Peaky Blinders Season 7 Release Date, Cast & More

After the sixth season, fans eagerly awaited the next installment in the tale of Birmingham’s most notorious gang. However, creator Steven Knight made it clear several years ago that there would be no seventh season. Instead, he opted for a feature film to bring closure to the narrative. Production on this movie is scheduled to commence in 2024, with a potential release shortly after that.

This decision may disappoint some viewers who had hoped for another season, but it ensures the story will be wrapped up satisfactorily. By transitioning from television to film, creators have an opportunity to provide a more immersive and cinematic experience for audiences. Concluding with a feature film allows for greater artistic freedom and flexibility in shaping and resolving plotlines.

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While fans may have initially expected another season of Peaky Blinders, they can now look forward to an epic conclusion through this upcoming feature film. This shift allows creators to deliver an unforgettable finale while catering to an audience that desires safety by exploring alternative formats beyond traditional television series production.

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Despite the series ending, audiences can take solace in knowing that the story will continue through this upcoming film. The decision to conclude Peaky Blinders with a movie ensures that viewers can still engage with their beloved characters and witness their final chapter unfold onscreen. This choice also allows new perspectives and narratives to emerge by exploring different settings and storylines during World War 2.

Peaky Blinders Season 7

Peaky Blinders Season 7 Release Date

No official release date has been announced for the continuation of Peaky Blinders. The series recently concluded its run and will not have a seventh season. However, fans can look forward to a sequel film that will directly continue the story. Tentatively scheduled for release in Spring 2024, the movie was chosen over another season due to the practicality of production during the COVID-19 pandemic. Creator Steven Knight stated that the lost production time made it more feasible to pursue a movie rather than a new season.

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The decision to conclude Peaky Blinders with a film allows for a grand climax and resolution to Thomas Shelby’s character arc. In the series finale, it is revealed that his enemies fabricated his diagnosis of tuberculoma. This revelation brings peace and focuses to Thomas, setting up his quest for revenge in the upcoming movie. While no specific details about the plot or cast have been released, Cillian Murphy is expected to reprise his role as Thomas Shelby.

Peaky Blinders Season 7 Cast

Cillian Murphy & Paul Anderson are confirmed to reprise their roles in the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie. While the entire cast for the feature film has not been revealed, it is expected that other cast members, such as Anya Taylor-Joy as Gina Gray, Natasha O’Keeffe as Lizzie, and Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne, will also return. The movie transitions from the small screen to the big screen for the Peaky Blinders series.

There is also speculation that the Peaky Blinders universe may extend beyond just the movie. There may be a spin-off sequel series or a new season with a new protagonist where familiar faces from the original show appear. Sam Claflin’s character, Sir Oswald Mosley, is set to return as an antagonist in the movie.

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It should be noted that rumors about Rowan Atkinson playing Adolf Hitler in the movie have been debunked. No official announcements have been made regarding additional casting choices. Fans eagerly await further updates and information about the highly anticipated Peaky Blinders movie.

Where is Peaky Blinders Season 7 coming out

The series has been canceled after six seasons, so a seventh season will not be available for streaming on these platforms. This decision disappointed fans who eagerly anticipated the continuation of the show. However, it is essential to note that freedom in entertainment choices allows for a wide range of alternatives. While Netflix may not be involved in the release of Season 7, there are other avenues through which viewers can access the desired content. The creators of Peaky Blinders may explore different options to bring the story to audiences, such as releasing it on another streaming platform or making it available through other distribution channels. In an ever-evolving media consumption landscape, viewers have more choices than ever. They can seek out their preferred way of accessing content that aligns with their tastes and interests.

Peaky Blinders Season 7 Planned Story Details

The planned story details for the next installment of Peaky Blinders involve exploring the lessons not learned from the previous war and the end of the British empire. Creator Steven Knight had initially intended for Season 7 to continue until the first air raid siren of World War 2, with Tommy Shelby’s character arc showing his redemption by 1939. However, these plans have been revised to extend into and beyond World War 2.

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The movie will continue the story during this period, offering a different setting and storyline. It is expected to provide a different perspective on the events surrounding World War 2 and explore the consequences of past conflicts. This exploration aligns with an audience that desires freedom, as it allows for a critical examination of historical events and their implications on society.

Peaky Blinders Future Season 7, Movie, or Spin-Off

As the story of Peaky Blinders nears its conclusion with Season 6, plans for the future of this world involve a movie and potential spin-offs to further explore and expand upon the narrative. Creator Steven Knight initially intended for Season 7 to continue the story until the first air raid siren of World War 2, showcasing Tommy Shelby’s redemption by 1939. However, there has been a significant change in direction with the announcement that the Peaky Blinders movie occurred during World War 2. This decision indicates a major shift in Knight’s overall plan for this universe.

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While Season 7 is no longer happening, fans can anticipate a sequel film that will provide a fitting conclusion and potentially set up new stories. The movie is being developed and expected to be released in the Spring of 2024. It will feature familiar faces such as Cillian Murphy, reprising his role as Thomas Shelby, alongside other returning cast members like Paul Anderson and Anya Taylor-Joy.

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In addition to the movie, there are discussions about potential spin-offs that would further explore and delve into the world of Peaky Blinders. These spin-offs could introduce new storylines and characters while maintaining connections to the original series.

While Season 7 may not be happening, fans can look forward to an exciting future for Peaky Blinders through the upcoming movie and potential spin-offs that aim to expand upon this captivating universe.

What Can You Expect From The Upcoming Movie?

The upcoming movie in the Peaky Blinders universe is expected to provide a satisfying conclusion to the story, wrapping up loose ends and potentially setting up new narratives for future exploration. According to creator Steven Knight, this film will serve as the end of the beginning, signaling the culmination of everything that has happened in Birmingham. With a focus on tying up loose ends, viewers can expect closure for various storylines and character arcs.

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While the movie will end the Peaky Blinders Universe as we know it, there are hints towards a potential spin-off series after its conclusion. This suggests that although this particular storyline may be concluding, there is still room for further exploration within this world.

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In terms of surprises, Knight has expressed his intention to surprise viewers with unexpected twists and turns. This indicates that audiences can anticipate unexpected plot developments and intriguing narrative choices that deviate from conventional expectations.

Overall, fans of Peaky Blinders can look forward to a satisfying conclusion in the upcoming movie while remaining open to the possibility of new narratives and characters being introduced in potential spin-offs or other future projects.


The cancellation of Peaky Blinders after six seasons has left fans disappointed. However, they can still look forward to the upcoming spin-off film that will provide a fitting conclusion to the story of the Shelby family. Set during World War 2, the movie aims to explore new characters and continue the legacy of this beloved series. With production already underway, audiences can anticipate an engaging and captivating cinematic experience soon.


Will There Be a Spin-Off Series or Sequel to Peaky Blinders?

The possibility of a spin-off series or sequel to Peaky Blinders is currently uncertain. There has been speculation and interest in further exploring the Peaky Blinders universe, but official announcements have yet to be made regarding such projects.

What Is the Current Status of Production for the Peaky Blinders Movie?

The current status of production for the Peaky Blinders movie is still ongoing. However, there is no set release date available at this time.

Is There a Possibility of Surprise Casting Choices in the Movie?

The possibility of surprise casting choices in the Peaky Blinders movie remains uncertain. While rumors may circulate, it is essential to await official announcements from the showrunners regarding the cast selection for an accurate understanding.

How does Will Thomas Shelby’s Character Arc conclude in the Movie?

The conclusion of Thomas Shelby’s character arc in the Peaky Blinders movie remains to be discovered, as specific details have yet to be released. However, his journey is expected to involve seeking revenge and delivering a satisfying resolution to his story.

Are There Any Rumors or Pranks Associated With the Peaky Blinders Movie?

No rumors or pranks associated with the Peaky Blinders movie have been confirmed. Fans should cautiously approach unverified information and await official announcements regarding the film’s cast, plot, and release date.

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