Watch Every Shrek Movies In Release Order

Shrek, the infamous green ogre, is a fictional character introduced in his eponymous novel, later adopted by DreamWorks animation into an animation film. The film was an instant hit followed by several animated musicals and sequels. The giant, scary-looking ogre had a rough childhood but later grew up to become the knight who saved the princess. The plot, dialogues, and humor are catering for both children and adults.

Shrek is portrayed as an angry, short-tempered ogre who scares people away with his fierce roars. After meeting his best and closest friend Donkey, Shrek has numerous adventures from a fierce knight to a kind-hearted lover and from a faithful husband to a loving father.

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all Shrek Movies In Order

In What Order Should I Watch Sherk Movies?

The musicals, short films, and television specials are recommended to be watched after the four major movies. The four majors are released chronologically. The order is:

  • Shrek (2001)
  • Shrek 2 (2004)
  • Shrek the Third (2007)
  • Shrek Forever After (2010)
  • Puss in Boots (2011) [Spin-off]
  • Shrek the Halls (2007) [Television special]
  • Scared Shrekless (2010) [Television special]
Shrek Movies In Order

Watch Every Shrek Movies In Release Order

  1. Shrek

    Writers: William Steig(based upon the book by)Ted ElliottTerry Rossio

    Directors: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

    Stars: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz

    Genres: Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Family, Fantasy

     Shrek (2001) on IMDb

    One day, a talking donkey is chased by Duloc guards into Shrek, the ogre’s territory. The Captain of Duloc orders Shrek to be arrested, but he easily scares the guards away, saving the donkey. Unexpectedly, more fantastical creatures enter Shrek’s swamp. Invading his privacy, Shrek demands an explanation, upon which he learns that the creatures were dumped there on Lord Farquaad’s orders. Infuriated, Shrek, accompanied by Donkey, goes to the castle to demand his swamp back.

    Shrek arrives at Duloc, interrupting a tournament held by Lord Faquaad to select which knight will be sent to rescue Princess Fiona for him. Lord Farquaad announces whoever is successful at killing Shrek will become the champion. Shrek easily defeats all the knights with the help of Donkey. The Lord strikes a deal with the ogre, Shrek’s swamp, in exchange for Princess Fiona. Shrek accepts the deal, and the duo leaves for the Dragon’s Keep, where Princess Fiona is helped captive.

    To reach the castle, Shrek and Donkey need to cross a loosely hanging bridge right above a lake of lava. Donkey intimidated refuses to cross the bridge. Shrek swings the bridge to get Donkey across. They enter the castle and Shrek puts on armor found on a knight’s carcass. Shrek orders Donkey to find stairs while Shrek himself will look for the Dragon. On their way, Donkey accidentally wakes up the Dragon, and Shrek have no choice but to fight it.

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    A lash from the dragon’s tail sends Shrek flying right through the roof of the tallest tower. While the dragon is distracted by Donkey, Shrek meets Princess Fiona. With his armour on, the princess mistakes Shrek for her Princess Charming. Shrek rushes with Princess Fiona to save Donkey. The dragon chases them, but Shrek manages to trap it under a chandelier. Fiona requests Shrek to take off his helmet for a kiss but to her horror, her expected lover is an ogre.

    Shrek does not care and forcefully takes Fiona to hand her over to Lord Farquaad. As the night approaches, Fiona demands to stop and separates herself inside a small cave. While stargazing, Shrek tells Donkey how he lives alone because most people are afraid to approach him and never try to know him. After a fight with the Merryman, Fiona attends to Shrek’s arrow stuck in his butt removing it. For the rest of the journey, Shrek falls for Fiona’s kindness.

    Later, Fiona talks to Donkey about how could someone love a monster and Shrek overhears thinking that she is talking about him. Enraged, Shrek goes and brings Farquaad and his knights to escort her to the castle. Shrek gets back his swap as promised. Donkey tries to explain, but Shrek does not listen. After an intense argument with Donkey, Shrek apologizes to him. Donkey tells him to get Fiona back. Shrek interrupts Farquaad’s and Fiona’s wedding.

    Initially, disappointed with Shrek’s coldness, Fiona prepares to kiss Farquaad, when Shrek confesses his love for her. As the sun sets, Fiona turns into a female ogre much to everyone’s surprise. Disgusted, Farquaad orders both the ogres to be arrested. Donkey and Dragon come to their rescue. They burst through the glass window of the church and Dragon eats up Farquaad. Shrek kisses Fiona breaking the curse and turning her into a permanent ogre. Fiona, still in doubt about her appearance, is assured by Shrek to be beautiful. The couple, now married, depart in an onion carriage.

  2. Shrek 2

    Writers: William Steig, Andrew Adamson, Joe Stillman

    Directors: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon

    Stars: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz

    Genres: Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Family, Fantasy

     Shrek 2 (2004) on IMDb

    After their honeymoon, Shrek and Fiona, accompanied by Donkey, receive a letter from Fiona’s parents, inviting her and her newlywed husband to their castle. Shrek refuses to go because of his appearance but reluctantly agrees after Fiona convinces him. The trio leaves for the castle and has a long, annoying journey. They are treated with a grand entrance but much to Shrek’s expectation, all the townspeople gasp in horror witnessing the ogre couple.

    Fiona’s mother Queen Lilian is surprised but not more than Fiona’s father King Harold, who is unbelievably shocked. After an awkward silence at the dinner table, a conversation leads to Shrek and King Harold getting on each other’s bad sides. Fiona is humiliated after a food fight break between the men. Infuriated, Fiona storms off to her childhood room. Later, Shrek tries to apologize, but her room is locked from the inside.

    Shrek and Donkey break open the door. He sees Fiona with a fairy godmother who explains that she wants to help them. Shrek rudely dismisses her and tells Fiona to pack her luggage. After a brief argument, Fiona leaves the room. Shortly after, Shrek opens the door to Harold’s knock who apologizes to Shrek and seemingly wants to make up to him. Harold tells Shrek to meet in the forest in the morning, and Shrek suspiciously agrees to show up.

    The next morning, Shrek and Donkey leave for the forest. They are attacked by Puss N’ Boots, the infamous trickster cat hired by Harold to kill Shrek. Puss confesses, and Shrek feels betrayed and angry. Shrek remembers the fairy godmother and, with Donkey and Puss, goes to her cottage and asks her to make him handsome for Fiona. The fairy godmother refuses to help Shrek, so the trio disguises themselves as caterers and steals her potions.

    They escape after accidentally drawing attention by throwing a bunch of potions and turning the workers into doves. After escaping into the woods, Shrek and Donkey drink a potion called Happily Ever After. Nothing happens, and both of them accept their fate. Disappointed, they take shelter under an abandoned shed and sleep. When they get up, Shrek finds himself being treated by three women.

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    He discovers that during the night he became a handsome man and Donkey became a brilliant, white horse. With everyone admiring his looks, Shrek goes to the castle with a boost of confidence. Upon arriving, they hear Fiona screaming, and Shrek runs inside her room to find no one. The fairy godmother shows her true colors and locks Shrek inside the room. She tells him to leave Fiona if he truly loves her and let her get married to another prince.

    Disheartened, Shrek agrees and goes to a bar to drown his grief. He then overhears Harold, the godmother, and her son Charming plotting to introduce Charming as the new handsome Shrek. She is also heard using a potion to make Fiona fall in love with the man she first kisses. Shrek realizes that he has to save Fiona and on his way to the castle, Shrek, Donkey, and Puss get arrested and imprisoned.

    With the help of their friends, the trio manages to escape. Shrek and the others interrupt Charming and human Fiona’s kiss. A fight breaks out, and Charming manages to kiss Fiona but gets headbutted by her. The godmother tries to zap Shrek, but Harold blocks the spell turning him into a frog. Lilian was the princess who kissed Harold, the frog prince which turned him into a human prince.

    Harold finally accepts and is happy with his daughter’s marriage. To stay human, the couple needs to kiss before midnight, when seconds away, Fiona just hugs Shrek. They turn back to ogres and kiss each other. The castle celebrates and continues the party with singing and dancing.

  3. Shrek the Third

    Writers: Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman, Chris Miller

    Directors: Chris Miller, Raman Hui

    Stars: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy

    Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

     Shrek the Third (2007) on IMDb

    After King Harold gets bedridden, Shrek and Fiona take up the responsibilities of King and Queen. Shrek soon realizes he is not fit to be a ruler after making disastrous mistakes. Before Shrek can give up and leave, he attends to the dying Harold, who tells him about another heir named Arthur. Shrek, unwilling to be a ruler, decides to find Arthur. Before he leaves with Donkey and Puss, Fiona informs him that she is pregnant.

    Shrek, afraid of turning out to be a bad father, has nightmares of conceiving too many ogre babies. Shrek finds Artie in his high school getting bullied. On their way to Far Far Away, Artie does not like it when Donkey and Puss blabber about his royal duties once he becomes the King. Shrek has to reroute the ship after Artie turns it back, but Shrek eventually breaks it. After getting shipwrecked, Shrek retains no patience for Artie.

    On their way, the group meets Artie’s old teacher, Mr. Merlin. Shrek learns that Artie’s father abandoned him when he was a child, and Shrek can relate because he also had father issues. They continue their journey but get interrupted by Captain Hook, Charming’s right-hand man and Peter Pan’s advisor.

    Shrek and his friends not only defeat the pirates but also learn that Fiona and others are in danger. With Merlin’s help, the group manages to reach Far Far Away but as a side effect, Puss and Donkey swap bodies. They witness Far Away in ruins. Pinnochio, Shrek’s friend and a victim of Charming’s reign, tells Shrek how Charmings took over Far Away and imprisoned Fiona with other princesses.

    While confronting Charming, Shrek and his friends get surrounded by evil guards. To save Artie, Shrek starts insulting the boy for his weak body, how he won’t be able to become the ruler and should just go back. Shrek stalls the enemies until his friends come to save them. Enraged, Charming tries to kill Artie but misses and is crushed by a tower tipped over by Dragon. Artie claims the throne, and Shrek has become confident in accepting parenthood.

  4. Shrek Forever After

    Writers: Josh Klausner, Darren Lemke, William Steig

    Director: Mike Mitchell

    Stars: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy

    Genres: Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Romance

     Shrek Forever After (2010) on IMDb

    Before the incidents of Fiona’s rescue from the Dragon’s Keep, King Harold and Queen Lilian sought the help of con artist Rumpelstiltskin to lift her curse. In exchange, Rumpelstiltskin demanded to be crowned the new king. Before the King and the Queen could sign the contract, they were informed that Fiona was rescued, and the contract was called off. At present, a resentful Rumpelstiltskin wishes Shrek was never born and seeks revenge.

    Meanwhile, Shrek had grown tired of being the family man and longed for the days when the people feared him. During the celebration of his children’s first birthday, three little pigs eat the children’s cake, and a little kid keeps annoying him by doing the infamous ogre roar. Frustrated, Shrek loses his temper and lashes out at his family and friends before leaving the house. Frustrated, Shrek is approached by Rumpelstiltskin, who offers to help him.

    Rumpelstiltskin tells Shrek that he can get back his days of being a real ogre in exchange for removing a random day from his life. After signing the contract, Shrek transits to a world where the villagers still fear him. Shrek is roaming around and causing mischief, Shrek sees wanted posters of ogre Fiona and his home deserted. Shrek is captured by witches and taken to Rumpelstiltskin, the new king of Far Far Away.

    Shrek realizes that Rumpelstiltskin was erased the day Shrek was born, which means that he is not supposed to exist and will fade away the next day. Shrek manages to escape with Donkey, who does not recognize him but sympathizes with him. Donkey tells Shrek that only a true love’s kiss can void the contract. Shrek remembers and goes to the tower at Dragon’s Keep, where Fiona is supposed to be held captive, but Shrek only finds her crown.

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    Donkey falls down a hole with Shrek running after him. There they find Fiona, who now leads a group of ogre rebels to bring down Rumpelstiltskin. Later, the ogres are trapped and captured by Pied Piper, Rumpelstiltskin’s henchman. Shrek tells Fiona to kiss him, and everything will get fixed. Nothing changes because, here, Fiona does not love.

    It is heard that Rumpelstiltskin declared to grant any wish of the one who captures Shrek. Shrek willingly offers himself up to Rumpelstiltskin and wishes for the other ogres to be set free. Donkey, Puss, and the ogres raid the castle allowing Shrek and Fiona to defeat Rumpelstiltskin and Dragon.

    As the sun rises, Shrek begins to fade away but before he could completely vanish, Fiona kisses him. This time, Fiona who was in love with Shrek because of his sacrifice and heroism, the kiss nullifies the contract. Shrek reappears in his previous world at the moment before he was about to lash out at his family and friends. Shrek now understands the importance of family and cherishes it living happily ever after.

  5. Puss In Boots

    Writers: Tom Wheeler, Brian Lynch, Will Davies

    Director: Chris Miller

    Stars: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

     Puss in Boots (2011) on IMDb

    Puss in Boots, the infamous outlaw cat, who is on the run seeks to restore his honor. He learns that an outlaw couple Jack and Jill have the giant beanstalk seeds which would lead him to the castle that holds valuable golden eggs. Puss tries to steal it from them but gets interrupted by another female cat, Kitty Softpaws, hired by Puss’s childhood friend Humpty to steal the seeds.

    Puss tells Kitty how Humpty tricked him to rob a bank and ever since he was on the run. Humpty eventually convinces Puss to join them in finding the beans that would lead them to the golden eggs. The trio manages to steal the beans from Jack and Jill and plant them in the desert. They ride the beanstalk as it rises into the clouds. Humpty reveals that the giant inside the castle died a long time ago but they should vary of the Great Terror who guards the golden eggs.

    They soon realize that the eggs are too heavy to be carried so they steal the goose’s baby instead after seeing that it lays golden eggs as well. After they manage to escape, the trio is ambushed by Jack and Jill and Puss is knocked unconscious. Puss wakes up and chases Jack and Jill’s wagon back to San Ricardo, his home village, assuming that his partners were kidnapped. There he learns that Humpty betrayed and tricked him again; it was all planned from the beginning.

    Puss is arrested and gets jailed by the town’s militia. From Andy Beanstalk, a.k.a Jack, Puss learns and realizes that Humpty stole the beans from Jack and plans to destroy the town and seek revenge by luring the mother goose with the baby gosling. With Kitty’s help, Puss manages to escape the prison. Puss finds Humpty and convinces him to do the right thing and redeem himself.

    Using the gosling, Humpty and Puss manage to lure the mother goose away from the town. As they reach the outskirts, Humpty and the gosling are knocked down and hang from the broken bridge. Puss manages to grab the rope Humpty was holding onto. Puss and Humpty realize that only one can be saved.

    Humpty lets go of the rope and Puss immediately recovers the gosling from falling. Puss returns the gosling to its mother and sees that the impact from the fall broke Humpty’s outer shell revealing him to be a golden egg. Though he saved the town, Puss is still an outlaw and he flees with Kitty while being hailed a hero by the townspeople.

Shrek Television and Interactive Specials

  1. Shrek the Halls

    Writers: Gary Trousdale, Sean Bishop, Theresa Cullen

    Director: Gary Trousdale

    Stars: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz

    Genres: Animation, Short, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

     Shrek the Halls (2007) on IMDb

    The Christmas season arrives and Donkey convinces Shrek who reluctantly promises Princess Fiona a special Christmas surprise. Shrek goes to a bookstore in Far Far Away to get a present for Fiona. He knows nothing about Christmas so the shopkeeper hands him a copy of Christmas For Village Idiots, a step-by-step guide to celebrating Christmas. Shrek follows the guide and decorates his house accordingly and brings a tree and looks forward to spending Christmas Eve quietly and peacefully with his family.

    Instead, Donkey brings all of their friends to the swamp, ruining Shrek’s plans. As Shrek tries to recite “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, Gingy, Donkey, and Puss cut in and start telling their own Christmas story. Both Donkey and Puss have had a beautiful time during Christmas but GIngy tells a horrifying story where his girlfriend Suzy was eaten by Santa Claus. Donkey says it is ridiculous and finds Shrek’s Christmas guide. All of them start quarreling and Shrek’s supper is destroyed.

    Shrek finally loses his temper and kicks all his guests out of his house. Fiona is upset about her husband’s behavior and leaves with their babies to apologize and explain to Donkey how Shrek planned to spend Christmas. Shrek feels guilty and catches up with the group and apologizes for lashing out at them earlier. They return inside and Shrek tells his version of the poem. Soon, they hear bells and go outside to see Santa and his reindeer. Gingy is still afraid and runs back inside. Santa uses his magic and puts ogre ears on the moon.

  2. Scared Shrekless

    Writers: Gary Trousdale, Sean Bishop, Claire Morrissey

    Directors: Gary Trousdale, Raman Hui

    Stars: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas

    Genres: Animation, Short, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror

     Scared Shrekless (2010) on IMDb

    It’s Halloween and Fiona with her ogre triplets scare away some teenage trick-or-treaters. Shrek Donkey, Puss, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, Gingy, and Pinnochio decide to tell the scary story and whoever tells the scariest story will be crowned the King of Halloween. All of them go to the abandoned castle of Duloc where Lord Farquaad once ruled.

    Gingy starts with his scary story first. After his girlfriend dumps him, Gingy goes to Muffin Man and asks the latter to make him a new girlfriend. While preparing her, GIngy decides to use a lot of sugar so that she would love him more and never leave him. When she is baked and brought to life, Gingy is happy but he soon realizes that she is obsessed and madly in love with him. After running away, Gingy pushes her into a bowl of batter.

    He thinks that he is finally free but he only ended up making more zombie clones of his new girlfriend who eventually ate him. Shrek claims it is ridiculous by justifying Gingy’s presence at the moment. Gingy runs away embarrassed. Next up is Pussy and Donkey and their tale of the Boots Motel. At night, the duo takes shelter in the Boots Motel trying to escape a thunderstorm.

    Donkey ends the story with Puss dying to which Puss disagrees and tries to retell the story. Donkey interrupts and the cycle repeats until Puss comes up with his version where Donkey is eaten by a Big Donkey-eating Waffle. The argument for the ending stops when Pinncohio sprays water at Puss making him run away.

    Donkey follows to catch up to Puss. Finally, it’s Shrek’s turn. Shrek tells the story of when he was babysitting a crazed and possessed Pinocchio. After continuously beating Shrek, Pinocchio jumps out of the window. When Pinocchio lands on the street, he hears a talking cricket that pops out of his head. The cricket claims to be the conscience and voice that made Pinocchio crazy and violent. Pinocchio retaliates and stomps the cricket killing it.

    After the story ends, Pinocchio denies that the story is true. Shrek shows him a normal cricket, to which the boy screams and runs away. Shrek and Donkey are the only ones remaining. They discuss rumors of Farquaad’s ghost. Shrek recalls how Donkey had a hand in the Lord’s death. The wind blows eerily and a walking suit of armor that appears to be Farquaad’s ghost calls out to Donkey. Donkey gets intensely scared and accepts his defeat. Donkey runs away and it is revealed that the ghost act was a plan Fiona and the babies made.

  3. Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

    Directors: Roy Burdine, Johnny Castuciano

    Writers: Doug Langdale, Greg White

    Stars:: Eric Bauza(voice), Jayma Mays(voice), Maria Bamford(voice)

    Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Short, Family, Fantasy

    Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale (2017) on IMDb

    In this Television special, the unlikely hero Puss in Boots is magically transported into a new world when a sorcerer tricks him. In this strange and exciting world, he faces many challenges as he struggles to find his way home. Along the way, he meets talking animals, battles against evil sorcerers, and faces robots and machines threatening to take over Fantasy World’s kingdom.

    As Puss allies himself with some of the inhabitants of Fantasy World, he must fight his way through multiple levels of enemy forces while collecting items that will help him unlock doors and advance through the game. Difficult obstacles such as live dragons add even more excitement to this adventure-filled tale as Puss strives to complete his mission and return safely home.


Shrek, as an animated movie, might be dedicated to kids with fantasy and fairy-tale characters and good comedy but the character of Shrek himself is quite thought-provoking. The message is clear and direct for adult viewers. Unlike other princess and fairy-tale stories, this is the story of an ogre who finds true love.

At first, Shrek doubts his nature as an ogre but with the help of his friends and family, he manages to overcome his insecurities and accepts himself for who he is. People of all ages can enjoy this movie series. It is funny and amazingly crafted for everyone. With good-quality animation, a good voice-acting cast, and an amazing storyline, this movie series is a must-watch.

All Shrek Movies Box Office Collection

  • Shrek(2001) – $487.9 million
  • Shrek 2 (2004) – $928.7 million
  • Shrek the Third (2007) – $813.4 million
  • Shrek Forever After (2010) – $752.6 million
  • Puss in Boots (2011) – $555 million

All Shrek Movies According To Highest To Lowest IMDb Ranking

  • Shrek(2001) – 7.9 with 702K
  • Shrek 2 (2004) – 7.3 with 483K
  • Scared Shrekless (2010) – 6.7 with 5.7K
  • Puss in Boots (2011) – 6.6 with 182K
  • Shrek the Halls (2007) – 6.4 with 15K
  • Shrek the Third (2007) – 6.1 with 319K
  • Shrek Forever After (2010) – 6.3 with 215K
  • Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale (2017) – 5.2 with 712


How Many Sherk Movies Are There?

There are four main Shrek movies in the Shrek franchise. There has been much more content dedicated to the character. Short films like Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party (2001), Shrek 4-D (2003), Far Far Away Idol (2004), Donkey’s Christmas Shrektacular (2010), Shrek’s Yule Log (2010), Thriller Night (2011), The Pig Who Cried Werewolf (2011) are among the many more spin-offs and side contents. There are two Television specials and an interactive special, Puss in Boots Trapped in Epic Tale that was released on Netflix.

Are The Sherk Movies Connected?

There the main storylines portrayed in the 4 installments are all sequentially connected. The journey starts with Shrek saving his future wife Princess Fiona. After his marriage, he has to deal with Fiona’s royal parents because of his appearance, followed by his incapability of ruling Far Far Away and fear of entering parenthood.

Where to Watch Shrek Movies?

There are plenty of ways that you can watch shrek movies – streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime offer periodic access for subscribers. Along with these you can also stream Shrek movie by renting on Google play, iTunes, Amazon instant video and Vudu. No matter which method you choose, you’re sure to enjoy revisiting this classic animated franchise.

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