Trigun Stampede Season 2 Release Date, Trailer & More

Fans of Trigun Stampede can rejoice as the highly anticipated second season, titled ‘Final Phase,’ is currently in preproduction, promising to continue the thrilling adventures of Vash the Stampede with its unique 3D animation style that has divided and captivated viewers. Orange, the Japanese animation house behind Land of the Lustrous and Beastars, concluded the first season on a high note, leaving fans eager for more. The revamped take on Yasuhiro Nightow’s space Western manga Trigun has garnered attention for its bold departure from the original anime’s aesthetic. While some have criticized the new 3D animation style, others have praised its fresh approach.

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With Trigun Stampede Season 2 on the horizon, fans eagerly await what new adventures Vash and his companions await. Will he be able to deal with those who come after him and stop his evil twin brother? How will he navigate through a world where his reputation has been ruined? These questions and more will be answered in the ‘Final Phase.’ So prepare for another action-packed season filled with gunslinging pacifists and thrilling sci-fi elements.

all about Trigun Stampede season 2

What Will Trigun Stampede Season 2 Be About?

Viewers can expect this action-packed anime’s highly anticipated second season to delve deeper into the captivating world and characters established in the first installment. Trigun Stampede Season 2, titled Final Phase, will continue the thrilling story of Vash the Stampede and his struggle to survive as bounty hunters pursue him. With a staggering $60 billion bounty on his head, Vash must navigate through dangerous encounters while facing his evil twin brother, Knives Millions.

The new season is expected to showcase characters and events from the Trigun Maximum manga, providing fans with a fresh perspective on this beloved series. As Studio Orange continues its innovative animation style, viewers can anticipate stunning visuals that bring these characters and their world to life.

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To give you a glimpse into what to expect in Trigun Stampede Season 2, here is a table highlighting some key aspects:

Key AspectDescription
PlotContinued pursuit of Vash by bounty hunters
CharactersReturn of popular characters like Milly Thompson
ThemeExploration of themes such as redemption and identity
Animation StyleUnique 3D animation style that enhances action sequences

Trigun Stampede Season 2 Release Date

Although we don’t have an official release date for Trigun Stampede Season 2, Studio Orange has confirmed that the second season is in production. As fans eagerly await the return of their beloved characters and events from the Trigun Maximum manga, it’s only a matter of time before we dive back into this thrilling sci-fi and action anime series.

While we may still need an exact release date, there are some speculations that the announcement might be made at Anime North 2023. However, until then, we can only patiently wait for more updates from the studio. The anticipation for Trigun Stampede Season 2 is incredibly high among fans craving another adventure with Vash the Stampede and his misadventures.

Trigun Stampede Season 2 Staff and Cast

Prepare to be amazed by the talented staff and cast members who will bring the highly anticipated second season of Trigun Stampede to life. With their expertise and dedication, they will surely deliver an unforgettable experience for fans of the series. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will once again portray the charismatic gunslinger Vash the Stampede. At the same time, Junya Ikeda takes on the role of his formidable twin brother, Millions of Knives.

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Kenji Matsuda, Sakura Andou, Ayumu Murase, Chikahiro Kobayashi, Genki Muro, Kento Fujinuma, Kouki Uchiyama, Maaya Sakamoto, Megumi Han, Ryusei Nakao, TARAKO, Tomokazu Sugita, Wataru Takagi, and Yoshimasa Hosoya complete this incredible ensemble. Together they will bring these beloved characters back to life and continue their thrilling adventures in a way that only they can. As we eagerly await the release date announcement for Trigun Stampede Season 2, let’s take a moment to appreciate this amazing team’s hard work and talent.

Where to Watch Trigun Stampede Season 2

Take advantage of the thrilling adventures of Vash the Stampede and his formidable twin brother in Trigun Stampede Season 2, streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll. As a fan, I’m excited to share where you can catch all the action-packed episodes of this highly anticipated season. Like the first season, Crunchyroll has confirmed they will be streaming Trigun Stampede Season 2 on their platform. This means fans can enjoy all the intense battles and heartwarming moments right from the comfort of their own homes.

Trigun Stampede Season 2 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, the official trailer for Trigun Stampede Season 2 has not been released yet. However, fans can rest assured that as soon as it is available, we will include it here for your viewing pleasure.

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In the meantime, we can still get hyped by looking at the teaser visual released on the show’s Twitter account. With a $60 billion bounty on Vash the Stampede’s head and characters from the original franchise making their return, it’s safe to say that Season 2 will be filled with action-packed adventures and intense moments.

The Latest News on Trigun Stampede Season 2

Get ready for exciting updates on the highly anticipated second season of the beloved anime series Trigun Stampede! Since the announcement of season 2, fans have been eagerly waiting for more information about what’s in store for Vash the Stampede and his misadventures. And now, we have some tantalizing details to share.

During Studio Orange’s panel at SakuraCon 2023, they unveiled concept art that showcased new characters and events that will be featured in Trigun Stampede season 2. This means we can expect even more action-packed moments and thrilling plot twists as Vash continues navigating through a world where he is both adored and hunted.

While an official trailer for season 2 has yet to be released, the teaser visual alone has already sparked excitement among fans. The vibrant animation style combined with the iconic character designs a visually stunning experience that will captivate viewers again.

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It seems like Vash’s journey is far from over as he faces new challenges and encounters old foes. With his bounty raised to a staggering $60 billion double-dollars, the stakes are higher than ever.

The Story of Trigun Stampede Season 2

In this new season, we will delve deeper into the story as it unfolds in the Trigun Maximum manga. The first season was just a taste of what’s to come; now, we can expect a more complete and fleshed-out portrayal of our beloved characters. With the time skip at the end of Season 1 and the introduction of ‘Chapter 0,’ it is clear that Trigun Stampede Season 2 aims to stay true to its source material.

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This new chapter will deliver even more excitement and action-packed moments for fans who have followed Vash’s journey from his carefree drifter days to his encounters with bounty hunters and his evil twin brother Knives Millions. We will witness how Vash’s powers continue to cause chaos and trouble for him while also endangering the power plant in his town. As he faces off against those who come after him, including bounty hunters with their sights set on his $60 billion head, Vash must rely on his impeccable gunslinging skills to survive.

Who Will Be Producing Trigun Stampede Season 2?

Orange, the same studio that produced the first season of Trigun Stampede, will be returning to produce the second season. This news excites me because Orange has already proven its dedication and skill in bringing Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga to life on screen.

While it has yet to be officially confirmed whether Kenji Muto, the director of the first season, will be returning for season 2, its high hopes that he will continue to bring his creative vision and expertise to this project, Muto’s direction played a crucial role in capturing the essence of Trigun and its beloved characters in the first season. His involvement would significantly contribute to the success of the second season.


In the vast desert of anticipation, Trigun Stampede season 2 emerges as a blazing sun, promising an exhilarating journey. With Studio Orange at the helm and beloved characters returning, fans are on the edge of their seats. Vash’s $60 billion bounty sets the stage for high-stakes encounters and a thrilling pursuit. Though the release date remains in mystery, hearts beat with excitement for what lies ahead.

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