My Clueless First Friend Season 2: Release Date: Cast, Plot, And Updates

‘My Clueless First Friend’ is an adaptation of the manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Taku Kawamura, which tells the heartwarming story of Akane Nishimura and her evolving friendship with Taiyō Takada.

It was first published on May 22, 2018, and is still ongoing, spans 14 volumes, providing a rich source material for future seasons.

The manga is produced by Studio Signpost and directed by Shigenori Kageyama, with Crunchyroll licensing it for streaming worldwide. The popularity of ‘My Clueless First Friend’ has garnered a considerable fanbase since its release, increasing the chances of renewal for a second season. 

However, there have been no official statements from Studio Signpost regarding Season 2 renewal. Fans are hopeful for the manga’s return due to the vast content yet to be adapted from the manga.

Given the potential for additional seasons based on the source material’s volume count and fan anticipation, it is highly anticipated that ‘My Clueless First Friend’ will have a second season released.

My Clueless First Friend Season 2 Release Date

As of now, no official statement has been released regarding the renewal of the animated series ‘My Clueless First Friend’ for its second season. Currently, fans eagerly anticipate an announcement confirming the show’s continuation.

Given its popularity and potential for further storytelling, it is highly likely that ‘My Clueless First Friend’ will return with a second season soon. The original manga on which the manga is based spans 14 volumes, providing ample material for additional seasons. Therefore, fans can expect to see a Season 2 release within the next 12 months, possibly by summer 2024.

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With the first season concluding soon and leaving viewers longing for more, there is great anticipation for what lies ahead in ‘My Clueless First Friend.’ The captivating tale of Akane Nishimura and Taiyō Takada’s evolving friendship has resonated with audiences, creating a strong desire to explore their relationship further in Season 2.

My Clueless First Friend Season 1 Plot

Akane Nishimura’s guarded demeanor and distinctive gothic dress style have led her classmates to give her the nickname ‘Grim Reaper.’ However, her life turns when she befriends a new student named Taiyō Takada.

In the world of My Clueless First Friend, Akane’s reserved nature raises suspicion among others, who find her politeness and unique fashion style intriguing. Despite being labeled as the “Grim Reaper,” Akane remains undeterred by negativity and strives to avoid unnecessary chaos and drama.

With the entrance of Taiyō into their school, Akane finds herself gradually opening up to him. Intrigued by Akane, Taiyō becomes determined to be her first friend in class.

Their bond grows more substantial and profound as they spend more time together. Viewers are taken on a journey through the complexities of their friendship as they navigate both good times and bad.

The plot of My Clueless First Friend Season 1 showcases an engaging blend of sweetness and angst that captivates viewers from start to finish. The season consists of eight episodes that leave audiences eagerly anticipating more. As we delve into the intricate dynamics between Akane and Taiyō, it is clear why this series has garnered such a dedicated fanbase.

My Clueless First Friend Season 1 Cast

Konomi Kohara, Shizuka Ishigami, Kengo Kawanishi, Reina Kondō, Atsumi Tanezaki, Kōhei Amasaki, Wakana Maruoka, and Jun Fukuyama are part of the voice cast for My Clueless First Friend.

This talented group of voice actors brings life to the characters in the manga series. Their previous work in popular shows such as Demon Slayer and Tensura showcases their abilities to portray diverse roles and capture the essence of their respective characters.

The voice cast plays a crucial role in immersing viewers into the world of My Clueless First Friend. Konomi Kohara’s portrayal of Akane Nishimura captures her guarded demeanor and gradual transformation throughout the series.

Shizuka Ishigami brings depth to Taiyō Takada with her expressive performance. The rest of the cast, including Kengo Kawanishi as Daichi Hino and Reina Kondō as Umi Adachi, contribute to the dynamic interactions between characters.

Their exceptional performances enhance the storytelling experience and create a solid emotional bond with the characters they portray.

With their talent and dedication, they bring authenticity to each scene and make My Clueless First Friend a captivating manga series.

Where to Watch My Clueless First Friend Season 1

You can watch all episodes of the first season of My Clueless First Friend on Crunchyroll. This platform allows fans to access and enjoy the series at their convenience.

Crunchyroll offers a wide range of manga titles, catering to fans who desire diverse content and accessibility. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library, Crunchyroll has become popular among manga enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any new characters be introduced in Season 2 of My Clueless First Friend?

New characters may be introduced in Season 2 of My Clueless First Friend. However, with specific information and official announcements, providing further details about the potential new characters is easier.

What are some potential story developments that fans can expect in Season 2?

Fans can anticipate various story developments in Season 2 of My Clueless First Friend. These may include further exploration of Akane and Taiy’s relationship, new challenges for the characters to overcome, and potential character growth and development.

Are there any fan theories or speculations about the upcoming season?

There are various fan theories and speculations about the upcoming season of My Clueless First Friend. Some speculate that new characters may be introduced, while others anticipate further development in the relationship between Akane and Taiyō.

Has the manga received any awards or recognition?

The manga has garnered positive reviews and critical acclaim but hasn’t received any awards or recognition. However, its unique blend of sweetness and angst has captivated viewers and contributed to the growing popularity of the series.

What are some comparable manga recommendations for fans of My Clueless First Friend?

For fans of My Clueless First Friend, some comparable manga recommendations include My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Toradora!, and Kimi ni Todoke. These shows explore similar themes of friendship, romance, and personal growth in a high school setting.


The anticipation for a second season of ‘My Clueless First Friend’ is high among fans due to its growing popularity and abundant source material.

With the first season nearing its conclusion and the manga still ongoing, there is a strong possibility of a second season being released within the next 12 months.

The captivating storyline and positive reception from viewers make it an exciting prospect for manga enthusiasts.

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