Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date: All You Need To Know About Tower Of God Season 2

Telecom Animation Film, best known for producing recent series of the Lupin the Third anime series, produced the first season of Tower Of God. TMS Entertainment owns the studio, which is best known for, Fruits Basket, and Megalo Box, and Dr. Stone. The tower of god is an ancient city made up of many towers built during different periods. It was created by man but it has been taken over by nature. The towers were built in order to protect the people who lived there. The first season ended with the death of Talise, but the second season picks up right after she died. This anime was adapted from a manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The manga first played on Japanese television and in South Korea before being released online on Crunchyroll under the banner “Crunchyroll Originals. This show is really adorable! 7.7 out of 10 is a decent IMDB rating, and the program averages an impressive 7.53 out of 10 on MyAnimeList.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 concludes on a cliffhanger and fans started questioning about Will there be a second season? When will it be broadcast? What will become of the characters? Since Crunchyroll still hasn’t canceled the anime, there may be hope for season 2! While Season 2 has yet to be officially announced, the animator claims that Studio Telecom Animation Film will not be working on the already confirmed Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 as the studio focuses on the Tower of God sequel becomes. However, we must wait until late 2022 before we know if Crunchyroll will make another season of Tower of God.

Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God Season 2 Trailer

Tower of God Season 2 does not yet have an official trailer. This section will be updated as shortly as the official trailer video is available. You can also check the Season 1 official trailer now.

Tower of God Season 2 Expected Story

Perhaps the story from the first season of Tower of God will be ongoing in season 2 of Tower of God. The first season of God’s Tower ended on an intriguing note. Bam was reunited with Rachel after taking the Tower route for her sake. Bam and his friends guaranteed Rachel that they would help her pass the Official’s Test, but Rachel duped him at the last minute because she was greedy. Her past was also discovered, including how she used Bam to climb the Tower, pushing Bam out of the way. They then attempted to murder him by erecting a barrier around him.

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On the other hand, Bam is still alive and well, determined to scale the Tower and uncover the truth behind Rachel’s operations. And the predestined Bam will face even more challenges. Furthermore, in Tower of God Season 2, Bam’s exhausting adventure to the top of the Tower will be continued. Another important factor to consider in the Tower of God anime is the number of episodes. The first season of the anime is divided into 13 episodes. The Tower of God has enough material for three seasons, rather than just the two that have been released so far. According to our expectations, the second season of the series will have 12 to 15 episodes, and if it is as popular as the first season, the corporation will likely move forward with the third season.

Tower of God Season 2 release date

Tower of God Season 1 Storyline

The first season of the anime Tower Of God was produced by Telecom Animation Film, a Japanese animation studio production of the final seasons of the animated series Lupine the Third TMS Entertainment owns St and the studio, known for Dr. stone season 3, fruits baskets Eason 3, and mega lo box season 2. A tower refers to “Regulars,” exceptional individuals who promise to fulfill their deepest desires. Those who accrue wealth, popularity, influence or the more important than most of these will have everything they desire. Bam is a tiny boy who has spent his entire life in a deep bunker with nothing but a filthy rag and a dim light. As a result of the situation, Rachel, a girl who emerged to him in the morning, had turned his entire existence upside down.

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After becoming great friends, he learned everybody in society from Rachel. When Rachel says she has to wave farewell to him in order to reach the Tower, his world falls apart. A miracle happens as he fixes his gaze on the Tower, determined to pursue her no matter what. A young boy named Bam was chosen to build the tower. Bam was the one who opened the tower’s gates on his own, which helped him begin his new journey. His species, the Irregulars, are the ones who have shaken society to its core. Following the conclusion of Tower of God Episode 13, viewers are left on the edge of their seats due to a massive cliffhanger. It would be unjust if the anime was not renewed based on this thrilling scene.

Where to Watch Tower of God?

If you want to watch Tower of God in its best form, you should watch it in English dub or sub on Crunchyroll. The best part about Crunchyroll’s ad-supported section is that TOG is included. The Tower of God is also available on Netflix. Tower of God is currently unavailable on all countries Netflix. Only Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have all 13 episodes of Tower of God on Netflix. As a result, if you have a Netflix account, you can watch it by purchasing a good VPN and changing your location.


  • Is there any trailer for the Tower of God season 2?

    There’s no trailer for Tower Of God season 2 as of now.

  • Tower of God second season Official trailer

    There’s no any official trailer of Tower Of God season 2 now.Once it will available we will update you.

  • When will season 2 release?

    Tower of God Season 2 is predicted to debut in past due 2022, assuming Crunchyroll is running on a sequel.


The Tower of God cell RPG has reached a milestone of a hundred million players. The collection has additionally ended in some motion figures, a number of that are restricted versions and hence extra expensive. Tower of God is critical to adopting a manga. The sport become first launched in 2016 on all industrial platforms. Following the second one 1/2 of 2016, the sport has become extra famous and ranked some of the pinnacle 5 at the South Korean Android Market. We can assume Rak Wraithraiser as Matthew David Rudd, Bam as Johnny Yong Bosch, Khun Aguero Agnes as Chris Hackney, Anaak Jahad as Cherami Leigh, Patrick Seitz as Grendel, Valerie Rose Lohman as Rachel, Trent Mills as Lero Ro, Scott Whyte as Shibisu, Hochu Otsuka as Headon,

Kazuyuki Okitsu as Evan Edroch, Takuya Eguchi as Shibisu, Toshinari Fukamachi as Hatz, Jeannie Tirado as Endorsi Jahad, Christina Valenzuela as Serena, Kira Buckland as Yuri Jahad, Kyle McCarley as Evan Edroch in season 2 of “The Tower of God”. The 2d season of Tower of God continues to be being reviewed with the aid of using the network. The release date of the product will come faster because of our anticipations. “I can not say tons extra for the time being,” Crunchyroll director Carter Hahnselle informed Anime News Network in advance this year. Tower of God Season 2 might be premiered on the idea that it’ll be accredited with the aid of using Crunchyroll and the production organization will begin running soon.

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