fairies of Pixie Hollow with the mysterious appearance of a deadly storm.

    Fawn reveals Gruff to her friends and shows the creature’s friendly nature. She wants to show Gruff to the Queen but Nyx had already informed the potency of the creature. Fawn decides to keep Gruff a secret. Queen Clairon orders Fawn and Nyx to work together and do the right thing in Pixie Hollow’s best interest.

    Fawn leaves to find Gruff and keep him away from the Scouts whereas Nyx is determined to capture the creature and stop the deadly storm. The next day, Gruff disappears and indeed transforms into a beast with wings and horns depicted in the lore. Fawn and Tinker Bell leave to find Gruff before the Scouts can. She finds Gruff first but he accidentally knocks her down not being able to recognize her.

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    Fawn finds TInker and lures Gruff to capture Nyx and the Scouts, regretting that Nyx was right. Tinker Bell wakes up and tells Fawn what happened. Gruff saved Tinker from a falling tree. Realizing her misunderstanding, Fawn immediately leaves to free Gruff. Tinker Bell, Fawn, and their friends are successful in saving Gruff.

    Though Gruff is weak, with Fawn’s help he starts the defensive ritual. Gruff redirects and takes in the lighting from the towers, but Nyx destroys the last tower. The incoming lightning hits Pixie Hollow and Griff saves Nyx from it. Nyx finally realizes the truth about Gruff. With no more towers left, Fawn guides Gruff directly to the center of the storm.

    Gruff absorbs all the lightning ending the storm but Fawn dies in the process. Gruff mourns Fawn’s death. With the lightning he absorbed, a spark is produced reviving Fawn. Gruff helps rebuild Pixie Hollow before going into hibernation. The fairies send off Gruff to in ceremony. Fawn continues to tell the later generations about the legendary creature.

Tinker Bell Movies In Order

All Tinker Bell Movies Box Office Collection

  • Tinker Bell (2008) – $9.2 million
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009) – $8.5 million
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010) – $10.8 million
  • Secret of the Wings (2012) – $67.5 million
  • The Pirate Fairy (2014) – $64.9 million
  • Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014) – $31.2 million

All Tinker Bell Movies According To Highest To Lowest IMDb Ranking

  • Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014) – 7.1 with 8.6K
  • Secret of the Wings (2012) – 7.0 with 12K
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010) – 6.8 with 8.6K
  • Tinker Bell (2008) – 6.7 with 14K
  • Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009) – 6.7 with 11K
  • The Pirate Fairy (2014) – 6.5 with 13K


How Many Tinker Bell Movies Are There?

Tinkerbell’s first standalone animated film was released in 2008, followed by two more sequels in 2009 and 2010, respectively. The film series continued in 2012 with its fourth installment. With two more features in 2014 and 2015, the film series has no further installments. In total, currently, there are six Tinkerbell movies available.

Why Did They Stop Making Tinker Bell Movies?

The beloved Tinker Bell films were a staple of the golden age of Disney animation, from the original film’s release in 2008 to the last movie in 2014. However, after six films, Disney stopped producing them, and fans are still curious why. Rumors suggest that there needed to be more innovation with each subsequent sequel to keep audiences captivated, as well as some changes in behind-the-scenes personnel at Disney affecting decisions about what films were made. Whatever the case, Tinker Bell and her loyal fairy friends will remain firmly entrenched in our collective childhood memories forever.

Who is the Boy in the New Tinker Bell Movies?

The boy in the new Tinker Bell movie is Peter, a young teenage boy living on the magical island of Neverland. He is caring and brave, always prepared to help his friends and protect them from danger. He meets Tinker Bell when he arrives on the island and takes her under his wing. They venture together on an incredible journey filled with adventure. With curiosity and determination, Peter helps Tinker Bell accept her unique abilities and find her place within her fairy world.

Where to Watch Tinker Bell Movies?

Fans of Tinker Bell don’t have to look far for their favorite movies as there are various places to watch them. Disney+ is excellent sources for watching classic series and scenes online. Families can purchase some Tinker Bells films through Amazon Video or iTunes store. Those who prefer to watch without having to pay can check out libraries and other local community centers, which may sometimes have the movie available.

How Old is Tinker Bell in the Tinker Bell Movies?

Most fans of the films agree that she is about seven or eight, although there have been discrepancies. Her best friends Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn, and Silvermist all seem to be at least slightly older than her. However, Peter Pan and Captain Hook are noticeably older than Tinker Bell, so age isn’t always a good indicator among these characters.


Tinker Bell has been an all-time favorite among children. The joyful and adventurous plots make the movies entertaining to watch. The movie series will surely make a cheerful and quality time spent with family. Created as Peter Pan’s companion, the fairy’s companion is now known to be the favorite tinker fairy in all of Pixie Hollow. The beautifully 3D animated direct-to-video films bring out the magical world of fairies.

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