21 Best Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Cartoons are undeniably one of the most important parts of our lives. Each character of every successful good cartoon show has connected extremely well with our lives and deserves to be thanked. So, in the name of nostalgia and as a tribute to our past, this article will talk about the top 21 cartoon characters that have made our childhood a delight.

Top Cartoon Characters

21 Most Popular Cartoon Characters Of All Time

  1. Ben Tennyson 

    Ben is also known as “Ben 10,” one of the most popular cartoon characters in the cartoon industry. This is one such character that blended cartoons with superhero content and gave mature content to usual fun cartoons. This character has the charm and ability to stand tall as a heroic character among all and give us a fun-loving memory of a crazy action cartoon.

    Ben Tennyson

  2. Tom

    Who doesn’t know about the beautiful kids’ show Tom and Jerry? This animated show has filled the hearts of every single kid from the 1990s and 2000s. No matter what, two characters had their importance in making this show what it has become. On that note, Tom has been an iconic character in this show. This irritated, joyful, and jealous cat has been ruling the hearts of others with his acts and behavior. The chemistry he has with Jerry is what is loved and rued for the most.


  3. Jerry

    Where there is Tom, there is Jerry. The cartoon could only pull off with the chemistry of the duo. Jerry is a jolly and witty mouse who is Tom’s most significant enemy but secretly a friend. His cheeky personality, big curious eyes, and attractive brown color make fans visually hooked. His cute and quick run, sadistic fun, and the wit to outsmart tom make one of the most beloved cartoons from older generations to the present.


  4. Daffy duck

    Looney Tunes is a beloved cartoon show made in the past for kids. This cartoon series had a combination of funny and witty content. The characters of this show have a separate fanbase. Following the footsteps of Bugs Bunny, Daffy duck secured his place in everyone’s hearts. This is because that character was made just too perfect. The witty, self-centered, and badass character of daffy duck had fans falling in love with him.

    His rivalry and occasional friendship with Bugs and crazy, egoistic style made him far different from a normal black duck. His way of speaking with an exaggerated lisp is oddly addictive. Indeed he made a golden name in the golden age.

    Daffy duck

  5. Oggy

    Oggy and the cockroaches are one of the most famous French cartoons that have given the French cartoon industry recognition internationally. It is a very funny cat chase cartoon show with the main switch in the hand of a single character, Oggy. He gracefully handled responsibility and took the show to all immense platforms with respect. The smart yet dumb characteristic of Oggy is what appeals to the audience; hence, Oggy is a beautiful character.


  6. Popeye

    Popeye the Sailor Man has lots of love from those who have watched it. The series is enriched with fun content and values. Popeye is an icon in the American animation industry. Over-the-top human strength and badass behavior made people love this cartoon character. Only an icon can make something healthy like spinach fancy for the kids, and Popeye did the same.


  7. Rick

    Cartoons can also be for adults and yet a lot enjoyable. This has been proved by the very popular show Rick and Morty. The futuristic story of the show is what proved everybody wrong, and the character of Rick is to be thankful for proving so. The unironical, sarcastic, and drunk grandfather Rick is considered the vibe and soul of the show.


  8. Winnie The Pooh

    Disney has given the world many cute and relatable cartoons that connect with the audience personally. Still, Winnie The Pooh holds a different position and space in people’s hearts due to the character’s sweet nature. Despite the sweetness, the adventurous story of the same character has been loved by all and made Winnie the Pooh an important face of Disney studios.

    Winnie The Pooh

  9. Scooby-Doo

    This is a character that does not need any introduction because of the fame he gained. Scooby doo is a famous cartoon animal that exists in the world today. The entire show revolves around this dog who has a special ability for his nose and yet is very dumb. Scooby doo is the heart and soul of this funny detective American cartoon show that has made everybody laugh and enjoy such content.


  10. SpongeBob SquarePants

    Nickelodeon’s star and very dumb and funny character, SpongeBob SquarePants, gave us a different look at the creativity and scope that the cartoon industry can grow from an interesting character like his. The underground fictional wacky characteristics of SpongeBob have been loved by many and interestingly rued for.

    SpongeBob SquarePants

  11. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse is the most iconic cartoon character ever built by Disney. He is the face of Disney and the character that made what Disney is today. Mickey Mouse has not remained a cartoon character but an emotion that has touched every single heart with his innocence, enthusiasm, and jolly nature, which is why Mickey has been the face of Disney. A lovely character with loads of charm and innocence owned by the character that has made people fall in love with the brand Mickey mouse itself.

    Mickey Mouse

  12. Donald Duck

    Talking of Mickey, how can we miss Donald? Not only has he appeared with the famous mouse ally, but he has a film series of his own. His comic appearances are more significant than other cartoon characters except for superheroes. His buccal talk, now famous by the name of Donald Duck talk, never fails to catch attention. An arrogant, impatient, yet comical personality rules the hearts of many. Not to forget, his chemistry with Daisy Duck makes this quacky love tale even more lovely.

    Donald Duck

  13. Pikachu

    Pikachu, one of the most famous companions of Ash Ketchum, has made it to the top 15 favorite cartoon list, according to the TV guide. The chubby cheeks and “thunderbolt” attitude make this little guy everyone’s favorite. The friendship bond he sewed with ash for 25 years before bidding goodbye to pokemon has a strong emotional grip on fans. Not only this cute little electric mouse gives a thunderbolt of 100000 volts to enemies, but also, 100000-volt cuteness shocks the viewers.


  14. Peter Griffin

    Joining the league of Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin is fun and relaxing to watch. He is the center of attention in the American sitcom Family guy. Short tempered, stubborn, weird, catchy voice, and impulsive behavior make him foolish yet funny. His lack of attention and low IQ leads to humorous situations effortlessly. His mad affection and chemistry with Lois add to his charisma and popularity.

    Peter Griffin

  15. Bugs Bunny

    Created in the 1930s, his legacy continues to live in the current times. Bugs bunny, a grey and white rabbit with a carefree attitude, have ruled hearts. His most memorable appearances have been seen in looney tunes. Not only this, his intellectual ability and the catchphrase “what’s up doc? ” make him more familiar to all. His fame is not limited to looney tunes, and he marked several appearances in comics, movies, and tv series. The lucky charm of Warner Bros. Entertainment can be seen on their old logos and even in amusement parks. Rightfully, he made a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Bugs Bunny

  16. Mr. Krabs

    Mr. Krabs is a famous character from the much-beloved cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. His memorable personality is stamped in the minds of all the fans worldwide. Unlike other characters, Mr. Krabs is focused on money and nothing else. His drive always stops him for wealth and stature within Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs even goes as far as to try to run Bikini Bottom like a business. The audience will find it hard not to sympathize with him when he gets caught up in creating more efficient systems. The death of Mr. Krabs was a shock to fans of the long-running television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

    Mr. Krabs

  17. Yogi bear

    This anthropomorphic character became a household name, starting as a supporting character in The Huckleberry Hound Show. Yogi bear self promotes as smarter than the average bear. His best friend Boo Boo, his savior, is seen protecting him. Yogi’s deep voice and exciting tone helped him become the first breakout animated character. His catchphrases like “Hey, Hey, Hey” and “Hey there, Boo Boo!” are unforgettable. All the love showered on this overestimating “smart” bear fetched him his show, “The yogi bear show.” He also appeared in several films, comics, and shows.

    Yogi bear

  18. Felix the cat

    Created in 1919, Felix the cat received love like no other in the silent era. A black cat with big white eyes, a wide grin, and a short body made this silent cartoon’s success a roaring one. Later reintroduced in 1953 with a new look. Bigger legs, rounder head, and no teeth; in short, a renowned version. His magic bag of tricks always opens doors of imagination for young and old. Felix is the representation of curious young minds. He soon had a hook over merchandise, stuffed toys, T-shirts, ceramics, and more beyond imagination.

    Felix the cat

  19. Bubbles

    The Powerpuff girls provide a breakthrough by making women’s power familiar. These cute, overloaded girls are balls of fire that come to the rescue just in time. Bubbles is also a trio member with big blue eyes and adorable pigtails. Her childlike innocence is backed by strong combat ability. Her sonic scream, the ability to communicate with animals, and thunder shockwave made young girls idealize her. Bubbles have a high pain tolerance, unaided survival capability in space, and superspeed, making her a beloved superheroine.


  20. Stewie Griffin

    A one-year-old infant but by mental development, not really. Stewie Griffin is a vital part of the show Family Guy. As Peter and Lois’s third child, his sense of attachment to them is not how it should be. Stewie is a short-tempered and violent child who indulges in unethical things. His British accent, love for physics, inventions, and interests are far from normal. Gradually developing a friendship with his dog Brian, his role and doubtful sexual orientation makes his character intense and interesting. His portrayal is so different from basic that a sociopath with a love for fads and power became iconic.

    Stewie Griffin

  21. Charlie Brown

    A soft-hearted, innocent, and shy person was brought to life in the name of the cartoon Charlie Brown. He is an emotion that is too relatable for an average man. The main character of the peanut comic strip suffers from countless anxieties and undeserved bad luck to embrace his life, but he is not ready to give up.

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    Despite all the losses, his sheer determination and hard work fetched him some great victories too. His love for family and friends is a soft spot keeping people emotionally attached to his character. His signature t-shirt with a zigzag print has its fanbase. This little boy still appears in daily or Sunday newspapers after significant contributions to films and shows.

    Charlie Brown


Cartoons give up the space and time to relish little joys. Be they young or old, some characters continue to rule hearts. A short list is never enough to summarize the legacy of characters that gave us pure happiness. Above are some handpicked cartoons that take us back to where we belong. Hope you found your legend on the list or were reminded of the good old days.

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