Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date And Plot

Makoto Yukimura is the mangaka and illustrator of the Japanese historical manga series Vinland Saga. Vinland Saga debuted in the April 2005 issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. Due to the author’s difficulty fulfilling the weekly schedule, the manga was switched to the monthly magazine Afternoon after the 16th chapter was released in the 45th Issue in October, commencing with the 2006-02 Issue in December 2005. The original two volumes contained the first 16 chapters and were published under the Weekly Shonen Magazine banner. Still, the manga was later reissued under the Afternoon label, with new covers and some extra pages.

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Vinland Saga evokes imagery of Vinland from two Norse sagas. The Vinland Saga, on the other hand, is set in Dane-controlled England in the early 11th century and depicts Viking invasions of the country. The plot portrays the historical dramaturgy of King Cnut’s rise to power with a vengeful plot revolving around Thorfinn, the son of a dead ex-warrior who works for the mercenaries who committed the atrocity. After this, the plot progresses through several arcs, eventually leading to a journey to Vinland.

Vinland Saga 2

Vinland Saga had around 5 million printed volumes as of July 2021. Following Denmark’s King Sweyn Forkbeard’s mostly successful conquest of England in 1013 AD, the Vinland Saga begins. As King Sweyn’s reign ends, his sons, Prince Harald and Prince Canute, argue about who will succeed him. Yukimura was inspired by historical Nordic epics such as The Flateyjarbók, Eric the Red, and its likes.

What Happens In Vinland Saga Season 1?

During a sea battle, Thors Snoresson, a masterful Viking warrior falls into the ocean and abandons his comrades. Tired of a life full of blood and war, Thors decides to restart his life leaving his past behind. Fifteen years later, Thors now lives with his wife Helga and their children Thorfinn and Yiva.

Thorfinn Thorsson, a lad who dreams of adventure the huge world has to offer, and Vinland, a paradise for such adventurous minds. Things get heated when Thors shelters a runaway slave but the slave’s brutal master tracks down Thors’s village and demands the slave back.

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Thors refuses and pays a hefty price for the slave, but the slave dies after a while. The rising tension during the war between England and Denmark demands fresh recruitment, which leads a Jomsviking band leader, Floki, to enlist Thors for his past reputation in return for letting go of other villagers.

Vinland Saga

Youngbloods like Thorfinn are excited to hear the sound of the ongoing war, but little do they know the reality of it. Speaking of reality, Floki and Askeladd conspire against Thors and plan to kill him and his crew once they arrive as punishment for abandoning them in the past.

Thors’ initial plan was to not involve the young men in the war, but he discovers his son onboard. They stop to resupply but fall for Floki’s trap. Thors manages to beat down Askeladd’s men, one of them being a berserk Viking Bjorn and finally Askeladd himself.

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Thors dies from a volley of arrows after his fellow people are taken hostages. Thorfinn swears revenge on Askeladd while being taken away on a captured ship. Thorfinn secretly follows Askeladd’s band and plans to kill Askeladd while he sleeps but can’t bring himself to do the deed.

Thorfinn trains to challenge Askeladd in a duel but is easily defeated. Thorfinn is promised another duel if he proves his strength in battle.  Askeladd, who struck a deal with the Danish camp together. Later, they are attacked by the English at night, and a battle breaks out.

Thorfinn gets caught up in it and is saved by Askeladd. Thorfinn tastes his first blood in that battle and joins his adversary’s band to learn under him and hone his fighting skills. Thorfinn, now a grown man, has been recognized by Askeladd after securing victories for the band and Askeladd keeps his promise.

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The duel ends with Thorfinn making a wrong move after being provoked by Askeladd, making the latter the victor. The Danish forces and mercenary bands of Vikings like Askeladd’s strike North England under King Sweyn’s reign. The forces face resistance in London Bridge from a fearsome Dane, Thorkell the Tall fighting for the British.

Vinland-Saga 2

Askeladd offers Thorfinn another duel if he manages to bring the head of Thorkell. Thorfinn faces severe injuries from the skilled giant and is forced to retreat. Thorkell tries to catch King Sweyn who was on his way to Wessex with Prince Canute and Ragnar as hostages. A group of the Danish army, who were following Thorkell and his men, senselessly attacked their foes at close quarters, making it impossible for them to win.

Thorfinn manages to catch the Prince after everyone gets distracted because of a forest fire fumed by Askeladd. After a series of events, the Danish have managed to capture Wessex, and the English nobles, tired of the war, are starting to accept Danish rule.

Askeladd’s band has it rough and our being pursued by Thorkell and his men. As his leadership is being questioned, Askeladd remembers his past and lashes out, killing two of his men. Thorkell has already caught up to the mercenary band. Thorfinn, Bjorn with the Prince escape on a sled with men chasing them.

The men can make the sled crash and capture the Prince. Thorfinn rides back towards Askeladd, who fights against his once loyal followers. Askeladd is brought down from a volley of arrows. Thorfinn challenges Thorkell at a duel to decide the fate of Askeladd.

The results of the duel are Thorfinn finds out that Thorkell is his uncle and father’s fellow commander, and Thorfinn comes out as the victor. Canute, who is no longer of any value after his brother is chosen as the heir, combines the forces of Askeladd and Thorkell to march towards Gainsbourgh to claim the throne.

Vinland Saga Season 2

Canute and the King have a confrontation where the latter had ordered the former’s death. Askeladd reassures Canute’s capability, reminding the battle in London. In 1014, Canute is instructed by the King to take his followers to a Danish captured town, York, where he is shot with a crossbow by an assassin.

Thorfinn kills the assassin and in the process meets Leif, the person who told him the tales of Vinland when he was young. Later it is revealed, that a double was shot instead of Canute and Askeladd had hired the assassin to conspire against the king. Thorfinn anxious to take his revenge as soon as possible challenges Askeladd, who defeats and mercifully kills Bjorn in a duel before moving on to Thorfinn.

Askeladd, aware of Thorfinn’s moves, easily defeats him even after throwing away his sword. Askeladd gives a flashback of the time he killed his Viking father and how he hated the battle-thirsty ways of the Vikings. Sweyn celebrates their victory in winning over England, congratulates Canute and Thorkell for their accomplishments, and prepares to wage war against Ireland.

He also mentions the advancements of Wales in becoming a potential rebellion, to which Askedall secretly reveals to Thorkell that his mother was Welsh. Floki earlier noticed Askedall’s reaction on hearing Wales and informs the king of his behavior. Thorfinn who is locked up in jail after creating commotion on the street is approached by Leif and promised to be sent back to Iceland.

Askeladd is summoned to the king’s court and is rightfully rewarded for saving the prince. Askeladd asks the king to leave the mountainous rural land of Wales, for they are incapable to stand up against the Danish forces. The king surprisingly accepts the suggestion but demands the head of Canute in exchange.

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Askeladd, who believes Canute to be the most fitting ruler of the Vikings, is overwhelmed with the choices, openly insults the kind, and beheads the cunning king in front of the court. Canute tries to save Askeladd, but Thorkell reminds him that the latter is his man.

Thorfinn escapes from the jail and reaches the council room only to see Askeladd die in his arms as he makes a last attempt to get his revenge. Canute takes over as the throne but is attacked by Thorfinn with a knife. Thorfinn is stopped and dragged away while he has flashbacks of his journey in the knife’s reflection.

Is There A Vinland Saga Season 2 Trailer?

Yes, a season 2 trailer for Vinland Saga has been published, and it is incredible. In June of 2022. A big fire might be considered part of a raid, as is common in Viking imagery. The episode introduces several new characters and speculates where Thorfinn’s journey might go.

MAPPA, the company behind Jujutsu Kaisen and the final season of Attack On Titan, created the Vinland Saga. As a result, the trailer looks spectacular, particularly the fire effects and the opening glimpses of the Viking castles. This season will, at the very least, be visually beautiful!

Vinland Saga Season 2 Release Date

Vinland Saga Season 2 will premiere in Japan in January 2023. This was revealed in the first season trailer, which was published in June 2022. Subbed episodes are expected to be available immediately after they premiere in Japan, with dubbed episodes following later. While we don’t yet have a specific date, the month will suffice. Since the first season of Vinland Saga began over three years ago, we’ve been waiting with bated breath.

What Will Be The Vinland Saga Season 2 Plot

The main plotlines of Makoto Yukimura’s manga are warrior Thorfinn’s quest for vengeance against those who murdered his father and the empire of King Cnut the Great. These converge and conflict in various ways before the animated series moves on to other periods of Viking history.

Throughout the first season, we watch Thorfinn’s journey shift away from vengeance and toward self-discovery. According to the teaser, the second season of Vinland Saga will spend a significant amount of time on Thorfinn’s past, including his time working with Askeladd.

Given the first season’s conclusion, he’s probably reflecting on his life thus far and plotting his next steps. Thorkell, his great uncle, is shown conversing with new characters, implying that the cast will be enlarged once more. King Canute reappears at the conclusion, laughing over a tremendous amount of gold.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Plot

Regardless of what he’s doing or what Thorkill has done to him, he remains confident. The teaser includes a montage that suggests this will be another epic story set during the Viking era. The first season only covered Chapter 54 of the manga, giving plenty of time for adaptation. Even if no further manga is written, Viking Legend will cover a lot of territories.

Where To Watch Vinland Saga In Dub

Season 2 of Vinland Saga will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video in the United States, just like the previous episodes. Crunchyroll is where fans in the United Kingdom can watch the Viking anime. Sentai Filmworks acquired the anime’s home video rights in May 2021, nearly two years after its first release, and later published a new translation and a new English dub.

This version is available for $4.99 monthly on the anime streaming platform HDive. Mike Hashimoto as Thorfinn, David Wald as Askeladd, Jason Douglas as Thors, Joe Daniels as Thorkell, and Josh Grelle as Canute are the voice actors in the Sentai Filmworks dub.

In addition, in 2021, VSI released an English-dubbed version of Season 1. This second dub is available on Netflix. Aleks Le portrays Thorfinn, Kirk Thornton portrays Askeladd, Greg Chun portrays Thors, Patrick Seitz portrays Thorkell, and Griffin Burns portrays Canute.

Where To Watch Vinland Saga

Why Is Vinland Saga So Popular

One of anime’s most comprehensive, well-developed, and compassionate stories. It abandons any pretenses of a standard anime and goes out of its way to create genuine and understanding characters who are perfectly suited to the era in which they live.

Thorfinn and Askeladd’s love and growth are remarkable throughout the story. There aren’t enough words to describe how well-developed and nuanced both characters are in this piece. This isn’t your normal anime plot where the protagonist rages and triumphs.

To be honest, the opposite is true. In this story, the enemy triumphs, and the hero suffers, but the hero learns and evolves. And although the villain is the most horrible filth on the planet, you can’t help but respect him and realize that the plot revolves just as much around him as it does the hero.

In this novel, you see innocent people do awful things, villains accomplish fantastic things, and no one leaves unscathed. Everyone finally views themselves as a part of the broken world in which they live and becomes an active participant in what makes the world terrible. It is unafraid of the realities of war and human corruption. Nothing I’ve ever written could ever give it justice.


Vinland Saga is, without a doubt, one of the year’s top shows. Surprisingly, because the story is so brilliantly written, they did not adapt the manga sooner. All of the character interactions are significant, and the characters grow naturally in response to the situations in which they are placed.

The animation can be beautiful or extremely brutal, resulting in emotive and striking moments, but it typically depicts the calamities of war. The music is fantastic and appropriate for the situation. Vinland Saga S2 will include fewer fight sequences and a less “edgy Throfinn” than Season 1, but the plot will be flawless in constructing a fantastic storyline for future seasons.

While manga enthusiasts believe the season will be negatively received owing to the more contextual content, most anime viewers prefer action. Few, on the other hand, argue against the intellectualism portrayed in the next season. For the time being, anime lovers must wait until 2023 for the series to conclude.

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