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As a big anime fan, I figured Fate would be a simple new franchise to get into Until I asked myself, “So where do I begin?”. The fandom has been debating this for years, and fans will know the depth of emotions evoked. Youtuber Gigguk even made a video mocking the irrationality of the Fate series’ complexity and the fandom’s difficulty to agree on where to start watching. Fate is a franchise that spans more than 50 properties, including anime series, films, and video games, for those who are unfamiliar. It all began in 2004 with the release of TYPE-adult MOON’s visual novel Fate/stay night.

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Without going into too much detail, the majority of the series revolves around various Holy Grail Wars set in various eras and universes. The Holy Grail is a magical artifact that can grant anyone’s wishes if they obtain it after winning the War. The Holy Grail selects a group of Masters for each Holy Grail War, and each is given a Servant to summon. The series’ servants are known as Heroic Spirits and are divided into seven classes: Saber, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, and Archer.

About Fate Anime Series

Fate/Stay Night is an eroge visual novel that was released in 2004 by Type-Moon. Fate is now a franchise that includes manga, video games, and anime. The plot centers around Shirou Emiya, a dedicated and honest teenager who reluctantly enters the Fifth Holy Grail War, a life-or-death game in which contestants battle magic and Heroes from history for the chance to have their desires fulfilled by the famous Holy Grail. Newbies can get confused about the watch order of the Fate series due to its complicated order. That’s why we created this guide to help readers and ourselves understand the Fate anime universe. So, let’s have a look?

What are the facts about Fate Series?

  1. Was Originally a visual novel – While hardcore Fate fans are well aware of this fact, some newer fans may be surprised that Fate began as a visual novel. The visual novel comes two years before the anime, which premiered in 2006.
  2. Original protagonist was female – The visual novel Fate didn’t start with a male protagonist with a female romantic lead. The original protagonist was a girl wearing a spectacle named Manaka who was nervous and got herself caught up in a Grail War.
  3. Rin was designed as a villain – Rin was also inspired by a character in that version of the novel. Misaya Reiroukan, one of the villains, was Rin’s counterpart. In the anime version of the Grail War, Misaya Reiroukan, the master of Lancer, shares Rin’s backstory. Following the betrayal of her father during the previous Grail War, she became heartless, and harsh, and did a variety of crazy deeds, such as murder. Later, in Fate/Stay Night, she was reimagined as Rin, the heroine.
  4. Fate/ Grand Order has earned more than 4 Billion dollars – One of the most successful games is Fate/Grand Order. Although the fact that the videogame is currently free, many special gems allow many special gems that allow players to summon potential Servants, and even those gems have been essential to the game’s financial success. Japan alone contributed about 3.3 billion dollars.

Fate Series in Order

Fate/Zero (2011)

The anime follows the Fourth Holy Grail War, a hidden mystic contest hosted in Fuyuki City, Japan, servants, rebirths of legendary souls, and heroes from all time, are summoned by seven magicians known as Masters to combat a fatal fight for the Holy Grail, a magical iconic chalice cast in gold. ten years before the start of Fate/stay the night. It includes the developing stage of Fate/stay night main character, and also their parents and family, as well as main characters. Kiritsugu Emiya, the main character in Fate/Zero, and Shirou Emiya’s foster father in Fate/Stay Night is a brutal mage killer who joins the contest in the best interests of his wife’s family, the Einzberns. This is the ten-year-old Fourth Holy Grail War, that is only described in Fate/stay night. Shirou’s foster father, Rin’s father, and the young Kirei Kotomine’s true identities are disclosed.

Fate/Stay Night (2006)

The battle for custody of the Holy Grail is stirring up among masters and slaves. Evey master can summon one servant whose task is to eliminate another servant by combating or killing their master. When only one master or servant continues to remain, the Holy Grail is given to him or her, giving them any wish they desire.

Shirou Emiya is a diligent and admirable teenager who voluntarily joins the Fifth Holy Grail War, a survival contest in which participants battle magic and iconic warriors for the possibility to have their wishes fulfilled.

Shirou was rescued as an orphan child and was the survivor of a deadly fire in Fuyuki City. Kiritsugu Emiya, a retired magician who die years later, raised him. His responsibility to the dead, and also his salvation through his father, instilled in him a strong desire for justice and peace.

At his school one evening, two strong brawls with swords and spears, and he is beaten up, as witness statements to the Holy Grail War are generally killed. Shirou is on the brink of being killed when Saber saves him. The saber was created to aid combatants in the War as an ultimate symbol of a best-known historical figure.

Fate/Zero (2011)

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2010)

On the tenth anniversary of Fuyuki City’s great fire, Rin Tohsaka accomplishes the magic ritual and summons Archer. Archer confronts Lancer instantly, but Shirou Emiya witnesses the fight and runs away, only to be captured and killed by Lancer. Rin resurrects Shirou with her necklace, but he is hit by Lancer, who summons Saber, who hunts Lancer away. At a chapel, Kirei Kotomine tells Shirou about Holy Grail War, and Shirou decides to fight. Illyasviel von Einzbern as well as Berserker stop Shirou from advancing Rin about joining up.

Archer completes the fight with a huge blast. Shirou surrenders to his wounds just like Illya withdraws. That night, Shirou sleepwalked to Ryuudou Temple, at which Caster attempts to obtain his command spells. Saber pursues Assassin but is captured, whereas Shirou is saved by Archer, who fights and overcomes Caster, saving her life. Shirou disagrees a disagreement with Archer, who counsels him to accept the fact that he would not be able to save others. Rin and Archer quickly interrogate Caster as well as her master Souichirou Kuzuki after Kotomine is murdered and the church is taken over, but Archer did turn against Rin. Shirou moves in before Archer could ask Caster for support. Outclassed, the two turn to Illya for support.

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel (2017)

Shirou Emiya is an adolescent wizard studying at Homurahara Academy in Fuyuki City. After cleaning his school’s Archery Dojo, he witnesses a battle between godlike beings and becomes involved in this Holy Grail War, a ritual in which the magicians known as Masters compete with their Servants for the Holy Grail. Shirou takes a stand to protect an evil force from acquiring the Jewel and also to protect the innocent, but things go bad when a strange “Shadow” begins randomly murdering people in Fuyuki.

Shirou is focused on winning the Holy Grail Conflict to save the world and become a hero of righteousness, while also protecting Sakura Matou from battle and her brother, Shinji Matou, with help of his Servant, Saber, and school friend Rin Tohsaka. Strange things started happening during the battle, and Sakura gets sick with an unidentified illness.

Shirou risks his life and mind to save Sakura by halting the tainted Holy Grail, forcing him to confront his now-corrupted Servant Saber. Shirou and Rin team up with the wandering priest Kirei Kotomine, fellow competitor Illyasviel von Einzbern, and Sakura’s dispossessed Servant Rider in a hurry and save Sakura from insanity and put a stop to the Holy Grail War once and for, even before corrupted Grail ends the world.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA (2013)

Illyasviel von Einzbern is average Japanese adolescent. Her family is always away, and she resides with her hardworking elder brother Shirou Emiya and her two maids. She has mythic fantasies of using tricks to make her fantasies of love with Shirou come true. Zelretch the Wizard Marshall, Master of Parallel Worlds, dispatched two Magi to Japan, Rin Tohsaka and Luviagelita Edelfelt, to gather the strange Class Cards and clean up their mess.

Illya and Miyu assembled all the Cards and then became friends after a major fight, while Rin and Luvia remained in Japan on Zelretch’s orders. Kuro, a black female who bears an uncanny resemblance to Illya, obscures their lives by trying to kill him. Irisviel, Illya’s mother, halts their fight by explaining that Kuro was destined to become the Holy Grail in Holy Grail War, but then was locked up only when war was avoided to allow Illya to live normally.

A truce is declared when Rin reveals the presence of an eighth Class Card. Gilgamesh, the seventh Class Card, uncovers that Miyu is from a parallel universe in which she was raised as a Holy Grail before even being absorbed, and the gang faces him. Illya transforms into Kaleido Liner Zwei by combining the Kaleidosticks Ruby and Sapphire, giving her the ability to fight Gilgamesh and save Miyu.

Fate/Grand Order (Anime Movie) (2020)

2015 is the final age of magic. Caldea is an organization tasked with keeping an eye on both the magical and scientific worlds, as well as preventing humanity’s eradication. At least another century is promised to humanity, or until Caldea’s future kingdom fades away into nothingness. According to events in the Japanese city of Fuyuki in 2004, Caldea is now certain that humanity will perish after 2017.

The organization issues a Grand Order for a “Holy Grail Expedition,” intending to find and possibly destroy the goal of finding and possibly destroying the singularity that is responsible for humanity’s extinction. To save humanity, the gang now travels to alternate timelines known as “Lostbelts,” which are different forms of human existence that was “pruned away” from the previous cycle after already being considered a total failure.

A Crypter, early human masters, and their slaves represent each of the seven Lostbelts, all of whom are vying with the Chaldean survivors for the ultimate fate of human history. Ritsuka Fujimaru has to make some tough decisions and hardships that will decide whether or not they become a savior or a destroyer.

Fate/Grand Order (Anime Movie) (2020)

Fate Apocrypha (2017)

Fate/Apocrypha takes place in a universe separate from Fate/stay night. During Third Holy Grail War, Darnic Yggdmillennia catches the Greater Grail and transports it to Romania. The Black and Red factions are Yggdmillennia’s and the Mage’s Association’s respective squads. Jeanne d’Arc, a French student, is recognized as the conflict mediating Ruler-class.

After seeing visions of Shirou, Jeanne tries to contact the Red faction, but they move to Yggdmillennia’s realm in Trifas via Semiramis’ Hanging Gardens of Babylon. After a trial in their realm, Spartacus is caught by Yggdmillennia. During the war between both the Black and Red factions, the Greater Grail is brought into the Hanging Gardens.

In the war against Mordred, Spartacus and Frankenstein’s monster die. After gaining knowledge that he can temporarily transform into Siegfried, Sieg defends Astolfo from Mordred. Mordred beheads Astolfo’s master Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia, and Sieg becomes Astolfo’s new master.

Fate/Extra Last Encore (2018)

The 50-year-old robbery of the Holy Grail sparks a conflict between the Mages Affiliation and the rebel Ygdillemna Family in an alternative world. The stimulation of the Greater Grail summons 15 Servants for an epic fight in the latest Holy Grail War. Tsukimihara Academy is a high school that will serve as the setting for the Holy Grail War.

The Moon Cell computer designed the school, which is inhabited by earthly souls with even the smallest possibility of becoming a “Master.” A total of 188 people will be chosen for the actual tournament and assigned a Servant. The Academy begins a purge after choosing all the Masters, eliminating all remaining lifeforms.

After waking up in a lake of his blood, Hakuno Kishinami keeps going. He makes the decision to fight for his life, fueled by a mysterious hatred. When Hakuno uncovers a crimson blade buried underground while trying to elude a persistent pursuer, he invites his Servant, Saber, who kills his opponent in a shower of rose petals. With his recently bought abilities, Hakuno continues his journey to Moon Cell’s center, the Angelica Cage. He learns the beginnings of this fake universe as well as the dark secrets of his blood-soaked past there.

Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia (2019)

After winning the Camelot Singularity, Ritsuka Fujimaru as well as Mash Kyrielight are sent to the last Singularity. In Mesopotamia, B.C. 2655, they move ahead in an attempt to ensure humanity’s survival. The Mage King Solomon has burned down to mankind’s foundations.

Chaldea, a hidden mystical institution dedicated to protecting the future of humanity, predicted humanity’s demise in 2015. The procedure to rebuild the Singularities in the historical past formed by Holy Grails spread all through time and space began with Effort Grand Order. Uruk, a stronghold city that provides the forefront in the battle against monsters, is humankind’s last stand despite turmoil and despair. King Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, is at the vanguard of the battle, having sought the help of Heroic Spirits as well as taking the position of a magician to protect his city.

Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia (2019)

Fate Series Filler List

Fate/Apocrypha Filler List

1Apocrypha: The Great Holy Grail WarMANGA   CANON07/02/2017
2The Saint DepartsMANGA   CANON07/09/2017
3The First Steps of FateMANGA   CANON07/16/2017
4Life's Cost, Death's RedemptionMANGA   CANON07/23/2017
5Voice From AboveMANGA   CANON07/30/2017
6The Knight of RebellionMANGA   CANON08/06/2017
7Where Freedom LiesMANGA   CANON08/14/2017
8The War BeginsMANGA   CANON08/20/2017
9A Hundred Flames, A Hundred FlowersMANGA   CANON08/27/2017
10Like Scattered PetalsMANGA   CANON09/03/2017
11Eternal RadianceMANGA   CANON09/10/2017
12The Saint's Triumphant ReturnMANGA   CANON09/17/2017
13The Last MasterMANGA   CANON10/01/2017
14Prayer of SalvationMANGA   CANON10/08/2017
15Though Our Paths DivergeMANGA   CANON10/15/2017
16Jack the RipperMANGA   CANON10/22/2017
17TräumereiMANGA   CANON10/29/2017
18From HellMANGA   CANON11/05/2017
19The Last First LightMANGA   CANON11/11/2017
20Dashing in the SkyMANGA   CANON11/25/2017
21Scorpio ShotMANGA   CANON12/02/2017
22Reunion and SeparationMANGA   CANON12/09/2017
23Far BeyondMANGA   CANON12/16/2017
24The Holy Grail WarMANGA   CANON12/23/2017
25ApocryphaMANGA   CANON12/30/2017

Fate/Apocrypha Filler List

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Filler List

1Birth! A Magical Girl!MANGA   CANON07/13/2013
2Who?MANGA   CANON07/20/2013
3Girl Meets GirlMANGA   CANON07/27/2013
4We LostMANGA   CANON08/03/2013
5There are two options?MANGA   CANON08/10/2013
6A Blank, and the End of Night...MANGA   CANON08/17/2013
7Triumph and EscapeMANGA   CANON08/24/2013
8The Normal Girl has ReturnedMIXED   CANON/FILLER08/31/2013
9End it HereMANGA   CANON09/07/2013
10KaleidoscopeMANGA   CANON09/14/2013
11Illya Grow Up!?MANGA   CANON07/10/2014
12Illya x IllyaMANGA   CANON07/17/2014
13Normal Life BreakerMANGA   CANON07/24/2014
14Wild Transfer StudentMANGA   CANON07/31/2014
15Well, In Other WordsMANGA   CANON08/07/2014
16On the Other Side of Lies and FaçadeMANGA   CANON08/14/2014
17Clash! Cooking SistersMANGA   CANON08/21/2014
18Her Name IsMANGA   CANON08/28/2014
19Lone BattleMANGA   CANON09/04/2014
20The Things Those Hands ProtectedMANGA   CANON09/11/2014
21It's Like Looking in a Mirror, and I Don't Like ItMIXED   CANON/FILLER07/25/2015
22Tricolore BirthdayMANGA   CANON08/01/2015
23Girls, Life is Short, So Rot AwayFILLER08/08/2015
24Theme Park Panic!FILLER08/15/2015
25Yukatas and FireworksFILLER08/22/2015
26Blue glass moonMANGA   CANON08/29/2015
27EnforcerMANGA   CANON09/05/2015
28ObserverMANGA   CANON09/12/2015
29Golden BoyMANGA   CANON09/19/2015
30Calling Your Name From a Corner of the WorldMIXED   CANON/FILLER09/26/2015
31City Fading to SilverMANGA   CANON07/06/2016
32Encounters and ReunionsMANGA   CANON07/13/2016
33Your True EnemyMANGA   CANON07/20/2016
34For My Weak Little SisterMANGA   CANON07/27/2016
35The Little Lady AttacksMANGA   CANON08/03/2016
36Chilling HostilityMANGA   CANON08/10/2016
37Dolls and Stuffed AnimalsMANGA   CANON08/17/2016
38People and ToolsMANGA   CANON08/24/2016
39Illya's ChoiceMANGA   CANON08/31/2016
40To The Princess's SideMANGA   CANON09/07/2016
41You Are Not AloneMANGA   CANON09/14/2016
42Woven MiraclesMANGA   CANON09/21/2016
43Oath Under SnowMANGA   CANON08/26/2017

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Filler List

Fate/Stay Night Filler List

1The First DayMANGA   CANON01/07/2006
2Fateful NightMANGA   CANON01/14/2006
3OpeningMANGA   CANON01/21/2006
4The Strongest EnemyMANGA   CANON01/28/2006
5Two Magi (Part 1)MANGA   CANON02/04/2006
6Two Magi (Part 2)FILLER02/11/2006
7Despicable ActMANGA   CANON02/18/2006
8Discordant MelodyMANGA   CANON02/25/2006
9Moonlit EleganceMANGA   CANON03/04/2006
10A Peaceful InterludeMANGA   CANON03/11/2006
11Fresh Blood Temple (Blood Fort Andromeda)MANGA   CANON03/18/2006
12Tearing The SkyMANGA   CANON03/25/2006
13Winter CastleMANGA   CANON04/01/2006
14End of The IdealMANGA   CANON04/08/2006
15The Twelve TrialsMANGA   CANON04/15/2006
16The Sword of Promised VictoryMANGA   CANON04/22/2006
17Branded As A WitchFILLER04/29/2006
18Decisive BattleFILLER05/06/2006
19The Golden KingMANGA   CANON05/13/2006
20Distant Trace of a DreamMANGA   CANON05/20/2006
21The Star of Creation That Divided Heaven and EarthMANGA   CANON05/27/2006
22At The End of WishesMANGA   CANON06/03/2006
23Holy GrailMANGA   CANON06/10/2006
24All Too Distant UtopiaMANGA   CANON06/17/2006

Fate/Stay Night Filler List

Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] Filler List

0PrologueMANGA   CANON10/04/2014
1Winter Day, Fateful NightMANGA   CANON10/11/2014
2When the Curtain Goes UpMANGA   CANON10/18/2014
3The First BattleMANGA   CANON10/25/2014
4Finding the Will to FightMANGA   CANON11/01/2014
5Dancing After SchoolMANGA   CANON11/08/2014
6MirageMANGA   CANON11/15/2014
7Reward for the Desperate StruggleMANGA   CANON11/22/2014
8Winter Days, Whereabouts of MindMANGA   CANON11/29/2014
9The Distance Between ThemMANGA   CANON12/06/2014
10The Fifth ContractorMANGA   CANON12/13/2014
11A Visitor Approaches LightlyMANGA   CANON12/20/2014
12The Final ChoiceMANGA   CANON12/27/2014
13Time of DepartureMANGA   CANON04/04/2015
14Princess of ColchisMANGA   CANON04/11/2015
15A Legendary ShowdownMANGA   CANON04/18/2015
16Winter Days, the Form Wishes TakeMANGA   CANON04/25/2015
17The Dark Sword Bares Its FangsMANGA   CANON05/02/2015
18A Destiny Forged in the BeginningMANGA   CANON05/09/2015
19Idealism's EndMANGA   CANON05/16/2015
20Unlimited Blade WorksMANGA   CANON05/23/2015
21AnswerMANGA   CANON05/30/2015
22Winter Days, Faraway HomeMANGA   CANON06/06/2015
23IncarnationMANGA   CANON06/13/2015
24Infinite Creation of SwordsMANGA   CANON06/20/2015
25EpilogueMANGA   CANON06/27/2015

Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works] Filler List

Fate/Zero Filler List

1Summoning Ancient HeroesMANGA   CANON10/01/2011
2False StartMANGA   CANON10/08/2011
3Land of FuyukiMANGA   CANON10/15/2011
4Blade of the Demonic SpearMANGA   CANON10/22/2011
5The Vicious Beast RoarsMANGA   CANON10/29/2011
6Night of SchemesMANGA   CANON11/05/2011
7The Evil ForestMANGA   CANON11/12/2011
8The Magus KillerMANGA   CANON11/19/2011
9Master and ServantMANGA   CANON11/26/2011
10Rin's AdventureMIXED   CANON/FILLER12/03/2011
11The Grail DialogueMANGA CANON12/10/2011
12The Grail's InvitationMANGA CANON12/17/2011
13Forbidden BanquetMANGA CANON12/24/2011
14The Bloody Battle of Mion RiverMANGA CANON04/07/2012
15Golden RadianceMANGA CANON04/14/2012
16The Terminus of HonorMANGA CANON04/21/2012
17The Eighth ContractMANGA CANON04/28/2012
18Distant MemoriesMIXED CANON/FILLER05/05/2012
19Where Justice is FoundMIXED CANON/FILLER05/12/2012
20Return of the AssassinMANGA CANON05/19/2012
21Knight on Two WheelsMANGA CANON05/26/2012
22All the World's EvilsMANGA CANON06/02/2012
23The Sea at the End of the WorldMANGA CANON06/09/2012
24The Last Command SpellMANGA CANON06/16/2012
25Fate/ZeroMANGA CANON06/23/2012

Fate/Zero Filler List


The widely popular Fate series spans a wide range of mediums, with the various anime adaptations serving as some of its most well-known works. Given the list form, anyone would be tempted to watch them in that order. However, newbies who are severe about sliding down this rabbit hole should carefully follow the release order. If you’re unfamiliar with the Fate universe, it can be difficult to keep track of all the titles that depict different paths and alternate universes. It is recommended to keep it simple – that is, simply watching it in order of release – is a great way to go.

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