Will There Be Re: Zero Season 3? Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Online Reaction

The fantasy anime series ‘Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World,’ commonly referred to as ‘Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu,’ is inspired by light book series penned by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. In recent years, it has become one of the greatest famous isekai fantasy anime series.

The story’s key character is Subaru Natsuki, a Japanese who’s been teleported to some other dimension. He thinks that by listening and studying all of the isekai manga, he will achieve extraordinary powers. Later, it is revealed that his ability enables them to resurrect when he is killed and start his life again.

Emilia, a half-elf woman whose fate appears to be intertwined with his, is the first woman he meets. On April 4, 2016, the debut of season 1 of ‘Re: Zero’ premiered. The second season of the program has recently concluded. Someone who is wondering if Season 3 will be aired will discover the explanation here.

The Release Date of Season 3 of Re: Zero

Season 2 will conclude on March 24, 2021. It is too early to expect an update about an upcoming season and a premiere date. Fans will be encouraged by the fact that Re: Zero will get another season. Crunchyroll News spoke with Sho Tanaka, the director of Re: Zero, first before season 2 premiered.

While he did not announce any news related to the new season of Re Zero in this interview, he did state that he was certain that viewers will be ‘begging’ for a further episode in the series after viewing season 2, which has proven to be correct. It can be interpreted as a signal from the director that the series will not be canceled, so we can confidently expect yet another season.

re zero season 3

A third season is likely since the base has a considerable amount of data that can and should be animated. Nagatsuki has stated that after finishing 24 chapters in September, the light novel is just 50% finished. The anime is incredibly popular, and it makes no logical sense for the creators to keep it unfinished, particularly because it is so mainstream.

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The third season’s release is impossible to determine. After four years, the second series was broadcast. We can expect another season between late 2022 and mid-2023.

What is the season 3 plot of Re: Zero?

Even though Season 2 of “Re: Zero” only completely covered to “Arc 4” of the primary beam works of fiction, White Fox has more “Re:Zero” to adjust . One of most latest arc accompanied Subaru as well as Emilia as they attempted to save the people of Sanctuary who have been trapped behind a strange mystical shield. 

Subaru and his allied forces battle to join forces the Aristocratic Electoral Encampments in Wikileaks Town in order to destroy the Witch Cult members who have seized possession in “Arc 5,” in which the anime’s story takes place to pick up. At the present time, it is unidentified if the manga will acclimate only this electrical discharge or proceed more into the sequence.

Season 3 will, even so, include most of the plot points that have defined “Re: Zero.” In other phrases, “Re: Zero” will proceed with its long history of viciousness and mental abuse, as Mazda’s chance to Restore By Death continuously demonstrates to be both a good and bad thing. Any additional information, on the other hand, will most likely be ended up saving for the movie’s (hopefully) imminent launch.

What is the season 3 plot of Re: Zero

Who will play replace in Re: Zero 3?

The entire characters will almost certainly reappear as far as “Re: Zero Season 3” is released. Subaru’s Japanese voice actor is Yusuke Kojishi who also gave voice to Food Wars.  In English Dub, Sean Chiplock who is also known for his voice acting in Pokemon Detective Pikachu will talk in his place. 

Original secondary cast voice performers will also reappear. Kayli and Rie Takahashi, and also Ryan Bartley, Inori Minase, as well as Inori Minese, represent various characters.

There would be no big casting or staff adjustments in Season 3, but new faces will surely offer a new voice to “Re- Zero.” The cast for Season 3 is still to be confirmed. Fans must wait and watch the and see what changes will there be in casting.

Re: Zero Season 3 Online Reactions

Re: Zero has gotten an immense amount of online reactions from its fans. Who’s seen Re: Zero have rated it a minimum a 9 out of 10, and most have rated it a full 10.

A user “atwood96” has written that these anime have everything that an ideal anime should have. From magic to the incredible fighting scenes with love and comedy, it’s the totally perfect anime one could make.

Another user “TheGreatGreenBadge” wrote that Re: Zero is evidence to the Isekai genre will never die. In this anime character’s interaction is just at the next level. Re: Zero is successful in showing the sacrifice and friendship that other anime have failed to present. 

Youtuber Trash Taste Highlights who have more than 6.5 lakhs subscribers reveal in their video that they were surprised to find out that Re Zero season 1 is just a prologue.

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Another YouTuber “Scarnage” who has around 10 thousand subscribers told in his video that fact that he loved season 1 of Re: Zero but season 2 was quite long without opening and ending themes. There has hardly been an introductory and finishing tune used in all the episodes.

He adored every female anime character, especially Emilia. In male characters, he liked Otto and Subaru was one of the most annoying characters he has ever seen in comparison to any anime he has ever seen.  At last, he recommended that those audiences who love the fantasy genre will love this anime.

Re: Zero Profitability For Season 3

Re: Zero continuation is based on how profitable the first and second seasons were. As a result, the making of the third season of the series is only possible if the studio has good profits from the previous season. 

Re Zero’s debut season was launched in 2016 and sold 12,000 copies of each disc. For the next season of Re Zero, around 5,000 blu-ray units were sold. However, these figures only apply to Japan. These figures don’t include English-language Re Zero Blu-ray sales. 

Re Zero Light Novel Issue 27 started selling 35,000 units, and Issue 28 purchased over 33,000 units. The Re Zero Light Novel Sequence has 11 million volumes in a sale as of December 2021. 

As per data studio will certainly earn good profits from Blueray copies, merchandise, and toys if they are releasing season 3 of Re: Zero.

Re- Zero Profitability For Season 3

Re: Zero Season 3 Story

In 2020, the 24th edition of the light novel Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World was released. The new season of the animation was published in two parts that year. The first course took place from July to September. After a three-month hiatus, the series returned in January and will run until March 2021.

The new season effectively covered the story of the fourth arc of the light novel. So far, the light novel includes seven arcs. Tappei Nagatsuki, the author of Re: Zero, has been heavily involved in the animation adaptation. It is reasonable to suppose that the following season’s series will also replicate the light book under the guidance of the book’s author.

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Based on that evidence, we might assume that the series will include the novel’s fifth arc in the upcoming season. The fifth arc, titled ‘Stars That Engrave History,’ will center on Anastasia, another Royal Selection contender. Many new faces will be revealed who might play small or big roles in the tale.

The Witch’s Cult, led by Sir Archbishop, will return to cause mayhem in the Water Gate City once more. The storyline will be interesting since we will find Subaru on the run again, this time as the authorized Knight of Emilia.

When you think about isekai anime, the first thing that springs to mind is Re: Zero. We still know little or nothing about Satella as well as the Witch’s Society. Furthermore, we do need a justification for Satella and Emilia’s relationship. With so many open questions, a season premiere of Re: Zero is eagerly awaited.

Re: Zero Season 3 Story


Will there will Re: Zero seasons 3?

The Re Zero series garnered loads of extra money to justify a new season. It may receive 3rd season.

When is Re: Zero coming out?

Re: Zero Season 3 is set to be available in later 2023 or around 2024.

How many seasons are there in Re: Zero Season 3?

There are two seasons of the Re: Zero series till now.

Is there a Re: Zero seasons 3 trailer?

Re: Zero seasons 3 isn’t available as it is now released by the studio.


Issue 16 of the light series of novels must be completed. Since book 1-9 was modified for the very first series of Re Zero, & book 8 and 15 was modified for the second episode. So, if you wanted to proceed with the narrative after Re: Zero’s Second Season, start reading Re Zero Light Novel Book 16 in English.

Re: Zero Season 3 is set to be available in 2023. Both prior series and light novel revenues produced a significant profit for Re Zero. While it has not been made official, and people will also not be able to watch this show in 2022, we expect that the new season of Re Zero will be released in 2023 or early 2024. Season 3’s launch window is unknown, although there is an eighty percent likelihood that it will be soon.

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