Best 12 Patrick Swayze Movies Of All Time

Patrick Swayze was a beloved and versatile actor whose career spanned several decades, leaving an indelible mark on cinema. Known for his charismatic presence, rugged charm, and remarkable talent, Swayze starred in numerous memorable films that continue to captivate audiences today. In this list, we will explore the 12 best Patrick Swayze movies that showcase his range as an actor, from action-packed blockbusters to heartfelt dramas, and celebrate his enduring legacy in entertainment. Whether he was dancing his way into our hearts or thrilling us with his action-hero prowess, Patrick Swayze’s performances are a testament to his enduring talent and cinematic impact.

Patrick Swayze’s film career began with minor roles and bit parts, gradually leading to more substantial roles and establishing him as an iconic actor. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Swayze appeared in films such as Skatetown U.S.A., The Comeback Kid, Return of the Rebels, and Pigs vs. Freaks. Although these early roles were small, they laid the foundation for his future success.

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Throughout his career, Swayze starred in various genres, including romantic dramas like Dirty Dancing and Ghost, action films like Point Break and Road House, and psychological thrillers like Donnie Darko. Each role added to Swayze’s reputation as a skilled and charismatic actor.

Patrick Swayze Movies

12 Best Patrick Swayze Movies

  1. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

    Director: Guy Ferland

    Writers: Kate Gunzinger, Peter Sagal, Boaz Yakin

    Stars: Diego Luna, Romola Garai, Sela Ward

    Genres: Drama, Music, Romance

    Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) on IMDb

    Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights is a 2004 romantic drama dance film set in Havana, Cuba, in 1958, against the backdrop of the Cuban Revolution.

    The story follows Katey Miller, a young American teenager who moves to Havana with her family. Her father is an executive with Ford Motor Company, and the family has relocated to Cuba. Katey is initially a serious and reserved young woman, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets and falls for a local Cuban waiter and aspiring dancer named Javier Suarez.

    Katey discovers a vibrant world of music and dance in Havana, and she is drawn to the passionate dance style of the locals. She and Javier become dance partners, entering a prestigious dance competition at the local club called La Rosa Negra. As they practice and grow closer, their feelings for each other deepen, and they navigate the challenges of their different backgrounds and the political turmoil in Cuba.

  2. Christmas in Wonderland

    Director: James Orr

    Writers: Wanda Birdsong Shope, James Orr, Jim Cruickshank

    Stars: Matthew Knight, Chris Kattan, Cameron Bright

    Genres: Comedy, Crime, Family, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

    Christmas in Wonderland (2006) on IMDb

    Christmas in Wonderland is a 2007 family comedy film set during Christmas. It follows a family’s adventures in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where they discover unexpected treasures while shopping at the West Edmonton Mall.

    The Saunders family, consisting of father Wayne, mother Judy, and their three children, Shane, Stacey, and Emily, spend Christmas in Edmonton after Wayne’s job transfer.

    As they settle into their new surroundings, the family decides to do some last-minute Christmas shopping at the massive West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. While shopping, they stumble upon a large bag of counterfeit money. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, they decide to report it to the authorities.

    However, they soon discover that the counterfeit money was stolen from a bumbling gang of thieves led by Leonard and Sheldon. The criminals become aware of the Saunders family’s involvement and decide to pursue them to retrieve their money.

    Amidst the chaos, the family continues their Christmas shopping and stumbles upon various misadventures and surprises, including meeting Santa Claus, played by the real-life Ed Asner. They also find themselves caught up in a treasure hunt, and as they search for hidden loot, they cross paths with various quirky characters within the mall.

  3. Youngblood

    Director: Peter Markle

    Writers: Peter Markle, John Whitman

    Stars: Rob Lowe, Cynthia Gibb, Patrick Swayze

    Genres: Drama, Romance, Sport

    Youngblood (1986) on IMDb

    Youngblood is a 1986 sports drama film that primarily revolves around the sport of ice hockey and follows the journey of a young and talented ice hockey player named Dean Youngblood. He is a 17-year-old aspiring ice hockey player from a small town in the United States. He dreams of playing in the National Hockey League (NHL) and is determined to become a professional. Despite his skill, Dean lacks the physical toughness often required in professional ice hockey’s rough world.

    Dean’s talents catch the attention of a Canadian junior hockey team, the Hamilton Mustangs, who offer him a tryout. Eager to pursue his dream, Dean leaves home and joins the team in Canada despite opposition from his worried father.

    Once in Canada, Dean faces numerous challenges. He has to adapt to the more physical style of Canadian junior hockey and prove himself to his teammates and coaches. He becomes friends with his teammate Derek Sutton and starts a romantic relationship with Sutton’s younger sister, Jessie.

    Dean’s journey involves facing tough opponents on the ice, enduring personal setbacks, and learning valuable lessons about teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. As the season progresses, he also becomes involved in a rivalry with a brutal and aggressive opponent named Carl Racki.

    The film climaxes with a high-stakes championship game where Dean and the Mustangs must prove their mettle and determination. Throughout the film, Youngblood explores themes of dedication, friendship, and the sacrifices required to achieve one’s dreams in competitive sports.

  4. The Fox and the Hound 2

    Director: Jim Kammerud

    Writers: Rich Burns, Daniel P. Mannix, Roger S.H. Schulman

    Stars: Reba McEntire, Patrick Swayze, Jonah Bobo

    Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Musical

    The Fox and the Hound 2 (2006) on IMDb

    The story begins with Tod and Copper having a strong friendship as youngsters. They are inseparable and enjoy spending their days playing together. However, their friendship is tested when they meet a group of singing, performing dogs known as The Singin’ Strays. The Strays invite Copper to join their group, which leads him to question his bond with Tod and consider a new path in life.

    Tod, feeling left out and wanting to prove himself, becomes jealous of Copper’s new friends. In the meantime, Copper enjoys his time with The Singin’ Strays, led by Dixie, and develops a passion for singing.

    As tensions rise between Tod and Copper, they pull themselves in different directions. Tod tries to find his place and talents, while Copper grapples with his changing feelings for his old friend and his newfound love for singing.

  5. Road House

    Director: Rowdy Herrington

    Writers: R. Lance Hill, Hilary Henkin

    Stars: Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott

    Genres: Action, Thriller

    Road House (1989) on IMDb

    In this movie, Dalton is a professional bouncer with a reputation for being the best in the business. He is hired to clean up the Double Deuce, a rough and rowdy bar in a small Missouri town. The Double Deuce is a haven for troublemakers, and Dalton’s job is to restore order and turn the bar into a safe and profitable establishment.

    Dalton quickly realizes that the town is under the control of a ruthless businessman named Brad Wesley. Wesley uses his influence and resources to strangle the community, extorting money from the townspeople and businesses.

    As Dalton tries to clean up the Double Deuce, he encounters resistance from Wesley’s hired goons. He faces various challenges, including a romantic entanglement with a local doctor named Elizabeth Clay. He also bonds with his mentor, Wade Garrett, who arrives to help him.

    As the violence escalates, Dalton becomes embroiled in a deadly feud with Wesley, who will stop at nothing to maintain his control over the town. The conflict culminates in a climactic showdown, filled with intense action and martial arts combat.

  6. Jump!

    Director: Joshua Sinclair

    Writers: Ryan James, Joshua Sinclair

    Stars: Ben Silverstone, Patrick Swayze, Martine McCutcheon

    Genres: Biography, Drama

    Jump! (2007) on IMDb

    The film follows the story of Greta, a troubled teenager living in a challenging environment in Derry. She is fed up with her dysfunctional family, which includes her drug-dealing father, alcoholic mother, and younger brother.

    One day, Greta leaves her troubled life behind and starts anew in London. She steals money from her father and packs her bags to catch a bus to London. However, her plan takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Pearse, another young person trying to escape his problems.

    Greta and Pearse form a connection, and together, they embark on an adventure instead of going straight to London. They spend the day exploring Derry, encountering various characters, and getting involved in misadventures.

  7. North and South

    Creator: Douglas Heyes

    Stars: Patrick Swayze, Kirstie Alley, Georg Stanford Brown, David Carradine

    Genres: Drama, History, Romance, War

    North & South: Book 1, North & South (1985) on IMDb

    North and South is a television miniseries based on the trilogy of novels by John Jakes. The first installment, North and South, aired in 1985. It’s set during the American Civil War era and follows the lives of two families, the Hazards from the industrial North and the Mains from the plantation South.

    The story begins in the 1840s when two young men, Orry Main from the South and George Hazard from the North, meet at the United States Military Academy at West Point and become fast friends despite their differing backgrounds. They graduate and part ways, but their friendship remains strong.

    As the North and South tensions escalate, the Civil War erupts, and the lives of the Hazard and Main families become intertwined. George Hazard’s family owns an ironworks in Pennsylvania. In contrast, Orry Main’s family is a wealthy plantation-owning family in South Carolina.

    The miniseries explores the personal and political struggles of the two families as they grapple with the war’s impact on their lives. The characters must navigate loyalty, love, and morality issues in a time of great upheaval. They encounter historical figures and events, such as Abraham Lincoln and the Battle of Gettysburg.

    Romantic subplots, family drama, and the complexities of war are central to the narrative. Love interests develop between Orry and the beautiful Southern belle, Madeline, and George and Constance, a woman from a Southern family sympathetic to the Union cause.

  8. Keeping Mum

    Director: Niall Johnson

    Writers: Richard Russo, Niall Johnson

    Stars: Rowan Atkinson, Patrick Swayze, Kristin Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith

    Genres: Comedy, Crime

    Keeping Mum (2005) on IMDb

    The film is set in a quaint English village and revolves around the Goodfellow family, which is experiencing various personal problems. Walter Goodfellow is the well-meaning but inept vicar of the local church, struggling to manage his congregation and maintain harmony in his family.

    Walter’s wife, Gloria, is frustrated by her husband’s inattentiveness and is having an affair with her golf instructor, Lance. Their teenage daughter, Holly, is a rebellious and promiscuous young woman, while their young son, Petey, is constantly bullied at school.

    The Goodfellow family’s lives take a dark and unexpected turn when a mysterious housekeeper named Grace Hawkins arrives in the village. Grace seems like the perfect domestic helper, but has a few unique qualities. She also happens to be a serial killer with a penchant for dispatching those who do wrong, all while maintaining a cheerful and polite demeanor.

    Grace takes it upon herself to bring some order and morality to the Goodfellow family and the village, using unconventional methods to eliminate those she sees as threats or wrongdoers. Walter and the family are initially oblivious to her true nature, believing her to be the solution to their problems.

    As the body count rises and the village becomes a safer and more harmonious place under Grace’s guidance, the Goodfellows and the local police begin to investigate the mysterious occurrences. The film balances dark humor with themes of redemption and the consequences of one’s actions.

  9. Ghost

    Director: Jerry Zucker

    Writer: Bruce Joel Rubin

    Stars: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg

    Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller

    Ghost (1990) on IMDb

    The story follows the lives of Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen, a young and deeply in love couple living in New York City. Sam works in finance, while Molly is an artist.

    While walking home from a romantic dinner, Sam and Molly are mugged one night. During the robbery, Sam is shot and killed. However, instead of moving on to the afterlife, Sam becomes a ghost trapped in the mortal realm. He soon discovers that he can interact with the physical world to some extent, and he is determined to protect and warn Molly, who is now in danger.

    As a ghost, Sam seeks the help of a psychic medium named Oda Mae Brown, who has a knack for hearing and seeing spirits. At first, Oda Mae is skeptical, but when she finally realizes she can communicate with Sam, she becomes his intermediary to Molly.

    Sam learns that his murder was not a random act of violence but part of a larger scheme involving his business partner and friend, Carl Bruner. Carl had manipulated Sam’s financial accounts and was involved in the plot to kill Sam. Sam’s ghost is determined to bring Carl to justice and protect Molly from harm.

    With Oda Mae’s help, Sam tries to communicate with Molly, who is grieving his death and unaware of the danger she’s in. The film also explores the power of love and the belief that true love can transcend death.

  10. George and the Dragon

    Director: Tom Reeve

    Writers: Tom Reeve, Michael Burks

    Stars: James Purefoy, Piper Perabo, Patrick Swayze

    Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

    George and the Dragon (2004) on IMDb

    The story is set in the medieval kingdom of Carpia, which is in turmoil due to the invasion of a dragon. The dragon terrorizes the land, plundering villages and causing havoc. The kingdom’s ruler, King Edgar, is determined to end the dragon’s reign of terror and offers a substantial reward to anyone who can slay the beast.

    Enter George, a brave and skilled knight living in exile. He takes up the challenge and embarks on a quest to confront the dragon. Along the way, he encounters Princess Lunna, who has been kidnapped by a group of mercenaries led by Garth.

    George rescues Princess Lunna and takes her under his protection as they continue their journey to face the dragon. During their travels, a romantic connection develops between George and Lunna despite the differences in their social status.

    As George and Lunna approach confronting the dragon, they must contend with the mercenaries, who are in pursuit and remain a constant threat. The truth about the dragon’s origins and purpose is gradually revealed, leading to a surprising and dramatic climax.

  11. Point Break

    Director: Kathryn Bigelow

    Writers: Rick King, W. Peter Iliff

    Stars: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey

    Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Point Break (1991) on IMDb

    Point Break is a 1991 action crime film that revolves around the world of extreme sports and bank heists and is known for its thrilling action sequences. The story follows Johnny Utah, a young and ambitious FBI agent assigned to the Los Angeles bank robbery division. Utah is partnered with experienced agent Angelo Pappas, who is investigating a string of bank robberies committed by a group of criminals known as the Ex-Presidents because they wear masks of former U.S. presidents during their heists.

    Utah and Pappas quickly realize that the Ex-Presidents are not your typical bank robbers. They are highly skilled and appear to have a deep understanding of the psychology of law enforcement. As Utah investigates further, he becomes convinced that the Ex-Presidents are surfers, as their robberies are meticulously planned to coincide with the summer surf season.

    To infiltrate the world of surfing and get closer to the criminals, Utah learns to surf and befriends a group of surfers, including the charismatic and enigmatic Bodhi. Bodhi is the group’s leader, and Utah begins to suspect he might be the mastermind behind the bank robberies.

    As Utah gets deeper into the surfing world and forms a close bond with Bodhi, he becomes torn between his loyalty to the FBI and his growing affection for his new friends. The film explores themes of friendship, identity, and the blurred lines between law enforcement and the criminal world.

    The climax of the film features a series of intense action sequences, including a skydiving scene that is particularly memorable. Utah must make difficult choices as he pursues Bodhi and the Ex-Presidents, leading to a dramatic and action-packed showdown.

  12. Dirty Dancing

    Director: Emile Ardolino

    Writer: Eleanor Bergstein

    Stars: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Jerry Orbach

    Genres: Drama, Music, Romance

    Dirty Dancing (1987) on IMDb

    The story of this movie is set in the summer resort of Kellerman’s in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. Frances Baby Houseman, a 17-year-old young woman, is vacationing at the resort with her affluent family, including her father, mother, and sister.

    Baby is initially a sheltered and educated young woman, focused on her plans for the future, which include attending college and joining the Peace Corps. However, her life turns unexpectedly when she becomes infatuated with the resort’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle, a talented dancer and entertainer.

    As Baby learns more about the world of dance and the people who work at Kellerman’s, she discovers that Johnny and the other staff members often face social and economic challenges. When Johnny’s regular dance partner, Penny Johnson, becomes pregnant by one of the resort’s guests and needs money for an abortion, Baby offers to help.

    She borrows money from her father without revealing the purpose and assists Penny. Baby also offers to take Penny’s place as Johnny’s dance partner in an important dance performance at the resort’s end-of-season talent show. Johnny, initially reluctant, agrees to train her.

    As Johnny and Baby spend more time together, they develop a deep romantic connection despite their different social backgrounds. Their relationship faces opposition from Baby’s family, who disapprove of her involvement with Johnny.


Patrick Swayze’s filmography showcases his talent and versatility as an actor, with iconic performances that have left a lasting impact on audiences. From his breakout roles to his lesser-known works, Swayze’s on-screen presence captivated viewers and solidified his status as a Hollywood star. His best movies showcase his versatility as an actor, from his iconic dance moves in Dirty Dancing to his intense action-hero roles in Point Break and Road House.

Swayze’s ability to connect with audiences through his charisma, dedication, and memorable performances has left an indelible mark on film history. His work continues to be celebrated and cherished, reminding us of the enduring legacy of this beloved actor. Patrick Swayze’s movies will forever hold a special place in the hearts of moviegoers worldwide.


What Was Patrick Swayze’s Most Critically Acclaimed Film?

Patrick Swayze’s most critically acclaimed film is Ghost (1990). It was a commercial & critical success, winning two Academy Awards. Swayze’s emotional portrayal of a murdered man who becomes a ghost received praise from both audiences and critics.

Did Any of Patrick Swayze’s Movies Become Box Office Successes?

Yes, several of Patrick Swayze’s movies became box office successes. Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Point Break, Road House, and Red Dawn are among his iconic films that achieved critical acclaim and commercial success.

Did Patrick Swayze Ever Star in Any British Films?

Patrick Swayze starred in a British film called Keeping Mum (2005). He played a golf instructor involved in an affair, and the film is considered an excellent black comedy with a strong cast.

Were Any of Patrick Swayze’s Films Considered Commercial Failures?

Several of Patrick Swayze’s films, such as Black Dog and City of Joy, were considered commercial failures despite gaining a cult following. These movies did not perform well at the box office but have since garnered appreciation from fans.

Did Patrick Swayze Receive Any Awards for His Performances in His Iconic Movies?

Patrick Swayze received critical acclaim and recognition for his performances in his iconic movies, including Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Point Break, Road House, and Red Dawn. He won two Academy Awards for Ghost.

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