The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date, Cast & More

The Terminal List, a popular series on Prime Video, has been confirmed for a second season after its successful debut in 2022. Based on the novel by Jack Carr, the show follows protagonist Commander James Reece, a former Navy SEAL seeking revenge against those responsible for bringing tragedy to his family and teammates. The first season consisted of eight single-hour episodes and premiered on July 1, 2022. Created by Dan DiGilio and directed/executive produced by Antoine Fuqua, The Terminal List also features Taylor Kitsch, Jai Courtney, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Constance Wu, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, JD Pardo, and more.

As an audience that desires freedom, viewers can anticipate the continuation of James Reece’s journey in The Terminal List season 2. With the confirmation of the new season comes excitement for what lies ahead for Commander Reece as he navigates a conspiracy that reaches high levels of government. The first season’s success indicates that fans can expect intriguing storylines filled with schemes and intense fights. Furthermore, the show will likely draw from “True Believer,” Carr’s second novel in the series. As such, viewers can look forward to new characters and plot developments as James Reece continues his mission beyond “The Terminal List.”

The Terminal List Season 2

The Terminal List Season 2 renewal

After a considerable delay, Amazon Prime Video officially renewed the military thriller show for its second installment. The Terminal List, which premiered on Prime Video, was a massive success, ranking as the No. 1 show on the platform for over a month. However, the renewal announcement took longer than expected, possibly due to scheduling conflicts with lead actor Chris Pratt and other logistical considerations.

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Despite the delay, author Jack Carr confirmed that Pratt and Amazon were eager to continue the series. In an interview, Carr mentioned that Pratt’s demanding role in almost every action-packed scene had taken a toll on him and expressed his intention to incorporate subplots in Season 2 to alleviate some of the pressure on Pratt’s character.

The Terminal List Season 2 Release Date

As of now, the release date for the second installment of The Terminal List remains undisclosed. Unfortunately, fans of the show will have to exercise patience as they await further updates. Based on Jack Carr’s thriller novels, the series has gained popularity and success, leading to its renewal for a second season. However, details regarding the timing of its release are still unknown.

The Terminal List Season 2 is anticipated to continue the storylines and character development established in Season 1. The upcoming season is expected to draw inspiration from Carr’s book “True Believer,” which delves into James Reece’s journey after accepting a presidential pardon and uncovering a global conspiracy. With six books in the series, there is ample source material for future seasons if the show continues to be well-received.

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While awaiting news about Season 2’s release date, fans can anticipate an unnamed prequel centered around Ben Edwards, another character from The Terminal List universe. This franchise expansion suggests that Amazon Prime Video sees excellent potential in this thrilling series.

The Terminal List Season 2 Cast

The cast for the second installment of The Terminal List is expected to undergo a refresh, with new characters such as Raife Hastings being introduced alongside the return of Chris Pratt as James Reece. The first season finale resulted in the demise of most supporting characters, leaving James Reece as the sole survivor. Constance Wu will likely reprise her role as Katie Buranek despite her enigmatic exit. Taylor Kitsch’s character, Ben Edwards, died in the season finale. Still, his presence will continue in a prequel series about his character’s past. The introduction of Raife Hastings in True Believer, Jack Carr’s second novel, suggests an important role for him in Season 2. While Riley Keough and Arlo Mertz may return if there are flashbacks to James’ family, it remains uncertain if they will reprise their roles as Lauren and Lucy.

What will happen in The Terminal List Season 2

According to Jack Carr’s website, Season 2 will be based on his second book, True Believer. The story explores a new mission for James Reece as he becomes a tool of the US government in exchange for a pardon. Reece is tasked with uncovering the truth behind a series of coordinated attacks worldwide. With a former Iraqi commando potentially holding the key to unraveling the conspiracy, Reece’s skills and determination will again be put to the test. As seen in Season 1, Reece is no stranger to dangerous situations and high-stakes action. The upcoming season promises to deliver suspenseful plotlines and gripping fight sequences to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans can expect a thrilling continuation of James Reece’s journey as he fights against powerful forces seeking to conceal their nefarious plans.

Is there a The Terminal Season 2 Trailer?

No official trailer has yet been released for The Terminal List’s second season. Fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of this action-packed series will have to exercise patience as they anticipate any promotional material. There is yet to be concrete information regarding when a trailer might be released. However, it is common for TV shows to release trailers closer to their actual airing dates, so fans may have to wait until 2024 or even later for Season 2’s trailer.

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For an audience that desires freedom, respecting and acknowledging the creative process of producing a high-quality television series is important. Trailers are carefully constructed marketing tools to generate excitement and anticipation among viewers. Therefore, the absence of a trailer at this stage should not dampen enthusiasm but allow fans to engage with other aspects of The Terminal List franchise while they await further updates on Season 2’s progress.

Where can I watch The Terminal List season 2?

The Terminal List Season 2 will be available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, the same platform where viewers can currently watch the first season. As of now, no specific release date has been announced for Season 2. However, fans of the show can anticipate watching it on Amazon Prime when it becomes available.

Amazon Prime Video has become popular among viewers who value freedom in choosing what and when to watch their favorite shows and movies. With its vast library of content and user-friendly interface, Amazon Prime Video offers convenience and flexibility for subscribers to enjoy their favorite programs.

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As we eagerly await the release of The Terminal List Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video, it is important to note that this streaming platform continues to expand its offerings by acquiring new content and developing original series. This demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to providing its audience with diverse entertainment options.

How many episodes are in The Terminal List season 2?

The episode count for the upcoming installment of The Terminal List has been confirmed to match that of its previous season, consisting of eight episodes. This decision aligns with the successful pacing and structure of Season 1, offering a familiar format for fans of the series. By maintaining this framework, the creators aim to deliver an engaging and cohesive narrative that continues to captivate viewers.

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The choice to adhere to an established episode count demonstrates a commitment to preserving the show’s integrity and ensuring a consistent viewing experience. It allows sufficient room for character development, plot progression, and exploring intricate storylines. With each episode building upon the events of its predecessor, audiences can anticipate a well-paced narrative that maintains their interest throughout.

What is The Terminal List spin-off about?

The Terminal List spin-off is an upcoming series focusing on the character Ben Edwards, portrayed by Taylor Kitsch. Co-created by Jack Carr and David DiGilio, the spin-off will explore Edwards’ transition from being a Navy SEAL to becoming a CIA paramilitary operator. According to Variety, Chris Pratt will also appear in the spin-off as his character James Reece, and Jared Shaw will reprise his role as Ernest ‘Boozer’ Vickers.

The spin-off series is expected to incorporate characters from Jack Carr’s book series, including Raife Hastings and Mohammed Farooq. This expansion of the universe allows for exploring new storylines and introduces additional A-list talent to the show.

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With its focus on Ben Edwards’ journey and involvement with the CIA, this spin-off promises to deliver an exciting narrative that expands upon the world established in The Terminal List. As fans eagerly await further details about this new series, it showcases Amazon Prime Video’s recognition of The Terminal List as a potential franchise with multiple avenues for storytelling.

The Terminal List Season 1 review

One notable aspect of The Terminal List Season 1 is its predictable and cliched storyline, although the show maintains viewer engagement through its fast-paced and action-packed sequences. While viewers may anticipate the plot twists, the constant high-energy action keeps the audience invested in the story. The show’s reliance on familiar tropes and narrative devices may limit its originality. Still, it appeals to an audience that desires freedom from complex storytelling and seeks entertainment through thrilling sequences. Despite its lack of innovation in plot development, The Terminal List Season 1 delivers a gripping viewing experience due to its rapid pacing and intense action scenes. This approach ensures that viewers remain engrossed throughout each episode, compensating for any narrative depth or complexity shortcomings. While the storyline may follow a conventional path, The Terminal List Season 1 captivates audiences with its fast-paced action and engaging sequences.


Fans of The Terminal List can look forward to the highly anticipated Season 2, which has been renewed after a long wait. Although no official release date has been announced, and it is unlikely to air in 2023, Chris Pratt and Amazon have expressed their desire to continue the show. With eight episodes expected to follow Jack Carr’s book series chronologically, Season 2 promises thrilling new developments and potential new cast members. The spin-off focusing on Ben Edwards’ transition from Navy SEAL to CIA paramilitary operator adds an exciting layer to the franchise. Stay tuned for more updates on this gripping series.


What Is the Storyline of the Prequel Series Centered Around Ben Edwards?

The storyline of the prequel series centered around Ben Edwards has yet to be disclosed. What events or narrative arcs will be explored in this series is currently unknown. The showrunners or creators have yet to provide further information about the plot and direction of the prequel series. Therefore, details regarding the specific storyline of the prequel series remain undisclosed at this time.

Will There Be Any New Characters Introduced in the Terminal List Season 2?

In the forthcoming season of The Terminal List, new characters are expected to be introduced. Although the details regarding these characters have not been disclosed, including fresh faces can contribute to the narrative development and expansion of the show’s universe.

Are There Any Plans for a Trailer for the Terminal List Season 2?

No information is available regarding the plans for a trailer for The Terminal List Season 2. No official announcement or statement has been made regarding releasing a trailer for the upcoming season. It is important to note that promotional materials such as trailers are typically released closer to the premiere date of a show or film. Therefore, it would be prudent to keep an eye out for any future updates or announcements from the show’s production team or streaming platform.

Where Can I Watch the Terminal List Season 2 When It Is Released?

The platform on which The Terminal List Season 2 will be available for viewing has yet to be officially disclosed. As of now, no specific information regarding the release date of the second season has been announced.

How Many Episodes Will Be in the Terminal List Season 2?

The number of episodes in The Terminal List Season 2 has yet to be officially announced. However, it is worth noting that the first season consisted of eight episodes, and there is a possibility that the second season will follow a similar episode count. The number of episodes will ultimately be determined by the show’s creators and producers, considering various factors such as storytelling needs, production constraints, and audience reception.

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