All About Redo Of Healer Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Character

Tsukiyo Rui’s Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi, also known as Redo of Healer and narrowed as is a light novel set developed and published by Shiokonbu. It started serialization on the novel publications webpage Kadokawa in July 2017. As of 2019, seven sets had all been published. In 2017, a manga transformation by Haga Souken was already serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga journal Young Ace UP. There will be an anime tv show.

What Is The Storyline Of Redo Of Healer

Keyaru, who has been used and victimized numerous times in the process of his trying to cure miracles, acknowledges what lies beyond his curing mystical powers and is convinced that such a curing wizard is the strongest group in the world.

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Even so, even if he realizes he has some potential, he has managed to lose it all. Thus, he travels back four years in time, aided by the magical quality and greatness of the Philosopher’s Stone on the globe itself, to redo it all and seek vengeance on those who mistreated him.

Storyline Of Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Cast And Character

  • Keyaru

    The Healing Hero has been bestowed with the hero’s emblem upon completion of development. He, on the other side, really wants to save the globe from evil spirits only to suffer four years of hard, psychological, and sexual abusive treatment by his own allied forces, exposing the Jioral Kingdom’s corruption.

    During the fight with the devil king, Eve, Keyaru manages to keep himself alive by discovering the essence of his authority and obtaining the Philosopher’s Stone. He then utilises the object to travel back and exact vengeance on his tormentors.

  • Flare Arlgrande Jioral

    The Jioral Kingdom’s first queen as well as the Magic Hero. Flare is the major cause of Keyaru’s hardship because she has seen him as a baggage shipper and illegal substances to make him obedient to her instructions. Until Keyaru proved or else, she considered healing wizards to be the lowest grade in the world of magic, and she does not really believe her with Philosopher’s Stone.

    In the alternative future, Keyaru brutally tortures her, deletes her remembrances and changes her looks and character to becoming his partner and admirer, Freia, all while convincing everybody that Flare has died. As Freia, she is absolutely beautiful and warm-hearted, and she obeys all of Keyarga’s orders.

  • Setsuna

    Keyaru purchases and recruits and retains a female demi-human servant in his group. Setsuna is of the Ice Wolf clan, which is alienated from civilization and generally taken as slaves, which defeats the point of inclusivity in the Jioral Kingdom.

    As Keyarga provides her with the opportunity to seek revenge on her clan, she uncovers her unstated full title in addition to receiving uplifting power from Keyarga. Setsuna later forms a strong feeling for Keyarga and commonly needs to compete for his favourite Freia.

  • Eve Reese

    A monster who is among the contenders for Demon Lord. In a prior timeframe in which she did already become Demon Master and ended up fighting Keyaru to the bloody end, she urged him to save her and ended up giving him the Philosopher’s Stone, provoking Keyaru to wonder what she’s seeking to shield. Her goal is to assassinate the existing Demon Master for attempting to annihilate her compatriots. When she accomplishes the Caladrius tests, her hair turns from black to silver.

  • Norn Clatalissa Jioral

    Flare’s younger sister as well as Jioral Kingdom’s first crown princess. All daughters have been closest till the Flare earned the respect of Magic Hero, and Flare disregards Norn. In comparison to her older sister, Norn governs her empire in a bloodthirsty and deceitful way, with the goal of deposing Flare from the crown.

    Having followed Flare’s utter lack, Norn planned to enlist the help of a neighbouring country by eliminating all defenceless monsters, after her troops killed a companion Keyarga had gotten to realize.

    He and Freia foil her oppressive plot and apprehend her. Keyarga, like Flare, erases Norn’s memories and transforms herself into his younger sister Ellen. She has a brother as complicated as Ellen and considers Freia to be a “big sister.”

  • Kureha Clyret

    A Jioral Kingdom female knight known as the Blade Queen. Kureha is grateful to Keyaru for repairing her mutilated arm since their first gathering. She originally resists Keyaru’s party, however, after gaining knowledge of her kingdom’s brutality, she joins them. Freia claims to be her old self in order to listen to Kureha’s sayings. Kureha, now a faithful ally, has intimate relations with Keyaru in exchange for her missteps and people act as an interrogator for him. The other girls are envious of her continual romance with Keyaru.

  • Bullet

    Also known as Cannon Hero who aims Keyaru for the abduction and killing because he has a compulsively physical desire for small boys. Keyarga would not accept a new boy into his group due to the trauma.

  • Blade

    The Jioral Kingdom is home to the Sword Hero. She has a strong homosexual attraction that drives her to sexually assault perfect girls to fatal injury. Blade used to torture and physiologically physically hurt Keyaru each day for “intimate” Flare in order to relieve her unhappiness.

  • Ann

    A member of the same town as Keyaru. Anna has been feeding and sheltering Keyaru since his family’s deaths. She inspires Keyaru to pursue his dream of improving the world place. While Anna regards Keyaru as her child, he regards her after his first adoration. Anna here seems to be an average-sized young woman with hip and light brown hair.

  • Leonard

    The hostile commander of the Jioral Kingdom’s warriors who bangs out at the detained Keyaru for just doing “little if anything.”

  • Redra Gordoman

    A trader inside the town of Lanaritta.

  • Karman

    Keyaru develops a close relationship with a shopkeeper from the town of Branicca.

  • Trist Organ

    A Jioral Kingdom knight and one of his country’s Three Champions. His apparent detection ability earned him the moniker “Hawkeye.”

  • Proum Jioral

    The Jioral Kingdom’s king and Flare as well as Norn’s dad. He dispatches Leonard and afterwards Bullet to locate Keyarga for such killing of his girls, unaware that they have been still present.

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Cast And Character

Redo Of Healer Season 2: Production Updates!

There was no formal announcement upon this comeback of Redo the Healer’s new season according to the last notification. The sequence is seen by the fan base in March 2021. Since that day, the franchise’s creators have not brought back to discuss the spinoff.

One of the main reasons for the franchise’s lengthy delay in the update was the number of debates that it encountered. This animated movie, like other ecchi and harem dramas released on social media, received a huge outcry due to its disturbing content.

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While Animoon postponed the sequence to the point of withdrawal, other offerings continued to refuse to broadcast it on a major television channel. When the light novel first did come out, it tracked down a similar scenario. Despite this, the sequence was incredibly popular and continues to be in a growing market. However, it has not yet been reauthorized by Studio TNK.

And there has been no clear indication of the comeback of season 2, the production is also in dilemma. If the situation of Redo Of Healer’s Second season is especially in comparison to that of World’s End Harem, perhaps there is a time limit wherein the new season will be released.

If Studio Gokumi can relax to touch up some unsuitable elements, TNK can certainly help shorten the risk. In this case, the odds of winning premiering spaces and finances are far less.

Redo Of Healer Season 2- Production Updates

Release Date For Redo Of Healer Season 2

There has been no news on the rollout of the second series of Redo Of Healer as of the moment of typing. Even so, if the creators are prepared to accept backlash, a release date could be announced very shortly. For the time being, fans could only hope that production might very well start in the first few months of 2022.

If this occurs, the animated film work will be done in a year. As a result, fans may be able to see this adult sequence by the initial months of 2023. The release will take place between the summer months of 2023.

How Many Manga Chapters Will Be Adapted In Season 2 Of Redo Of Healer?

The light novel that started the series was authored by Rui Tsukiyo and demonstrated by Shiokonbu. Light Novel, which was first printed by Kadokawa Shoten in 2017, has now attained 9 volumes. The manga adaptation sequence is still in production. It implies too many primary sources for the anime in the long term, as well as the possibility of further seasons. We asserted that there are 9 volumes in the light novel.

The first three volumes of the light novel were developed into anime during the first season. Thus far, six-light novel volumes will not be adjusted. There should be enough content to start preparing an anime season two. Besides this, the existence of non-adapted volumes offers a chance for anyone who is wondering about the progression of the story prior to the start of a new season to find out what really happened.

What Was The Ending Of Redo Of Healer Season 1?

Freia proclaims that non-humans are not the opponent and orders the troops to disarm, because they do. As Norn and Hawkeye share their uncertainties, Keyarga breaks in there and kills Hawkeye prior to actually hitting Norn out.

He then interprets her remembrances and discovers she was willing to take responsibility for Leonard’s attack on his town. He sedated Freia into trying to act like a dog, then promised to discharge her if she could resist Freia trying to lick her without achieving orgasm until daytime.

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Norn does not pass the challenging problem, so he and Freia sexually abuse her. He then deletes Norn’s flashbacks and transforms her into the Ellen, his little sister in adoration with him, before returning Freia to usual. Kureha comes, and Ellen is introduced by Keyarga.

While Eve masturbates, Keyarga has sex with Freia, Setsuna, Ellen, and Kureha. He makes the decision that his group will move until they can assist Eve in taming Caladrius, but he stops to lay roses on Karman’s grave, saying that he brought to justice him and Anna.

The Bullet is keen to sexually assault Keyarga again after the king of Jioral allocates him to halt him. Keyarga realizes he is growing fond of his girls but makes the decision he was never at tranquility until he exacts his vengeance on Bullet.

Ending Of Redo Of Healer Season 1

Why Should You Watch Redo The Healer Season 1?

As can be seen, despite becoming one of the most famous anime, Redo of Healer is underappreciated. People are unwilling to stream Dark fantasy anime, but Redo of Healer is pretty fun to watch.


How Many Episodes does Redo The Healer Will Have For Season 2?

Season 1 of Redo Of Healer had 12 episodes, so hopefully new season 2 will have at least 12 episodes.

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Trailer Update

At the time of writing the article, there’s no trailer released for Redo of Healer season 2.

How old is Redo of Healer Keyaru?

Keyaru of Redo of Healer is 14 years old.

Who is the writer of Redo of Healer?

The writer of Redo of Healer is “Rui Tsukiyo”.

Season 2 of Redo of Healer: When Can You Watch It?

You Can watch Redo of Healer season 2 on HiDive.

Finals Words

The Redo of Healer will tell the tale of a young holding a grudge against those who have done so in the past to him and sexually harassed him. The tv series seems to have an IMDb rank of 6.5/10, a score of 6.3/10, and a percentile rank Graph score of 6.9/10.

There has been no news on the official launch of the second series of Redo Of Healer as of the moment of typing. Even so, if the creators are willing to accept critical analysis, a launch date could be announced very soon.

For now, audiences can only hope that production will begin in the initial months of 2022. If this occurs, the animated film job will be done in a year. As a result, fans may be able to see this adult sequence by the initial months of 2023. The release will take place between the spring and summer of 2023.

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