Gakuen Babysitters Season 2: School Babysitters Season 2 Release Date, Plot & More

Gakuen Babysitters is a heartwarming anime series about adorable kids and their caretakers. It is based on the manga by Hari Tokeino and captivated audiences with its blend of school, comedy, and slice-of-life genres. The Brain’s Base studio did an excellent job bringing the story to life, and director Shūsei Morishita’s touch made it even more enjoyable.

The first season of Gakuen Bebīshittāzu, also known as School Babysitters, aired from January 7, 2018, to March 25, 2018. It was a delightful journey that introduced us to Ryuichi and Kotaro, two brothers adopted by the academy director and ended up in the babysitter club. The kindergarten set allowed us to witness adorable moments as Ryuichi cared for the children.

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This fantastic series has captured the hearts of millions worldwide, and it’s no surprise why. Its charming characters, relatable stories, and beautiful animation bring joy to our screens.

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2

What is the Plotline of the Gakuen Babysitters?

In Gakuen Babysitters, Ryuuichi and his younger brother Kotarou are taken in by the director of Morinomiya Academy, who also lost her son and daughter-in-law in the same accident. Ryuuichi becomes a babysitter at the academy’s kindergarten as part of their arrangement.

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Throughout the series, we witness Ryuuichi’s growth as he navigates his new responsibilities and forms deep bonds with the children under his care. From changing diapers to preparing meals and dealing with tantrums, Ryuuichi handles every challenge with patience and love. The show beautifully captures the joys and struggles of childcare, highlighting themes of family, friendship, and personal growth.

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As we follow Ryuuichi’s daily adventures as a babysitter, we also get glimpses into his journey of healing from loss. Through interactions with the children and support from his newfound friends within the Babysitter Club, he learns to embrace life again.

Will there be a Gakuen Babysitters Season 2?

Fans of the heartwarming anime series anxiously await news about a potential continuation that would bring more laughter and love into their lives. With its adorable characters and touching storylines, Gakuen Babysitters has captured the hearts of viewers who appreciate slice-of-life anime. The first season, which aired in the winter of 2018, left fans wanting more as it only covered up to volume 15 of the manga, leaving out some important elements and characters from the story.

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Despite its popularity among fans, Gakuen Babysitters season 1 did not profit significantly from Blu-ray and DVD sales. However, there is still hope for a second season as Brain’s Base studio has surprised us before with unexpected sequels like In/Spectre. While low disc sales may decrease the possibility of a new season, fan demand could sway the decision.

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Release Date

While we may not have an exact release date, patience will be rewarded. The team behind Gakuen Babysitters surely understands the passion and dedication of their fanbase, which gives me confidence that they will deliver another season filled with heartwarming moments and delightful storytelling.

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We can expect Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 to grace our screens by the end of 2023. Until then, let’s continue to cherish the memories of season one and keep our hopes high for what awaits us in this enchanting world of babysitting wonders.

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 Announcement

Fans have been eagerly waiting for news about the continuation of Ryuichi and the babysitter club’s story, and it seems like their patience might finally pay off. While there has yet to be an official statement from the studio or company, signs point toward a potential Season 2.

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Despite the uncertainty surrounding Season 2, one thing is clear: Gakuen Babysitters has garnered a dedicated fanbase and remains popular among anime lovers worldwide. The heartwarming themes of family and childcare, combined with adorable characters and entertaining stories, have captured the hearts of many viewers. It’s no wonder fans are hopeful for another season to continue exploring these endearing relationships.

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As we eagerly await any updates or announcements regarding Season 2, let’s remember to appreciate what we already have – a delightful first season filled with laughter, love, and growth when the time comes for season 2 to grace our screens, we can expect even more heartwarming moments as Ryuichi and his fellow babysitters navigate new challenges in their quest to provide exceptional care.

Gakuen Babysitters Plot

After being adopted by Youko Morinomiya, high school student Ryuichi Kashima finds himself taking on the role of a caretaker in the Babysitter Club. Despite his initial anxieties, Ryuichi quickly adapts to his new responsibilities and becomes a reliable figure for the children in the club. With the support of his newfound friends, he navigates through various challenges and creates a warm and nurturing environment for everyone involved.

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The plot of Gakuen Babysitters revolves around themes of family, friendship, and the importance of childcare. The heartwarming story touches upon the struggles and joys of raising children, highlighting the impact that love and support can have on young lives.

Gakuen Babysitters Cast

Ryuichi Kashima, portrayed by Koutarou Nishiyama, is our protagonist and the responsible older brother who takes on the role of a babysitter to support his family. Nozomi Furuki brings Kotarou Kashima, Ryuichi’s adorable younger brother, to life with his innocent and lovable portrayal.

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Yuuichirou Umehara lends his voice to Hayato Kamitani, an energetic and mischievous member of the Babysitter Club. His interactions with Yuuko Sanpei’s Taka Kamitani, Hayato’s sweet younger brother, are always a delight.

Atsumi Tanezaki and Ayaka Saitou shine as Kazuma Mamizuka and Takuma Mamizuka, respectively, two members of the Babysitter Club who add depth to the story with their unique personalities. Tomoaki Maeno brings warmth and humor to Yoshihito Usaida, the laid-back but caring caretaker of the children.

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The voice actors behind these characters have truly captured their essence and made them feel like real, relatable individuals. With such a talented cast bringing these characters to life, it’s no wonder that Gakuen Babysitters has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Their performances have truly elevated this heartwarming series into something special.

Hayato KamitaniYuichiro Umehara
Saikawa KeigoDaisuke Ono
Usaida YoshihitoTomoaki Maeno
Ryuuichi KashimaKotaro Nishiyama
Kotarou KashimaNozomi Furuki
Taka KamitaniYuuko Sanpei


The heartwarming story of the childcare club and its adorable charges has captivated fans worldwide. With its relatable characters and touching moments, it is no surprise that the first season received high praise. Fans of Gakuen Babysitters continue to hope for a second season of the heartwarming anime series. There has yet to be an official announcement about the release date for Season 2; factors such as source material availability and popularity play crucial roles in determining a renewal. With the ongoing manga series providing potential material and the dedicated fanbase eagerly waiting for updates, there is still a glimmer of hope.


How many episodes are there in the first season of Gakuen Babysitters?

The first season of Gakuen Babysitters has 12 episodes and one special episode. It’s a heartwarming and adorable series exploring family and childcare themes.

Did the first season of Gakuen Babysitters receive positive reviews?

Yes, the first season of Gakuen Babysitters received positive reviews. Fans and viewers enjoyed the heartwarming story, adorable characters, and themes of family and childcare. The anime was well-received for its entertainment value.

Will all the main voice actors from Season 1 return for Season 2?

Yes, all the main voice actors from season 1 will return for season 2. They did a fantastic job in the first season, and I’m excited to hear their performances again.

Is Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 possibly being released earlier than 2024?

Gakuen Babysitters Season 2 may be released earlier than 2024, but it is still being determined.

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