Bad Sisters Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Trailer & More

Bad Sisters Season 2 continues the comedic storyline featuring the Garvey sisters and their entanglement with the law. Building upon the success of its freshman season, Bad Sisters has garnered recognition as one of the best comedy series in recent times. Set in Dublin, Ireland, this show follows the lives of five sisters, Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka, as they navigate various legal predicaments.

In Season 2, viewers can expect an expansion on the captivating narrative that made its debut so popular. The comedic elements will remain a central focus as audiences are on a journey of laughter and amusement. The Garvey sisters’ distinctive personalities and ability to find themselves in humorous situations will undoubtedly captivate viewers again.

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The second season of Bad Sisters introduces new plotlines and developments to continue captivating viewers. Building upon the success of its first season, Bad Sisters has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated audience for its darkly comedic portrayal of the Garvey sisters’ lives. Based on the Flemish show Clan, the series follows the sisters as they navigate an insurance investigation following the sudden death of one of their abusive husbands.

Bad Sisters Season 2

What will season 2 of Bad Sisters be about?

Season 2 of the show will explore the aftermath of a murder and focus on the changes in the lives of the five Garvey sisters involved. Sharon Horgan, creator of Bad Sisters, initially had no intention of making a second season. However, while on set, she came up with an idea that could be a possible storyline for Season 2. Horgan was interested in exploring what would happen to these women after committing such a drastic act. The first season had a satisfying ending, but Horgan wanted to delve into the aftermath of the murder and how it would impact their lives.

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Season 2 will follow in the footsteps of shows like Big Little Lies and The White Lotus by focusing on the repercussions and consequences of killing a man. This well-explored narrative path allows exploration into grief, trauma, and potential consequences for their actions. Viewers can expect surprises and potential new conflicts as they discover what happens next to these characters.

When will season 2 of Bad Sisters be out?

The release date for the second installment of the television series Bad Sisters is yet to be officially announced by Apple TV+. While scripts for the series have already been written, it is still being determined when production will commence. Viewers will likely have to wait until mid-2024 before season 2 hits their screens. The flexible release schedules of streaming services like Apple TV+ allow for variations in premiere dates. An early summer release could be a popular choice. As fans eagerly anticipated the second season, they can read conversations with Sharon Horgan, the creator of Bad Sisters, which delve into the beautiful Irish locales that provide a backdrop for the show.

Bad Sisters season 2 release date

The release date for the second season of the television series Bad Sisters is yet to be officially announced by Apple TV+. Although the show was confirmed for a second season in November 2022, fans still await information regarding its premiere. Sharon Horgan, the creator of Bad Sisters, has revealed that scripts for season 2 have already been written, indicating progress in the production process. However, the exact release date will depend on the filming schedule and other logistical considerations.

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For an audience that desires freedom, waiting for official announcements and updates on their favorite shows can be frustrating. Nevertheless, this anticipation builds excitement and lets viewers speculate about what may unfold in the upcoming season. As fans eagerly await news about Bad Sisters season 2, they can continue to enjoy streaming the first season on Apple TV+.

Bad Sisters season 2 Cast

Sharon Horgan, Sarah Greene, Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, and Eve Hewson are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming installment of the television series Bad Sisters. These talented actors will continue portraying their respective characters from the first season, adding continuity and familiarity for audiences. The returning cast members include Sharon Horgan as Eva Garvey, Anne-Marie Duff as Grace Williams, Eva Birthistle as Ursula Flynn, Sarah Greene as Bibi Garvey, and Eve Hewson as Becka Garvey.

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The presence of these actors in the second season ensures consistency and allows viewers to explore the lives of the Garvey sisters further. Their performances in the first season were well-received by critics and fans alike. They will maintain the show’s established tone and character dynamics by reprising their roles in Bad Sisters.

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As an audience that desires freedom, viewers can anticipate seeing how these characters evolve and navigate through new challenges within the narrative. The returning cast members bring a depth of talent to their performances, enhancing the storytelling experience. With their involvement in Bad Sisters season 2 confirmed, audiences can look forward to another compelling installment filled with captivating performances from this ensemble cast.

Sarah GreeneBibi Garvey
Eve HewsonBecka Garvey
Jonjo O’NeillDonal Flynn
Sharon HorganEva Garvey
Saise QuinnBlánaid Williams
Assaad BouabGabriel
Anne-Marie DuffGrace Williams
Yasmine AkramNora Garvey
Michael SmileyRoger Muldoon
Seána KerslakeTheresa Claffin
Daryl McCormackMatthew Claffin
Eva BirthistleUrsula Flynn
Brian GleesonThomas Claffin

Bad Sisters season 2 Plot

Exploring the aftermath of John’s murder, the second season of Bad Sisters will delve into the characters’ experiences with grief, trauma, and potential consequences while introducing new conflicts and surprises. The second season’s plot will focus on how the five Garvey sisters’ lives change after committing such a drastic act. It is expected that the show will continue to evolve its central conceit in this second season.

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Viewers can anticipate an exploration of the repercussions and consequences that arise from killing a man. As for the exact direction of the plot, it remains unknown at this time, but fans can expect surprises and potential new conflicts as the story unfolds. The first season of Bad Sisters received critical acclaim and has successfully provided a platform for stories that desire freedom. With scripts already written for Season 2, fans can look forward to its release, likely towards late 2023 or early 2024, although an official announcement is yet to be made.

Is there a Bad Sisters season 2 trailer?

No trailer has been released yet for the second season of Bad Sisters, leaving fans eagerly awaiting a glimpse into what lies ahead. The lack of a trailer indicates that production for the new season has yet to begin. While this may be disappointing for fans, it is common for trailers to be released closer to the start of production or when more concrete details about the season are available.

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The absence of a trailer also heightens anticipation and curiosity about the upcoming season. Fans are left wondering about the plot’s direction, the fate of their favorite characters, and any potential surprises in store. Without a preview to provide clues or hints, viewers are left with only speculation and imagination.

Where can I watch Bad Sisters?

The show’s first season can be streamed exclusively on Apple TV Plus. Fans can sign up for the streaming service for a monthly fee or take advantage of the free trial period. The availability of Bad Sisters on Apple TV Plus allows viewers to watch the series at their convenience and from various devices. This platform allows individuals who desire freedom in their entertainment choices to access a wide range of content, including popular shows like Bad Sisters.

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Apple TV Plus offers a user-friendly interface that is accessible across different platforms, ensuring that viewers can enjoy seamless viewing experiences. With its high-quality streaming capabilities, Apple TV Plus provides an immersive and enjoyable way to watch Bad Sisters and other shows.

How many episodes will be in Bad Sisters season 2?

There has yet to be a confirmation on the exact number of episodes in season 2 of Bad Sisters. However, based on the previous season, there will likely be ten episodes with a runtime ranging from 49 to 50 minutes. This release schedule may be subject to change as more information becomes available.

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The lack of confirmation regarding the number of episodes leaves room for speculation and anticipation among fans of the series. It allows for freedom in imagining how the story will unfold and how much time will be dedicated to each character’s development and plot progression. The uncertainty adds an element of surprise and excitement to the viewing experience.

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Having a flexible episode count also gives the creators and writers artistic freedom in shaping the narrative arc of season 2. It allows them to adapt and adjust the storyline according to creative choices, pacing requirements, and character arcs.


The highly anticipated second season of Bad Sisters is set to captivate audiences by exploring the aftermath of a murder. Created by Sharon Horgan, this Apple TV+ comedy-drama has garnered critical acclaim & a devoted fanbase. With scripts already written, fans can eagerly anticipate the release of season 2 at the end of the year or early 2024. This thrilling series will deliver another captivating storyline.


What Are the Critical Reviews and Fan Response to Bad Sisters Season 2?

The critical reviews and fan response to Bad Sisters Season 2 are yet to be determined, as the season has not been released. More information on the reception of the season will be available after its premiere.

How Did Sharon Horgan Come up With the Idea for the Storyline in Season 2?

The idea for the storyline in Season 2 of Bad Sisters was conceived by Sharon Horgan, the show’s creator. While on set, Horgan developed an idea that could serve as a potential narrative for the second season, exploring the consequences faced by the characters after committing a significant act. This inspiration arose from her interest in exploring the aftermath of the murder depicted in Season 1 and how it would impact the lives of the women involved.

Will There Be Any New Additions to the Cast in Season 2 of Bad Sisters?

The presence of new additions to the cast in Season 2 of Bad Sisters remains to be discovered. Further information regarding potential additions to the existing cast has yet to be disclosed.

How Do Bad Sisters Compare to Other Shows Like Big Little Lies and The White Lotus?

The comparison between “Bad Sisters” and shows like “Big Little Lies” and “The White Lotus” lies in their exploration of the repercussions and consequences following a major crime, delving into the changes that occur in characters’ lives.

What Is the Significance of the Success of Bad Sisters in Providing a Platform for Underrepresented Stories?

The success of Bad Sisters has provided a platform for underrepresented stories, offering a global stage for narratives that may only sometimes receive attention. The show’s broad critical acclaim and devoted fan base contribute to its significance in amplifying diverse voices.

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