Kierra Rowsey

Kierra Rowsey

All Friday Movies By Their Release Year

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One of the top stoner buddy comedies, Friday, starring Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, premiered in theaters in 1995. The movies follow the antics of Craig Jones, who gets into a variety of sticky situations on Fridays with his unemployed…

All 3 Divergent Movies in Order

all Divergent Movies

With the release of Hunger Games, the young adult fiction genre boomed in popularity. This was because of its intricate storytelling, rising-against-authority theme, and the fantastical setting that the movie uses to tell its story. This popularity boom caused similar…

15 Best Kurt Russell Movies

best Kurt Russell movies

Kurt Russel has changed the definition of acting and given us gems to enjoy. Originally setting his eyes on being a professional basketball player, the man had other plans and we are glad that he switched to the world of…