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The first season of Dororo, loosely adapted from the manga created by Osamu Tezuka, covered the protagonist’s journey, Hyakkimaru, as he sought to retrieve his body parts. The anime added additional content, such as new character designs and battles, to enhance the narrative. Despite completing the main storyline in the first season, a sequel could still be possible with the introduction of newer villains.

With Tezuka Productions and MAPPA leading the development of Dororo Season 2, fans can expect a continuation that maintains the historical drama setting and incorporates intriguing plot twists. The first season’s success has garnered interest and anticipation among viewers for what lies ahead in this anime series. As an audience that desires freedom, fans are likely eager to see how new storylines unfold and what challenges Hyakkimaru will face in his quest.

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Overall, Dororo Season 2 holds promise for fans captivated by its unique blend of historical drama and supernatural elements. The potential introduction of new villains and exploration of fresh storylines will undoubtedly keep viewers engaged as they follow Hyakkimaru’s journey toward self-discovery and redemption.

Dororo Season 2

Will There Be a Second Season of Dororo

The possibility of a second season for the anime adaptation of Dororo remains to be determined, as there has been no official announcement or confirmation from the studios. Neither studio MAPPA nor Amazon has renewed the series for a second season. The need for more information on social platforms is disappointing for fans eagerly awaiting news about the continuation of the series. The chances of a new season depend on two main factors: popularity and source material adequacy. In terms of popularity, Dororo has gained a significant fan following and is highly regarded by many. However, the popularity metrics for Dororo are not overwhelmingly positive for a second season.

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Additionally, the source material for Dororo is limited, with the manga already adapted into an anime and covering most of its content. Therefore, new story material or more volumes would be needed to continue with a second season. Despite these uncertainties, fans remain hopeful and continue to express their eagerness for updates regarding the development and release of Dororo Season 2.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

No official release date has been announced for the potential second season of the anime adaptation of Dororo. Studio MAPPA and Tezuka Productions have not confirmed whether a second season is developing. The possibility of a reboot instead of a second season exists, as the original manga has received a detailed remake titled The Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru. Both studios are currently occupied with projects such as Jujutsu Kaisen: Season 2 and the Astro Boy Reboot. If Dororo Season 2 is greenlit, airing will likely take a few years.

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As for the episode count and original story, Dororo Season 2 will probably have 12 episodes, unlike the first season’s 26 episodes, since all the manga chapters have already been covered. Therefore, all episodes in the second season will entail an original story. Speculations suggest that new demons may target Hyakkimaru’s limbs again, or his deceased father may return to harm him. However, these speculations should be taken with a grain of salt until official announcements are made.

What Is Dororo Season 2 About

Speculations regarding the potential storyline of the second season revolve around introducing new challenges for the main characters, such as new demons targeting Hyakkimaru’s limbs or the return of his deceased father to pose a threat. These speculations are based on the fact that Dororo Season 2 will be an original story, giving room for creative possibilities. However, it is important to note that these speculations should be taken cautiously until official announcements are made.

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Fans of Dororo eagerly anticipate continuing the anime’s classic animation style, which stood out in a landscape filled with vibrant and visually stunning shows. The success and popularity of the anime and its source material provide a strong foundation for a potential second season. However, it is worth mentioning that there has yet to be an official statement about a new season.

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While fans hope for updates from Studio MAPPA and Tezuka Productions, it is important to recognize that their current projects may delay the production of Dororo Season 2. Nevertheless, fans remain hopeful for its eventual release and look forward to news regarding its development and release date.

Expected Plot Of Dororo Season 2

Based on the first season’s conclusion, the potential plot of Dororo Season 2 would likely explore the adult lives of the main characters and their experiences after a significant time gap. The final glimpse in episode 24 showed an older Dororo running towards her Aniki, Hyakkimaru. It can be assumed that the second season would delve into their lives during this time. However, it is still being determined if a second season would have a strong storyline, as the first season concluded with a satisfying ending. Despite this uncertainty, fans have expressed their eagerness for a second season through online reactions on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

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Regarding narrative possibilities, what challenges and conflicts may arise for Hyakkimaru and Dororo in their adult lives remains to be seen. The focus could shift from Hyakkimaru’s quest to regain his body parts to new obstacles or adversaries they encounter together. Additionally, character development and exploration of their relationship could play a central role in shaping the plot of Season 2.


While fans eagerly await news of Dororo Season 2, there is no official confirmation or release date. The studios responsible for the anime are busy with other projects, potentially delaying production further. However, if a second season is greenlit, it is expected to continue the journey of Hyakkimaru and explore new challenges and villains. With its classic animation style, Dororo Season 2 has the potential to captivate audiences once again. Until then, fans will have to wait for updates on this beloved series’s continuation patiently.


How Many Episodes Will Dororo Season 2 Have?

The episode count for Dororo Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed. Speculations suggest that it may have 12 episodes, unlike the first season’s 26 episodes. However, these speculations should be taken cautiously until official announcements are made.

Are There Any Official Announcements About Dororo Season 2?

No official announcements have been made regarding Dororo Season 2. The absence of concrete information leaves fans uncertain about the possibility of a new season and its potential release date.

What Is the Current Popularity of Dororo?

The current popularity of Dororo is moderate, with fluctuations in interest over time, according to Google Trends. The official Twitter account has around 61K followers, and monthly Google searches indicate reasonable interest.

Is There Enough Source Material for a Second Season of Dororo?

The availability of sufficient source material for a potential second season of Dororo remains to be determined. While the original manga has been adapted into an anime, it is still being determined if there are additional storylines or volumes to support a continuation.

What Are Fans Speculating About for Dororo Season 2?

Fans are speculating about potential storylines for Dororo Season 2, including the possibility of new demons targeting Hyakkimaru’s limbs or the return of his deceased father as an antagonist. These speculations await official announcements.

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