All About KonoSuba Season 3 – Release Date, News, Trailer, and Story

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World, commonly known as KonoSuba is all the talk currently in the isekai community. With the announcement of a third season, the wishes of the content-thirsty fans have been answered. 

As of now, no release date has been confirmed for the release of season 3, but the involvement of a completely new studio and even another spin-off will release spring of this year. The series will adapt a spin-off novel of the original series named “KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!”

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Konosuba is one of the most loved isekai anime, and if you haven’t watched it, you are missing out on a lot of fun-filled adventure series. While season 3 is already in talks and set for release, now is the best time to start watching Konosuba, and while you are on it, keeping yourself updated with the latest developments and news regarding it will keep you a step ahead. Read along to learn everything you need to know about Konosuba Season 3, including its expected dates, trailer releases, and much more.

KonoSuba Season 3

KonoSuba Season 3: Release Date

The date for the release of Konosuba season 3 is still unknown. As Kadokawa first revealed that the anime has been in production since May 2022, according to industry standards the anime should get a release date of spring 2024. 

The spin-off “KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!” has started airing on Crunchyroll with two episodes already out and available to stream. In the spinoff, we will follow the story of Megumi a year before assembling the loveable cast of 4 buffoons.

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Yen Press the distributors of the original novel describe the anime as such, “One year before a certain useless goddess and NEET extraordinaire hit the scene, Megumin, the “Greatest Genius of the Crimson Magic Clan,” is hard at work. 

Ever since a life-changing encounter in her youth, the young wizard has dedicated her every waking moment to the pursuit of the ultimate offensive magic, Explosion! (Well every moment is not spent hustling food from her self-proclaimed rival.) And while the big sister’s away, the little one will play. On a routine trip into the woods, Megumin’s little sister, Komekko, finds a strange black kitten. Little does she know that this cat plays a key role in unsealing a Dark God’s tomb.”

What Is KonoSuba Season 3 About?

Konosuba season 3 will be based on the follow-up from season 2 including the crazy adventures of Kazuma Sato with Aqua goddess and the wizard, Megumin. It’s interesting to know that Kazuma Sato has beaten these annoying generals black and blue while the devil is still on the loose.

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In the first season, we see the group slowly come together as Kazuma is sent to the MMO world after his death, and he drags Aqua with him. In the process of recruiting team members, Kazuma ends up with Megumi and Darkness. They then adventure through the city of Axel, and even end up saving the whole city at the end of season 1.

In season two, Kazuma is presented in court for blowing up a whole castle when transporting a magic bomb. After this, we follow our group as they start to adventure out of Axle and even kill a Devil Army General who had been poisoning a city’s supply of fresh water.

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If the series follows through with the pattern of adaption the novels faithfully, we will get to see our main characters get involved with the royal family. The king and the Princess will play a big role in the upcoming season as a plot to impersonate them will start unfolding.

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After those events, Darkness will finally accept the marriage proposal from Loe Alderp, which might lead to the group falling apart.

These 2 arcs explained above represent two light novel worth of story but the length and pacing of Season 3 will determine how much of the story the new season will adapt.

KonoSuba Season 3 Studio News

With Season 3 the original studio, Studio Deen, for KonoSuba has been dropped and the franchise has been picked up by Studio Drive. Currently, studio Drive has not produced enough animes to judge them on quality but if they can keep the quality of To Your Eternity S3 consistent, KonoSuba will be in good hands.

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Also, a good way of predicting Season 3’s quality is by watching the KonoSuba spin-off series “KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!” as Studio Drive is also producing it.

KonoSuba Season 3 Trailer

As of writing this article, no trailer for season 3 is out yet. To get real-time updates on the situation of KonoSuba Season 3 you should follow KonoSuba’s official Twitter account.

If you haven’t watched them, three trailers for the spin-off series which follows Megumi’s journey before she met the main cast, are out on youtube.

Where Will KonoSuba Season 3 Be Aired?

Just like the previous two seasons, KonoSuba Season 3 will be simulcast on Crunchyroll. Depending on your region, The first two seasons are already available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

KonoSuba Story

Sato Kazuma, a Shut-in neet who one day goes out to buy his favorite game, and dies very “tragically” in a car accident. This 17-year-old kid wakes up to a Goddes who tells him that he is going to be reincarnated into another world but he can only take one person alongside this new journey. Too much of his amusement he picks goddess Aqua to explore this new afterlife journey adventures.

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Set to the task of defeating the devil king, these two had to gather two more team members. As no one is ready to join a broke team, Kazuma ends up with Darkness, a masochist Knight who can never hit a target with her sword, and Megumin, a magician who only knows Explosion Magic which renders her useless after a single use. 

All About KonoSuba

With his Rag-Tag team of adventurers, Kazuma tries to complete quests, which earn him just enough money to buy food. Whenever emergency quests would arise, Kazuma’s party would end up saving the day but not without a disastrous side effect.

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In season 2, we follow Kazuma, as he is stuck in jail for blowing up a whole castle while trying to save the city of Axel. Kazuma is even put on trial and has to prove his innocence to the jury, by convincing them that he did not blow the castle up on purpose. Following this arc we follow the same story beats as season 1, ending with the team defeating a Devil King General at the end of the season.


Fans have been waiting for Season 3 for nearly 6 years, and finally, their prayers have been answered. Many are skeptical of the change of studio for the anime as the studio was rather recently built and does not have much work out yet. 

The director of the previous seasons, Takaomi Kanasaki, will be returning as the Cheif Director for the new seasons. Yujiro Abe, the director of some episodes for Kaguys-Sama will be acting as the series director. As the returning members will also include, Makoto Uezu, the series composer, and Koichi Kikuta, the character designer.


What is KonoSuba season 3 about?

In Season 3, our main characters get involved with the royal family. The king and the Princess will play a big role in the upcoming season as a plot to impersonate them will start unfolding.
After those events, Darkness will finally accept the marriage proposal from Loe Alderp, which might lead to the group falling apart.

Will KonoSuba ever get a season 3?

Season 3 was confirmed to be in production by Kadokawa in May 2022. If it follows a healthy production schedule, the season should start airing anytime in 2024.

Does Kazuma marry Aqua?

(Spoiler Alert) At the end of the light novels, Kazuma ends up falling for Megumin and fans theorize that he will marry her in the future.

How old is Megumin in season 3?

At the start of season 1, Megumin is a 14-year-old. Assuming, a year passes with every season, Megumin would be 16 in Season 3.

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