Trese Season 2 Release Date, Cast & More

In the highly anticipated Trese Season 2, fans can expect an immersive continuation of the supernatural crime-fighting adventures led by Alexandra Trese in the bustling city of Manila. Building upon the success of the first season, the second installment promises to delve deeper into the rich Philippine folklore and mythology that captivated audiences worldwide.

Trese Season 1 introduced viewers to a world where supernatural creatures and monsters lurk in the shadows, and Alexandra Trese stands as a formidable force against them. As the daughter of a long line of babaylans, or spiritual shamans, Trese possesses unique abilities that allow her to navigate the intricate web of supernatural crime in Manila.

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With the post-credits scene teasing the introduction of a new monster and potential Chinese legends, Season 2 holds the promise of expanding the narrative beyond the confines of the city. The creators have expressed their desire to share Philippine myth and folklore with the world, and fans can expect the show to continue exploring and showcasing the diverse range of supernatural beings from different cultures.

Trese Season 2

Trese Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Trese Season 2 is yet to be announced, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of Alexandra Trese’s supernatural crime-fighting adventures in Manila. While Director Jay Oliva expressed confidence in the show’s future, stating that multiple seasons could be expected if the ratings continue, Netflix has not made any official announcements regarding the renewal or release date for Season 2. The lack of global traction and the time-consuming nature of producing animated shows contributed to the uncertainty surrounding the show’s renewal. However, the strong support from the Philippines and the growing fanbase could potentially influence Netflix’s decision. Until an official announcement is made, fans will have to remain hopeful for the return of Trese.

What Is Trese Season 2 About?

Trese Season 2 delves further into Alexandra Trese’s supernatural crime-fighting adventures in Manila. Building upon the first season’s cliffhanger, Season 2 will explore the consequences of the jiangshi’s search for Alexandra. This new monster, a Chinese vampire, poses a formidable threat to the city and its inhabitants. As the story unfolds, viewers can expect intense action, thrilling mysteries, and a deeper exploration of Philippine myth and folklore.

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Additionally, Season 2 may draw inspiration from the remaining comics in the Trese series. With the first season covering stories from the first three comics, there is potential to adapt the skipped stories or delve into the next four issues. This opens up exciting possibilities for new cases, intriguing characters, and the expansion of the show’s supernatural universe.

Trese Season 2 Cast

Fans of the hit animated series Trese are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite voice actors for the second season. Shay Mitchell and Liza Soberano are expected to reprise their roles as Alexandra Trese in the English and Filipino versions, respectively. Griffin Puatu and Simon Dela Cruz are likely to return as the voices of Crispin and Basilio, while Carlos Alazraqui and Eugene Adalia are expected to reprise their roles as Anton Trese. Nicole Scherzinger and Cheska Aguiluz are also expected to return as the voices of Miranda Trese. Eric Bauza and Christian Velarde are likely to reprise their roles as Nuno the Snitch. However, the return of some voice actors, such as Matthew Yang King, Apollo Abraham, Steve Blum, and Bryan Encarnacion, remains to be determined due to their characters’ fate in Season 1.

CharacterEnglish ArtistFilipino Artist
Anton TreseCarlos Alazraqui Eugene Adalia
HankJon Jon BrionesChristopher Carlo Caling
Alexandra TreseShay MitchellLiza Soberano
MaliksiManny JacintoSteve Dela Cruz
Nuno the SnitchEric BauzaChristian Velarde
Crispin and BasilioGriffin PuatuSimon Dela Cruz
Miranda TreseNicole ScherzingerCheska Aguiluz

Where To Watch Trese Season 2 in the US?

US viewers can watch Trese Season 2 on Netflix once it is released. Since the show is a Netflix exclusive, it will only be available on the streaming platform. While waiting for Season 2 to be released, fans can still watch Trese Season 1 on Netflix. The show has gained popularity for its unique blend of Philippine myth and folklore, making it a must-watch for fans of supernatural mysteries. With its gripping storyline and captivating animation, Trese has garnered a dedicated fanbase, both in the Philippines and around the world. The success and positive reception of the first season have raised hopes for a renewal, and the support from the US audience could influence Netflix’s decision. Stay tuned for updates on the release date of Trese Season 2 in the US.

Where To Watch Trese Season 2 in the UK?

Once Trese Season 2 is renewed, UK viewers can expect to watch it on Netflix. As of now, Season 2 has not been greenlit, so there is no specific information on its UK release. However, if the second season does get the go-ahead, it will most likely be available for streaming on Netflix, just like Season 1.

How Many Episodes Will Trese Season 2 Have?

The episode count for Trese Season 2 remains unclear at this time. While the second season could follow the format of its predecessor with six 30-minute episodes, there is no official confirmation regarding the number of episodes for the upcoming season. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting news about the episode count, as they are excited to continue exploring the dark and supernatural world of Alexandra Trese. It is worth noting that the show has taken a significant amount of time since its premiere, and there is uncertainty surrounding the production timeline and Netflix’s scheduling decisions. However, the strong support for Trese in the Philippines and the positive reception of the first season may influence Netflix’s decision to greenlight a second season with a suitable number of episodes.

Trese Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is currently no trailer available for Trese Season 2. As of now, fans can only hope that Netflix surprises them with a Season 2 announcement soon. However, it is important not to expect a Trese Season 2 trailer to be released in the near future. The lack of a trailer may be disappointing for fans who are eagerly awaiting the next season, but it is not uncommon for trailers to be released closer to the actual release date of a show. In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the first season of Trese on Netflix and keep an eye out for any updates or announcements regarding Season 2. The anticipation for the trailer and the upcoming season remains high, and fans will have to wait patiently for more information.

Why isn’t Trese Season 2 happening yet?

The delay in the production of Trese Season 2 can be attributed to a number of factors, including the show’s viewership numbers and the complexities of animated show production. Despite a satisfying ending to Season 1, Trese needed to attract more viewers for Netflix to greenlight a second season. Speculation among fans suggests that the show may need to gain more global traction. Additionally, animated shows like Trese require a significant amount of time and effort to produce, which could explain the ongoing delay.

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However, there have been positive indications from the show’s director, Jay Oliva, who expressed confidence in multiple seasons if the ratings continue. Furthermore, producer Tanya Yuson hinted at another season in a Facebook post celebrating the show’s second anniversary, suggesting that the journey is far from over. While the delay in Trese Season 2 is disappointing for fans, the support from the Philippines and the show’s growing fanbase could influence Netflix’s decision.


The highly anticipated second season of Trese holds great promise for fans of the animated series. With its successful first season and captivating storyline, there is a strong expectation for Netflix to renew and release Trese Season 2. The show’s director, Jay Oliva, and the support from the Philippine market and growing fanbase add to the anticipation. While details remain uncertain, viewers eagerly await the continuation of this culturally rich and captivating series.


What Are the Potential New Characters That Could Be Introduced in Trese Season 2?

Potential new characters that could be introduced in Trese Season 2 include Marco as the new head of the police force, romantic twists with Alexandra, more male lead characters from the Bloodlines komik, and the possibility of Alexandra’s brothers joining her on-screen.

How Will the Storyline of Trese Season 2 Differ From the Original Komiks?

The storyline of Trese Season 2 is expected to differ from the original comics by potentially exploring unreported murders and private collection storylines. Deviations from the comics in the first season may impact the future narrative of the anime series.

Will Trese Season 2 Explore Other Asian Mythologies, as Hinted in the Post-Credits Scene?

Yes, Trese Season 2 will explore other Asian mythologies, as hinted in the post-credits scene. This expansion of the storyline showcases the creators’ goal of sharing Philippine myth and folklore with the world.

Are There Any Updates on the Renewal and Release Date for Trese Season 2?

There are currently no updates on the renewal and release date for Trese Season 2. Fans remain hopeful for another season, as the show’s creators and cast members have expressed interest in continuing the series.

Which Cast Members Are Expected to Reprise Their Roles in Trese Season 2?

Shay Mitchell, Liza Soberano, Griffin Puatu, Carlos Alazraqui, Nicole Scherzinger, and Manny Jacinto are among the expected cast members to reprise their roles in Trese Season 2. However, uncertainty remains until an official announcement is made.

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