The Family Business Season 5 – Everything You Need to Know

The Family Business is an American crime-drama television series based on the bestselling book by Carl Weber, focusing on the Duncan family’s dual life as successful car dealership owners and participants in illegal activities. The show portrays the story of the Duncan family, who operate a flourishing car dealership in New York City while engaging in illicit ventures under the guise of their legitimate business. As viewers eagerly anticipate the release of season 5, it is essential to note that this article aims to provide information regarding its release date, storyline, cast, trailer, and more. This academic-style piece maintains objectivity and impersonality while eliminating personal pronouns to cater to an audience seeking safety. By adhering to these guidelines and using appropriate language throughout this discussion on The Family Business Season 5, readers can understand what lies ahead for this popular television series.

Season 5 of The Family Business is highly awaited by fans eager to delve deeper into the captivating storyline. This new season promises to offer viewers an intriguing and suspenseful plot that keeps them hooked. Additionally, it is anticipated that season 5 will further develop the complex and multi-dimensional characters that have become integral to the show’s success.

All about The Family Business Season 5

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date

The official announcement of the release date for the fifth installment of The Family Business is still pending, leaving fans eagerly awaiting information. The show is expected to make a comeback by the end of 2024. The previous season premiered on November 13, 2018, & has gained a dedicated fan base and positive reviews.

What Will Be The Plot For The Family Business Season 5

The upcoming season will continue to follow the Duncan family’s struggles and conflicts in the criminal underworld. As the new leader of the family empire, Orlando Duncan faces internal conflicts and external threats that challenge his authority and jeopardize the stability of their illegal operations. In The Family Business Season 5, Orlando grapples with the weighty responsibility thrust upon him following the death of his father, LC Duncan. As he assumes control over the family’s criminal activities, Orlando must navigate a web of internal power struggles amongst his siblings. Each sibling has their own dreams and desires that often clash with Orlando’s vision for the future.

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Furthermore, deception and betrayal pervade the atmosphere within their opulent mansion, blurring the boundaries between loyalty and betrayal. The illicit nature of their operations puts them at constant risk of exposure from external forces seeking to dismantle their empire. Viewers can expect an electrifying journey filled with unexpected twists and heart-stopping cliffhangers this season.

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The plot for The Family Business Season 5 will delve deeper into the intricate personalities of its characters as hidden motivations and secrets are unearthed. Orlando must strive to maintain unity within his fractured family through these challenges while safeguarding their illegal endeavors from external threats. This captivating storyline resonates with an audience that desires freedom by exploring themes such as power dynamics, personal agency, and resilience in the face of adversity.

The Cast Of The Family Business Season 5

Ernie Hudson, Valerie Pettiford, Armand Assante, and Darrin Henson are among the talented ensemble cast members who will bring their skills & expertise to The Family Business Season 5. This season of the show promises to deliver a captivating performance with its exceptional cast. Hudson’s portrayal of LC Duncan, the patriarch of the family empire, is marked by his commanding presence and gravitas. Opposite him, Pettiford embodies the role of Charlotte Duncan, the stunning matriarch who exudes both grace and strength.

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Assante takes on the enigmatic character of Sal Dash, head of the Mafia, bringing depth and intrigue to the series. Henson portrays Orlando Duncan, the newly appointed CEO of Duncan Motors, adding charm and charisma to his character. With this stellar line-up of actors, viewers can expect an engaging exploration into untold secrets, simmering tensions, and shifting alliances within The Family Business Season 5.

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The cast members’ performances in previous seasons have been praised for their authenticity and strong delivery. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to representing Black culture in a meaningful way.

The Family Business Season 5 Trailer

Fans eagerly await further updates about The Family Business season 5. As of now, no trailer has been released for this upcoming season. However, viewers can expect a trailer closer to the premiere date that will likely showcase action, drama, and suspense. In the meantime, fans can catch up on previous seasons of The Family Business on streaming platforms like BET+, which provides convenient access to the show.

The Family Business Season 5 Production

Filming for the highly anticipated fifth installment of The Family Business took place in Atlanta, Georgia, starting in late 2021. Despite some production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cast and crew could resume filming safely. Produced by Tri Destined Studios and Urban Books Media and distributed by BET, The Family Business season 5 explores the Duncan family’s involvement in the criminal underworld.

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The production of The Family Business season 5 features a talented ensemble cast, although specific cast members have yet to be announced. Previous seasons have showcased strong performances from actors who bring authenticity to their roles. Filmed on location in Atlanta, Georgia, this setting adds depth and realism to the show’s portrayal of the Duncan family’s struggles and conflicts.


The highly anticipated fifth season of ‘The Family Business’ is set to captivate audiences with its thrilling plot and talented cast. With the release date yet to be announced, fans eagerly await the continuation of the Duncan family’s tumultuous journey. The Family Business has become a staple of BET’s programming, gaining a dedicated fan base despite initial mixed reviews upon its debut in 2018. As power struggles and hidden agendas unravel, viewers can expect a gripping exploration of loyalty and deception. The upcoming season promises to deliver an enthralling allegory that mirrors the complexities of real-life dynamics. Stay tuned for updates on this riveting series as it delves deeper into the underbelly of family ties and criminal enterprises.


Will There Be Any New Characters Introduced in the Family Business Season 5?

The introduction of new characters in the upcoming season of The Family Business has yet to be officially announced.

How Many Episodes Are Expected to Be in the Family Business Season 5?

The number of episodes expected in the upcoming season of The Family Business has yet to be officially announced. However, previous seasons typically consisted of a standard episode count for television dramas, ranging from 10 to 13.

Will There Be Any Major Changes in the Setting or Location for the Family Business Season 5?

There needs to be more information available regarding any major changes in the setting or location for Season 5 of The Family Business.

Are There Any Plans for Spin-Offs or Related Projects for the Family Business?

No information on plans for spin-offs or related projects for The Family Business is available. There has been no official announcement or confirmation of any such endeavors.

Will the Family Business Season 5 Address Any Unresolved Storylines From Previous Seasons?

The potential for addressing unresolved storylines from previous seasons in The Family Business Season 5 remains to be determined, as no specific details have been revealed.

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