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The anime series World Trigger centers around humans being sent to strange new worlds, with the twist being that people or creatures from other dimensions are transported to Earth instead. The story revolves around an organization called The National Defence Agency, which is responsible for dealing with the threat posed by deadly humanoid creatures known as “Neighbors” who have been teleported to Earth. The agency has battled these Neighbors for three seasons using “Triggers,” which they have reverse-engineered from the Neighbor technology. However, despite their efforts, the fight is still ongoing.

World Trigger Season 4 will continue this ongoing battle against the Neighbors and explore further developments in the story. It is expected to pick up from where Season 3 left off, potentially starting from Chapter 196 or Volume 22 of the manga. The focus of this season might include battles between various squads, such as Nasu Squad, Katori Squad, and Suwa Squad, during the B-Rank War arc. It may also delve into a new arc known as The Away Mission Selection, featuring temporary squads and introducing new character interactions.

World Trigger Season 4

Will there be World Trigger Season 4?

There is speculation among fans and industry experts about the potential renewal of the anime series based on its popularity and positive reception. The third season of World Trigger has been well-received by viewers, with some considering it the best season of the entire show. Toei Animation initially planned to release a second cour for Season 2 but ultimately decided to create a whole new season instead. This decision has paid off for the studio, as Season 3 currently holds an impressive rating of 8.22/10 based on over 10,000 votes on Anime List.

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Furthermore, reports suggest that Season 3 adapted the story until Volume 22 of the manga. In contrast, a total of 24 volumes have been published thus far. With this source material available, Toei Animation may continue producing World Trigger and bring us another season.

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date

While there has been no confirmation on when World Trigger Season 4 will be released, an announcement is expected soon. It is worth noting that previous seasons of World Trigger have typically adapted 35 chapters each. With Chapter 231 already released, there are currently 35 unadapted chapters remaining. Based on past release patterns, it can be anticipated that a new season may be available sometime between late 2023 and early 2024.

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The release date for Season 4 ultimately depends on various factors, such as production schedules and decision-making processes. However, considering the popularity and success of World Trigger among viewers, it is highly likely that a fourth season will be produced. Fans eagerly await news about the continuation of the series at events like the World Trigger Festival 2022.

What Could World Trigger Season 4 Be About?

One possible focus for the fourth installment of the anime series could be exploring new character interactions and temporary squads formed during The Away Mission Selection arc. This arc introduces the concept of temporary squads composed of members who have never worked together before. Tamakoma Second, the main team in the series, will be divided and paired up with other individuals from different teams. This presents an opportunity to delve into how these characters interact with one another and how well they can work together despite their differences.

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The Away Mission Selection arc offers a fresh dynamic to the story by introducing new character dynamics and team compositions. It allows character growth and development as they learn to adapt and collaborate with unfamiliar teammates in high-pressure situations. Viewers can expect intriguing conflicts, alliances, and unexpected partnerships as these temporary squads navigate through dangerous missions.

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By exploring new character interactions and temporary squad formations, World Trigger Season 4 has the potential to provide a refreshing perspective on teamwork, trust-building, and camaraderie within the world of Border. These elements could contribute to an engaging storyline that keeps viewers invested in the series.

Which Studio Could Make World Trigger Season 4?

TV Asahi and Toei Animation are the likely studios to produce and animate the fourth season of World Trigger. These two companies have been involved in the production of World Trigger since its first season, making it highly probable that they will continue their partnership for Season 4. TV Asahi, established in 1957, has a strong reputation in the anime industry and has produced notable titles such as Yuri!!! on Ice, From The New World, and Blue Lock. On the other hand, Toei Animation, founded in 1956, is renowned for its work on popular shonen anime series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Sailor Moon.

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Suppose TV Asahi and Toei Animation are responsible for Season 4 of World Trigger. In that case, fans can expect excellent writing, animation, and acting quality. Both studios have a proven track record of delivering top-notch productions. Their involvement would ensure viewers receive a compelling adaptation that stays true to the source material.

Where To Watch World Trigger

Crunchyroll, VRV, and Tubi TV are currently the streaming platforms where viewers can watch all episodes of World Trigger. These platforms allow viewers to access and enjoy the series at their convenience. Crunchyroll, a popular anime streaming service, offers a wide range of anime content, including all three seasons of World Trigger. VRV is another streaming platform that allows users to watch various shows and movies from different networks and channels, including World Trigger. Tubi TV is a free streaming service that provides access to all episodes of World Trigger. These platforms cater to the desire for freedom by allowing viewers to choose when and where to watch the series without restrictions or limitations. By offering accessibility on multiple platforms, World Trigger fans can select their preferred streaming service based on their personal preferences and availability.


In the world of World Trigger, fans eagerly await the arrival of Season 4. Despite no official release date being confirmed, hope remains high. With 35 unadapted chapters left and an engaging plot ahead, viewers anticipate battles between Nasu Squad, Katori Squad, and Suwa Squad in the B-Rank War arc. This will be followed by The Away Mission Selection arc, introducing new character interactions. TV Asahi and Toei Animation are expected to deliver exceptional writing, animation, and acting quality. With previous seasons on Crunchyroll and Anime Digital Network, fans can immerse themselves in this captivating series while waiting for Season 4’s triumphant return.


How Many Episodes Will Be in World Trigger Season 4?

The number of episodes in World Trigger Season 4 has yet to be officially confirmed.

Will the Main Voice Cast Return for World Trigger Season 4?

The return of the main voice cast for World Trigger Season 4 has not been officially confirmed. The involvement of the voice actors will depend on their availability and contractual agreements with the production company.

Are There Any Plans for a World Trigger Movie or Ova?

There is no information regarding plans for a World Trigger movie or OVA.

How Will the Manga Creator’s Health Issues Affect the Production of Season 4?

The manga creator’s health issues may impact the production of Season 4. The schedule could be affected, resulting in a slower adaptation pace or potential hiatuses. The continuation of the anime series depends on the creator’s health and availability.

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