Combatants Will Be Dispatched Season 2 Release Date

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! is an anime TV series based on a light novel series and manga adaptation. The show concluded its first season in June 2021, leaving fans eager to know if there will be a second season. Fans can’t wait to see what’s happened for Combat Agent 6 and Alice in their mission to save the Kingdom of Grace.

The first season introduced us to the witty one-liners and action-packed adventures that make this series enjoyable. We followed Combat Agent 6 and Alice as they navigated a fantasy world, acting as double agents while trying to fulfill their original mission for the evil Kisaragi Corporation. Along the way, we were treated to plenty of mischiefs and laughs.

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With JC Staff having enough material for two more seasons and the first season gaining popularity worldwide through Funimation’s license, it’s safe to say that our favorite combatants will be back in action soon.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Season 2

What is the plotline of the anime?

In this hilarious anime, follow Agent Six as he ventures to alien planets, all in the name of Kisaragi Corporation’s evil conquest. As a combat agent for this notorious company, my job is to eliminate any threats that stand in our way. In season 1, I was on an alien planet filled with bad characters who called themselves the Demon Lord’s Army. With my trusty partner Alice by my side, we embarked on a mission to take down these villains and gain favor with our bosses.

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But in season 2, things are about to get even more intense. Our conquest for interstellar control continues as we face new challenges and encounter even more bizarre creatures from different planets. The stakes are higher than ever as we strive for the promotion and pay raises within Kisaragi Corporation. The plotline of Combatants Will Be Dispatched season 2 promises non-stop action, hilarious moments, and unexpected twists that will leave you wanting more.

Will There Be a Second Season of Combatants Will Be Dispatched?

The first season concluded in June 2021, and an official announcement regarding a second season has yet to be announced. Typically, it takes some time for an anime to be renewed, and more than one year is needed. The decision to continue an anime for another season depends on source material availability, popularity, disc sales, and financials.

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In the case of Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, the light novel series on which this anime is based, has sold over 1 million copies. The creator of the series also created Konosuba, which adds to its appeal. However, it’s worth noting that while the first season received positive reviews and gained a global audience through Funimation’s license, disc sales could have been more successful.

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Considering these factors, we can hope for a new season. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from J.C. staff or Kodakawa.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched season 2 Release Date

The release date for the second season of Combatants Will Be Dispatched remains unknown. While we eagerly await news of its return, there is some promising information to consider. With four more light novels yet to be adapted into the anime series, there is enough material for showrunners to continue the story. The first season ended in the last chapter of Volume 2, leaving plenty of room for further exploration of this action-packed fantasy world.

Where to watch Combatants Will be Dispatched?

Funimation is the go-to streaming platform for this anime series in the UK, and you can catch all the existing episodes there. Funimation co-produced the show, so they will likely continue as the platform for future seasons.

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Watching Combatants Will Be Dispatched! on Funimation lets you enjoy all the fantasy-filled excitement right at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in Combat Agent 6 and Alice’s world as they navigate a dangerous mission in a fantasy realm.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Season 2 Plot

In Combatants Will Be Dispatched Season 2, the stakes have never been higher as we find ourselves in a dire situation. Our base was destroyed in a massive explosion, forcing us to live in tents at the forest’s edge. With limited resources and no proper shelter, every day becomes a struggle for survival.

To make matters worse, our mission from Kisaragi Corporation is to fortify our base and expand our territory. But to achieve that, we need to increase our Evil Points. It seems like there’s no respite from the scumminess that defines us.

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Meanwhile, Grimm faces her troubles as she prepares for the Undead Festival. As an undead, she accidentally removes her blessing of undeath and puts herself at risk. And if that wasn’t enough chaos already, we now have hordes of self-destructing frogs besieging our hideout.

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Amidst all this madness and mayhem, we must find a way to overcome these challenges and come out victorious. The road ahead is treacherous and uncertain, but with our wits (and scumminess) intact, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Get ready for another wild ride as Combatants Will Be Dispatched season 2 takes us on an exhilarating adventure filled with laughter, action, and unexpected twists at every turn.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched dub cast

Brendan Blaber lends his voice to the main character, Combat Agent 6, perfectly capturing his wit and charm. Monica Rial portrays Alice, a combat droid with a sassy attitude that adds an extra layer of entertainment to the show.

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Amber Lee Connors and Kristi Rothrock bring their talents to Snow and Rose, two Supreme Leaders of Kisaragi who add intrigue and complexity to the story. Emily Neves, Molly Searcy, and Mallorie Rodak portray Black Lilith, Flaming Belial, and Freezing Astaroth, respectively, showcasing their skills in bringing powerful female characters to life.

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Brittney Karbowski’s portrayal of Grimm, an unreliable curse-inflicting character, adds a touch of unpredictability to the mix. And Bryn Apprill shines as Princess Tillis, capturing her regal yet vulnerable nature.


Fans of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! eagerly anticipate the arrival of season 2. The show has garnered a global following with its unique plotline and lovable characters. While there is currently no official confirmation about the release date for the second season, there is hope that it will be renewed due to the abundance of the source material. Viewers are excited to see what adventures await Combat Agent 6 and Alice as they continue their mission to save Princess Tillis and the Kingdom of Grace from the demon army’s clutches.


How many volumes of the light novel series have been adapted into the anime?

The anime adaptation of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! has adapted two volumes of the light novel series. However, seven volumes are currently released, meaning there is plenty of source material for future seasons.

Is there any information on the potential release date for Combatants Will Be Dispatched Season 2?

There needs to be more information on the potential release date for Combatants Will Be Dispatched Season 2. We’ll have to wait for official announcements or updates from the production company.

How does the series’ popularity affect the chances of a second season?

The popularity of a series plays a significant role in determining the chances of a second season. Suppose the show has a solid and dedicated fan base. In that case, it increases the likelihood of renewal and future seasons being produced.

Who created Combatants Will Be Dispatched, and what other series have they made?

The creator of Combatants Will Be Dispatched is Natsume Akatsuki.

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