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The popular anime series has captivated audiences with its stunning visuals, gripping storyline, and lovable characters. In this highly anticipated continuation, we will again join Riko and Reg as they embark on a perilous journey to find Riko’s missing mother. While details about the release date and new cast members are still scarce, the official trailer has left us craving more. Speculations suggest that Season 3 will adapt the Capital of the Unreturned and Curse Fleet Arcs from the manga, promising even more thrilling adventures and heart-wrenching moments.

The second season, Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, aired five years after its predecessor. This long gap between seasons suggests that the production team takes their time to deliver high-quality content. They are still developing the story and ensuring it lives up to fans’ expectations.

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Secondly, there currently needs to be more source material for another season. The manga, which serves as the basis for the anime adaptation, has only progressed slightly beyond where Season 2 left off. With only 61 chapters released over 10 years, it may take time before enough material is available for another season.

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Made in Abyss Season 3 Release Date

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Made in Abyss Season 3, and while there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, there’s still hope that it will happen. However, some obstacles need to be overcome before we can dive back into the mysterious world of the Abyss.

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One major hurdle is the need for more source material. The manga has only released a little over 61 chapters in more than 10 years. Considering that Season 2 ended around Chapter 60, it may take another five years or even longer for enough content to be available for a new season.

What Is Made in Abyss Season 3 About?

The continuation of Riko’s journey into the depths of the mysterious world in Made in Abyss will bring new revelations and challenges. While we wait for Season 3 to be confirmed and released, there is still much anticipation about what will happen next. The story in the manga is only a few chapters ahead, so it is difficult to predict exactly where the plot will go. However, one thing is sure: Lyza, Riko’s mother, will continue to play a major role in the story. Fans eagerly await her appearance and are excited to see how her presence will impact Riko’s journey.

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In addition to Lyza’s involvement, Season 3 is expected to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Abyss and reveal more about its curse and origins. As Riko and her companions descend into this dangerous world, they will face even scarier effects and encounter new dangers. The series has always been known for its intricate world-building and captivating storytelling, so that fans can expect more in Season 3.

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With each season building upon the previous ones, it is clear that Made in Abyss has much more story left to tell.

Which Studio Is Making Made in Abyss Season 3?

Kinema Citrus, the studio behind the visually stunning manga adaptations, returns to bring us another captivating season of exploration and discovery in Made in Abyss. Their experienced staff, who have previously worked with well-known studios like Production I.G and Bones, can expect nothing less than breathtaking animation and attention to detail. The studio has proven its ability to create visually striking worlds in other projects such as The Rising of the Shield and Star Wars: Visions.

Their previous work on Made in Abyss has been exceptional, capturing the beauty and danger of the Abyss with stunning visuals. From the intricate character designs to the atmospheric backgrounds, Kinema Citrus has showcased its talent for creating immersive and awe-inspiring worlds. Fans will be able to see their favorite characters brought to life again as Riko and Reg continue their perilous journey into the depths of the Abyss.

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As we eagerly anticipate Made in Abyss Season 3, it’s clear that Kinema Citrus is the perfect choice to handle this beloved series. Their dedication to quality animation and storytelling ensures that viewers will be transported back into this enchanting world of mystery and wonder.

Where Will Made in Abyss Season 3 Be Aired?

Made in Abyss: Season 3 is set to captivate audiences on HIDIVE and other streaming platforms! Like its predecessors, Season 3 is expected to stream exclusively on HIDIVE internationally. Sentai Filmworks, the subsidiary of HIDIVE, owns the rights for distribution, making it the go-to platform for fans worldwide. However, for those living in Japan, you can catch all the action on Tokyo MX, TVA, and SUN just like before.

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If history repeats itself, we can expect Made in Abyss: Season 3 to air on Adult Swim in selected regions. This famous channel has been a platform for anime lovers to enjoy their favorite shows in the past, and they will likely continue this tradition with one of the most beloved series of recent years.

Made in Abyss Season 3 Trailer

While no trailer is available yet, we can still dive back into Made in Abyss through the Season 2 teaser trailer.

The teaser trailer gives us a taste of the breathtaking visuals and mysterious atmosphere that Made in Abyss is known for. It reminds us of Riko’s determination to find her mother in the treacherous depths of the Abyss, accompanied by her trusty companion Reg. The haunting music and stunning animation draw us back into this captivating world, leaving us hungry for more.

Made in Abyss Story

The intricate and mysterious story of Made in Abyss is set in a world where danger and mystery lurk within a giant crater known as the Abyss. The series follows the adventures of Riko, an orphan girl with dreams of finding her mother, who disappeared into the depths. The Abyss is filled with artifacts and treasures from a forgotten era, but descending deeper into its depths comes at a great cost – those who return become cursed.

Riko’s determination leads her to explore the treacherous Abyss alongside her robotic companion Reg. Together, they encounter various challenges and uncover shocking secrets along the way. With each step closer to their goal, they face unimaginable dangers that test their strength and resolve.

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Made in Abyss has captivated audiences worldwide with its stunning animation, compelling storytelling, and rich world-building. It has received critical acclaim for its unique premise and emotional depth. As we delve further into this extraordinary tale, we anticipate what lies ahead for Riko and Reg.

Made in Abyss News

As fans eagerly await more information on the future of the beloved anime series, Made in Abyss, news regarding a potential third season has been highly anticipated. With the second season recently concluded, viewers wonder if more will come. The anime has already adapted most of the current manga released, but the story is far from over.

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The manga, which has been ongoing for over 10 years and spans a little over 61 chapters, shows no signs of ending anytime soon. This poses a challenge for producing a third season, as there currently needs to be more source material to adapt. It may take another five years or more to see any new episodes.

However, despite these obstacles, there is hope for fans who want to see more of Riko’s adventure in the deadly Abyss. Studio Kinema Citrus, responsible for the previous manga adaptations, is still considered a preferred choice by creator Akihito Tsukushi. The studio has experienced staff who have worked with other well-known studios and could bring Season 3 to life.

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While we wait for an official announcement on Made in Abyss Season 3, fans can continue to enjoy the first two seasons and explore the fascinating world of cave raiding and mysterious artifacts in the Abyss.


Fans of Made in Abyss can look forward to the highly anticipated Season 3. While the release date and new cast members have yet to be revealed, speculation suggests that the upcoming season will adapt exciting arcs from the manga. With its captivating story and breathtaking animation, Made in Abyss has gained a dedicated following and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As we await more updates on Season 3, let’s imagine a case study where a viewer discovers the series and becomes immersed in its fascinating world, eagerly anticipating each new episode.


Is Made in Abyss Season 3 confirmed?

Made in Abyss Season 3 has yet to be confirmed. As of now, there is no official announcement for the third season. Fans are eagerly awaiting news about the future of the series.

How many chapters of the manga does Season 3 cover?

Season 3 of Made in Abyss covers approximately 61 chapters of the manga. This means it will continue the story from where Season 2 left off and potentially delve into new and exciting plot developments.

Who will play a major role in the plot of Season 3?

Lyza will play a major role in the plot of Season 3. Her character development and backstory are crucial to the story’s progression. Her presence will bring new depth and excitement to the upcoming season.

Which streaming platforms will have Made in Abyss Season 3?

Made in Abyss Season 3 will likely be available on streaming platforms such as HIDIVE, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The anime was previously streamed internationally on HIDIVE, while select regions have had it on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Has the studio for Season 3 been confirmed?

The studio for Season 3 of Made in Abyss has yet to be confirmed. However, fans hope Kinema Citrus, the studio responsible for the previous seasons, will continue to animate the series.

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