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With the production of Taboo Season 2 currently underway, it is noteworthy that most episodes for the upcoming season have already been written, as confirmed by producer Dean Baker. While specific plot details remain undisclosed, creator Steven Knight has promised a fresh exploration of James Delaney’s character, portrayed by Tom Hardy. Hardy, also an executive producer of the show, has hinted at potential time jumps or ventures into different historical periods. The continuation of Taboo beyond Season 2 hinges upon Hardy’s availability and interest and the creative direction chosen for the storyline’s geographical trajectory.

Taboo Season 2 follows the successful premiere of the BBC drama series created by Tom and Chips Hardy and Steven Knight in 2017, which is set in 1814 London and revolves around adventurer James Delaney’s return from Africa and his quest to protect his inheritance from various powerful entities. The first season ends with Delaney and his allies setting sail for America, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the second season. However, after six years since the first season’s release, there needs to be more information about its progress.

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Taboo Season 2 holds promise as show producer Dean Baker confirmed that work on the second season has started. Although filming was initially expected to begin in early 2018, delays due to busy schedules have pushed a realistic expectation for delivery to 2024. Despite these delays, six out of eight episodes for Season 2 have already been written by creator Steven Knight. While specific plot details have not been revealed, Tom Hardy has suggested various ideas for Season 2, including a continuation of James Delaney’s story or exploring his life before the events of the first season.

Taboo Season 2

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

Dean Baker, the producer of Taboo, has confirmed that work on the second season has started. This news comes after a period of uncertainty regarding the show’s future. Steven Knight, one of the co-creators, revealed that six out of eight episodes for Season 2 have already been written. However, due to the busy schedules of Tom Hardy and other vital production team members, progress in the second season could have been faster. Despite this, Baker expressed hope that Season 2 will arrive on screens soon.

The release date for Taboo Season 2 is yet to be announced. Fans eagerly await updates as they anxiously anticipate the continuation of James Delaney’s story in early 19th-century London. The first season ended with Delaney setting sail for America with his allies, leaving viewers eager to see where their journey takes them next. The plot possibilities are wide-ranging and could involve exploring different periods or settings while maintaining the dark and edgy tone established in Season 1.

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As work progresses on Taboo Season 2, fans can stay updated through official announcements regarding its release and availability. The dedication and creative input from Tom Hardy as both lead actor and executive producer ensure that freedom-loving audiences can expect a unique and captivating continuation of this intriguing series.

What Is Taboo Season 2 About?

One possible direction for the show’s second chapter involves exploring different periods or settings, maintaining the dark and edgy tone established in the first series. Tom Hardy, co-creator and lead actor of Taboo, has suggested various ideas for Season 2 that would expand upon James Delaney’s story. These ideas include delving into Delaney’s life before the events of the first season or following another member of the Delaney family in a different historical period. This approach would provide opportunities to examine history, corruption, and family dynamics while keeping the distinct tone of the show intact.

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Hardy’s creative input as an executive producer will contribute to the unique and captivating nature of Taboo Season 2. The specific plot details for this upcoming season have yet to be revealed. However, creator Steven Knight has promised that James Delaney will explore new realities, hinting at explosive events and a more opium-affected storyline. Additionally, real-life events from the time period may influence the storyline, such as Britain’s war with America and James discovering more about his heritage.

Taboo Season 2 Cast

The potential returning cast members for the second season of Taboo include Jessie Buckley, Mark Gatiss, Stephen Graham, David Hayman, Edward Hogg, Jason Watkins, and Nicholas Woodeson. These actors have portrayed significant characters in the first season and may continue their roles in the upcoming season. It is also possible that other recurring cast members, such as Scroobius Pip, Roger Ashton Griffiths, Tom Hollander, Marina Hands, Lucian Msamati, and Louis Serkis, could make a comeback. The confirmation of these potential returning cast members indicates a continuation of their respective storylines and further development of their characters.

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The decision to bring back these actors aligns with the desire to maintain continuity within the series while providing familiar faces for viewers. Their performances in the first season were well-received by audiences and critics alike. By including them in the second season, it allows for a sense of familiarity and connection to be established between viewers and the narrative.

Moreover, an ensemble cast that includes returning actors and potentially new additions adds depth to the storytelling by exploring different dynamics between characters. This variety can enhance character interactions and create a more engaging viewing experience.

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As Taboo is known for its dark themes and complex plotlines, this diverse ensemble cast has proven capable of delivering nuanced performances that suit the show’s tone. Their potential return ensures that fans can expect high-quality acting and compelling portrayals from these talented individuals.

Taboo Season 2 Trailer

Production progress for Taboo’s highly anticipated second season is evident in the recent confirmation of work being done and the writing of six out of eight episodes already completed. The creators, Tom Hardy, Chips Hardy, and Steven Knight, have started working on Season 2, signaling their dedication to fulfilling fans’ expectations. Despite no projected release date or trailer yet, this confirmation is promising for those eagerly awaiting the continuation of James Delaney’s story.

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The plot possibilities for Season 2 remain undisclosed at this time. Tom Hardy has suggested various ideas, including continuing James Delaney’s story or exploring his life before the first season’s events. Another possibility is a time jump featuring a different member of the Delaney family in another historical period. Regardless of the direction taken, the tone and edginess that defined the first season are expected to be maintained.

Which Studio Is Making Taboo Season 2?

Scott Free London, Sonar Entertainment, BBC, and FX Productions are the production companies involved in bringing Taboo Season 2 to life. These production companies have come together to create a captivating and unique series that appeals to an audience that desires freedom. The collaboration between Scott Free London, Sonar Entertainment, BBC, and FX Productions showcases their commitment to producing high-quality content that pushes boundaries.

The involvement of these production companies ensures that Taboo Season 2 will be a visually stunning and well-executed series. Each company brings its expertise and resources to the table, resulting in a seamless production process. This collaboration allows for the creation of a world that is both immersive and engaging.

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Furthermore, the combination of Scott Free London, Sonar Entertainment, BBC, and FX Productions demonstrates the scale and ambition of Taboo Season 2. These production companies have a track record of delivering successful projects in various genres, indicating their ability to bring fresh perspectives to storytelling.

Where Will Taboo Season 2 Be Aired?

Broadcasters and streaming platforms are yet to announce where Taboo’s highly anticipated second season will be aired. There needs to be more specific information regarding the availability of Season 2. However, fans can hope for a wide range of options as the first season was available for streaming on Netflix and BBC iPlayer. These platforms allowed viewers to choose their preferred mode of watching the series. Similar options will likely be available for Season 2, catering to the desires and preferences of the audience.

The freedom to choose how and where to watch a show has become increasingly important in today’s digital age. Viewers have different preferences when it comes to accessing content, whether it be through traditional broadcast channels or online streaming services. This desire for freedom extends beyond access; viewers value the flexibility to watch a show conveniently.

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As broadcasters and streaming platforms continue negotiations and discussions regarding Season 2, fans eagerly await official announcements regarding its availability. The anticipation surrounding Taboo Season 2 highlights the strong connection between audiences’ desire for freedom in accessing and consuming content and their enthusiasm for engaging with compelling storytelling.

Taboo season 3 and beyond

The future trajectory of the show’s narrative beyond its third installment remains uncertain. Creator Steven Knight has planned Taboo as a three-season series, with each season representing a different act in the story. The first season focuses on escape, the second will delve into the journey, and the third will explore arrival. However, there is a possibility that Tom Hardy could convince Knight to deviate from this structure and move the action forward in time.

Knight intends to map out Taboo’s story over three seasons, revealing that he has a geographical route planned for the narrative. This indicates a clear direction for the show, allowing viewers to anticipate it. However, whether or not this plan will come to fruition depends largely on Hardy’s availability and interest in continuing with the series.

Hardy’s dedication to his character and passion for the show has been evident throughout its development. While discussions are ongoing about potentially featuring a season without Hardy at its center, Landgraf emphasizes that it ultimately comes down to what Hardy wants and when he is available.


Taboo Season 2 is currently in production, with most of the episodes already written. The release date for the season has not been announced yet, but fans can stay updated on official announcements. The plot details for Season 2 have yet to be revealed. Still, James Delaney, played by Tom Hardy, will explore new realities, which may involve a time jump or exploring different historical periods. The show’s future beyond Season 2 will depend on Hardy’s availability and interest. One interesting statistic is that Taboo collaborates with various production companies, including Scott Free London, Sonar Entertainment, BBC, and FX Productions.


What Potential Plot Points or Storylines Could Be Explored in Taboo Season 2?

Potential plot points and storylines that could be explored in Taboo Season 2 include the continuation of James Delaney’s story, exploring Delaney’s life before the first season’s events, or featuring a time jump and following a different member of the Delaney family in another historical period. The specific plot for Taboo Season 2 has yet to be revealed.

Will There Be Any New Characters Introduced in Taboo Season 2?

The potential introduction of new characters in Taboo Season 2 remains uncertain. While the show’s creators can decide, no official announcements have been made regarding including additional characters.

How Involved Is Tom Hardy in the Production of Taboo Season 2?

Tom Hardy’s involvement in the production of Taboo Season 2 is substantial. As the lead actor and executive producer, he has expressed dedication to fulfilling the season. He has contributed creative input and considered various ideas for the show’s direction.

Are There Any Hints or Clues About the Direction of the Show in Season 2?

The direction of the show in season 2 remains undisclosed. Viewers are left to speculate on potential plot developments and character arcs, as the creators have yet to provide any hints or clues regarding the upcoming episodes.

Will Taboo Season 2 Be Available for Streaming on Netflix or BBC iPlayer?

The availability of Taboo Season 2 for streaming on Netflix or BBC iPlayer has yet to be announced. Official announcements regarding the release and availability of Season 2 should be followed for updates.

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