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‘Tonikaku Kawaii,’ also known as ‘Fly Me to the Moon,’ is a tv animation that depicts the unusual romantic drama of Tsukasa Tsukuyomi and Nasa Yuzaki, who marries and then fall in love with each other. Nasa, a quiet and bright young man, is getting ready to take an admissions test for a renowned institution. His life has taken an unforeseen turn as a result of the car crash. Tsukasa intervenes and rescues him.

Ever since he first meets her, he lost all understanding of place and time. He proclaims his eternal love for her. She accepts, but with demand: they should get married first. As a response, Nasa chooses to discontinue his studies to concentrate on his love for Tsukasa. After the passing of time, Nasa has not forgotten the commitment he made to a girl whom he loves more than anything and now is of his dreams.

When he hits 18, the two go on their trip together. One of the most famous romantic animes in recent decades gained popularity almost instantly after its debut. Some of you would be going to wonder when the next part of the series will be published after the conclusion of season 1 has concluded. Well, we can solve your query.

What Is The Plot Of ‘Tonikawa’ Season 2?

The story closes on a positive note with the season one finale, named ‘Husband and Wife,’ which reveals how much Nasa and Tsukasa’s passion has advanced after she initially knocked on his door. As an outcome of high stress at his workover, NASA has gotten ill. She somehow doesn’t trust him because he is unable to convince her otherwise. She argues that this is her responsibility to care for her because she is a wife.

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They subsequently dressed in their yukatas and proceed to the festival together. They spent pretty much the full day at the event, munching Takoyaki from various food stalls. They come into Aya and Chitose while enjoying the fish scoop game and decided to make a pilgrimage to the temple to worship. As the sun is setting and explosives brighten up the sky, Nasa reflects on how content he is with his lifestyle and the lady he shares it with.

What Is The Plot Of 'Tonikawa' Season 2?

Season 1 featured the whole first 80 sections of the actual manga, season 2 included the remains. Parts 81 and up might be used to create Season 2. It could tell how Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship grows in the ahead. Kaname Arisugawa is inclined to maintain giving the couple encouraging words. After several times, Chitose Kaginoji could be beginning to consider the feasibility that she and Nasa have become mates.

Who Is Cast In ‘Tonikawa’ Season 2?

  1. Nasa Yuzaki

    Nasa, an ordinary genius, was mocked as a child for his unusual name, which was similar to the American space organization NASA, despite his parents’ intention for his alias to relate to the starry sky. He meets fate when he is involved in a tragic accident but is saved by Tsukasa. Tsukasa declares his love for her on the day they meet, with the situation that he marries her, to which Nasa quickly responds with an unequivocal “yes.” Shortly after some year, Nasa and Tsukasa reunite with a wedding form that they file to the regional office, thereby certifying their marriage. Since wedding her, he has grown quite uncomfortable around her, bordering on clinging since he is afraid she will abandon him again, but he does his hardest to make her feel good.

  2. Tsukasa

    Despite her rescue, Nasa approves his approach on the requirement that he marries her. After a three-year absence, she comes to Nasa with the paperwork required to legitimize their marriage. Throughout the first several chapters, she emphasizes the formal title change she performed after marrying Nasa, first taunting him with her new name, Tsukasa Yuzaki. Once she married Nasa, she begins to reveal new aspects of herself, including her adoration for films and comics. She is likewise opposed to spending huge amounts of money on essentials.

    Later, her observations of Nasa reveal that she adores him for being such a genuine, caring person. After Tsukasa met Nasa’s family, his father quietly praised her for rescuing his life while both blessed their marriage relationship. All across the novel, she is shrouded in mystery, and many people have drawn parallels between her and Princess Kaguya. The riddle is finally explained when it is revealed that she is the child of a person from that tale, who was given eternal life by the elixir of immortality that her dad was forced to burn.

  3. Kaname Arisugawa

    Kaname Arisugawa is among the natives of the bathhouse where Nasa frequents. She has a friendly nature. She’s started volunteering at the bathhouse for quite some period. Although her youth, she is extremely thoughtful and usually gives Nasa valuable advice to help him to manage his relationship life. She is not hesitant and appreciates a realistic approach.

  4. Aya Arisugawa

    Aya Arisugawa is Kaname’s older sister and a regular visitor to the bathhouse that Nasa regularly visits. She is the older sister of Kaname. Aya, in comparison to Kaname, is a slacker, yet Kaname regards her as “smart” because of her exceptional learning ability. In fact, she frequently misinterprets crucial concepts and becomes extremely confused at a single glance. Her favourite activity is undoubtedly video games, which she typically forces Kaname to play alongside her. She had a love for Nasa.

  5. Chitose Kaginoji

    Tokiko’s grandchild is Chitose Kaginoji. Tsukasa rescued Chitose from sliding off a mountain when she became a child, and after hearing of Tsukasa’s longevity, Chitose wishes to use her entire life to repay Tsukasa. She definitely does not want Tsukasa to go into Nasa’s clutches. Aurora and Charlotte are her maids. Chitose’s disposition swiftly shifts from powerful to whiny, and she’s highly naïve, believing everything Tsukasa says, regardless of how ludicrous or outrageous. She regards Tsukasa like a sister and addresses her with a more traditional “Nee-sama” title. Chitose has a loud demeanour that contrasts sharply with her mom, who can come across as arrogant. She constantly dresses elegantly and feels herself to be so. She was dressed in a red dress with a black skirt. In addition, she is shown with a crimson ribbon in her hair. Chitose has golden hair and brilliant golden eyes.

  6. Charlotte

    She works as a maid for Chitose. She immediately transforms from being straightforward and harmless to becoming insane with a massive blade in her arms. She is constantly cheerful, with a wide smiling face. She will almost certainly do it all Chitose instructs her to without question. In the honeymoon plotline, she repeatedly aids Chitose in her attempts to spoil Nasa and Tsukasa’s romance, while also repeatedly complimenting Tsukasa and Nasa on how attractive they are to one another.

  7. Aurora

    She works as a maid for Chitose. She is usually solemn and cold-hearted. The next maid of Chitose is perhaps the total opposite of Charlotte. She is always seen with Charlotte, and she generally attempts to keep her from becoming too rash. She also has excellent editing skills and can modify and/or retouch a picture in record time. While still at duty, she dresses in her maid attire. She wears sunglasses and has short, straight hair.

announcement of TONIKAWA

Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 release date predictions

The Twitter Account handled by the studio announced on April 3, 2022, that a special episode titled “Uniform” will be released in Summer 2022 before Tonikawa Season 2. A teaser for the upcoming episode has been included in the statement. Furthermore, Sugoi LITE, an anime rumor journalist, predicts that the latest episode will be released in August 2022, the concluding week of the Summer 2022 anime series. On November 6, 2021, a teaser for Tonikawa Season 2 was published.



  • Will there be “Tonikawa” season 2?

    Yes! There will be Tonikawa season 2 and it’s in production.

  • When will season 2 of Tonikawa be released?

    Tonikawa Season 2 could premiere in late 2022.

  • Is there any official trailer for “Tonikawa” season 2?

    JP Anime released an official teaser for “Tonikawa” season 2 that has received over 2.5 lakh viewers.

Final Words

Tonikawa not only displayed the quickest wedding but also was the quickest at conquering emotions. We’ve previously felt close to the second season with the release of the Tonikawa OVA. Since debut is accessible on Crunchyroll, we assume that season 2 will be accessible there too. Crunchyroll has announced that the show will be streamed with the new content when they have been released in Japan. Tonikawa has published an involved informing trailer (including some early footage) and main visual for the Second season again for a launch.

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