Tulsa King Season 2 Release Date, Cast & More

Tulsa King Season 2 builds upon the success of its first season, which premiered on November 13, 2022, and was met with critical acclaim. Its renewal for a sophomore run is a testament to the show’s compelling storytelling, compelling characters, and the performances of its talented cast.

The series delves into the dangerous underworld of organized crime, showcasing the power struggles, alliances, and betrayals that define this illicit world. As viewers navigate this thrilling narrative, they are exposed to the gritty reality of criminal activities and the consequences that come with them.

With a focus on safety, Tulsa King Season 2 presents a fictional exploration of organized crime without glorifying or promoting illegal activities. It serves as both entertainment and a cautionary tale, allowing viewers to delve into the world of crime from a safe distance.

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In the second season of Tulsa King, viewers are reintroduced to the gripping world of organized crime in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Created by Taylor Sheridan, the crime drama series follows a Mafia capo, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, as he sets up his criminal empire after release.

Tulsa King Season 2

Tulsa King season 2 potential Release Date

The release date for Tulsa King Season 2, the highly anticipated continuation of the thrilling crime drama series, has yet to be announced by Paramount+. Fans eagerly await the show’s return, but there has yet to be official information on when the new season will premiere. The production of Season 2 has faced challenges, including the ongoing writers and actors strike, which has impacted the availability of work for the show’s creative team.

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Additionally, showrunner Terence Winter stepped down due to creative differences, although he remains an executive producer. These factors may contribute to a potential delay in the release date. Despite these obstacles, the success of Tulsa King’s first season, the franchise’s popularity, and the support of lead actor Sylvester Stallone offer hope for the future of the series.

Tulsa King season 2 Cast

The cast of Tulsa King Season 2 includes returning stars Sylvester Stallone as Dwight Manfredi, Martin Starr as Bodhi, Max Casella as Manny, and Andrea Savage as Stacy, along with new additions Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, Jay Will, Garrett Hedlund, AC Peterson, and Dana Delany. This talented ensemble brings together a mix of experienced actors and fresh faces, promising an exciting dynamic for the upcoming season.

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Fans can expect to see the familiar chemistry between Stallone’s Dwight Manfredi and his loyal right-hand man Bodhi, portrayed by Martin Starr. Max Casella will continue to surprise audiences with his portrayal of Manny, an unexpected ally, while Andrea Savage will bring her expertise to the role of Stacy, a former ATF agent. Adding Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, Jay Will, Garrett Hedlund, AC Peterson, and Dana Delany adds even more depth and complexity to the cast, ensuring that Tulsa King Season 2 will be thrilling. With such a talented group of actors, viewers can anticipate captivating performances and intriguing character development as the plot unfolds.

Martin StarrBodhi
Dana DelanyMargaret Deveraux
Sylvester StalloneDwight Manfredi
Vincent PiazzaVince Antonacci
Garrett HedlundMitch Keller
Max CasellaArmand Truisi
AC PetersonPete Invernizzi
Domenick LombardozziChickie Invernizzi
Andrea SavageStacy Beale
Jay WillTyson Mitchell

Tulsa King season 2 Plot

Continuing the gripping narrative of Tulsa King, season 2 promises to delve deeper into the repercussions of Dwight Manfredi’s arrest and the evolving dynamics within the Invernizzi crime family. As the first season concluded with Manfredi being taken into custody, viewers are left wondering about the legal troubles that await him in the upcoming episodes. Additionally, Chickie’s decision to leave the family may lead to resentment and unexpected consequences. The show’s creators have also hinted at the possibility of spin-off shows exploring the Invernizzi crime family or the city of Tulsa itself, further expanding the rich world of Tulsa King. While official plot details for season 2 have not been confirmed yet, fans can expect a continuation of the intense and suspenseful storyline, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Tulsa King season 2 Trailer

As fans eagerly await the trailer, they can expect glimpses of their favorite characters, such as Sylvester Stallone‘s Dwight Manfredi, Martin Starr’s Bodhi, and Andrea Savage’s Stacy. The trailer may also hint at new characters and potential storylines that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the trailer’s release draws near, fans are encouraged to catch up on the first season, which is currently available to stream on Paramount+. Stay tuned for updates on the trailer release date, as it promises to provide an exciting glimpse into the highly anticipated season 2 of Tulsa King.

Tulsa King Season 1 recap

Dwight Manfredi embarked on a new chapter after being released from prison in Tulsa King Season 1. The series follows Dwight as he navigates the criminal underworld of Tulsa, partnering with the Invernizzi crime family to establish his presence in the city. Alongside his crew, which includes Tyson, Manny, Bodhi, and Mitch, Dwight faces numerous challenges and conflicts, including a heated rivalry with the local biker gang led by Waltrip. Adding further complexity to his life, Dwight develops a romantic relationship with Stacy Beale, a former ATF agent. As the season progresses, tensions escalate, leading to a gripping finale that leaves Dwight’s fate uncertain.

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The first season of Tulsa King captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and dynamic characters. Viewers were drawn to redemption, loyalty, and the pursuit of freedom. As we delve into the highly anticipated second season, it remains to be seen how Dwight will navigate the aftermath of his arrest and the betrayals he experienced. With the stage set for further drama and suspense, fans eagerly await the next chapter of Tulsa King.

How Many Episodes Will Tulsa King Season 2 Have?

For the highly anticipated second season of Tulsa King, viewers are eager to know the number of episodes that will be featured. While an official announcement has not been made regarding the exact number of episodes, it is expected that Season 2 will have a similar number of episodes as the first season, which consisted of nine thrilling installments. This allows for ample storytelling and character development, ensuring that viewers will be captivated by the ongoing saga of Dwight Manfredi and the Invernizzi crime family.

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With each episode, the audience will continue to be immersed in the gritty underworld of Tulsa, where alliances are tested, conflicts arise, and secrets are revealed. As the story unfolds, viewers will be left craving more, eager to see how the narrative progresses and what challenges await the characters in the next episode.

Where Can I Watch Tulsa King Season 2?

Viewers can watch Tulsa King Season 2 on the streaming platform Paramount+. By subscribing to Paramount+, viewers can be free to watch Tulsa King Season 2 at their convenience without the limitations of traditional television schedules. This streaming platform provides the flexibility to stream the show on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers, allowing viewers to enjoy the gripping drama of Tulsa King Season 2 anytime and anywhere.


In conclusion, as fans eagerly await the highly anticipated second season of ‘Tulsa King,’ the production, cast, and plot developments are shrouded in mystery. With the impact of the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike and the departure of executive producer Terence Winters, the timeline for the release of Season 2 remains to be determined. However, the series’ critical acclaim and strong viewership ensure that audiences will be in for a thrilling ride in the ‘Tulsa King’ universe.


What Are the Reasons Behind the Potential Delay in the Release of Tulsa King Season 2?

The potential delay in releasing Tulsa King Season 2 can be attributed to the ongoing strike by actors and writers demanding fair pay. This strike has impacted the availability of work for writers and may cause production delays.

Will All the Main Cast Members Be Returning for Tulsa King Season 2?

Yes, all the main cast members are expected to return for Tulsa King Season 2. Their return will ensure continuity and familiarity for viewers as they continue to portray their respective characters in the show.

Are There Any Plans for Spin-Off Shows or Expanding the Tulsa King Universe?

There are plans for potential spin-off shows and expanding the Tulsa King universe. Paramount+ executives have hinted at the possibility, considering the first season’s success and the Taylor Sheridanverse’s growing popularity.

When Can We Expect the Trailer for Tulsa King Season 2 to Be Released?

The Tulsa King Season 2 trailer is highly anticipated, but an official release date has yet to be announced.

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