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BMF Season 3 is set to captivate audiences once again with its gripping crime saga centered around the Flenory brothers, Demetrius Meech Flenory and Terry ‘Southwest T’ Flenory. Inspired by the true story of the Black Mafia Family, the show follows the brothers’ rise from the streets of Detroit to become one of America’s most influential crime syndicates. With its introspective take on crime and thug capitalism, BMF has garnered praise for its attention to detail and constant plot twists.

Produced by 50 Cent’s company, G-Unit Films and Television, BMF offers a refreshing departure from formulaic crime dramas. The success of the first two seasons has left fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming season, which promises to delve deeper into Meech and Terry’s thrilling and alarming rise to power.

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As the latest season ended on a cliffhanger, viewers are eager to see how the story unfolds in BMF Season 3. With its compelling characters & intriguing storyline, the show continues to captivate audiences who desire freedom in their entertainment.

All About BMF Season 3

BMF Season 3 Latest News

The latest development in BMF Season 3 brings exciting news for fans of the hit crime saga. Starz has officially announced that the highly anticipated third season of Black Mafia Family will premiere on Friday, March 1, 2024. The release date was revealed in a teaser video, which features snippets of behind-the-scenes moments intercut with enthusiastic fans and cast members eagerly anticipating the show’s return. The announcement has generated great excitement among viewers, who have passionately responded to the series since its premiere.

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The upcoming season will continue to explore the national ambitions of the Flenory brothers’ illegal drug trade in the early 1990s. With the story shifting to Atlanta, the show will delve into the challenges & obstacles that Big Meech, portrayed by Demetrius Flenory Jr., faces as he expands the Black Mafia Family. The teaser did not reveal many specific plot details, but it provided a tantalizing glimpse of what fans can expect from the new season.

BMF Season 3 Release Date

Scheduled for release on March 1, 2024, the highly anticipated third season of BMF is set to premiere on Starz. The release date news has brought excitement to fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of this gripping series. It was announced in late August, along with a teaser for the upcoming season, giving fans something to look forward to. The completion of filming, confirmed by Demetrius Flenory Jr. on Instagram, is excellent news as it indicates that the new season is progressing smoothly, and fans can expect a polished and well-executed season 3.

BMF Season 3 Cast

The cast for BMF Season 3 will feature both returning and new actors, bringing a fresh dynamic to the highly anticipated series. Demetrius Flenory Jr. and Da’Vinchi will reprise their roles as the Flenory brothers, Meech and Terry, respectively, ensuring the continuation of their captivating performances. However, Kash Doll will not be returning for Season 3 due to her character’s untimely demise. Eric Kofi-Abrefa’s return as Lamar remains uncertain after his character’s uncertain fate in the previous season.

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Steve Harris and Kelly Hu, who portray detectives Bryant and Jin, may also return with different character motivations as their relationship requires mending. Russell Hornsby and Michole Briana White will reprise their roles as the brothers’ parents, Charles and Lucille Flenory, bringing their strong performances back to the screen. Additionally, celebrity cameos from 2 Chainz and Ne-Yo have been confirmed, adding to the star-studded cast. With returning favorites and exciting new additions, BMF Season 3 promises to deliver an engaging and thrilling storyline.

Steve HarrisDetective Bryant
Michole Briana WhiteLucille Flenory
La La AnthonyMarkaisha Taylor
Demetrius Flenory JrMeech
Kelly HuDetective Veronica
Myles TruittB-Mickie
Russell HornsbyCharles

What is BMF Season 3 about?

Continuing the gripping narrative of the Flenory Brothers’ rise in the illegal drug trade, BMF Season 3 delves into the early 1990s as they navigate new challenges and strive to establish their organization as a respected entity. Set against the backdrop of the real-life conclusion of the Flenory Brothers’ story, which saw them pleading guilty to charges in 2007, the upcoming season promises to take viewers on an intense journey.

Following the events of Season 2, which ended with Detective Bryant being removed from the police force and the brothers making strides in establishing their organization, Season 3 will see Meech and Terry facing even more significant obstacles. The fallout of Monique’s murder and its impact on Meech, particularly his relationship with his daughter Zoe, will be explored. Additionally, as Meech ventures to Atlanta to expand its resources, he will encounter new challenges that test his resolve.

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With a focus on the early 1990s, BMF Season 3 will capture the essence of the era and the evolving dynamics of the drug trade during that time. The series promises major twists and higher stakes, ensuring viewers will be captivated by the thrilling storylines and the continued development of the Flenory Brothers’ legacy.

Is there a BMF Season 3 Trailer?

There is currently no trailer available for BMF Season 3. However, fans can still taste what’s to come with an announcement video featuring snippets of the cast and behind-the-scenes footage. This video on the Starz Instagram page offers a glimpse into the highly anticipated next season of BMF. While it may not be a full trailer, it still gives viewers a sense of the excitement and intensity that awaits them.

Where can I watch BMF Season 3?

Fans can stream BMF Season 3 on the Starz platform. As in the previous two seasons, the highly anticipated third season of BMF will be available exclusively on Starz, allowing viewers to dive back into the gripping world of the Flenory brothers and their notorious drug empire. For those who still need to catch up on the series, the first two seasons can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video or rented on Apple TV Plus. However, to fully experience the latest installment and stay up to date with the thrilling storylines, Starz is the primary platform for streaming BMF Season 3.

BMF Season 3 Story Details

The storyline of BMF Season 3 delves deeper into the early 1990s, exploring the Flenory family’s attempts to reinvent themselves as they navigate the shifting dynamics of the illegal drug trade. The season picks up where Season 2 left off, with the Flenory brothers, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory Jr. and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, continuing to establish BMF as a respected crime enterprise. With Detective Bryant removed from the force, the brothers hope to enjoy some respite from law enforcement. However, a shot from a teaser video shows a necklace with the letters “BMF” being put into an evidence envelope, suggesting trouble on the horizon.

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Starz’s original programming president, Kathryn Busby, has hinted at major twists and higher stakes for BMF Season 3. She expressed excitement about expanding on the incredible story of the Flenory brothers and their game-changing rules. While specific details about the account are not revealed, it is clear that the season will significantly change the dynamic of the Black Mafia Family.


The highly anticipated third season of BMF(Black Mafia Family) promises to captivate viewers with its gripping storyline and talented cast. Set in the early 1990s, the Flenory brothers’ journey to reinvent themselves and navigate the challenges of their illegal drug trade will undoubtedly keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With new characters and captivating storylines, BMF season 3 will surely symbolize excitement and intrigue for fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Any New Characters Introduced in BMF Season 3?

Yes, there will be new characters introduced in BMF Season 3. The show is known for its star-studded cast, and this season will feature celebrity cameos from 2 Chainz and Ne-Yo, adding to the already impressive lineup of familiar faces.

What Impact Will Monique’s Death Have on Meech and His Relationship With His Daughter?

The impact of Monique’s death on Meech and his relationship with his daughter will likely be significant, as it creates emotional turmoil and potentially strains their bond. This development adds depth and complexity to the storyline.

Is There Any Information About the Plot for BMF Season 3?

More information about the plot for BMF Season 3 needs to be available. Fans can expect the story to continue exploring the national ambitions of the Flenory brothers’ illegal drug trade in the early 1990s.

When Will the BMF Season 3 Trailer Be Released?

The release date for the BMF Season 3 trailer has yet to be announced. Fans can anticipate the trailer being released closer to the season’s premiere date, providing a sneak peek into the highly anticipated continuation of the series.

What Other Platforms Can I Watch BMF Season 3 on Besides Starz?

BMF Season 3 can be exclusively watched on Starz, the platform that aired the previous seasons. Other options include free streaming of the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video or renting them on Apple TV Plus.

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