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Baki is a long-running manga series that began in 1991 and has amassed over 140 volumes, making it one of the oldest and most extensive series in the martial arts genre. With such rich source material, it is no surprise that Baki has received numerous anime adaptations, and fans eagerly anticipate the release of Baki: Season 4.

The fourth season of Baki, titled Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre, continues the story of the protagonist, Baki Hanma, as he seeks to surpass his father and become the world’s strongest fighter. The season promises intense battles, character development, and the introduction of new opponents, such as the prehistoric caveman Pickle, who possesses immense strength. Fans can expect the same level of quality animation & visually stunning fight scenes that have been a trademark of the Baki anime series.

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This season promises to continue the thrilling story of Baki’s quest to surpass his father in combat, introducing new formidable foes and featuring the exceptional animation and fight scenes that have captivated audiences in previous seasons. Baki Season 4 is set to deliver an intense and action-packed continuation of the beloved series.

Baki season 4

When Is Baki Season 4 Coming Out?

The release date for Baki Season 4, titled Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre, still needs to be determined. Still, fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival in 2024. Netflix, the streaming platform that holds the exclusive rights to Baki, has a history of releasing new seasons without much delay, so fans can expect the fourth season to be available soon.

What Is Baki Season 4 About? (Spoiler Alert)

Baki Season 4 delves into the profound theme of personal growth as Baki Hanma embarks on a relentless journey to surpass his father and confront his inner demons. Titled “Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre,” this season continues the story of Baki’s quest to become stronger and defeat his father, Yujiro Hanma. Fans can expect intense battles and further exploration of Baki’s character development.

One of the notable new opponents Baki will face is Pickle, a prehistoric caveman with incredible strength. This addition to the series promises to bring exciting and challenging fights for Baki as he continues to push his limits. The season’s title reflects the ongoing storyline and Baki’s journey, emphasizing the importance of his relationship with his father.

Which Studio Is Making Baki Season 4?

TMS Entertainment, the animation studio managed for the previous three seasons, is again at the helm of producing Baki Season 4. Known for their outstanding choreography and visually stunning fights, TMS Entertainment has played a significant role in the success and popularity of the Baki anime series. Fans can expect the same quality animation and exciting action sequences in Baki Season 4.

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With TMS Entertainment’s involvement, viewers can anticipate visually appealing and engaging fight scenes that captivate their attention. The studio’s effort in creating punchy action sequences has been a highlight of the series, making it one of the most thrilling anime shows available today.

Where Will Baki: Season 4 Be Aired?

Netflix has secured the exclusive rights to air Baki Season 4, ensuring fans can stream the highly anticipated anime on their platform. This news comes as a disappointment for those hoping to watch the series on Crunchyroll or Funimation, as Netflix holds the license for the Baki anime series. While the chances of it arriving on other streaming services in the future seem slim, Netflix offers various subscription options for viewers to access the show.

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For fans eagerly awaiting the fourth season of Baki, this announcement brings both excitement and convenience. Netflix is known for not making fans wait too long for new seasons, so the anticipation is high. With the platform’s widespread availability, fans can easily access the show and enjoy streaming it from the comfort of their own homes. Netflix’s commitment to providing a safe and user-friendly streaming experience ensures that fans can enjoy Baki Season 4 easily.

Will there be Baki Hanma Season 4 on Netflix?

The possibility of a fourth season of Baki Hanma on a popular streaming platform has sparked discussions among fans and anime enthusiasts. Netflix has an exclusive deal with the animation studio behind Baki Hanma, making it highly likely that season 4 will be released on the platform. However, there may be production issues that could cause delays, as the Japanese anime industry is currently changing.

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The anticipation for Baki Hanma Season 4 is high, with fans eagerly awaiting confirmation of the anime’s continuation. The previous seasons of Baki Hanma have received positive reception, and fans are excited to see the intense battle between Baki and his father, Ogre, unfold. Baki Hanma, known as the Champion of the Underground Arena and the World’s Strongest Boy, has earned a reputation as a powerful fighter, and fans look forward to seeing his journey continue.


The highly anticipated Baki Season 4, titled ‘Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre,’ is set to deliver another intense and action-packed installment to the beloved anime series. With new formidable foes introduced and the same high-quality animation expected from TMS Entertainment, fans can look forward to a thrilling continuation of Baki’s journey to surpass his father. With its exclusive streaming on Netflix, viewers can conveniently access the upcoming season, adding to the excitement surrounding its release anytime in 2024.


How Many Episodes Will Be in Baki Season 4?

The number of episodes in Baki Season 4 has yet to be officially confirmed. However, previous anime seasons typically consisted of 13 episodes, so Season 4 may follow a similar format.

Will Any New Characters Be Introduced in Baki Season 4?

No information is available regarding introducing new characters in Baki Season 4 at this time. The season’s focus is on Baki’s quest to defeat his father.

Will Baki Finally Defeat His Father in Season 4?

Baki’s ultimate goal is to surpass his father and defeat him in combat. While the outcome of their battle remains unknown, fans eagerly await the fourth season to see if Baki can finally achieve his long-standing ambition.

Are There Any Plans for a Live-Action Adaptation of Baki?

There has yet to be confirmed information regarding plans for a live-action adaptation of Baki. The focus is mainly on the anime series, with no official announcements or developments regarding a live-action version.

Will Baki Season 4 Explore Baki’s Relationships With Other Characters?

Baki Season 4 will likely explore Baki’s relationships with other characters, as the series has consistently delved into his connections with family, friends, and rivals. This exploration adds depth and complexity to the overall story.

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