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All Rise Season 4, the legal drama that has defied the odds, faces an uncertain future after Warner Bros. Television released the cast from their contracts, and OWN has yet to decide. All Rise has been praised for its diverse and talented cast, realistic storytelling, and social commentary on the justice system. It follows the lives of Los Angeles judges, lawyers, and other court personnel.

The show’s third season received positive responses from viewers and had 21 episodes filled with intriguing plotlines and character development. However, despite its success on OWN, All Rise seems to be hanging by a thread again. The ratings and reviews of previous seasons have been favorable overall, with a 43% average audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes & a 7.0/10 rating on IMDB.

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As we eagerly await news about a potential fourth season, fans like me wonder if All Rise will get another chance to continue its story. Will there be more courtroom drama? Or will this be the end for Judge Lola Carmichael and her colleagues?

All Rise Season 4

Is there a Season 4 for All Rise?

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its future, fans eagerly await news of a potential fourth installment in the beloved courtroom drama. There has yet to be an official confirmation or announcement about the renewal or cancellation of All Rise for a fourth season. The show’s fate will likely depend on the ratings and viewership of the third season, as well as the creative direction and budget of the show. OWN has yet to release rating data for All Rise, so it is hard to tell how well the show performs in its new home.

However, based on previous ratings, All Rise seems to face some challenges in its second season on CBS. With a decrease in the 18-49 demographic rating and overall viewership compared to its first season, the show was one of the lowest-rated scripted series on CBS for that particular season. This might have an impact on OWN’s decision regarding a potential renewal.

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Despite these uncertainties, fans remain hopeful for a Season 4 and are excited to see what lies ahead for their favorite characters. Will Judge Lola Carmichael continue to navigate her career while balancing her family life? Will Mark Callan achieve his dream of becoming a judge? And what about Emily Lopez’s recovery from addiction and Amy Quinn’s involvement in their lives?

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With so many unanswered questions and unresolved storylines, fans eagerly await news about whether All Rise will return for another gripping season in court.

What Is The Storyline Of All Rise

Fans eagerly immerse themselves in the gripping world of courtroom drama as they follow Judge Lola Carmichael and her fellow legal professionals navigating their personal and professional lives in the bustling city of Los Angeles. The All Rise series delves into the challenges faced by judges, lawyers, public defenders, and prosecutors as they seek justice within the confines of the courthouse walls. Lola Carmichael, portrayed by the talented Simone Missick, takes on the role of a new judge, determined to make a difference and uphold truth and fairness.

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The show captivates viewers with its realistic portrayal of legal proceedings and thought-provoking storylines that tackle social issues. It explores topics such as balancing career and family life, overcoming addiction, and pursuing dreams. The characters’ journeys are relatable, showcasing their growth inside and outside the courtroom.

All Rise Season 4 Release Date

The official release date of All Rise Season 4 has yet to be announced. If OWN decides to renew All Rise for a fourth season, we can expect it to premiere sometime in 2024. Based on previous seasons, it’s likely that the new season will follow a similar production schedule and arrive around June or September of 2024.

All Rise Season 4 Plot

In this upcoming season, we can expect to see Judge Lola Carmichael, our fearless protagonist, navigate the delicate balance between her career on the bench and her newfound role as a mother to baby David. As she continues challenging the expectations placed upon judges and pushing for justice reform, Lola may face new obstacles and enemies in the courtroom.

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Meanwhile, Mark Callan, Lola’s best friend and deputy district attorney, will grapple with his feelings for Lola as he embarks on a new relationship with Rachel Audubon, a public defender carrying another man’s child. Will Mark ever get over his unrequited love for Lola? And will he pursue his dream of becoming a judge himself?

Additionally, Emily Lopez, a public defender battling addiction and mental health issues, will strive to recover from her relapse in rehab. She may also be caught in a complicated romantic web involving Luke Watkins or someone new.

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As we delve into these intriguing storylines in All Rise Season 4, we can’t help but wonder what role Amy Quinn, an enigmatic private defense attorney with a soft side, will play. Will she become more entwined in the lives of our beloved characters? And will she reveal more about her mysterious past?

All Rise Season 4 Cast

In All Rise Season 4, Simone Missick returns as the strong and compassionate Judge Lola Carmichael. At the same time, Wilson Bethel portrays the determined Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan. Jessica Camacho takes on the Public Defender Emily Lopez role, with J. Alex Brinson acting as Lawyer Luke Watkins. Ruthie Ann Miles captivates as Court Reporter Sara Castillo, while Lindsay Mendez shines as Public Defender Sara Castillo. Marg Helgenberger graces us with her presence again as Judge Lisa Benner and Lindsey Gort embody the charismatic Private Defense Attorney Amy Quinn.

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In addition to our beloved returning cast members, we can also look forward to some new faces joining the ensemble in All Rise Season 4. Ryan Michelle Bathe will portray Public Defender Rachel Audubon, Ian Anthony Dale will take on the role of FBI Agent Louis Bravo, and Todd Williams will bring Federal Agent Robin Taylor to life. Samantha Marie Ware joins the cast as Prosecutor Vanessa Johnson and Paul McCrane adds depth to his character portrayal as Judge Jonas Laski.

Where can I watch All Rise?

If you have cable TV or access to streaming services, you can tune in to OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Starting from Season 4, All Rise will be available on OWN. You can catch the show on cable TV or stream it online through OWN’s website or app with your TV provider login.

Additionally, if you want to catch up on previous seasons or relive the excitement of All Rise’s earlier episodes, CBS and Hulu are perfect destinations. The first two seasons of All Rise originally aired on CBS and are still accessible on their website or app. Simply log in with your TV provider details or consider subscribing to CBS All Access for unlimited access.

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So whether you prefer watching on cable TV or streaming online, there are multiple platforms for enjoying the riveting courtroom drama of All Rise Season 4. Take advantage of these exceptional actors as they continue captivating audiences with their powerful performances and gripping storylines.


After analyzing the ratings, reviews, and fan reactions, it is evident that All Rise has captivated audiences with its realistic stories and talented cast. The show’s possible cancellation after Season 3 would be a significant loss for viewers who have been invested in the lives of Judge Lola Carmichael, Mark Callan, Emily Lopez, and Amy Quinn. However, there is hope for a Season 4 renewal if the remaining episodes on OWN continue to garner high viewership.


Why did CBS cancel all Rise after two seasons?

CBS canceled all Rise after two seasons due to declining ratings and viewership. The network decided based on the show’s performance, leading to its uncertain future until OWN picked it up for a third season.

Will All Rise Season 4 address the unresolved ending of Secrets and Lies Season 3?

No, All Rise Season 4 will not address the unresolved ending of Secrets and Lies Season 3. All Rise is a separate show with its storyline and characters.

Are any guest stars or special appearances expected in All Rise Season 4?

No, there haven’t been any announcements about guest stars or special appearances in All Rise Season 4. However, the show has had notable guest stars in the past, so it’s possible they could have some surprises in store for us.

How have the ratings and viewership of All Rise Season 3 on OWN compared to previous seasons on CBS?

The ratings and viewership of All Rise Season 3 on OWN have yet to be officially released. However, based on the show’s previous decline in ratings on CBS, it is likely that the numbers have decreased.

Is there any possibility of All Rise being picked up by another network or streaming service if it is not renewed for Season 4?

There is a possibility that All Rise could be picked up by another network or streaming service if it is not renewed for Season 4. This would give the show another chance to continue its story and reach a wider audience.

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