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Prison School is an anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously and goes all in on its premise. Adapted from the manga by Akira Hiramoto, it follows the story of five male students attending Hachimitsu Academy, a previously all-girls school known for its strict rules. After being caught attempting to peep into the female students’ bathing area, the Underground Student Council forces the boys to serve time in the school’s prison. The first season showcased their experiences and peculiar dynamics within this unique system.

With Season 1 ending on an exciting, fans are eager for Season 2 to continue exploring this unconventional setting and unraveling more of the story. The anime received positive reviews for its engaging storyline and adult-like humor. Its popularity can be seen through strong DVD and Blu-ray sales, indicating a dedicated fan following worldwide. Moreover, fan engagement through merchandise purchases and online discussions further demonstrates audience demand for a sequel.

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The availability of source material from the completed manga series provides ample content for future adaptations. The potential success of a second season also lies in J.C. Staff Studios’ reputation for quality animation and attention to detail.

Prison School season 2

Everything We Know So Far About Prison School

Information regarding the potential continuation of the anime series is currently limited. Prison School, an adaptation of the manga by Akira Hiramoto, follows the story of five male students in a strict all-girls school. The first season, directed by Mizushima Tsutomu and animated by J.C. Staff Studios, aired from July to September 2015. Despite positive reception and popularity among fans worldwide, there have not been any official announcements or cancellations regarding a second season.

The availability of source material is promising for a potential sequel. The manga series was completed in 2017, consisting of 28 volumes with 277 chapters, and the first season only covered the first nine volumes, leaving ample content for future adaptations.

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Fan reactions and expectations for a second season remain high. Positive responses have been observed on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, with fans expressing their desire to continue the series. However, it is important to note that these speculations are not based on official statements or confirmations.

Prison School Season 2 Release date

Regarding the second season’s release date, no official announcement or confirmation is available. Despite rumors and speculation about a potential follow-up season, neither the manga author nor any associated companies have made any statements regarding Prison School Season 2. Fans will have to exercise patience in hopes of a new season.

Without an official continuation, fans eager to discover the story’s conclusion are encouraged to explore the completed manga series, which concluded in 2017. The manga provides an alternative for those who must start a potential second season immediately.

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It is important to note that while fans may anticipate a sequel, it is crucial to prioritize safety when discussing and anticipating entertainment media. Engaging with authorized sources and respecting boundaries set by creators ensures a positive and responsible viewing experience.

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More information must be given regarding Prison School Season 2’s release date. It remains to be determined if or when it will be renewed or canceled. Therefore, individuals interested in further developments should stay updated through reliable sources for future announcements.

Expected Plot Of Prison School Season 2

One possible narrative trajectory for the sequel of Prison School could involve delving into the aftermath of the characters’ release from imprisonment and exploring their interpersonal dynamics. The following season may focus on the underground student council and their punishment, as hinted in the OVA from 2016.

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The plot could revolve around the relationships and experiences of the protagonists after their time in prison, providing an opportunity for character development and comedic situations. These plot points have the potential to be elaborated upon humorously, potentially introducing more sitcom elements to the series. While no official announcements or confirmations have been made regarding a second season, fans remain eager for its continuation and are optimistic about its possibility, given the popularity of both the manga and anime adaptation.

Which Studio Could Make Prison School Season 2?

J.C. Staff, the animation studio behind the first season of Prison School, is a likely candidate to produce Season 2. The studio’s previous involvement in the manga series adaptation showcases their familiarity with the material and ability to bring it to life on screen. J.C. Staff has a reputable track record in producing anime series, including popular titles such as Toradora, Food Wars, DanMachi, and One Punch Man (Season 2). Their commitment to quality and attention to detail is recognized within the industry.

For an audience that desires safety, J.C. Staff’s potential involvement in Season 2 provides reassurance regarding production value and adherence to standards. The studio’s experience adapting diverse genres allows them to handle sensitive content appropriately while maintaining entertainment value.

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Furthermore, J.C. Staff’s collaboration with licensing partners Madman Entertainment and Crunchyroll indicates a strong connection between the studio and international distribution platforms. This relationship can contribute positively towards funding future seasons of Prison School.

Where to Watch Prison School?

Crunchyroll and Funimation are the primary streaming platforms for Prison School, offering viewers the opportunity to stream Season 1. These platforms provide a safe and convenient way for anime fans to enjoy the series from the comfort of their homes. By subscribing to these services, viewers can access all episodes of Prison School’s first season with just a few clicks. Additionally, physical copies of Season 1 on Blu-ray are available for those who prefer a more permanent viewing option. The availability of Prison School on multiple streaming platforms and in physical format demonstrates its popularity and demand among audiences.


Considering the popularity, positive reception, and availability of ample source material, the potential for a sequel to continue the captivating narrative of Prison School remains an exciting prospect. The initial success of the anime series and its ability to captivate viewers with its edgy humor and gripping storyline has left a lasting impression on fans. The positive reviews from fans and critics further solidify the potential for a second season.

With 28 volumes and 277 chapters in the original manga series, there is still a significant amount of untapped material that can be adapted for future seasons. This provides an opportunity to explore unexplored story arcs and character developments that await in the manga.

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Studio considerations are crucial in determining whether or not a second season will be produced. J.C. Staff Studios, known for their quality animation work, will likely return if Season 2 is greenlit. However, other ongoing projects or commitments may impact their availability.

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Ultimately, audience demand and market trends also influence the decision-making process. The passionate fanbase’s continuous support through merchandise purchases and online discussions showcases their enthusiasm for more content. Production committees and studios recognize this demand and understand the potential for continued success.


Will the Official Student Council Play a Significant Role in Prison School Season 2?

The extent of the official student council’s role in Prison School Season 2 can only be determined with specific information about the plot and character developments. Further details are needed to assess their significance accurately.

Are Any Updates on the Renewal or Cancellation of Prison School Season 2?

No updates on the renewal or cancellation of Prison School Season 2 have been announced. The sequel’s status remains uncertain, leaving fans eager for official information about its future.

How Does the Availability of the Manga Series Impact the Potential for a Second Season?

The availability of the manga series provides ample source material for a potential second season of Prison School. It allows for unexplored story arcs and character developments to be adapted, increasing the potential for a continuation of the anime.

Has There Been Any News Regarding the Studio That Will Produce Prison School Season 2?

No official news regarding the studio that will produce Prison School Season 2 has been released. The lack of information makes it difficult to determine the studio’s identity at this time.

What Are the Primary Streaming Platforms to Watch Prison School?

The primary streaming platforms to watch Prison School are Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both platforms offer the first season of the anime for streaming.

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