Noragami Season 3: Everything We Know About Noragami Season 3

The more believable style helps portray feelings well during these dramatic situations, demonstrating the artist’s skill by portraying a scene with facial gestures and other minor elements. Bones began airing a 12-episode anime Television series adaptation from January to March 2014. A 13-episode second season titled Noragami Aragoto premiered in 2015.

Hiyori Iki was a typical middle school student until she was in a bus accident while attempting to protect a stranger. This incident causes her soul to frequently leave her body when she becomes aware of two parallel worlds: the Near Shore, which is home to regular humans and creatures, as well as the Far Shore, which is settled by demons and human souls.

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Yato, the unusual, unnamed god without even a shrine, appears to her through her soul. Yato is committed to making a name for himself by fulfilling any wish for 5 yen, including Hiyori’s wish to repair her body. Along with Yato’s Regalia — a weapon fashioned from the soul of a dead human and named by the god in question — Yukine, the trio embarks on numerous adventures while grappling with their friendship, identity, and pasts.

Noragami season 3

Who is in the cast for Noragami Season 3?

  • Yato

    Yato, also known by his forename, Yaboku, is one of Noragami’s three main protagonists. He is a mysterious god who aspires to be a God of Fortune. He was once known as the God of Misfortune. He has untidy, black hair and pale blue eyes with tiny, round pupils that narrow whenever he is serious or frustrated, much like a cat’s.

  • Hiyori Iki

    Hiyori Ik is the female leading lady of the Noragami series. She is half-ayakashi with the ability for her spirit to leave her human body.

  • Yukine

    Yukine, real name Haruki Tajima, is one of the Noragami series’ three main protagonists. He is Yato’s shinki and guidepost, as well as Father’s shinki under the name Hagusa.

  • Kofuku

    Kofuku, also known as Kofuku Ebisu, is a Goddess of Poverty. She goes by the alias “Kofuku Ebisu” to give the impression that she is a god of fortune.

  • Daikoku

    Kofuku’s shinki and guidepost are Daikoku. Daikoku appears to be a tall male of unknown age. He has shoulder-length black hair that is combed to the back and sharp eyes that are dark red in the anime. He converts into a black hand fan as a vessel. When she first named him, Kofuku assumed he was a fan from another country or era.

  • Bishamonten

    Bishamonten is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, also widely recognized as Vaisravana or Bishamon. She is officially designated as a goddess of war and warriors. Bishamon, even after being a goddess, is shown to be very generous to her Shinki. She welcomes any roaming and unsettled spirit, useful or not, and welcomes them into her family. Because she failed to save her Shinki in the past, Bishamon decides to distance herself from them, portraying herself as a fierce goddess and ensuring that they are not concerned about her, which only makes them feel more insecure and lonely.

  • Mayu

    Mayu is among Tenjin’s shinki. She had held positions for Yato as Tomone. Mayu has black hair that is short and green eyes. She typically dresses in a white kimono with a red hakama.

  • Kazuma

    Kazuma, Bishamonten’s shinki and guidepost, is Kiyotsugu Hirano’s real name. He is also known as Kazune, a Yato shinki. In his vessel form as Bishamon’s shinki, he appeared as a cherry blossom-shaped earring and became blessed regalia; his shinki form was a nail. As Yato’s shinki, he wears a black tracksuit, gloves, scarf, and boots, and his divine equipment is a katana that can be converted into a bow and arrow.

  • Mutsumi

    Mutsumi is yet another character who appears in both the anime and manga adaptations of Noragami. She appears throughout the first chapter of the manga but only appears briefly in the first episode of the anime.

cast for Noragami Season 3

Noragami Characters, Cast & anime Staff

  • Characters & Cast

    CharacterVoice Actor
    YatoHiroshi Kamiya
    YukineYuki Kaji
    HiyoriMaaya Uchida
    BishamonMiyuki Sawashiro
    KazumaJun Fukuyama
    KofukuAki Toyosaki
  • Anime Staff

    Anime Staff PositionStaff
    DirectorKoutarou Tamura
    Series Composition, ScriptHitomi Mieno
    Character DesignToshihiro Kawamoto

What will be the story of Noragami Season 3?

“Noragami” received positive reviews from critics throughout its run, and the show managed to accumulate a devoted fan base. With over six years after the conclusion of “Noragami: Aragoto,” fans are still preparing. BONES has a wide variety of source foundations to build from for Season 3 of “Noragami.” “In terms of manga, the television series only includes a few bunches of the 23 current volumes, leaving many untold stories.”

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This, of course, means that viewers will gain a better understanding of the god’s underworld and Yato’s dark history as one of the Gods of Calamity. Hiyori and her companions must also seek treatment for her freely lost soul. Until recent times, the team had to handle conflicts within themselves and other gods from Yato’s olden days, which meant Hiyori’s condition was sometimes overlooked. Moreover, it’s correct to conclude that “Noragami’s” story will not be complete unless one of the critical problems that began it was resolved.

story of Noragami Season 3

What Is The Release Date For Norgami Season 3?

To be sure, neither Studio BONES nor the show’s distributors, Funimation, have announced plans for a third season. If a season 3 of Noragami is in the works, it’s highly questionable. The studio is well known in the industry, and it is always working on multiple projects, such as the latest “Godzilla: Singular Point.” Presuming BONES wants to make “Noragami” Season 3, it may be impossible to predict a release date without an official release or trailer.

Who Will Come Back In ‘Noragami’ Season 3?

Rabou, Daikoku, Kuraha, Nora, Kazuma, Hiyori Iki, Yukine, Kofuku, Bishamonten, and Yato will all return in the third installment.

Noragami season 3 Trailer

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When will Noragami Season 3 release?

It has not been officially announced by the studio when noragami season 3 will release.

How many Episodes of Noragami are there?

There are total 25 episodes of Noragami. 12-episode In first season and 13-episode in second season.

Is The Noragami Manga Still Going?

The Noragami manga is in development. Adachitoka’s latest series Noragami collected a total of 25 volumes as of December 2022.

Is there any trailer Yet?

No, there’s no trailer regarding Noragami season 3 but you can watch the trailers of both Noragami seasons 1 and 2.

Where Can I Watch Noragami?

Noragami is a beloved anime series, and many options are available if you’re looking to watch it. Most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video offer some episodes of Noragami. In contrast, Crunchyroll offers an even more extensive selection with its entire catalog of episodes.

What is Noragami About?

Noragami is an exciting manga series set in modern-day Japan, featuring a unique and thrilling storyline. It follows the adventures of Yato, a small-time god who wants to become famous by helping people accomplish their goals. He is accompanied by his valuable regalia – weapons that serve as his divine powers – and two unlikely allies: Hiyori, a human girl who can transform into a ghost, and Yukine, a spirit bound to Yato’s service. Together, they navigate strange and dangerous spiritual realms while trying to solve supernatural mysteries and stop Gods from opposing Yato’s presence.

Final Words

The basic plot of Noragami is focused on two concepts from Japanese mythology. The first is that phantoms are manifestations of negative emotions and thoughts. The other one is that God exists to fight these phantoms and keep humanity safe while granting their wishes. The gods in this series are based on the entire Japanese pantheon, such as Shinto and Buddhist/Hindu adoptions. The Seven Lucky Gods are given the most importance. They are still widely idolized during festival events and religious observances in the real world.

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Studio Bones has a lengthy history of creating quality anime featuring names such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, and Soul Eater. Noragami, which features very realistic cartoony graphics comparable to those found in Eureka Seven, demonstrates their commitment to compelling art styles and high-quality work. Bones shines in this category with a solid combination of action and emotion. During these dramatic situations, the more believable style helps portray feelings well, revealing the artist’s skill by portraying moments with facial gestures and other minor elements.

With so much emphasis on quality animation throughout the rest of the series, it’s understandable to try to save a little effort and time by reusing this sequence.

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