Highschool of the Dead Season 2 – Is It Confirmed?

Highschool of the Dead Season 2

Highschool of the Dead is a beloved anime series that captivated audiences with its intense portrayal of a zombie apocalypse. Created by the renowned studio Madhouse, the anime premiered in the summer of 2010 and quickly gained popularity among fans of the horror and action genres. Set in a world devastated by a deadly outbreak, the show follows a group of high school students and their struggle to survive in the face of ravenous zombies and dangerous fellow survivors. Highschool of the Dead has garnered a dedicated following over the years with its gripping storytelling, stunning animation, and memorable characters.

Despite being over a decade old, the anime remains prominent in the top 100 most popular anime shows on My Anime List, boasting more than 1.4 million members on the website. Its lasting impact can be attributed to its unique approach to the zombie subgenre, focusing on straight-up horror rather than irony or postmodernism. Fans have eagerly awaited a second season, but the possibility remains uncertain. This article will explore the reasons behind the delay, potential storylines, and the possibility of a reboot while also discussing where to watch the first season. With the future of Highschool of the Dead hanging in the balance, fans eagerly await news of a second season.

Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 Release Date

With its captivating storyline and dedicated fanbase, the absence of a second season for the beloved anime series ‘Highschool of the Dead’ has left fans eagerly awaiting news of a potential release date. Unfortunately, as of January 2024, there is no confirmed release date for Highschool of the Dead Season 2. The passing of the manga’s author, Daisuke Satō, in 2017 and the subsequent cancellation of the manga make it unlikely for a second season to be produced. The series, which is over ten years old, has also seen a decrease in popularity of ecchi series.

What Will Highschool Of The Dead Season 2 Be About?

The post-credits scene in the first season of Highschool of the Dead sets the stage for potential storylines in Season 2. After reaching Taiei Shopping Town, Takashi and the group encounter another group of survivors who have settled in the mall. While the mall appears well-supplied, the other group is in an unstable position, as policewoman Asami Nakaoka struggles to maintain peace. Takashi and his group decide to stay for a while but plan their eventual departure.

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With three manga volumes yet to be adapted, Season 2 could explore these storylines in more detail. Joining forces with the survivors in the mall, a power struggle threatening their safe haven, leaving the mall and seeking refuge in a police station, restocking supplies before moving on, and locating Rei and Takashi’s parents before leaving town are all potential plotlines.

Which Studio Could Make Highschool Of The Dead Season 2?

If a second season ever materializes, the same team responsible for the first season will likely be involved. The co-producers of the first season were Geneon Universal Entertainment, AT-X, and Showgate. Madhouse, the studio that animated the first season, may also be involved in animating the second season.

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Geneon Universal Entertainment has a rich history of producing classic anime such as Hellsing Ultimate and Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!. AT-X, which has been producing anime since 2000, has worked on popular shows like Steins, Gate, and Re:Zero. Showgate, established in 2003, has an extensive portfolio with anime titles like Food Wars! and Code Geass. Madhouse, a veteran in the animation industry since 1972, has animated renowned series like One Punch Man, Death Note, and Hajime no Ippo.

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While there is no official confirmation of a second season, fans can hope for a continuation with the same team that brought the first season to life if it does happen.

Highschool of The Dead Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for Highschool of The Dead Season 2 has not been released, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any updates on the official HOTD website. There is yet to be any information regarding the release of a trailer for the second season. While fans may be eager to glimpse what’s to come, it is important to note that the series is currently on hiatus due to the passing of the manga’s author, Daisuke Satō, in 2017. This unfortunate event has made it unlikely for a second season to be produced. However, fans can still enjoy the first season and explore other anime series to satisfy their cravings for new content. It is recommended to keep an eye on the official HOTD website for any updates or announcements regarding the release of a trailer or the possibility of a second season.

Highschool of The Dead Cast

The talented voice actors who bring the characters of Highschool of The Dead to life include Miyuki Sawashiro as Saeko Busujima, Nobuyuki Hiyama as Hirano Kouta, Junichi Suwabe as Takashi Komuro, Yukari Fukui as Shizuka Marikawa, Marina Inoue as Rei Miyamoto, and Eri Kitamura as Saya Takagi. These voice actors have skillfully portrayed their respective characters, precisely capturing their personalities and emotions. Miyuki Sawashiro brings Saeko Busujima to life with her powerful and charismatic voice, while Nobuyuki Hiyama perfectly portrays the lovable and nerdy Hirano Kouta. Junichi Suwabe adds depth to Takashi Komuro’s character, and Yukari Fukui provides a charming and energetic portrayal of Shizuka Marikawa.

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Marina Inoue delivers a strong performance as Rei Miyamoto, showcasing her growth and determination throughout the series. Lastly, Eri Kitamura’s portrayal of Saya Takagi captures her intelligence and sharp wit. These talented voice actors have contributed to the success of Highschool of The Dead, bringing the characters to life and immersing the audience in the thrilling and intense world of the series. Their performances have resonated with fans and become integral to the show’s appeal.

Where To Watch Highschool Of The Dead?

Highschool Of The Dead can be streamed on HIDIVE and Netflix, depending on your region. These are the current streaming services where you can watch the anime’s first season. If there ever will be a Season 2, HIDIVE and Netflix would be the platforms to watch for. HIDIVE offers a wide range of anime series and is known for its diverse library. On the other hand, Netflix is a popular streaming platform that caters to a global audience. It is important to note that availability may vary depending on your location. Therefore, check the streaming services available in your region to watch Highschool Of The Dead. As fans eagerly await news of a potential second season, they can enjoy the first season on these streaming platforms while keeping an eye out for any updates.

Why hasn’t Highschool of the Dead Season 2 happened yet?

The main reason for the absence of a second season is the unfortunate passing of Daisuke Sato, the creator and writer of the series, in 2017. This has made it unlikely for the series to continue without its original creator. Illustrator Shoji Sato, who worked alongside Daisuke Sato, has expressed his reluctance to continue the series without him, stating that nobody else could easily write it. Although hopes were raised when Shoji Sato shared new artwork in 2021, it did not lead to the production of a second season. Additionally, the fact that the manga series still needs to be completed further diminishes the chances of a second season. Despite the profitability and sales figures of the series, the lack of a proper conclusion, the passing of the creator, and the decreasing popularity of the ecchi series all contribute to the unlikelihood of a second season.


In conclusion, the possibility of a second season for Highschool of the Dead remains to be determined due to various factors such as the passing of the manga’s creator and the limited remaining source material. Despite the dedicated fanbase and eagerness for more, the absence of an official release date and the halt in production after the creator’s death have hindered the continuation of the series. This leaves fans anxiously waiting for news of a potential Season 2, unsure of what the future holds for their beloved anime.


Is There a Possibility of a Highschool of the Dead Reboot?

A Highschool of the Dead reboot could tell the complete story without adding anime-only storylines. Some fans want a reboot to tone down or remove the fan service side of the show. However, news on a potential reboot has yet to be announced.

What Are the Potential Storylines for Highschool of the Dead Season 2?

Potential storylines for a second season of Highschool of the Dead could include the group joining forces with survivors in a mall, a power struggle threatening their safe haven, restocking supplies before moving on, and locating the main characters’ parents before leaving town.

Are There Any Rumors About a US-based studio Willing to Make a Second Season?

There are rumors of a US-based studio considering the production of a second season of Highschool of the Dead. However, the chances are slim due to the manga being on hiatus and the original creator passing.

What Are the Sales Figures and Profitability of Highschool of the Dead?

The sales figures and profitability of Highschool of the Dead indicate that the series made enough money for a second season. However, the author’s passing and the manga’s cancellation make it unlikely to continue.

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