Everything You Need To Know About Bofuri Season 2: Trailer And Release Date Revealed

The story centers all over Kaede Honjou, who begins playing the VRMMO ‘New World Online’ after being encouraged to do so by her companion Risa Shiramine. Kaede joins the team to figure things out because Risa wants to concentrate on her research before enjoying it. When she first enters the game and creates her personality, she is offered the option to allocate stat points as the headline indicates, she tends to put people all into defense. Kaede completes her personality development by selecting ‘Maple’ as her in-game title, thus starting her adventure in ‘New World Online’!

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Already that you’ve seen the origin of the series, let me take you further through the following season. So Maple goes off and becomes a cute ditz and ends up becoming a big beast between many men! The series is about a young girl who’s still new to playing games; due to her lack of prior video game experience, she accidentally is now a demonic raid boss that troops of gamers cannot defeat.

It helps the series that she isn’t a bold person like Kirito, but rather an anime girl doing fun things who’s now a god-long way. Not a long story, but just a unique and entertaining anime idea.

What happens in Bofuri season 2

In the debut season finale of “Bofuri,” Maple Tree is among the last teammates prepared to fight in NewWorld Online’s latest conference. The limitations of Maple Tree are tested in an epic battle with their big competitors, squad Holy Sword. In the end, it all narrows down to Maple and Payne. Despite Payne’s initiatives to deplete Maple’s wellness, the strolling fort still has an ace card in the shape of her Atrocity shape. Using her most recent OP capacity, Maple assists in dispatching the rest potent core group, making sure success for another squad but also Maple Tree a respectable 3rd spot. The task seems to be over, but Maple invites everyone (including opposing teams) to a celebration.

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While the tv series has not disclosed what will become of Maple and her mates, people do understand that Silver Link has a wealth of origin information to work from. Given the differences between the manga series, anime series, and authentic light novels, “Bofuri” continues to remain mainly true to its classics in all three. Moreover, all the other adjustments of the story have progressed very far, with the anime’s first career-ending at Volume 4 of the light novel’s 12 entries.

What happens in Bofuri season 2

While there is no formal English summary of the occurrences of “Bofuri,” audiences can expect to see Maple goofball on her path to glory in NewWorld Online’s VR fantasy universe. When “Bofuri” Season 2 originally aired, there will be plenty of adorable times and laughter.

Who will be in “Bofuri” season 2

Even if there is more than enough action, “Bofuri’s” power lies in its characters. Whereas our main character, Kaede Honjou, intends to become overpowered, the show focuses on her creating friends and getting fun in the match instead of conquering its obstacles. She begins by simply playing with such a close friend at the time and progresses to become an alliance chief and an active participant in the RPG’s larger community. After all that kind, a protagonist show requires a powerful set to offer its basis. “Before” is no pushover in this respect. Moreover, the possibilities are it will remain this way because the series’s central team will come back to their current roles during such a rollout. As a result, the events will be mainly carried by the female stars next to Maple, Kaede Hondo, and Megan Shipman.

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Nonetheless, the assisting character’s efforts must not be overlooked. As a result, the actors portraying the core players of Maple Tree’s group will almost certainly make reap the rewards both in Japanese and also English versions — both of which have traditionally been broadcasted simultaneously with initial via Funimation. With all that in thought, main protagonists like Sally & Kanade would almost certainly come back in Season 2 of “Bofuri.”

Here is a list of the potential English dub cast list for season 2.

  • Jas Saxton as Risa
  • Tia Linn Ballard as Kasumi
  • Anthony Bowling as Kuromu
  • Megan Shipman as Kaede
  • Sara Ragsdale as May
  • Lindsay Siedel as Frederica
  • Caitlin Glass as Iz
  • Monica Rial as Dorazou
  • Mike Farland as Dread
  • Sonny Strait as Administrator
  • Kaedo Hondo as Administrator
  • David Wald as Administrator
  • Ben Phillips as Administrator
  • Luci Christian as Administrator
  • Kylie Stewart as Administrator

What is the plot of Bofuri season 2?

Kaede Honjou, the show’s central character, was asked to play video games by her buddy Risa Shiramine. Kaede, on the other hand, despises video games and despises being in distress. As she was enjoying the sport, she gave the individual the title Maple. Since she appears to lack gaming experience, she permitted all of her skill points to safeguard. As a result, she struggled to use any magical abilities and was confronted by rabbits. She managed to acquire Ultimate Defense abilities. Thus the explorations proceed. Admittedly, the storyline of the Second season has still not been revealed. Season 2 will, even so, follow the same fun saga storyline as season 1.

Who is cast in Bofuri season 2?

  • Maple Tree

    The lead character, who has only recently begun enjoying NewWorld Online. Despite her dislike for being damaged, she made significant investments in every skill point she earns in improving her defensive formation, enabling her to gather information and level it up easily by preventing attacks. Resulting in a lack of playing experience, Maple handles to develop enough toughness to anything and would seem to have strongly held luck in finding rare items, hidden vaults, and so on. and special side missions and abilities. The player administrators are at a loss as to how to slow her back; however, her extreme measures outweigh the developers’ modifications. She finished third after defeating over 2,000 participants in the first team event. However, during the second event, she uncovers a monster egg, which hatches into Syrup, a tortoise. Certain gamers have dubbed her “the Walking Fortress” because of her strong defence.

  • Sally

    Kaede met NewWorld Online through a real partner. She is a warrior mage who excels at deterrence and quick offence. Risa won multiple national title internet game prizes; all of the prizes in her house, and also her video game understanding, indicate that she is a professional gamer. While she had to engage in Maple late in a game, her mother forbids her from trying to play games to try for her to transmit her proficiency tests. Maple remarks that she really can not manage haunted houses even though they were throughout. Mostly during the second tournament, Sally discovers a monstrous egg that sprouts into a fox called Oboro. She got the nickname “Untouchable Blue Monster” after decimating numerous gamers in the last week of the second tournament.

  • Kasumi

    A warrior who moves as quickly as Sally. On the first occasion, she finished sixth. The Flame Emperors’ alliance had planned to hire her, but Maple beat them to it. She and even the Flame Emperor’s Split-Sword Shin had also confronted off several times before, and she has always won.

  • Kanade

    An edgy male spellcaster player who specialises in intelligence collection and riddle resolve, allowing him to connect to unknown locations and objects in the game. He employs the “Akashic Records,” a Rubik’s Cube-like staff that gives him an arbitrary talent per day. He has a magical catalogue that he can start preparing in advance.

  • Kuromu

    A fantastic shielder, similar to Maple, is the first gamers Maple encounters in the game. He is regarded as a pro player, finishing 9th position in the first tournament. The type of good with Iz. He later obtains the “Undead Lord” gear after completing a concealed cellar intended for gamers who’ve already dropped dead and been resurrected that same amount of times. He usually participates in the match chat, in which the chat asks him questions about Maple. It’s assumed he’s the guild’s oldest player since he claims he has to act such as the girls’ big brother and fighter to keep everyone from making fun of them.

  • Iz

    A craftsperson who makes custom-made devices. She is now a faction master craftsman while continuing to acknowledge personal compensations. To be in the faction motivates her to produce original gear, which she had been never provided before. She usually associates with Kuromu. She sees value in absolute destruction in battle, using a variety of explosive devices and a pickaxe for close-range combat.

  • Mai

    A newcomer who, with exception of Maple, invested all of her talent points in power. This enables her to use heavy artillery and deal the most damage. She has a ribbon in her black hair as well as two massive hammers in the same colour theme. Her skills were honed in boss rushes and time trials.

  • Yui

    Mai’s younger sister, who, like Mai, devoted all of her skill points to power. Her hair is white with a pink ribbon, and her weapon is the same colour. Her abilities, like her twin sister’s, are managed to earn via boss rushes and time trials, allowing her to bring to bear heavy armour and deal massive damage.

  • Syrup

    Maple’s turtle companion, whose egg she received after defeating the Silverwing boss. Maple uses her advantages after another game to allow Syrup to keep growing using Metamorph abilities, as well as fly by equipping themselves with Psychokinesis strengths. Syrup’s motion is far superior to Maple’s due to Maple’s rigidity. As a gliding fort, the guild’s method of transport is syrup. It only has the ability to say “Kame.”

  • Oboro

    Sally’s fox companion, whose egg she received once Maple & Sally conquered the Silverwing boss. Oboro specialises in spells of speed and fire. She could also divide Sally into darkness duplicates.

Bofuri season 2 cast


Where can I watch season 2 of Bofuri?

You can watch Bofuri season 2 either on Netflix or in Funimation.

Is there any trailer for Bofuri season 2?

There’s no trailer yet but JP Animes have put a teaser on their youtube channel regarding Bofuri Season 2.


I’ll get started right away. This genre is adorable, hearty, and all in all interesting to watch. It takes itself seriously. The system is absolutely beyond understanding in relation to its competitors’ evolution, but it results in Maple becoming the adorable terrible loot boss that I kept coming back to see each week. When you get the time to witness BOFURI, I suggest this if you’re going to look for what cute to see. This may assist that I enjoy MMORPGs. So just because of the configuration, I’m probably biased, but that wouldn’t alter the fact that it was just a few healthy balanced leisure!

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