Everything About Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

In the year 2019 dr stone made its debut as an anime series. It was developed by Boichi and Inagaki, and the entire season was based on a post-apocalyptic world, where a mysterious light is petrifying humanity. After some years, the main characters named, Taiju Oku and Senku Ishigami get, suddenly released from their frightened state. They were determined to rebuild normal civilization, hence they started to unravel the secrets behind the catastrophic event. Let’s see if they can find the mystery of the petrification in Stone: Season 3.

The previous seasons of Dr Stone were based on the rise of the kingdom of science and their dispute with the imperial power. However, those seasons have not shown any evidence about what was the reason behind petrification. Both seasons got so much love from the audience that it was obvious to introduce a new season. Also, there is so much content to cover in the anime with more than 150 unanimated chapters.

What’s the Release Date for Dr Stone Season 3?

As per the sources, it is confirmed that season 3 of Dr. Stone will be available in the year 2023. This information was announced at jump Festa 2022 in December 2021. However, the exact month and date are still not confirmed.

There are chances that the next season will air in the month of spring 2023. Also, the third season will premiere on Tokyo MX for the first time and then BS11 in Japan and after a few months on other sources.

Along with that, it’s said that Dr Stone season 3 will not be the last episode of this series. As much manga content is still preserved, fans can expect season 4 of this series to arrive in the future.

all About Dr. Stone Season 3

Who’s in the Cast for Dr. Stone Season 3?

The voice cast for the upcoming season of Dr Stone would remain the same as in previous seasons. However, for the Japanese dub, we can expect Yûsuke Kobayashi from Food Wars and Makoto Furukawa from One Punch Man, for voicing senku and Taiju. And for the English dubbing, we might consider Aaron Dismuke from Fullmetal Alchemist and Taiju’s voice would be dubbed by Ricco Fajardo from Sky Wizard Academy.

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The other voice artist who would likely perform voicing characters in Dr stone season 3 includes Ayumu Murase, Gen Satô, and Manami Numakura for Japanese dubbing. And the upcoming season’s English cast might feature Brandon McInnis, Brittany Lauda, and Felecia Angelle. Moreover, Fans should assume that there might be some new faces and new voices will be introduced in the new season.

  • Manami Numakura as Kohaku
  • Karin Takahashi as Suika
  • Reina Ueda as Ruri
  • Yûsuke Kobayashi as Senku Ishigami
  • Ayumu Murase as Ginro
  • Makoto Furukawa as Taiju Shiba
  • Gen Satô as Chrome
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Kinro
  • Ryota Suzuki as Ryusui Nanami

What’s the Plot for Dr. Stone Season 3?

Taiju Ooki, who is the hero of this anime, has strong feelings for a girl named Yuzuki Ogawa. He was hiding his feelings and had not confessed them in a long period. One day, taiju decided to confess his emotions and he was about to tell yuzuri how he felt, suddenly a  green light appeared from nowhere. It turned every single human into stone through the binding light. After countless years, when taiju Ooki woke up he looked up everywhere and got confused. He was surrounded by lush green fields and trees and realised that the modern world does not exist anymore.

Taiju found a human who was not stoned and just woke up like him. He was sent by a friend of kaiju who loves science and invention. Senku has a plan to revive civilization hence both made great teams together. Taiju was great in combat and senku was intelligent. Both of them work together and come up with a method that reverts humans from petrifying states.

As Dr. Stone anime is an adaptation of manga, the next season might be based on the age of exploration arc. In the previous seasons, both heroes explore the world and find new faces, but still, they have not discovered the truth about what caused human beings to turn into stones. In the third season, there are chances that they found out about petrification by building the mighty ship sail and Perseus around the world. Along the way, Taiju and senku end up coming up with many more inventions that help them get mankind back.

Why is the Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date in April 2023?

In a recent announcement, the producers revealed that the third season of Dr. Stone will premiere in spring 2023. This season is going to be the direct sequel to the previous season and dr stone ryusui. The new season will continue the events of the manga, which is the source of the petrification saga.

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However, the exact date in April of release is still not confirmed by TMS entertainment which animated the previous series of dr stone. The makers have produced 24 episodes in season 1 and 11 episodes in season 2, the exact count of the third season’s episodes is yet to be announced. As per the manga, this upcoming arc would be quite lengthy so we can expect 20 or more episodes to be released.

You may know that TMS entertainment is quite a popular studio for producing multiple seasons of anime. In 2021 they scheduled production of anime such as dr stone: stone wars, detective Conan movie 24, megalobox season 2: nomad, fruits basket season 3, seirei gensouki: spirit chronicles, miss nagatoro, don’t toy with me, lupin iii: part 6 and son of ogre.

There is doubt that TMS is also busy in 2022. Hence in the best possible way, dr. stone season 3 premiere date is scheduled for spring 2023. Also, the makers have introduced a dr stone tv special in 2022 named dr stone ryusui. This episode is released in 2022. Therefore we can understand that the producers have a stacked schedule this year too.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Anime Tv Spoilers (Plot Summary/synopsis)

In the past seasons, we have seen that the Tsukasa empire merged with the kingdom of science. To save his life, Tsukasa is ready to stay frozen. 

On the other hand, senku is focused on finding a way to discover the source of the mysterious certification and the trust behind the radiation light that hit the world 3700 years ago. To do that, Senku and Taiju have to travel to the world’s other side of the world.

Senku is trying to make a ship but as he is not a naval architect engineer, he turns to the scholars from Ishigami village. These village people help him and give him ideas because they have been living on the water for a longer period. Also, magma comes up with a better boat idea to win the contest and beat senku.

You will also see an interesting character named Ryusui Nanami in this season. He is quite skilled and a sailboat captain. When he realizes that the past leaders of the world are not there anymore, he declares that he is going to take charge of the whole world. He is also known as the most greedy man in the world.

Dr. Stone Season 3

What is Dr. Stone: Season 3 About?

Dr Stone’s season 3 is named the new World Series. It will be based on incorporating themes that include the age of exploration and treasure Island stories. Also, you will see the stories starting from the conclusion of the previous 2 seasons of the same manga, which might cover chapters 83 and 138. In the third season, our heroes will survive around the planet to discover the reason behind petrification. 

Moreover, both the empire of might and the kingdom of science will work together to build a ship. Also, they will discover the truth about what made people turn to stone. They aim to explore the other side of the earth to find out the mystery behind petrification. In this season you will be introduced to different post-petrification societies and new faces await you in this adventure tour.

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Dr stone fans will get answers to many mysteries about the source of petrification. Interestingly, there will be many more discoveries to shed light on secrets such as the fossilized world, post-apocalyptic, and many more.

What Fans Can Expect From Season 3

The last two seasons of Dr stone anime made all the fans crazy about the new season. In this upcoming third season, anime fans will finally get to know the source of the petrification. Also, you will learn the name of a mysterious enemy.

There are chances that dr stone will adapt to the age of exploration arc in the upcoming series. Senku and some of his comrades might go on an adventure by the sea. Taiju and senku make a team in an attempt to explore the truth behind the green blinding light that turns humanity into stones. It will be an interesting season for fans to see what kind of inventions the heroes will make in the upcoming chapter.

Where Can You Watch Season 3

If you would not want to miss any latest updates about season 3 of Dr stone and catch this new anime series along with the previous two seasons of the Dr. Stone anime, you can stream it now on the Crunchyroll platform. You can also watch the special episode Ryusui on this website.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article helped you to know everything about Dr stone and the upcoming season. The third season will come with many new faces and inventions. You will also see how they work together and find many secrets. The third season’s plot is quite interesting as you will see how taiju and senku team up and build ships to go around the world. Also y, you can expect season 4 to be released in the future. If you have not caught up with seasons and 2 of Dr Stone then this is the best time to watch them while Waiting for the upcoming season.

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