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All 7 Ice Age Movies By Their Release Year

all ice age movies

The Ice Age movie franchise is a favorite for fans of all ages! All four movies in the franchise provide hilarious antics and action-packed adventures, all of which center around Manny, Sid, and Diego. The first film introduced us to…

All Pitch Perfect Movies in Order

All Pitch Perfect Movies in Order

Launching the careers of many famous stars like Anna Kendrick, the Pitch Perfect movies were a heavily successful trilogy. With an ensemble cast of over 10 characters with enjoyable chemistry and sharp and quippy humor, the Pitch Perfect movies have…

All Thor Movies in Chronological Order

All Thor Movies

The Thor movies from Marvel have wooed people into the MCU. With Stellar stories, amazing soundtracks, and beautiful scenery, Thor has made a lasting impression on long-time fans. With a total of 4 movies and many cameo appearances in other…