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The possibility of a second season for ‘Vincenzo’ has generated excitement among viewers due to the show’s popularity and the unresolved storyline at the end of Season 1. The series, combining comedy, crime, and romance elements, has garnered a significant global following. It holds the 6th highest rating in TvN history and the 9th highest in Korean cable television history. The show’s finale leaves viewers with a cliffhanger as Vincenzo seeks revenge against Jang Jun-woo, head of the Babel Group, but still does not possess the coveted gold. This open-ended conclusion has left fans eagerly anticipating a potential story continuation in Season 2.

‘Vincenzo’ stands out among mafia-themed dramas with its engaging plotline and well-rounded characters. It offers an immersive experience through its blend of humor, action, and lengthy episodes. As such, it has become a popular choice for those seeking entertainment, providing a sense of safety within their viewing experience.

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Given its success and fan base, there is hope that ‘Vincenzo’ will be renewed for another season to address the unresolved narrative threads from Season 1. This possibility has further fueled anticipation among audiences who desire closure and continuation in this captivating series.

Vincenzo Season 2

Vincenzo Season 2 Release Date

No official release date has been announced for the potential second season of the show Vincenzo. Despite its popularity and strong viewership, it has been over two years since the first season concluded, and there has yet to be an official announcement or active development for a second season. The series gained worldwide popularity through Netflix, maintaining its position among the top 10 TV shows on the platform.

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However, the absence of an official renewal announcement suggests that a second season is still being determined. While fans eagerly await news of a potential release date, it is important to note that commercial success does not guarantee a renewal. If Vincenzo: Season 2 were to be renewed in the coming months, it would still take at least another year to wrap up production. Therefore, even if it gets renewed, it is unlikely that Vincenzo: Season 2 will be released soon. Fans will have to patiently wait for any official updates on Vincenzo’s status and release date: Season 2.

Vincenzo Season 2 Plot

Revolving around the life of Park Joo-Hyung’s character, Vincenzo Cassano, the potential plot of Season 2 delves into his past as an adopted child raised in Italy and his involvement with a Mafia group. Having immersed himself in Italian culture, Vincenzo worked as a lawyer for the Mafia. However, circumstances led him to return to South Korea, where he encountered Hong Cha-Young, igniting a romantic connection between them.

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After successfully seeking vengeance against the Babel Group, Vincenzo found himself compelled to seek refuge in Malta, entrusting Hong Cha-Young with the responsibility of safeguarding the coveted gold. The question arises: Will Vincenzo be able to reunite with his love interest and retrieve the gold?

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The potential plot promises to deliver more of the humor, action, and drama that made Season 1 a hit. Viewers expect to witness further development of Vincenzo’s character as he confronts challenges from his past and present circumstances. The exploration of Vincenzo’s roots as an adopted child raised in Italy adds depth and complexity to the storyline.

Vincenzo Season 2 Official Trailer

An official trailer for the potential second season has yet to be released, leaving fans eagerly awaiting updates on its possible release. The absence of a trailer can be attributed to the need for an official renewal announcement for Vincenzo Season 2. While there is no official confirmation or active development for the second season, fans can still enjoy the trailer for Season 1 or stream the entire season on Netflix. The uncertainty surrounding the future of Vincenzo Season 2 has left viewers in anticipation and speculation about what may come next regarding the plot and characters. Despite the commercial success and popularity of the show, it remains to be seen whether there will be any discussions or plans for a second season.

Vincenzo Season 2 Cast

The expected return of certain cast members adds continuity and familiarity to the potential second season of Vincenzo. Song Joong-ki will reprise his role as the title character, Vincenzo Cassano, bringing back his charismatic portrayal that captivated audiences in the first season. Jeon Yeo-been will likely return as Hong Cha-young, the eccentric lawyer who formed a strong connection with Vincenzo. Yoon Byung-hee is also expected to return as Nam Joo-sung, the legal assistant at Jipuragi Law Firm.

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Additionally, Choi Young-Joon as Cho Young-woon, Choi Deok-moon as Tak Hong-shik, Kim Hyung-mook as Toto, and Lee Hang-na as Kwak Hee-soo are anticipated to reprise their respective roles. The Geumga Plaza characters play an integral part in the show’s dynamic, and their return continues their unique contributions.

Cast MembersCharacters
Kim Yeo-jinChoi Myung-hee
Jo Han-ChulHan Seung-hyuk
Yoon Byung-heeNam Joo-sung
Choi Deok-moonTak Hong-Shik
Song Joong-kiPark Joo-Hyung/ Vincenzo Cassano
Kang Chae-minKim Young-ho
Kim Seol-jinLarry Kang
Hong Cha-YoungJeon Yeo-been
Lee Hang-naKwak Hee-soo
Yang Kyung-wonLee Chul-wook
Choi Young-JoonCho Young-Woon
Ok Taec-yeonJang Jun-woo
Kwak Dong-yeonJang Han-seo
Ri Woo-jinJeokha
Kim Yoon-hyeSeo Mi-ri
Yoo Jae-MyungHong Yoo-chan
Kim Hyung-mookToto
Seo Ye-hwaJang Yeon-jin

Where Can I Watch Vincenzo Season 2?

Netflix, the streaming platform that hosted the first season of Vincenzo, is expected to be the exclusive provider for viewers to watch the potential second season. As an original series on Netflix, ‘Vincenzo fans can anticipate seamless access to the captivating storyline, charismatic characters, and intense drama that made the show a hit. The convenience of streaming on Netflix allows audiences to await the next chapter of this K-drama eagerly. Moreover, Netflix’s global distribution of foreign language series contributes to its popularity. It will enable viewers to access diverse content from around the world.

By being available exclusively on Netflix, viewers can watch ‘Vincenzo’ Season 2 at their own pace and convenience. They can easily stream the episodes on various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, or smart TVs, without restrictions imposed by traditional broadcast schedules. Additionally, Netflix’s user-friendly interface allows easy navigation and personalized recommendations based on individual viewing preferences.

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Overall, Netflix’s role as the exclusive provider for ‘Vincenzo’ Season 2 ensures that fans have uninterrupted access to this highly anticipated series continuation. The platform’s commitment to delivering quality content and global reach further enhances viewer satisfaction and freedom to enjoy diverse storytelling from different cultures.

How Many Episodes Will be in season 2 of Vincenzo?

The potential second season of ‘Vincenzo’ is expected to have at least 20 episodes, maintaining the episode count seen in previous seasons. This would provide viewers with a substantial amount of content to enjoy. Keeping the same number of episodes suggests the creators intend to continue delivering a rich, engaging storyline. By sticking to this format, they can further develop the characters and explore new plotlines while maintaining the elements that made the first season successful.

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Having a larger episode count allows for more intricate storytelling and character development, giving the audience greater freedom in immersing themselves in the world of ‘Vincenzo.’ With each episode being around an hour long, viewers can expect a significant investment of time and attention as they follow Vincenzo Cassano’s journey.


The future of Vincenzo Season 2 remains to be determined. Despite the show’s popularity and the desire of the screenwriter to collaborate with the cast again, there have yet to be any official discussions or announcements regarding a second season. This leaves fans eagerly waiting for any news about its renewal. The uncertainty surrounding Vincenzo Season 2 can be likened to standing at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take. As we wait for further updates, it is a reminder that sometimes in life, we must embrace the unknown and trust that things will unfold in their own time.


Will There Be Any New Characters Introduced in Vincenzo Season 2?

The presence of new characters in Vincenzo Season 2 remains to be determined as there has been no official announcement or confirmation regarding introducing new characters. Further information is needed to determine if any new characters will be presented in the upcoming season.

Has There Been Any Confirmation About the Renewal of Vincenzo Season 2?

No official confirmation has been made regarding the renewal of Vincenzo Season 2.

Will the Second Season of Vincenzo Explore New Locations and Settings?

In the potential second season of Vincenzo, exploring new locations and settings could introduce fresh challenges for the protagonist. This addition may enhance the excitement and intrigue of the show, captivating viewers’ attention.

How Did the First Season of Vincenzo End, and Will Season 2 Continue the Story From There?

The first season of Vincenzo ended with the protagonist, Vincenzo Cassano, seeking revenge against the Babel Group and flying to an island near Malta. It is still being determined if Season 2 will continue from there.

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