All 4 Halloweentown Movies in Order

The Halloweentown movie series showcases characters penned down by Paul Bernbaum. It was broadcast under Disney Channel Original Movies on Disney Channel.

Halloweentown, the family fantasy film, showcases the adventures of Marine Piper, a young witch who slowly discovers that her grandmother and mother are witches and that there is a town where these witches and eerie beings live peacefully.

She faces more powerful enemies when she gets the hang of her powers. Watching how she confronts the evildoers can be an exciting movie experience for you.

Figuring out what order to follow in the Halloweentown movies can be confusing. Fret not, this blog post has covered every detail for you.

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It has everything you need to know to start watching the All Halloweentown movie series in order.

Grab your honey-glazed popcorn and begin your Halloween movie marathon. It will be worthwhile to be scared when watching these movies in the perfect sequence.

Halloweentown Movies

All Halloweentown Movies In Release Order

  1. Halloweentown

    Streaming On: Disney+

    Director: Duwayne Dunham

    Writer: Paul Bernbaum

    Stars: Kimberly J. Brown, Judith M. Ford, Debbie Reynolds, Hank Cartwright, Judith Hoag, Joey Zimmerman, Emily Roeske, Phillip Van Dyke, Robin Thomas, Kenneth Choi, Hank Cartwright

    Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

    Halloweentown (1998) on IMDb

    Halloween is a secret portal where ghouls, witches, and ghosts live together away from the normal world. Marnie Piper, the main protagonist, discovers that her mother and grandmother belong to a line of witches. Turning 13, Marnie learns she is one young witch, too. Long before she knows it, she has to fight the warlocks, the devilish curses and is bombarded with surprises.

    The movie begins with Marnie Piper, played by Kimberly J. Brown, and her mother, Gwen, arguing over why she can’t go out during Halloween. When Aggie, Marnie’s grandmother, shows up, she encourages Marnie to go out and play. Aggie and Gwen are witches, but Gwen keeps it a secret as she wants to live as a normal human.

    Aggie puts Marine to bed while reading a story named Halloweentown, where lots of mythical creatures live in harmony. While Marine eavesdrops, Aggie argues with Gwen about not training Marnie before she turns 13. Aggie explains that Marnie will lose all her powers if this continues. Aggie then asks Gwen for help as residents of Halloweentown are going missing.

    Marine and Dylan (Marnie’s brother) follow Aggie as she boards a magical bus to Halloweentown. The duo noticed that Sophie (their younger sister) had boarded the bus too. The trio is approached by Kalabar, the town’s Mayor, who leads them to their grandmother. Instead of sending them back, Aggie keeps them there and starts Marnie’s training.

    Gwen notices that the children are missing and instantly blames Aggie. She reaches Halloweentown and orders the kids to return, much to their dismay. When Gwen finds no way to return, she asks the Mayor for help. The group notices Aggie following a goblin and decides to follow them.

    Aggie shows the children the reason for this chaos and takes them to her cauldron, in which a spooky hooded figure appears, laughing into their faces in an eerie manner. She thinks to defeat this creature, Merlin’s Talisman has to be activated using her spell and the mysterious potion.

    The children escape and try to make a talisman to trap the demon. As they try to finish the Talisman, the hooded figure arrives and reveals himself as Kalabar, who is jealous that Gwen (his ex-girlfriend) left him for a human.

    With the help of Luke the Goblin, Marnie finishes the Talisman, which weakens Kalabar. With the help of Aggie and Gwen, the siblings can beat Kalabar.

    This movie is a delightful Halloween flick with a fun blend of fantasy and spooky elements with a sprinkle of humor. If you want to get into a spooky series, Halloweentown(1998) perfectly keeps you interested with surprises and twists.

  2. Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

    Streaming On: Disney+

    Director: Mary Lambert

    Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Matheson

    Stars: Kimberly J. Brown, Debbie Reynolds, Judith Hoag, Joey Zimmerman, Emily Roeske, Phillip Van Dyke, Daniel Kountz, Xantha Radley, Peter Wingfield, Blu Mankuma

    Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

    Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge (2001) on IMDb

    The second installment in this spooky franchise, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge,” was released in 2001. It picks up where the first film left off. Marnie has to confront another powerful warlock who casts a spell all over Halloweentown and has evil plans to cast a magic spell using a stolen book. Marnie has to stop this warlock from making the cast a permanent one at midnight, failing which the people wearing Halloween costumes will turn into whoever creature they’re dressed up as.

    She has spent two years training with Aggie. When Aggie gets an unwelcome magical signal, she and Marnie leave for Halloweentown before the gate closes at midnight. They reach the town to find the whole town converted to black and white, with all the residents converted to Humans. Aggie realizes that the Grey spell causes this.

    After contacting Dylan, Aggie learns one of her books is missing. Marnie tells Aggie that while trying to impress a cute boy named Kal, she took him into her hideout. Kal turns out to be the Son of Kalabar. During a conversation with Aggie, Marnie unknowingly reverts the Grey Spell on Luke, reverting him to a goblin.

    The trio travels to a junk magnet, Gort. The trio gets stuck in Gort’s house, and Aggie turns grey, too. Marnie and Luke time-travel back and see that Gort sold a copy of the Spellbook to Kalabar 50 years ago. Remembering what she said, Marnie realizes that the spell can be reverted by saying “Trapa.”

    Kal now plans on putting the mortal world under a spell that would turn the mortal world into a monster movie. When Kal puts his spell in effect, Dylan and Sophie save Gwen and hide. Marnie frees Aggie, but the portal closes. During a fight, Marnie defeats Kal and saves both realms.

    The second in the series, Halloweentown II, is an exciting mystery adventure movie with a unique revenge plot. Directed by Mary Lambert, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge” is worth watching if you’re seeking a thrill.

  3. Halloweentown High

    Streaming On: Disney+

    Director: Mark A.Z. Dippe

    Writers: Dan Berendsen

    Stars: Jesse Harward, Kimberly J. Brown, Michael Flynn, Finn Wittrock, Judith Hoag, Joey Zimmerman, Emily Roeske, Debbie Reynolds, Clifton Davis, Eliana Reyes, Lucas Grabeel, 

    Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy

    Halloweentown High (2004) on IMDb

    Released three years after the last sequence of the Halloweentown movie series, Halloweentown High continues the saga of Marnie Piper as she goes through high school and struggles to level the gap between the human realm and Halloweentown. Cody, a new student in high school played by the American Horror Story fame, Finn Wittrock, is shown as the potential love interest of Marnie Piper.

    When starting high school, Marnie asks the Halloweentown Council to bring a group of residents to the mortal world. The council agrees when Marnie overpromises and stakes her family’s magic.

    The group is given Human appearances, with Marnie as their tour guide and Aggie as their substitute teacher. Marnie encourages the group to join sports clubs, school activities, and to make new friends.

    Marnie receives a warning from the Knights of Iron Dagger, a group of magical knights who want to destroy all magical things. This is followed by the disappearance of Cassie, one of the group members.

    Edgar Dalloway, the head of the witches’ council, is shown to be the mastermind behind this. He does not want the two realms to connect and wants Marnie’s plan to fail. The Halloweentown student group tries to improve the mortal’s attitude by holding fun parties during Halloween. Meanwhile, Gwen tries to hunt for Cassie.

    At the school carnival, Dalloway launches an attack on the Halloweentwon students, which reveals their identities. The human students accept them for who they are, and the principal reveals himself to be the knight but denounces his position.

    After Gwen presents the experiment’s success, the council seals Dalloway and takes his family magic away. The movie ends with a portal opening between the two realms and crowds crossing over happily. Marnie flies above the carnival with Cody, her love interest, and they kiss.

    Halloweentown High is full of suspense, twists, and turns and depicts Marnie’s attempts to bridge Halloweentown and the natural world with several ups and downs with enough magic show to keep you glued to your couches.

  4. Return to Halloweentown

    Streaming On: Disney+

    Director: David Jackson

    Writers: Max Enscoe, Annie DeYoung, Juliet Giglio, Keith Giglio

    Stars: Sara Paxton, Lucas Grabeel, Joey Zimmerman, Summer Bishil, Judith Hoag, Kristy Wu, Katie Cockrell, Kellie Cockrell, Keone Young, Leslie Wing, Millicent Martin, Debbie Reynolds

    Genres: Action, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi

    Return to Halloweentown (2006) on IMDb

    In Return to Halloweentown, Marnie joins the Witch Academy and discovers more about her heritage. She learns how her grandmother is related to the academy and how a group is after Marnie for her powers.

    Much to Gwen’s dismay, Marnie joins the witch academy instead of attending a normal university. Expecting to learn how to use her magic better, Marnie is disappointed as the academy only teaches Shakespeare and old magic stories.

    Marnie learns that the academy has stopped teaching practical magic because the portal is always open, and many residents go to attend human colleges. Marnie finds a locked box with “S. Cromwell” engraved on it.

    Ethan, Marnie’s friend, tells her about a group called the Dominion that knows about the box and will use Marnie to open it. Marnie decides to return and asks S. Cromwell about the box. Splendora Cromwell is revealed to be Marnie’s Grandmother, Aggie, who says the box contains a gift that can put anyone under the user’s control. Aggie hands Marnie the key as Marnie returns.

    Chancellor Goodwin steals the gift for the Dominion, who use it to take over Halloweentown. With the help of her friends and family, they destroy the gift. The Dominion is confronted and imprisoned by the Halloweentown Anti-Dominion League. The movie ends with Dylan discovering that Marnie hasn’t destroyed the spell but left it in a book and entrusted it to him, the person she trusts the most.

    The movie is full of magic, thrills, and adventure; if you enjoyed the first three films, watching Return to Halloweentown will be worth every minute. The mystery elements work very well and keep you engaged in the story.


So these are the four Halloweentown movies talked about in chronological order. These movies are classic must-watch for every Halloween lover wanting to get spooked during the scary season.

Like it, love it, watch it with your loved ones, be glued to your couches, and follow Marnie’s character growth, starting from the timeless classic setting of 1998 right towards the modern-day magnificence of high school and her return to the Witch Academy.

While watching these Halloweentown movies during the spooky month is fun, you can watch them anytime by pressing the entertainment button.

Halloweentown Movies According To IMDb Ratings

  • Halloweentown (1998) – 6.6 By 19K Votes
  • Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge (2001) – 6.3 By 10K Votes
  • Halloweentown High (2004) – 6.0 By 8K Votes
  • Return to Halloweentown (2006) – 5.3 By 7K Votes


Is there a Halloweentown 4?

Yes. Halloweentown 4 was released in 2006 under the name Return to Halloweentown. This part is considered the final installment in this Halloweentown movie series.

Are Marnie and Dylan twins?

Marnie is Dylan’s older sister. They are often found bickering around with each other at every chance that they get.

Who Is Marnie In Love With?

Ethan, the warlock, is Marnie’s love interest in the movies. Ethan instantly fell in love with Marnie at first sight. As Marnie slowly started spending time with him, she even fell for his charm and charisma.

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