Kierra Rowsey

Kierra Rowsey

Kierra Rowsey is a freelance TV, Film and anime critic for over 12 years, living in Arkansas with her husband and three kids. She graduated from NYU College of Arts & Science in 2008.

All Legally Blonde Movies in Order

all Legally Blonde movie

Adapted from Amanda Brown’s book of the same name, Legally Blonde became a widely popular and praised comedy franchise. As disclosed by the writer themselves, the movie is based on her personal experience at Stanford, and this concept was appreciated…

All Friday Movies By Their Release Year

all friday movie

One of the top stoner buddy comedies, Friday, starring Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, premiered in theaters in 1995. The movies follow the antics of Craig Jones, who gets into a variety of sticky situations on Fridays with his unemployed…

All 3 Divergent Movies in Order

all Divergent Movies

With the release of Hunger Games, the young adult fiction genre boomed in popularity. This was because of its intricate storytelling, rising-against-authority theme, and the fantastical setting that the movie uses to tell its story. This popularity boom caused similar…

All 6 Underworld Movies By Their Release Year

all Underworld Movies

A tale of a war that has been raging on for centuries, between Vampires and an ancient species of werewolves, Lycans. The Underworld franchise beautifully portrays the tragic and heroic story of our main character Selene, charmingly played by Kate…