Azur Lane Season 2 – Is It Confirmed?

Based on a popular computer game, the first season of this animated series aired from October 2019 to March 2020, eliciting mixed reviews from devoted fans. However, an accompanying side narrative adaptation titled Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! garnered a more favorable reception. As speculation mounts regarding the possibility of a second season, Yostar Pictures, responsible for the aforementioned spin-off series, may take charge of its production. This article explores various factors influencing the decision and delves into fans’ expectations surrounding potential storylines and character developments.

The potential for a second season of the Azur Lane anime series has generated interest among fans following its initial release in 2019. As an adaptation of a popular smartphone game, the anime gained a significant fan base and was well-received by audiences. The storyline revolves around anthropomorphized versions of warships from various countries engaging in battles against a mysterious enemy force.

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The action-packed and military-themed nature of the series appeals to viewers who desire freedom in terms of entertainment choices. The animation quality and character designs are visually appealing, capturing the essence of each ship girl’s personality. Additionally, historical references and nods to naval warfare add depth to the narrative. However, some viewers may find the plot needs more complexity compared to other anime series within the same genre.

Azur Lane season 2

Will There Be a Second Season of the Anime?

The possibility of a second season for the anime adaptation of Azur Lane is currently uncertain and has yet to be confirmed by the production studios. While the anime’s first season garnered attention with its DVD and BluRay sales exceeding 4,000 copies and selling 6,128 in the first volume, its popularity score of 54.4% indicates that it may be less popular worldwide. However, disc sales often determine whether to produce a second season, suggesting that the anime series enjoys significant popularity in Japan. Additionally, broadcasting on exclusive platforms such as Hulu TV can generate additional profits.

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Although a second season directed by Tensho and created by Bibury Animation Studios has yet to be confirmed, there is news of a new series titled “AzurLane: Slow Ahead!” This new adaptation is based on the game’s original manga and is being produced in collaboration with CANDYBOX & Yostar Pictures. The series premiered on January 12, 2021, and is expected to have 12 episodes. At present, six episodes have already been released.

Azur Lane Season 2 Renewal Status

The status of the renewal for a second season of the anime adaptation of Azur Lane remains uncertain, with no official announcement from the production studios regarding its production. Despite the popularity of the series and the demand from fans for a sequel, there has yet to be any confirmation or information about the renewal. The lack of news has caused fan speculation and discussions on various platforms about the likelihood of a second season being produced. However, it is essential to note that assumption should be approached cautiously as it is not based on concrete information.

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Factors such as viewer ratings, financial considerations, and availability of staff and resources can influence the decision to renew an anime series for another season. Additionally, collaborations and partnerships with other companies may also play a role in determining whether a second season will be produced. Yostar Pictures, who collaborated on Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!, may take up production for Season 2.

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Plot

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders is a spin-off series currently in production. This new series serves as a spin-off to the main Azur Lane storyline and offers fans a different perspective on the world of Azur Lane. While details about the plot are limited, it can be inferred that Azur Lane Queen’s Orders will focus on the actions and adventures of the battle girls in a unique setting.

As an academic writer, it is important to remain objective and present information without personal bias or opinions. Therefore, it is crucial to rely solely on available facts and avoid speculations or assumptions regarding the plot of Azur Lane Queen’s Orders.

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The production of this spin-off series demonstrates the continued popularity and demand for content related to Azur Lane. Fans who desire more from this universe can look forward to experiencing new storylines and character developments through Azur Lane Queen’s Orders.

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Release Date

The release date for Azur Lane: Queen’s Orders, the spin-off series, has yet to be announced. This lack of information leaves fans eagerly awaiting an official announcement. The decision to renew the anime for a second season depends on various factors and is currently unknown. It is important to note that some anime series are not renewed for a second season due to financial considerations or poor performance. However, fans are actively expressing their support to prevent cancellation.

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Factors influencing the release and renewal of Azur Lane Anime include the popularity of the mobile game, sales revenue generated by the game, positive feedback from fans, availability of staff and resources for production, and collaborations and partnerships with other companies.

Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Cast

Japanese Staff and Cast have been announced for the spin-off series Azur Lane: Queen’s Orders, with renowned voice actors such as Asuka Nishi and Yui Horie among the cast. The staff members involved in the production include Yū Yamashita as the scriptwriter, Daisuke Horita as the music composer and sound director, Kana Niimura, Katsuzo Hirata, and Masahide Yanagisawa as character designer, Osamu Tayama as the art director, Xiao Mu Yang as the director of photography, Toshiyuki Sakae as the art setter, Michiko Kado as the color designer, and Keisuke Yanagi as the editor.

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The Japanese cast includes Asuka Nishi voicing Valiant, Sumire Uesaka voicing Queen Elizabeth and Warspite, Akari Uehara voicing Suffolk, Rumi Okubo voicing Kisaragi Mutsuki, and Yui Horie voicing Belfast.

Is there any Azur Lane Queen’s Orders Trailer released?

No official trailer for the spin-off series Azur Lane Queen’s Orders has been released. Currently, there needs to be more information regarding the promotional materials and previews for this particular series. The absence of an official trailer does not necessarily indicate a lack of interest or support for the series. Instead, it may suggest that the production team strategically plans their marketing campaign to generate maximum excitement and anticipation among viewers.

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Fans who desire freedom in their entertainment choices should watch for any announcements or updates from the production company or official sources regarding the release of a trailer for Azur Lane: Queen’s Orders. In the meantime, they can engage with other promotional materials such as character designs, key visuals, or official statements to get a glimpse into what this spin-off series may offer regarding storylines and characters within the Azur Lane universe.

Where to Watch Azur Lane Queen’s Orders?

To access Azur Lane: Queen’s Orders, viewers can find information regarding its availability on official streaming platforms or through announcements made by the production company. It is common for anime series to be available on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Funimation. These platforms offer a wide range of anime content and provide convenient access for viewers.


The production company has not made any official statements regarding the renewal, and the decision to renew the anime depends on various factors. Factors such as the anime’s performance and viewer ratings can influence decisions and financial considerations. It is worth noting that while the main series received a below-average rating of 6.29 on MyAnimeList, its side narrative adaptation, Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!, had a better reception with a rating of 7.05.

However, fans expressed dissatisfaction with the transformation of the main series. Yostar Pictures, the studio behind Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!, may produce Season 2, but this has yet to be confirmed. Ultimately, whether or not Azur Lane will have a second season depends on multiple factors yet to be determined. Fans continue to express their support in hopes of preventing cancellation and eagerly await an official announcement regarding Season 2’s renewal status.


Did the Main Series of Azur Lane Receive Positive Feedback From Fans?

The feedback from fans regarding the main series of Azur Lane has been mixed. While some expressed dissatisfaction with the adaptation, others enjoyed it. The overall reception can be considered subjective and may vary among different viewers.

Is Yostar Pictures a Well-Established Studio in the Anime Industry?

Yostar Pictures is a newcomer studio in the anime industry. While they have gained attention with their adaptation of Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!, their status as a well-established studio remains to be determined.

How Many Nations Make up the Military Alliance of Azur Lane?

The military alliance of Azur Lane is composed of four nations: Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood. These nations unite to combat ongoing wars between kingdoms and nations in a world setting.

What Factors Can Influence the Release and Renewal of Azur Lane Anime?

Factors that can influence the release and renewal of the Azur Lane anime include the popularity and financial success of the mobile game, positive feedback and demand from fans, availability of staff and resources for production, and collaborations with other companies.

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