Attack on Titan Season 5 Release Date

Attack on Titan is an ongoing Japanese dark fantasy anime series adapted from mangaka Hajime Isayama’s work with the same moniker. Isayama’s Attack on Titan originated from a short he published when he was 19 years old. The first volume was published in March 2010. After running for 11 years, the manga came to an end with the release of its final chapter 139: Toward The Tree On That Hill on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Most critiques and reviewers have claimed the ending to be unsatisfying and could have been better but many fans, though having mixed feelings, manage to uphold the ending in good light. The manga via its anime adaptation has majorly influenced the internet culture and has given a wonderful experience to its fans during the 10 years journey.

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The story is set in a supposedly post-apocalyptic world where people are surviving from human-devouring titans on an island within the perimeters of enormously huge walls. The protagonist, Eren Yeager is born to a normal family but his life completely changes after a bunch of titans breach the walls. To avenge his mother’s death and take revenge, Eren joins the elite Survey Corps, a group of titan-killing soldiers. In search of answers to the cause of the supposedly titan-infested world where they are the remnants of humanity, a reality-bending turn takes for Eren and his friends.

Where To Watch Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan aired on NHK General TV in Japan and Aniplus Asia in different Asian-Pacific countries. In the United States and Canada, the anime television series is streamed on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. The series, including the OVAs, can be watched on all of the above OTT televisions.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Plot

With the new anime series and the latest seasons adopting the split-cour scheduling, it is no surprise for Attack on Titan to do the same. Most of the series get their season wrapped in not more than two parts but the production committee has decided to take it one step further and get Attack on Titan: The Final Chapter a third part, which will conclude the story of the Attack on Titan universe.

With Season 4 Part 2 ending in horror for the rest of humanity and Marlyean soldiers witnessing Founding Eren with his Colossal army approaching, fans are on the edge of their seats to know what’s next. As it is a first, saying Attack on Titan: The Final Chapter Part 3 is in itself quite exhausting. Therefore, to cut it short, the third part will synonymize Attack on Titan Season 5. Part 2’s final episode, episode 87: The Dawn of Humanity, ended with Eren’s Colossus Titan army breaching and trampling everything in their path while Founding Eren is completely determined to “ wipe out every last one of the e’m”.

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While the Marlyean soldiers tremble and retreat while witnessing the terrifying doom that approaches, a glimpse of Carla getting eaten by Titan DIna and tween Eren’s eyes filled with nothing but horror are shown moments before the “To be continued…” panel shows up. Well, definitely for the audience, more specifically, non-manga readers and unspoiled audiences this is a major cliffhanger.

Perhaps the most nerve-racking and the most important cliffhanger in the entire show to date. But nothing to be surprised or disappointed about. After all, the end is approaching; but for whom? To know, keep reading. Season 5 of Attack on Titan will definitely pick up from where it left of in episode 87.

Eren’s comrades try their best to bring an end to the genocide which also means Eren’s demise. Yes, unfortunately, our protagonist who was initially thought to be cynical and misusing the powers of the Founding titan explains his ultimate reason behind ‘The Rumbling’. But, no matter what the purpose is, the lives of the innocent’s matter. Eren’s friends oppose his ideologies but to no avail. Everything with Eren ends where it all began-Shingashina.


Attack on Titan Season 5 Release Date

There is no specific official release/ premiere date for Attack on Titan Season 5. According to a tweeter handle posted on the official page right after the broadcast of the final episode of Season 4/ Final Season Part 2, the final part of the decade-long running series will be premiering sometime in 2023.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Characters

Our trio of main characters- Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert would be returning in the next cour. Other important supporting characters like Jean Kirschstein, Connie Springer, Levi Ackerman, Reiner Braun, Pieck Finger and Hange Zoe.

What Will Be the Storyline of Attack On Titan Season 5?

A story that started with three young kids, who had to quickly learn about the horrifying world they were surviving in comes to an end most extraordinarily and spectacularly. The supposed plot of the last survivors of humanity against mad and man-eating titans was nothing but a minute portion of a much bigger thing in work.

Eren Yeager was a boy of joy and curiosity with a sense of claiming freedom and ironically, he was burdened by fate to snatch away the freedom and lives of those that opposed him and the ones he cared about. The final part of the final season will showcase the horror and terror that Eren will bring upon the rest of the world, pulverizing and smashing everything in his path.

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In his quest to bargain freedom for the people of Paradis, Eren explains his true intentions to his friends while they try to convince him otherwise but all is in vain. Nonetheless, the bitter-sweet, morally wrong but rational ending has been a part Isayma thought of and is appreciated for what it is.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Cast

CharactersVoice Actors
Eren YeagerYūki Kaji
Mikasa AckermannYui Ishikawa
Armin Arlert / NarratorMarina Inoue
Keith ShadisTsuguo Mogami
Marco BottRyōta Ōsaka
Historia Reiss/Christa RenzShiori Mikami
Erwin SmithDaisuke Ono
Hange ZoeRomi Park
Levi AckermannHiroshi Kamiya
Jean KirschsteinKishō Taniyama
Connie SpringerHiro Shimono
Sasha BrausYū Kobayashi
Moblit BernerRintarou Nishi
Floch ForsterKensho Ono
YmirSaki Fujita
Hitch DreyseAkeno Watanabe
Marlo FreudenbergTomokazu Sugita
Kenny AckermannKazuhiro Yamaji
Hannes                                                                                         Keiji Fujiwara (Season 1)
& Kenjiro Tsuda (Season 2)
Dot PixisMasahiko Tanaka
Anka RheinbergerIkumi Hayama
Rico BrzenskaMichiko Kaiden
Zeke YeagerTakehito Koyasu
Annie LeonhartYū Shimamura
Reiner BraunYoshimasa Hosoya
Berthold HooverTomohisa Hashizu
Falco GriceNatsuki Hanae
Colt GriceMasaya Matsukaze
Marcel GalliardMasamichi Kitada
Porco GalliardToshiko Masuda
Pieck FingerManami Numakurs
Grisha YeagerHiroshi Tsuchida
Carla YeagerYoshino Takamori
Rod ReissYusaku Yara

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Plot

Eren and his army of Colossus Titan cross the ocean and reach the shores of Marley. The Global Allied Fleet tries to stop them before entering Marley but they soon realize they are fighting a losing battle. The sheer force of the ocean waves created by the huge horde rips their flesh from their skin.

The land artillery of Marley tries to take down as many Colossus as possible but even when the Titans keep approaching, they learn and witness the creator of the horror, Founding Eren, and no power can stop his stampede. The soldiers retreat to higher grounds.

As Eren and his Titans begin to trample Marley to dust, Eren remembers the death of his mother Carla Yeager, and how she was devoured by a titan in front of his eyes. He reaffirms his intentions and continues to his Rumbling. Continuing the path of pain and horror, Eren individually meets each of his friends in the Paths and tells them his true intentions of causing genocide.

He reveals that by becoming a global and unstoppable threat to the world and allowing his friends to eliminate him they would earn them respect and freedom outside of Paradis. He also reveals that his death would also ensure the permanent elimination of the power of the Titans so that all Eldians trapped as pure Titans would revert to their human forms.

Talking to Mikasa, Eren shows her a life in the Paths where both of them run away while they are in Marley and live the rest of Eren’s remaining years together in peace and seclusion. In this life, before dying, Eren tells Mikasa to forget him after his death. When Eren speaks with Armin, he tries to apologize for the time when he treated Armin harshly back at Niccolo’s restaurant.

Instead, Armin tells Eren to be more concerned about apologizing to Mikasa for the same incident. Armin discourages Eren’s solution and tells him that the world will try to oppose and revolt against the destruction and losses that Eren’s actions will bring, but Eren reveals that by the time the Rumbling was stopped, Eren managed to wipe out 80% of the world’s population.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Plot

Such a degree of genocide would render nations incapable of making a plausible counterattack. Armin still tries to oppose Eren’s path to freedom and insists that there is a better way, but Eren argues otherwise and tells Arming to follow him. Eren and Armin continue their conversation. Eren shows Armin a volcano and reminds him about the time they read about “liquid fire” as a child.

Eren reveals that he understood the submissive personality of Ymir, the first founding titan, towards the royal family even after King Karl Fritz’s death. She was truly in love with him despite the torture she had to suffer at his hands. Eren continues by saying that he fully did not understand Ymir and her intentions but Mikasa was the one responsible to free her from her bondage.

Eren also does not know Mikasa’s importance to Ymir, and whatever actions he had taken from the moment he received his future memories were to make Mikasa’s liberation of Ymir successful. After he rethinks and realizes the things he had done up till now, Eren confesses to Armin that he is unable to think properly because the fusion of past, present and future events distorted his thinking capability.

This distorted perception of time allowed him to make things work out the way he had seen and remembered them. He also used the power of the Titans to travel back in time and influence Dina Fritz’s pure titan to eat his mother. After taking him to the sea, Armin asks Eren whether Mikasa can break away to which he replies that he does not know.

Armin angry at the way Eren treats Mikasa hits him. Armin jokes and tells Eren that after his death Mikasa would quickly forget about him. Eren finally breaks down admitting that he does not want Mikasa to love anyone other than him. He also confesses that he does not want to die. Armin tells Eren that he still has a choice to keep on living, but Eren replies that the world could never forgive him for what he has done.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Plot

When a field of ruins with squashed bodies appears before them, Eren confesses that he would have continued to rumble on even if his friends had not tried to stop him. Armin wants to know the reason but Eren replies he does not know. Eren tells Armin that he will temporarily wipe out all his memories until he dies.

Armin gives Eren a shell and thanks to him for everything he has done for Paradis. The two embrace each other, and Eren tells Armin that he is assured that Armin will be able to save humanity after Eren’s death.

As he approaches Fort Salta, Eren calls Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Levi, Armin, Reiner, and Pieck into the Paths to talk to them. All of his former comrades try to convince and plead to Eren to stop the rumbling but Eren has no intention of stepping down.

Marleyan airships from Fort Salta drop bombs on Eren’s Titans to stop his progress. In response, he releases the Beast Titan to deal with Marlyean airships. Eren and his Beast Titan take down all the airships. Eren’s comrades arrive, manage to dodge the Beast Titan’s projectiles, and reach Eren to attack him directly. While his comrades rush towards his nape to destroy it, Eren and Ymir create more Titans to defend him.

Even then the soldiers manage to reach Eren’s nape and blow it, immobilizing and severing the rest of his body from his head. Armin transforms into his Colossus Titan and tries to kill it but is unsuccessful. Eren’s head transforms back into a new colossus Founding Titan and continues his stampede.

Armin fights Eren’s new Titan form in hand-to-hand combat but Eren, being a better fighter, has the upper hand. Armin manages to immobilize Eren long enough for Mikasa to enter inside Titan’s mouth. Mikasa decapitates Eren’s head from his spine before kissing him goodbye.

Everything ends with Eren. Armin and Mikasa decide to bury Eren’s head under the tree outside the Shingashina district where he liked to take a nap. Now, there lies a small grave of Eren which Mikasa visits every year.

How many episodes will Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 will have?

A total of 9 chapters of the Attack on Titan manga are left to be animated in the third and final cour of the Final Season. The first part of the fourth season had relatively more episodes than the second part, 16 and 12 episodes respectively. Most of the final arc- The Rumbling has been covered in these two cours.

The third part which will be the ending of the Attack on Titan anime series will be relatively short because of the presumable content left to animate. With no track record of any sort of fillers, it is hard to assume and speculate that the next part is going to be no more than 10 episodes.


Claimed by many critics to be the best anime in five years if not in anime history. The manga which bears the plot is to be credited. Though, it would be a crime not to mention the anime itself as it is the most popular medium for making the Hajime Isayam’s Attack on Titan go worldwide. The franchise truly deserves all the recognition and fame that it has gained in the last 10 years.

To serve it right, the animation studios that have been responsible to bring the characters of this unique dark-fantasy manga to life must be respected equally. Wit Studio and Mappa Studio have done a fantastic job in their own right and never has there been an anime series that is truly worthy of the title of the finished “unfinished horse” of our time.

The masterpiece has broken every stereotype that has existed in the world of anime. In the universe of Attack on Titan, nothing ever goes as planned except for the one that has past, present, and future in his grasp, Eren Yeager. The story is compelling because the characters have the most realistic human traits in a fictitious world.

A world where there is no hope yet there is, enough to hang on to it and explore as much as possible. A world where the weakest can become the strongest and even the strongest falter to their weaknesses, where an important character loses their life and a seemingly not-so-important character is revealed to be a part of a bigger picture. The perfect balance of imperfection which is the sole trait of humans is what makes Attack on Titan a masterpiece.

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