All 5 Final Destination Movies in Order

Introducing to the viewers the concept of Death as a villain, the Horror-Gore franchise Final Destination strictly follows the rule of “Death always finds a way”. Released in 2000, the Final Destination movies have now become gore galore and an icon in the Horror movie genre.

Inspired by a rejected script for the X-files, the first movies started the legacy. In the movie, we follow the protagonist as they save a bunch of people from Death because they get a premonition of a dreadful accident. Slowly as the survivors return to their daily life, they suffer horrible and very graphic death by an unseen force (Death). While trying to find the pattern behind the deaths, will our protagonist save himself and his loved one?

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With a total of five movies in the franchise, watching them in the right order can be quite confusing, which is why this article exists. It has all the information you might need to watch the franchise, so grab a warm blanket and ready yourself for some freakish gore and spine-chilling jumpscares.

All Final Destination Movies

All Final Destination Movies in Release Order

  1. Final Destination

    Streaming On: TubiTV

    Director: James Wong

    Writer: Jeffrey Reddick

    Stars: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Forbes Angus, Daniel Roebuck, Chad E. Donella, Kristen Cloke, Brendan Fehr, Seann William Scott, Tony Todd, Amanda Detmer, Lisa Marie Caruk, Roger Guenveur Smith, Christine Chatelain

    Genre: Horror, Thriller

    Final Destination (2000) on IMDb

    Diving right into the gory scenes, Final Destination (2000) introduces us to the concept of Death as a villain. In this movie, we follow Alex who stops death from having its way by saving a bunch of people from their demise. Out for what was rightfully theirs, Death starts claiming the life of the survivors one by one.

    After boarding a flight to Paris, Alex foresees the plane crashing and killing everyone on board. When Alex panics, he gets into a fight with Carter, this gets him, his friend group and Carter thrown off the plane. Alex’s premonition comes true and the plane crashes.

    At the funeral, the Funeral director Willaim, tells Alex that the survivors of the accident will be claimed by Death. While having a conversation with Clear, one of his friends, the two see their friend get run over by a truck. Alex concludes that the deaths are happening in the same sequence as his dream.

    Knowing that Carter is the next one to die, Alex saves him from a car crash, but some shrapnel from the accident kills another survivor. Alex saves Clear from her death too, which finishes the sequence.

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    To celebrate their life, Alex, Carter, and Clear meet in Paris where Alex reveals that Death never came for him. Right after this a bus crash into the group, which kills Alex and Carter.

    Released on the big screen in 2000, Final Destination brought the horror and gore genre back to life. While the high-strung story keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, the gore scenes come as a complete shock.

  2. Final Destination 2

    Streaming On: Can be rented from – Apple TV, Amazon Video, YouTube

    Director: David R. Ellis

    Writers: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress, Jeffrey Reddick

    Stars: Ali Larter, A. J. Cook, Michael Landes, David Paetkau, Lynda Boyd, Jonathan Cherry, T. C. Carson, Justina Machado, Sarah Carter, Alex Rae, Tony Todd, Keegan Connor Tracy, Shaun Sipos, Andrew Airlie, James Kirk, Noel Fisher

    Genre: Horror, Thriller

    Final Destination 2 (2003) on IMDb

    Giving a slight twist to the formula of the original, Final Destination 2 delivers on its predecessor’s premise. In this movie, we follow Kimberly, as she saves a pack of people from a gruesome accident. One by one, death starts reclaiming its victims in reverse order.

    While waiting to cross a bridge, Kimberly foresees a grim accident and decides to stall her car. This ends up saving a bunch of people from their demise. After one of the survivors meets a freak accident, Kimberly decides to consult the only survivor from the previous death killing, Clear Rivers.

    After listening to Kimberly, Clear deduces that the killings are happening in reverse order and decides to help Kimberly. When William says that only birth can beat death, Burke, one of the survivors including Isabella who was pregnant. If Isabella births her baby, it would disrupt the flow of death.

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    Some of the survivors take an SUV, to track down Isabella. During the chase, the SUV crashes but no one is fatally injured. Eugene is hospitalized, but a chain reaction kills Kat and Rory. Kimberly and Burke rush to Isabella while Clear goes to check in on Eugene.

    Through a new premonition, Kimberly realizes that Isabella was never supposed to die. Meanwhile, due to a gas leak in Eugene’s room, an explosion kills him and Clear which finishes the sequence.

    Sometime later, while Kimberly and Burke are having a picnic, they come to know that one of the survivors saved a kid from an accident. By the time the duo processes the information, Burke is killed by a faulty grill.

    Just like its predecessor, Final Destination 2 uses well-thought setups to give death a very gruesome feel while still preserving the shock factor from the previous one. With each death, the stakes keep ramping up till the very satisfying climax.

  3. Final Destination 3

    Streaming On: Can be rented from – Apple TV, Amazon Video, YouTube

    Director: James Wong

    Writers: Glen Morgan, James Wong, Jeffrey Reddick

    Stars: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Alexz Johnson, Tony Todd, Texas Battle, Sam Easton, Jesse Moss, Amanda Crew, Kris Lemche, Gina Holden, Maggie Ma, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Ecstasia Sanders, Patrick Gallagher, Andrew Francis

    Genre: Horror, Thriller

    Final Destination 3 (2006) on IMDb

    Using plot points set up by the previous movies, Final Destination cleverly crafts its story around them. In this movie, we follow Wendy who saves a group of people from boarding a doomed rollercoaster. As the people she saved start dying in freak accidents, Wendy finds the clues in a place she least expects.

    In an amusement park, Wendy foresees a rollercoaster ride that kills all her friends. Scared that the premonition might come true, Wendy convinces 9 of her friends from boarding the ride. To her horror, Wendy’s premonition does come true.

    Sometime later, Kevin tells Wendy about the previous death killings. When two of the survivors are killed in a Salon, Kevin and Wendy set out to save the others through clues hidden in photos of that night.

    In a drive-thru, an unmanned bus misses Kevin and Wendy and crashes into Frankie, killing her. The duo fails to save another survivor who dies in a gym accident. Next, the duo finds Ian and Erin, where Ian is saved by Wendy but death skips and kills Erin.

    When Wendy realizes that the next two victims are her sister Julie and her friend Perry, Wendy rushes to save them. Wendy is able to save Julie but Perry ends up getting impaled. Wend even saves Kevin from exploding propane cans.

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    Later, in the subway, Wendy meets up with Julie and Kevin. Wendy foresees another accident. The movie ends with the three panicking trying to prevent the accident from happening.

    Adding a puzzle-solving element to the movie gives it a good way to ramp up the pressure consistently, which keeps the viewers on the edge while maintaining the quality and graphicness of the previous movies.

  4. The Final Destination

    Streaming On: Can be rented from – Apple TV, Amazon Video, YouTube

    Director: David R. Ellis

    Writers: Eric Bress, Jeffrey Reddick

    Stars: Nick Zano, Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Mykelti Williamson, Lara Grice, Krista Allen, Justin Welborn, Stephanie Honoré, Jackson Walker, Phil Austin, William Aguillard, Haley Webb, Brendan Aguillard, Tina Parker, Andrew Fiscella, Cecile Monteyne

    Genre: Horror, Thriller

    The Final Destination (2009) on IMDb

    Cranking the gore up and adding a new story element, The Final Destination gives the viewers exactly what they were waiting for for the past 2 years. In it, we follow Nick as he foresees a horrible accident and saves many lives. Throughout the movie, Nick is haunted by other premonitions which hit about who is going to die next.

    While watching a race with his girlfriend Lori, Nick foresees a terrible accident of the cars which causes the scaffolding to fall, killing many. Nick panics, causing a Brawl outbreak, which makes many leave.

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    That same night, one of the survivors is killed in a chain reaction accident where they are dragged down the road while burning. When another survivor is killed in a freak accident, Nick is convinced that Death was coming after them.

    The next day Nick teams up with Lori and George, another survivor, to save others. The group is unable to save the first victim. Nick foresees that the next two victims, Janet and Hunt’s deaths will have something to do with water. The group successfully rescues Janet from drowning but fails to save Hunt.

    When Nick visits a reporter who was supposed to die in his premonition, he witnesses a bathtub crash on him from the ceiling. While leaving, Nick sees another premonition

  5. Final Destination 5

    Streaming On: Can be rented from – Apple TV, Amazon Video, YouTube

    Director: Steven Quale

    Writers: Eric Heisserer, Jeffrey Reddick

    Stars: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Jasmin Dring, Arlen Escarpeta, David Koechner, Tony Todd, Brent Stait, Roman Podhora, Courtney B. Vance, Ellen Wroe, Barclay Hope, Chasty Ballesteros, P. J. Byrne, Mike Dopud

    Genre: Horror, Thriller

    Final Destination 5 (2011) on IMDb

    Final Destination 5 is a prequel to the first Final Destination movie, and it fits right into the franchise as its ending flows very well into the first movie. In the movie, we follow Sam as he makes a group of people get off a doomed bus. When a third party informs the survivors that the only way to save themselves is to kill another, a death game ensues.

    Before crossing a bridge, Sam foresees a horrible accident where everyone except him and his ex-girlfriend Molly, dies. Sam successfully convinces some of his friends to get off the bus right before the bridge collapses.

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    When two survivors die in a complete freak accident, William Bludsworth informs the rest that to save their own life, they will have to take the life of those who were never meant to die in the accident. When Sam and Molly fail to save another survivor, Sam grasps that the killings are happening in the same sequence as his dream.

    While Sam is having dinner with Molly, Peter, one of the survivors tries to kill Molly. Block another survivor kills Peter and decides to kill Molly and Sam too as they were witnesses of the murder. To save Molly, Sam slashes Block and kills him. This finishes the sequence.

    In the end, it is revealed that Sam and Molly boarded the same plane that exploded while taking off in the first movie. This smoothly connects this movie to the first. The story adds a death game element to the already very popular Horror-Gore mix and it blends just like black coffee and milk.


And that was all the Final Destination movies arranged in order sorted by their release year, by IMDB ratings, and by their box-office collection. The movies are barely connected to each other with only some references to the previous movies, so you can even enjoy them as standalone movies. Now considered an icon in the ocean of horror gore movies, the franchise is a perfect watch for anyone looking to get into a horror franchise that does not hold back on its gore content.

The movies, for their absolute shock factor alone, are an amazing watch, the high-stakes story is like the icing on the cake. It is a really fun flick to watch with friends but make sure that no kids are watching or they will be horrified for days. So if you are looking for a gore-filled horror movie series that will remain in your mind for days, the final destination might be the right pick for you.

All Final Destination Movies According To Highest To Lowest IMDb Ranking

  • Final Destination (2000) – 6.7 By 266K Votes
  • Final Destination 2 (2003) – 6.2 By 174K Votes
  • Final Destination 3 (2006) – 5.8 By 148K Votes
  • The Final Destination (2009) – 5.1 By 110K Votes
  • Final Destination 5 (2011) – 5.9 By 120K Votes

All Final Destination Movies According To Box Office Collection

  • The Final Destination (2009) – $186.2 Million
  • Final Destination 5 (2011) – $157.9 Million
  • Final Destination 3 (2006) – $118.9 Million
  • Final Destination (2000) – $112.9 Million
  • Final Destination 2 (2003) – $90.9 Million


Is Final Destination 6 being made?

Yes. During a panel discussion with Warner Bro’s representatives at CinemaCon 2022, the officials confirmed that a sixth addition to the gruesome horror franchise is already in the works. Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein are slated to be the directors of the movie while Jon Watts will take the position of the writer.

Which is the last Final Destination movie?

Final Destination 5 (2011). According to the release order, Final Destination 5 (2011) is the last movie in the franchise, until the upcoming sequel is released.

Is Final Destination 3 connected to 1 and 2?

Yes. Final Destination 3, though considered a standalone sequel to the first two movies, is still connected to them. The connection is due to the recurring evil of the series ‘Death’ and some references to the accidents in the previous movies.

Did anyone beat Final Destination?

No. In the five movies released, no one has beaten the final destination. Some characters have survived through one movie, only to be killed off in the next movie.

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