In The Dark Season 5 – Is It Cancelled?

In The Dark is a gripping police procedural thriller that follows the story of Murphy, a blind woman who finds herself entangled in a web of mystery and danger. Her life takes a tragic turn when she stumbles upon a body that bears a striking resemblance to her best friend, Tyson. Despite calling the police, the body mysteriously disappears when they arrive, leaving Murphy questioning her perception of reality. Determined to uncover the truth, Murphy is on a relentless quest to discover what happened to her friend.

It explores friendship, loyalty, and commitment themes as Murphy navigates a world where her disability is seen as a disadvantage. The intense and suspenseful storyline keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly following Murphy’s journey as she unravels dangerous truths. With its intriguing premise and compelling characters, In The Dark has captivated audiences and left them eagerly awaiting the possibility of a fifth season.

In The Dark Season 5

When Is In The Dark Season 5 Being Released?

The release date for In The Dark Season 5 has yet to be announced by The CW. There is yet to be any information available regarding when fans can expect the fifth season to premiere. The CW’s decision to cancel the show has left fans disappointed and eager for any updates on the possibility of a revival or continuation of the series. However, it is important to note that the cancellation of In The Dark Season 5 is a result of the managerial changes at The CW and the acquisition of the network by Nexstar Media Group. This has led to cancellations, including In The Dark, as the network transitions.

Would The Cast Return For In The Dark Season 5?

As the cancellation of In The Dark Season 5 has been confirmed, it is highly unlikely that the original cast members would reprise their roles for any potential future seasons. While fans may have hoped to see Perry Mattfeld return as Murphy Mason, Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell, Casey Deidrick as Max Parish, Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace, Rich Sommer as Dean Riley, and Keston John as Darnell James, the reality is that the show will not continue.

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However, the cast members have other upcoming projects to look forward to. Perry Mattfeld has a role in the upcoming film The Idea Of You, Morgan Krantz will be in films called Annie On The Run and The Pillar Method, Casey Deidrick recently played Ryan in Wedding Season, Theodore Bhat will appear in the war drama Masters Of The Air, Rich Sommer will be part of the sports miniseries The Sterling Affairs, and Keston John will return for three more Avatar movies and appear in the TV series Obliterated.

In The Dark Season 5 Plot

The potential plot of In The Dark Season 5 would have delved into the repercussions of Murphy’s choices and her relationship with Felix. With the show’s cancellation, fans can only speculate on what could have been. Perry Mattfeld, who plays Murphy, hinted at different directions Murphy’s story could have taken in a potential fifth season. Murphy could have found herself in another place or even running away with Felix.

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The season would have explored whether Murphy cared about getting caught or sought revenge for everything she went through. Fans expected a thrilling and intense storyline, as Murphy’s character faced numerous challenges throughout the series. However, with the show’s cancellation, these potential plotlines will remain unresolved, leaving fans with questions. Despite the disappointment of not getting a fifth season, viewers can still appreciate the closure provided by the selected ending of the series.


In conclusion, while fans of ‘In The Dark’ may be disappointed by the show’s conclusion with its fourth season, there is no confirmed news regarding a potential fifth season. However, with its dedicated fan base and the potential for new plotlines and character developments, there is still a possibility for the show’s return in the future. The cancellation of ‘In The Dark’ has left some viewers hoping for a potential spin-off show or future updates, while others are disappointed with the end of the series.


Why Was ‘In the Dark’ Cancelled After Season 4?

‘In The Dark’ was canceled after Season 4 due to programming changes at The CW. The merger of Warner Bros. Discovery resulted in multiple show cancellations.

Is There a Possibility of ‘In the Dark’ Getting a Spin-Off Show?

No official confirmation regarding a spin-off show for ‘In The Dark.’ However, fans have expressed interest in exploring other storylines and characters so that a spin-off could be considered in the future.

What Was the Audience Reaction to the Conclusion of ‘In the Dark’ Season 5?

The audience’s reaction to the conclusion of ‘In the Dark’ Season 5 was mixed. While some appreciated the satisfying wrap-up of the series, others expressed disappointment and a desire for more seasons and unresolved mysteries.

Are there Any Upcoming Projects for the Cast Members of ‘In the Dark’?

Some cast members of “In the Dark” have upcoming projects. Perry Mattfeld will star in the film “The Idea Of You,” Morgan Krantz will appear in “Annie On The Run” and “The Pillar Method,” and Casey Deidrick recently played Ryan in “Wedding Season.”

How Can I Watch Previous Seasons of ‘In the Dark’ Before Season 5 Airs?

To watch previous seasons of ‘In the Dark’ before season 5, you can explore various streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

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